7 Best Real Estate Schools in Nevada (2023 Updated!)

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Nevada real estate agents have ranked the very BEST real estate courses in Nevada to make sure you start your new career right.  Want to see the full, in-depth editor reviews for each school? Check out our 100% free guide to the best real estate schools in Nevada (includes the latest 2023 pricing, reviews, pass rates, and more).

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Best Online Real Estate Schools in Nevada

Nevada real estate division logoIt’s no secret that the Nevada real estate industry is booming! It’s even rumored that it’s becoming the next silicon valley, with big tech companies choosing to relocate. With listings receiving hundreds of offers, home prices are on the rise which means real estate agents can earn more money. 

If you’re looking to get in on this, it’s important to know that a successful career path starts with your real estate education. That’s why getting inside knowledge from industry experts is crucial when deciding where to start earning your real estate license in Nevada. In fact, making the right choice for your real estate school is one of the most important choices a new agent can make!

Our in-house real estate experts spent hundreds of hours researching, scoring, and ranking the top Nevada real estate schools.  Our experts also took into account the ratings and reviews from thousands of Agent Advice agents who have taken the courses themselves. 

We’ve ranked and rated each school on 8 different factors to come up with the very best real estate schools in Nevada. Our full guide on how we rank courses is available here, but the short version of factors considered are: 

  1. Course value
  2. How easy the courses were to navigate
  3. If there were any technical glitches
  4. Return policies
  5. Overall performance of each school as a whole
  6. Reviews directly from agents who’ve attended the school

There are dozens of options (some of them not so great!), so we’ve taken the work off your plate by narrowing down the list to only the ones that scored high enough. Whether you’re dedicating yourself full time to your new career, are looking to fly through the courses quickly to get them over with, or are busy and looking to work through them when you have downtime, here is a list of the best online real estate schools in Nevada you should consider.

  1. The CE Shop
  2. Colibri Real Estate
  3. OnlineEd
  4. Key Realty School
  5. Kaplan
  6. Nevada Real Estate Academy
  7. Las Vegas Real Estate Training
  8. 24/7 Realty School of Nevada

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The CE Shopce-shop-logo

Editor’s Score: A+

The CE Shop is one of the most popular real estate schools out there. It is accredited by The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). Their goal is to offer various educational opportunities through online classes by using an interactive and inquiry-based approach in their studying methods.

As the name suggests, The CE Shop’s original main focus was providing continuing education classes, but over the years their education services have adapted to go way further than that. They provide education for all career levels in real estate, from pre-licensing and exam preparation to post-licensing and continuing education.

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What is included in the study packages?

There are currently four different study packages offered by The CE Shop:

    • Courses Only
    • Standard Package
    • Value Package
    • Premium Package

Each package includes the full set of six 30-hour Texas courses, free online proctoring, and additional study materials (business eBooks, career resources, digital flashcards, a glossary, study schedule, and access to webinars covering exam topics).

You can find each package’s content, the cost, and more details about each of them in the screenshots provided below.

You’re not obligated to purchase any of the packages to take the mandatory courses. If you’ve already taken some of the mandatory education courses previously, you can purchase the other courses individually (one or multiple).

Pass Rates in Nevada

The CE Shop has one of the highest pass rates among top-ranking schools, standing at just over 76.11%. If we’re analyzing only the Salesperson exam, it has an impressive 79.11% pass rate out of 761 students.

Ratings & Reviews

The CE Shop is one of the most popular courses in Nevada, based on it’s interactive material and price point. However, after completing the courses, some students had some complaints about how comprehensive the course was.

Many bad reviews state that students were not happy with the math section, saying there was very little about real estate taxes covered in the course at all.

Other students though, enjoyed the format and structure of the sections saying it was easy to study at their own pace with natural breaks built into the material.

Want to learn more about the CE Shop? Check out more here.

The CE Shop Course Schedule Chart Screenshot

What are the best parts?

The CE Shop stands out for offering multiple pre-licensing course packages that cover various real estate topics. Once purchased, you’ll have access to the courses for up to one year. When you compare the broadness of topics covered in the courses with the course packages’ price, The CE Shop is one of the most affordable ones from the highest-ranking real estate schools.

In addition to this, The CE Shop is heavily focused on interaction, so there is a mix of study methods that makes it easier for students to process the material and study the subject more efficiently.

