41 Underrated Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas (2022 Updated!)

May 20, 2022

Lead,Generation,Concept,Handwritten,On,WhiteboardFinding the initial clients can be a challenge for new real estate agents looking to establish themselves in a market or community. Even for established real estate agents, driving new and continued business is a process of lead generation that requires constant innovation and effort.

Lead generation strategies can also help new agents level the playing field. Lead generation involves building an awareness of your company among potential clients. Then, it drives those potential clients to engage with your business directly.

Lead generation can be broadly applicable, casting a wide net to reach as many prospective clients as possible. It can also be more targeted, down to the individual prospect an agent wants to work with.

Being creative and intentional here takes more than just using the right real estate lead generation tools.  Done right, you can expand your reach and awareness among real estate buyers and sellers alike.

Not all lead generation strategies and tactics are created equal. Their value and impact can vary depending on real estate agents’ target market segment, demographics, or timing. It’s crucial for real estate agents to approach lead gen with a toolkit of options instead of a never-changing set of rules to be “copy and pasted” to every context.

We’ve compiled a list of ideas and strategies to help realtors drive new real estate leads. They include a mix of traditional and modern approaches and range from specific practices to new or innovative platforms. These tactics enable real estate agents to reach their target audiences.

Creative Marketing

Online,Live,Video,Marketing,Concept.photo,Sign,Made,By,Human,HandsDon’t forget about creative marketing. There are a few ways to find new leads that go beyond improving what we already figured out when we learned how to become a real estate agent. Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.”

1. Local Networking

Get involved in the local community. Try to meet with local businesses, contractors, and repairers in the area. Take part in all the popular events in town, and consider setting up a booth if it will help with networking. The goal is to build a referral network of people who can help generate new leads. Find out what the locals love and have it on hand or talk about it during open houses.

paul-corazzaPaul Corazza
Principal at Independent Property Group Gungahlin
Licensed Agent for 27+ years

“At our company, we believe in thinking outside the box to generate leads. Some of our most successful lead generation ideas include:
1. Sponsoring local community events – This is a great way to get your name out there and show your support for the local area.
2. Advertising in high-traffic areas – We’ve had great success with advertising in local supermarkets and on busy roads.
3. Offering free market appraisals – This is a great way to get potential clients through the door and show them what your company can offer.
4. Promotions and competitions – Who doesn’t love a good competition? We’ve found that running promotions and competitions are a great way to generate interest and excitement.
5. Networking – We make sure to attend as many local business events as possible, as this is a great way to meet potential clients and build relationships.”

2. Real Estate on TikTok

Cloudflare’s radar ranked TikTok as the most popular domain in late 2021, stealing the spotlight from Google. TikTok’s app makes it easy to create unique content. Creative content triggers the smart algorithms and puts posts in front of thousands of people browsing related media. The primary advantages are a short setup period and free cost of entry. TikTok is possibly one of the most innovative and creative marketing platforms to find new leads.

Daniela Andreevska Mashvisor 200x200Daniela Andreevska
VP of Content at Mashvisor
6+ years of experience in the industry

“TikTok has quickly turned into one of the most popular and widely used social media networks, so you should take advantage of this trend to generate leads for your real estate business. With over 50 million daily active users in the US alone, TikTok offers exposure that few other outlets do. The assumption that this platform is reserved for teenagers with too much free time on their hands is erroneous. Indeed, there are all sorts of people who are regularly active on the platform, and while they might be casually browsing for some fun videos, the truth of the matter is that many of them might be looking to buy a home or sell their current home, or might know someone who is going to buy or sell in the near future. So if you want to stay on top of new technology and new marketing trends, you should definitely promote your business on TikTok. One of the best things about this platform is that you don’t need professional videos like on YouTube or even Instagram. You can shoot a 30-second video right on your phone when sitting in your office or doing a home viewing. Before you know it, your videos can start getting thousands of views, followed by an exponential increase in the number of leads you generate each month.”

3. Real Estate on YouTube

YouTube is the second most used social media platform, under Facebook. In fact, YouTube will have over 210 million viewers in 2022. This platform requires a higher level of professionalism than TikTok, but has similar advantages of being free to use for reaching thousands of people.

Successful agents on YouTube make frequent videos, including:

  • Regular updates like a monthly market trend analysis
  • Video walkthroughs
  • Short videos with tips for sellers and buyers
  • Drone footage of property

4. Real Estate on LinkedIn

Hilversum,,Netherlands,-,Februari,06,,2017:,Social,Media,Are,TrendingLinkedIn is a wonderful tool for prospecting new leads. It is another platform with unlimited potential and virtually no downside. It is a great place to share detail oriented videos, make new connections, and join relevant community or real estate groups. This platform is more professional than other social media and is a great place to ask customers for a review. We don’t want to pass on leads we could get from LinkedIn.

