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I like the quick responses from support and member services. They are very caring and helpful. I also appreciate access to many tools.

Honestly, it’s great to have many tools, but it can be very overwhelming and a challenge to juggle transactions, learning NextHome tools, keeping up with membership with assigned board and personal life so learning the tools can be put in the back burner sometimes.

Take advantage of the email available in DocuSign rooms so it saves you time to upload disclosures or documents. It’s a specific email address that goes directly to your DocuSign program. Once in your DocuSign inbox, you can assign it to the appropriate “room” which represents a transaction.

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NextHome promises to make the complex housing market, simple. For more than 10 years they have been assisting clients with buying, selling, renting and coming up with valuations for both private and commercial real estate.

The founder, Mike Powers, was incarcerated for years. While behind bars, he began to realize the importance of having a roof over your head. It was during that time that he wanted to help others find a safe and loving place to call home.

NextHome was built on the idea of change. They cater to agents who have experienced burnout from years of hustling and grinding. “Burnout can be stressful, confusing, and downright depressing to experience.” That’s why At the core of their organization is a mindset, a movement, a phrase that keeps agents grounded as they continue to serve the people buying and selling real estate – “Humans Over Houses”.

About Us

NextHome is a progressive real estate franchise with consumer focused branding, technology, and marketing.  Their flexible pricing model and competitive programs, empower brokers and agents to provide excellent service without compromise.

NextHome focuses on collaborative partnerships and effective products for business development, growth, and relevance. The franchises and agents are the focal point, and the most valuable source of guidance, knowledge and information for buyers and sellers.

NextHome, Inc. is an independently owned company with a focus on changing the way consumers work with local agents and shop for real estate online. It owns the NextHome and Realty World Northern California & Northern Nevada franchise networks with over 180 offices and more than 900 agents. The company closes over 5,000 transactions annually worth more than $2B in volume.


The Day One training program is a comprehensive 12-week course designed to launch NextHome agents into production, igniting you to grow your business. Each module focuses on a specific topic – along with group activities, handouts, and exercises – before moving on to the next subject. NextHome will cover working with buyers/sellers, lead generation and conversion, accountability, time management, knowing your resources, and everything in between. By enrolling in the class you will get the maximum benefit of the program, as this will allow you to evaluate, celebrate success, and share progress with the group – as well as set goals and stay accountable!

It’s about changing the mindset from “ONE DAY, I’m going to sell a lot of real estate” to “This is DAY ONE of my real estate career transformation!”

For this reason, relying on NextHome means choosing to work with other professionals capable of:

-Carrying out an assessment in line with the market, with recognized scientific methods.

– Gathering all related documentation (administrative, technical and financial)

– Taking advantage of the most appropriate promotion and marketing strategies for the customer’s benefit

– Supporting and defining the drafting of documents for the sale or lease.

Company History

Founded on Oct 6, 2014, NextHome is located in the San Francisco Bay Area of the western USA. The idea behind the foundation was to build a real estate firm for the next generation of younger ones. It’s a consumer-focused company that was created to be regarded as a forward-thinking and sophisticated brand that everyone would be willing to work for.

Here’s how the company describes themselves: “As the No. 1 real estate franchise in the country in owner satisfaction, we take pride in growing with the right brokers and agents. NextHome members share our mission of enriching lives by helping people find their next home.”

What It’s Like Working There

NextHome is a franchise that sees how many ways there are to structure and support a successful office. They are also the franchise that sees how achievable and cost-effective this can be.

They have two main ways to structure:

  1. Flexible Fees – NextHome is the only franchise that gives agents the choice on how fees are paid—and they can even switch plans during the year. Every office, local market and team is unique. Select what works best and adjust to meet ever-changing internal and external factors as you discover what suits your business best.
  2. 1-year and 5-year agreements – NextHome’s commitment is to building long-term partnerships based on common goals—rather than the kinds of contract commitments and fees that so many of their competitors rely on. They’re confident in the brand and the technology provided to agents, but also in the aspects of your business where you know best. That’s why they now offer the shortest franchising terms in the industry.

Innovative Customer Area service

A space to which customers access in a confidential manner in order to receive real-time updates on the activities carried out on their properties.


NextHome uses modern market tools, suitable for follow-up activities: constantly updated customer databases aimed at a quick and successful campaigns for the placement of properties.


A dedicated internal resource specialized in communication coordinates the language of websites and social networks, in collaboration with consultants who create and manage the corporate image of the company and the communication of the most significant real estate initiatives.

Tools Provided

NextHome is dedicated to individuals, companies, investors, developers, construction companies, insurance companies, and banks. Just a few of their real estate services include:

  • Public relations activities
  • Maximum visibility for each property, with unlimited advertising and promotional investments
  • Publications through national and international magazines and networks in the sector
  • Development of graphic and branding projects
  • Development of marketing and advertising materials
  • Web and social/digital marketing implementation
  • Home Staging
  • Professional photographic services dedicated to every single property by the best real estate photographers
  • Coordination, organization, and management of events
  • Continuously updated database which constitutes a real added value in the sale of properties.


NextHome has multiple commission models, as each franchise operator sets their plan. Most local markets offer some variation of a 100% commission split with monthly fees as well as per-transaction plans and high-commission split plans.

  1. Consumer centric brand: A modern style that connects, resonates and communicates what you do.
  2. Relevant marketing: Showcase lifestyle and community with passion, vision, quality and design.
  3. Innovative technology
  4. Mobile tools: Success and growth rely upon an ability to adapt to trends. Life is on the move and real estate happens everywhere. Transact, market, and execute, your business anywhere, anytime.
  5. Savvy advertising
  6. Integrated systems: One hub to access a network of services, marketing, training and business tools.
  7. Expansive training

NextHome offers two models: a flat fee (100%) model, or a percentage of the firm’s commission for the transaction(split) model. All plans do cap each year. In either case, there are no surprises.

NextHome Realty Center offers agents the option to change plans every six months. Why change plans? One common reason is seasonal. During the slower winter season, agents can choose the percentage option. Then, when the spring market arrives, agents can switch to the flat rate option.

Personal transactions: Each agent is permitted one (1) personal transaction which is exempt from any fee requirement from the office.