What are the worst parts?

Although the CE Shop has one of the highest pass rates, there were some complaints about the prep exams’ broad questions. Students felt they could use a bit of work in the wording, so they could focus on specific details they would later see on the licensing exam.

Another potential downside of the CE Shop is the lack of course delivery methods. They are strictly online, which may bother some people who study better in a classroom environment and prefer face-to-face instructor contact.

The CE Shop Exam Prep Edge Screenshot

Return policy/cancellation policy

The Value Package and the Premium Package offered by The CE Shop both include a Pass Guarantee. According to this guarantee, students who don’t pass the exam on their first try get a reimbursement of the cost of the initial licensing exam.

The CE Shop ProsThe CE Shop Cons
Multiple study package materials and monthly payment plansOnly text-based study materials
The widest variety of course topicsMaterials take longer to complete than the predicted course time
Unlimited practice tests Broad exam prep questions
Frequent discounts and promotionsDoesn't cover real estate math well

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Colibri Real Estatecolibri real estate logo

Editor’s Score: A+

Colibri Real Estate, formerly known as Real Estate Express, is one of Nevada’s oldest real estate schools, and the country’s biggest online real estate school. They opened their doors to students back in 1996 to provide real estate agents with a place to start and advance their careers in the industry.

Colibri Real Estate is still known as a reputable school that provides pre-licensing courses in 39 states, and post-licensing education in 10 states. The school is also accredited by both ARELLO and IDECC, and individual state real estate commissions also approve their courses.

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What is included in the study packages?

To offer a comprehensive service, Colibri Real Estate currently offers four pre-designed packages: The Basics, Exam Preparation, Exam Preparation Plus including instructor support, and Ultimate Learning, which features a 90-day boot camp. You can purchase a package, or if you prefer taking each course separately, you can get them separately.

packages available

Pass Rates in Nevada

Colibri Real Estate has a close to average pass rate with the highest number of students. The Salesperson exam pass rate in Nevada sits at 61.26% out of 689 students.

Just as a comparison, Nevada’s average pass rate is 60.28%, which means the Colibri Real Estate pass rate is average, which may be an issue considering their “Pass or No Pay” guarantee. Those taking the test have 150 minutes to answer 110 questions. According to reviews on Agent Advice, a good number of people fail the test in Nevada.

Colibri Real Estate Ratings & Reviews

Colibri Real Estate is one of the most common courses taken in Nevada, given it’s price point and flexible material. Thousands of courses are sold every month, so there are a number of mixed reviews. Some find the courses to be very comprehensive, others complained about the study guides and grammar issues they spotted while taking the course.

Want to learn more about Colibri Real Estate? Check out more here.

What are the best parts?

One of the best advantages of Colibri Real Estate is that you get a backed up, reliable base of experienced agents that have been in business for almost 20 years. You have several course package options that include everything you need to pass the exam.

Whenever you have trouble answering the questions, you can have them answered by instructors, which can be a huge benefit when preparing for the exam.

The best part about studying with Colibri Real Estate is their “Pass or No Pay Guarantee”, which gives you the option to refund the money if you don’t pass the exam on the first try. This feature shows that they are confident in the quality of education they offer and clients’ guaranteed satisfaction.

What are the worst parts?

Some of the most common complaints about the real estate courses were the study materials. Students found they were bigger than expected or could process in such a short period of time. Another issue for students was that the study methods were a bit outdated and less interactive.

Many also complained about “trick questions” that didn’t have clear wording when they were trying to cram for the exam.

Return policy/cancellation policy

Every study package above the Basic one includes a “Pass or No Pay” guarantee that ensures you will pass your exam on the first try or get your payment refunded.

Colibri Real Estate ProsColibri Real Estate Cons
Different course and package options Course access expires six months after purchase
Created by real estate prosConfusing study materials 
Pass or don't pay guaranteeLower pass rates than other top-ranking schools
A lot of study materials providedOutdated materials for the state portion

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Editor’s Score: A-

The Nevada chapter of OnlineEd offers classes that allow you to:

  • Get a License
  • Renew a License
  • Enhance your Career

Pre-licensing: OnlineEd’s Nevada chapter offers a pre-licensing class that provides the full 120 hours of learning you need to get your license. It includes:

  • Practice tests
  • PDF & EPUB eBook
  • Read along audio
  • Coaching tips newsletter
  • Glossary and forms

The course is $254, and you can purchase textbooks as additional add-ons.