If we are not already on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, we will want to get started for the same reasons as above. Social media is a great way to network and meet new leads. It only costs a small amount of time each week. We don’t need viral posts to notice a result. One lead from any of these platforms will more than offset the time spent.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn can provide targeted advertising to its user population based on users’ profile info. However, LinkedIn ads vary from Facebook ads because it is targeting a professional audience, compared to Facebook’s broader audience.

LinkedIn can be a great place to use paid ads to target either buyers and sellers in professional business roles. It’s also effective at helping commercial real estate agents target commercial buyers and sellers. LinkedIn users who are on the platform are primed to receive and process financial information, such as real estate pitches.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn gives real estate agents the ability to retarget ads to users who also visited the agent’s website. Real estate agents can target LinkedIn users based on profile information. These traits are much more focused on professional information, such as job title or industry, instead of personal information.

samantha odo headshotSamantha Odo
Licensed Real Estate Expert at Precondo

“It’s 2022 and people still seem to neglect the boon named LinkedIn especially designed for professional interaction. Real estate agents are more concerned with creating catchy content dir Facebook and Instagram where they have to complete heavy content flow instead of making beneficial connections on apps like LinkedIn. Believe me, when I say this, your relationship-building techniques will gain a higher pedestal when combined with the unique algorithm of Linkedin which caters to the needs of potential clients by bridging the gap between your business’s content and interested eyes.”

5. Real Estate on Facebook

Social media messaging and advertising have taken the real estate marketing world by storm. Facebook still has the most extensive user base and potential audience for advertisers of any available platform. The social media platform has a broad and deep pool of potential clients and leads that real estate agents can convert into clients. However, these ad campaigns should be very targeted and closely monitored.

Facebook offers some advertising tools specific to real estate agents. Specifically, the platform provides Real Estate Ads, which use retargeting to provide realty-tailored ad content to prospective clients. Facebook identifies these individuals by downloading a “pixel” on the agent’s website and tracking those website visitors onto Facebook. This method of retargeting allows real estate agents to focus their ad spend on prospects that have already indicated they are in the market.

However, the advertising landscape for real estate agents on Facebook has changed since fair housing regulations took effect. These regulations, which are intended to prevent discrimination, prevent real estate agents from targeting ads based on zip code, age, or gender. They also limit the other categories that real estate agents can use to target users. These regulations necessitate more effort on real estate agents’ part to make sure their ads are reaching the correct users.

From there, real estate agents can select the ad types that work best for them. Ad strategies include those that offer some content or asset from the agent in exchange for a potential client’s contact information. These are called “lead ads.” There are also more straightforward ads that redirect the user who clicks the ad to the agent’s website. These ads may not directly generate leads the same way that lead ads can.

harout-keuroghlian-profile_3Harout Keuroghlian
Principal Broker at JohnHart Real Estate
Licensed Broker in California for 27+ years

“Social media still provides one of the greatest modern ways to get leads, depending on how creative you get. I recommend joining high volume Facebook groups in which you have a genuine interest and setting aside time each and every day to interact with them. It’s also crucial to immerse yourself in your community with the sincere intention of giving back. I’d especially highlight business owners, restaurant owners, insurance brokers, any business that you feel provides value. You’d be surprised at the lead generation you receive when you give to your community businesses without expecting anything in return.”

6. Paid Advertising on Google Bangkok.,Thailand.,January,24,,2016:a,Woman,Is,Typing,On,Google

When looking to buy, or sell, a home, many people start their journey with Google search. The search engine allows real estate agents to harness this behavior to serve their advertisements to these buyers/sellers.

Real estate agents should approach targeted ads on Google differently than they would social media advertising. Real estate agents “pay per click” or a flat amount every time a user clicks on their ad within Google search. Real estate agents should make sure to pay only for the most relevant and valuable leads possible. To do that, they should target their ad dollars on specific keywords that their prospects are likely to click on.

There are benefits and drawbacks to advertising on Google directly. On the one hand, the ability to target specific keywords allows real estate agents to serve ads based on specific search activities. This can be a much clearer signal of an intent to buy or sell than what can be inferred from personal information on social media sites. Google ad campaigns are also highly automatable — users can almost “set and forget” them.

On the other hand, Google ads are far from free. The cost per click varies by the competitiveness of a keyword or search term. Ads can be especially expensive in hyper-competitive industries like real estate. It can also take some time upfront to learn the Google Ads tool and adequately set up campaigns that will deliver results, including focusing ads on the right search terms that prospective clients are most likely to be using.