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Continuing Education: Nevada agents can take a continuing education course to renew their license. It is for subsequent renewals only. The Nevada chapter of the school does not offer a course for agents that are renewing for the first time.

The continuing education course is half live and half online. Features include:

  • U-Pick courses
  • A webinar
  • PDF & EPUB eBook
  • Pintable certificate
  • Mobile friendly

It costs $179.

Career Enhancement: The school also offers additional career enhancement courses that will teach you about real estate issues, marketing, and business and technology. You will also have the opportunity to earn private designation and/or become a transaction coordinator.

Here are some examples of the Nevada Career Enhancement classes OnlineEd has available:

  • WomanUP! Academy Executive Certification Bundle: This 10-course package offers a variety of courses that will make you a more profitable realtor.
  • Power Up!: This course offers sales and marketing training to experienced agents.
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Primer Course: The career enhancement course teaches you about ADUs, the latest trend in property rentals.


  • Wide variety of courses
  • Reasonable prices
  • Continuing education and pre-licensing available


  • Limited add-on options
  • Does not offer a course for agents renewing their licenses for the first time.

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Key Realty SchoolKey Realty School Logo

Editor’s Score: B

Key Realty School is one of the better-known names. They have trained more than 50,000 students. You can attend classes in person with physical locations in Las Vegas, or online. In the early days, the school operated only in Nevada but has since expanded to other states through collaborations with other educational providers.

Quick Facts

  • Roughly half of all licensed real estate agents in Nevada have received training from the Key Realty.
  • Key Realty was founded in 1991 by Ted Federwitz, associated with the Key Realty Brokerage. Ted’s specialty has been commercial real estate.
  • They have been providing education in Nevada for nearly three decades, with growth fueled by the boom in real estate in the Las Vegas Valley.
  • They have two locations in Las Vegas. Their new Flamingo location comes with more amenities, testing centers, courses, etc.
  • They don’t just train real estate agents but also have courses in TimeShare, property management, mortgage lending, appraisal, inspection, and more.

Real Estate Courses at Key Realty School

Salesperson pre-licensing

The pre-licensing course for Nevada consists of 90 hours of instruction and can be delivered through different modes of learning, including online, classroom, correspondence, etc. Students have to take four major subjects, and it doesn’t matter the order in which they complete them.

These subjects include: Agency, Finance, Nevada Law, and Realty

    • How long will it take to complete the subjects?

Key Realty School has different completion timelines that you can follow to complete the four main topics. For instance, the four-week schedule entails completing one subject per week. Classes run for two sessions, mornings from 9 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. and evening sessions from 6 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

They also have a 2-week full-time class schedule. Attend evening and morning sessions and cover two subjects per week.

For anyone in a rush to become a real estate agent, they can choose the one-week cram course. It’s a blend of in-person classes (for Nevada law and realty subjects) and home study for the remaining two topics.

Exam preparation programs

Real estate exams are challenging. And students must prepare for success adequately. Many schools offer a variety of study prep tools. Key Realty School is no different. Some of their options include:

    1.  One day prep class:  The prep class is scheduled for Saturday. There are two 3-hour sessions. During the morning session that runs from 9 a.m., the instructor prepares students to sit for the state portion of the exam. The afternoon session covers the national section and runs for 5 hours.
    2. Video-based exam prep: If you’re not available for the in-person Saturday review classes, you can instead choose the 4-hour video exam prep. It covers the state and national portions of the exam.
    3. Review kit: You get hundreds of practice questions for the state and national portions of the exam. There are content review files and mock exams for preparedness testing.
    4. Review software:  The unique feature in this tool is a readiness indicator that tracks how prepared you are and reflects your progress on flash-cards, review files, practice questions, etc.

Learning Experience and Modes of Delivery at Key Realty

You’ll have several choices for delivery modes, including in-person classroom, home study/correspondence, and online.

Key Realty School also provides accompanying textbooks. For the online courses, books and other study materials are in digital form. And for the in-class and home study options, you receive physical textbooks, workbooks, etc.  The classrooms are neat and spacious.

Why students choose Key Realty School

Targeting your audience - Arrow and target - Darker background1) Key Guaranteed Pass Program: Under this program, you may essentially retake the course until you pass the real estate exam.

2) Highly reviewed instructors: Many students have said many positive things about their instructors. They are friendly, fun, and knowledgeable. Students also appreciate that instructors use real-life scenarios to illustrate real estate concepts.

3) Multiple modes of delivery: You don’t have to rely on one learning style to complete the required education. You will enjoy flexible scheduling.

4) Established name: It’s one of the most known real estate schools in Nevada. Several local brokerages have recommended Key Realty School in the past.

5) Established job placement program: Choosing the brokerage to hang your license is one of the significant decisions of your new career. The school makes this process more intuitive thanks to its partnership with Realty Connection. You will quickly know which broker has new openings.

6) Plenty of resources: In addition to the course materials, you can access additional resources like laptops loaded with practice questions that you can check out and use within the school grounds. Their website blog is another free resource to use.

Kaplankaplan logo

Editor’s Score: B-

Kaplan is one of the world’s leading education providers with a history spanning over 80 years. They are an accredited real estate school that offers one of the most versatile education providers with learning opportunities for everything from SAT to corporate training and professional licensure.

What is included in the study packages?

Kaplan offers students the option to choose how they want to take the classes with the following options:

OnDemand: Features pre-recorded classes. This delivery method has two packages you can choose from: The On-Demand Solution and the Career Launcher package.

Live online: you can do it from your office or home without having to commute. The available course packages are Live Online Solution and Career Launcher Live Online Package under this delivery method.

Textbook Home Study: Includes a printed-textbook with some chapters offered online. You can also choose from two different packages within this category: Home Study Solution and Career Launcher Home Study Package.

The offered packages can be either taken fully, with all courses included or individually through any of the delivery methods.

Kaplan also backs up students with Salesperson Exam prep courses available in three delivery methods: On-Demand, Live Online, and Online.

Suppose you’re having trouble with the mathematical and financial areas during the pre-licensing courses. In that case, you can also purchase an on-demand real estate math course that helps you get prepared with:

    • Commission and Net to Seller
    • Value and Rate of Return, Depreciation, and Closing Math
    • Loan, Measurement, and Property Tax Math

Pass Rates in Nevada

Kaplan has one of the highest pass rates in Texas among the top-ranking schools. The pass rate over the last two years is an impressive 76.16%. The Salesperson exam solely had a successful 76.60% pass rate, while the Broker’s exam was passed by 25% of the overall number of students that took it during this period.

woman working in coffee shop

Ratings & Reviews

Kaplan has one of the highest ratings of real estate schools on Agent Advice, however, there have been more negative reviews in recent months. Many course-takers found the server technology to be slow, and began to get frustrated with the amount of times videos would stall, or the quizzes would time out.

What are the best parts?

When studying with Kaplan, the courses you get are written by people who work in real estate, giving you some valuable insight into a specific area that some other providers don’t necessarily provide.

There are multiple course packages, so anyone can choose the delivery method and price that best suits their financial and educational needs.

Users have also praised Kaplan for the additional study resources they provide during their courses. Students get access to a lot of interactive course study groups and online learning tools that will help them ace the real estate exam on the first try.

What are the worst parts?

Most complaints on their official website and reviews left on Agent Advice were towards the test prep program. Some of the students found it a bit redundant, and others complained about the instructors who teach the curriculum.

Kaplan Unit Overview Screenshot

Return policy/cancellation policy

Kaplan offers price reductions, transfers, cancellations, price adjustments, period extensions, product returns, and refunds to students if necessary.

Kaplan ProsKaplan Cons
Can choose between in person, online, or hybrid coursesLack of tutoring assistance
Instructors are people working in real estateRedundant materials 
High pass rates Hard to get a refund


Nevada Real Estate Academynevada

Editor’s Score: C

Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law ● 120 hours $459

The Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law package covers all 120 hours of education required to become a Real Estate Salesperson in Nevada. This course covers all of the real estate topics you need to learn to be successful, including:

  • Laws of Agency
  • Brokerage
  • Contracts
  • Valuation & Economics
  • Finance
  • Property Ownership
  • Land Use & Transfer
  • Applied Practices
  • Nevada Real Estate Law
  • Nevada Contracts and Agency

This course provides 120 hours of instruction, with three at-home quizzes and a practice examination. The Nevada Law portion of the course has a practice quiz, as well as a quiz for the Nevada Contracts & Agency portion. You will need to achieve a grade of 75% or more to advance in the course. At the end of the 120 hours of instruction, learners will take a comprehensive final exam that is closed book. This exam covers all topics in the course and offers students an opportunity to discover areas that may need additional study before they sit for the final exam. This final exam has 100 questions covering national topics, and 40 questions that are specific to Nevada.

To pass, a score of 75% is required. Retakes are permitted. According to the state licensing requirements, students must pass their state licensing exam within one year. If they are unable to pass the national or state portion within that timeframe, they will need to re-enroll in the 120-hour program at full cost, to do the course over again.

Advantages of Nevada Real Estate Academy

Course offers comprehensive coverage of all educational topics required for licensure as a Real Estate Salesperson in Nevada. The program is offered entirely offline and offers maximum flexibility for learners.

Nevada Real Estate Academy has a reciprocal relationship with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, a national brokerage which actively recruits salespeople who complete their real estate pre-licensure course through the Academy. As an added benefit, salespeople who sign on with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices through this affiliation may be eligible for tuition reimbursement.

In addition, Nevada Real Estate Academy also offers the various required modules to be taken separately. That way students can enroll in the national and state sections and work through them at their own pace.

Disadvantages of Nevada Real Estate Academy

If you receive a discount on your package, you will not be eligible for a discount. That means that students who sign up through Groupon cannot receive a refund, even if they withdraw early in the program. The program does not offer a pass guarantee.

Ratings and Reviews of Nevada Real Estate Academy

“Chantel Tilley, Laurette Mormon, & Aldo Martinez are amazing Instructors for both Pre-Licensing & Post Licensing. Very Patient, Thorough with the material, and are very knowledgeable in all things Real Estate. They will 100% prepare you for your National & State exam without a doubt. Every person I attended the Pre-Licensing course with Passed their exam by the 2nd time at least. I went to the course in person as well as virtual. Contact with the staff is very easy. When I had to email for questions, Cathy was extremely quick to responding to make sure I was on track with everything I needed. Highly Recommend this school if you are looking to get into Real Estate.”

“68 Years old and wanting to get back in the business. Signed up for classes and in three weeks I passed the exam. Dee our instructor is a dream. Her classroom approach is perfect for dull serious subject matter. Tons on interactive assignments and constant repetition and training on sample quizzes and exams gets you well prepared for taking the test. Highly recommend this school…”

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations within 72 hours of enrollment will result in a refund of 100% of tuition fees. After that, refunds are prorated based on the 21-day minimum completion time for the program. All refunds are issued within 15 days of receipt of the cancellation request.

Students who received a discount on the program are not eligible for a refund.

Nevada Real Estate Academy ProsNevada Real Estate Academy Pros
Online learningNo refunds for discounted tuition
High-quality instruction and supportNo pass guarantee


Las Vegas Real Estate Training CenterLVRETC_Logo_White_Transp(4)

Editor’s Score: C

Course Packages

120-hour Pre-Licensing Package – $149

This program covers all the topics needed to prepare for the Nevada Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Exam. In this course, made up of 41 modules, you will explore topics such as basic real estate concepts, financing, valuation, contracts, agency, and more. This 12-hour course includes relevant content for national and state law, with quizzes and reviews to aid in comprehension and retention. This course is an online 120-hour course that is comprised of relevant content, quizzes, and reviews to facilitate learning and retention. The course includes the 90-Hour Pre-Licensing Course, as well as the 30-Hour Contracts & Agency Course required by the state licensing board.

The Las Vegas Real Estate Training Center expects students to complete the program within 30 days. Extensions are available on request. However, the student still must complete the course within a year to meet state guidelines. If the student is unable to successfully pass the state licensing exam within that year, the student will need to re-enroll in the course (at full tuition) to receive additional training and support.

Advantages of Las Vegas Real Estate Training Center

The Las Vegas Real Estate Training Center’s 120-hour Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course is self-paced and intended to be completed in 30 days. Students are assigned an instructor when they begin, which gives them access to personalized support.

Disadvantages of Las Vegas Real Estate Training Center

The Las Vegas Real Estate Training Center’s 120-hour Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course is expected to be completed within 30 days of beginning the program. This pace is faster than other programs require.

Ratings and Reviews

“Good teachers with online coursework. Syllabus curriculum was easy to study and follow. LVRETC offers online study quizzes and exam to help with passing the state exam.”

“Offered a good combination of classroom and online learning. I enjoyed my teacher who offered plenty of examples based on first-hand experience. Supplied ample study material.”

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

Refunds are pro-rated based on how long the student has had access to course materials. This refund will be reduced according to the amount completed, minus 10% or $100, whatever is less.

Las Vegas Real Estate Training Center ProsLas Vegas Real Estate Training Center Pros
Instructor assigned for all studentsNot fully self-paced – 30 days to complete
Low cost compared to competitorsLimited space for in-person workshops  

24/7 Realty School of Nevada247RealtySchool.com_

Editor’s Score: C

24/7 Realty School of Nevada offers convenient online courses to meet the educational requirements for licensure as a Real Estate Salesperson in Nevada. Their programs offer 24/7 access to videos, quizzes, and other course materials, making it easy for adult learners to complete the program when it works best for their schedule.

120-hour Pre-Licensing Course – $199

This course covers all the educational requirements for you to qualify for a Real Estate Salesperson License in Nevada:

  • 45 Hours of Real Estate Principles
  • 45 Hours of Real Estate Law (with18 hours covering Nevada law)
  • 15 Hours in Contracts
  • 15 Hours in Agency

The 24/7 Realty School’s 120-hour Pre-Licensing Course package includes:

  • Self-paced program to be completed in one year
  • 24/7 access to support
  • Instructor-led training via video
  • Quizzes and exams to test comprehension
  • Textbook available in ebook form or hard copy (for an additional fee). This book covers both the national and state laws.

This program receives high marks for ease of access to instructor support, high-quality course materials, and interactive and engaging video lectures by instructors with deep subject matter expertise.

Advantages of 24/7 Realty School

The 24/7 Realty School offers students one full year to complete the program. This allows students the flexibility to complete the program on their schedule. Motivated students can complete the program within two weeks, making it easy to get started with your new career.

Disadvantages of 24/7 Realty School

24/7 Realty School does not offer a pass guarantee. If you are not able to pass the state licensing exam within one year of enrollment, you will need to re-enroll in the course to receive additional instruction and support. The course uses two textbooks, one for national and one for state, but neither are included with the course package. They must be purchased separately.

Ratings and Reviews

“24/7 Realty School of Nevada makes it easy for you to study online without ever leaving the house. The content is located within the website, but I found it easier to study the information that is given within the online book that is provided once you have paid for the course. They also provide a study guide and a prerecorded video with someone going over the study guide which really helps if you are an auditory learner.”

“Hi everyone!  I’m always skeptical about signing for online classes and this one was different. 24/7 Realty School of Nevada is special. As a new aspiring Realty salesperson, I was not comfortable yet in the online certification process as I’m used to going in person for any class. They made it easy for me with the online information and showing me best practices. There’s also a number to call to ask questions and you can also text them. They are very helpful and actually answered all my questions. I highly recommend them.”

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

24/7 Realty School’s refund policy is governed by Nevada state law and is as follows:

“If a student withdraws or is expelled by school after the start of the training program and before the completion of more than 60% of the program and submits a request in writing, school shall refund to the student a pro rata amount of the tuition agreed, minus 10 percent or $150, whichever is less.”

As an example, if a student pays $199 for the 120-hour pre-licensing program and attends 50% of the program. The school is considered to have earned $100 of tuition.

The school will also retain a 10% termination fee or $150, whichever is the lesser amount, and in the case of this pre-licensing program, 10% of $199 is $19, which is less than $150.

So, in this case, the $199 (tuition) paid, minus $100 (tuition earned by the school) minus $19 (termination fee) equals $80, which is the refund amount that will be paid to the student.

Tuition paid- $199.00

Percent Attended- 50%

Tuition Earned- $100.00

Termination Fee – $19.00

Refund due student- $80.00

The 24/7 Realty School ProsThe 24/7 Realty School Cons
Self-paced and flexible learningTextbook must be purchased separately
One year to complete programNo option for in-person learning  
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Chris Heller brings 27 years of experience in real estate. Chris serves on the AgentAdvice Editorial Board and is the Chief Real Estate Officer at OJO Labs. Chris brings deep expertise having held influential industry positions including CEO of mellohome and former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International.

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