7. Host an Event

This can be done in a simple, cost-effective way. This should also be handled separately than an open house event. Do this for former clients, and ask them to bring friends and family members. The more the merrier, right? Just double up on supplies and have tons of business cards handy. It’s best to do this on a consistent basis so that your network of people will come to expect a get together on a regular cadence.

nick taveras headshotNicky Taveras
Owner DNT Home Buyers
Licensed Realtor in New Jersey

“Most recently, lead generation has been done through places like Google and social media, as digital marketing is now how most people grow their business. However, that’s what most people do these days, and it’s fun and effective to shake things up every once in a while. For that reason I believe social events are a great way to get leads. A client appreciation event like an ice cream social, or anything where they can bring their families and even friends has actually resulted in repeat business and referrals. Giving back to your clients even so in a very small way puts you back in their minds. This means when someone needs a realtor, they will likely remember you and refer you to their friend. All because of a small scale social event where you gave them free ice cream.”

8. Build Your Credibility

Credibility is everything. You need to show prospective sellers that you are the top agent in the area. There are a few ways to do this.

Tomas SatasTomas Satas
CEO of Windy City HomeBuyer
Licensed Agent in Chicago, Illinois

“First create a website and start working on Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword. So when somebody searches phrases or words such as realtor, real estate agent, top real estate agents, etc. you want your website to show up on the first page. This process is not easy and can take anywhere from 6-12 months. You need to think in the long term though because once you establish yourself on the internet the possibilities are endless.

While you are working on your website’s SEO you can set up a Pay Per Click or PPC Ad campaign. This will catapult your name on to the first page of a Google Search immediately and will help attract visitors to your website.

Another way to build up your credibility is to ask happy clients to leave you Google, Facebook, or Yelp reviews. If you have not set up a business profile on Google, Facebook, or Yelp then what are you waiting for? Most people these days will Google your name and having 5 star reviews online will give you the edge that you need.

Youtube videos could be a creative way to get your name out there. You can create your own channel and create a different episode once a week with tips, tricks, and improvements that can help a sellet sell their home quickly.

Lastly another quick way to get motivated seller leads is by creating a Facebook marketing campaign. Facebook ads are a quick way to get your name out there but remember your main focus in the beginning needs to be building up your credibility!”

Buy Leads from Realty-Specific 3rd-Party Platforms

Many options help real estate agents organically generate leads. For those with the budget, buying those leads can be a simpler and more straightforward tactic. 3rd-party businesses or organizations do the work of identifying individuals in the market to buy or sell real estate. They then sell real estate agents those individuals’ contact info after some degree of lead qualification.

There are two broad ways to find sources of leads to buy— those that offer a broad range of possible leads, and those that target specific demographics.

becky usangi headshotBecky Usanga
Licensed real estate agent in Ohio

“One of the best ways to generate more leads is by using Web-Based CRM. Depending on the CRM system you choose, it can automate lead generation through online various forms, use Data analysis to improve the relationship with your customers and leads, manage events and reminder systems, offer integrated user interface and much more.

Why is it necessary? Because real estate is a very competitive industry and If one wants to stand out, one should implement a top-notch web-based Customer Relationship Management system. Why? Because it is an excellent way to capture leads for practicality and help brand image- to seem professional and advanced.”

9. Market-wide platforms

There are many broadly-applicable platforms that real estate agents can buy leads from. Some real estate platforms, like Zillow, integrate lead generation with advertising for a more streamlined agent experience from start to finish. Others focus on just providing the lead information itself.

10. Demographic-specific sites

Some sites also specialize in certain demographics. They may target specific geographic areas, such as large metros. Some sites even offer segmentation based on demographics who are the most likely to be buying or selling real estate, such as divorce real estate.


Evaluating quality when buying leads

Big,Stack,Of,Mails,,Pile,Of,Papers,,Or,Heap,OfNot all leads are created equal. When comparing options for buying leads, there are several factors agents should be aware of. Consider how the vendor sources those leads: What kinds of activities are the vendor interpreting as “intent”? How complete is the information about the leads themselves that the vendor provides? How much information about each lead’s prior activities is available? These factors will help real estate agents determine how actionable the leads from a given vendor are.

11. Direct Mail

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Direct mail to homeowners and tenants in a REALTOR’ ®s farm area remains a valuable method of engaging with prospects, especially if new to the area.

Unlike other industries, direct mail as a real estate lead gen strategy has been resilient. The nature of the industry makes it much easier to access addresses and locations and focus mailing activities based on geography.

Doing so lets real estate agents cast a wide net across their territory during generic outreach or awareness campaigns. For areas with limited internet access or a less technologically-inclined population, direct mail remains a robust tool for real estate agents.

Direct mail can also be used to target prospects who have already engaged with the agent. This is especially true if the interaction was physical instead of virtual, such as attending an open house. In these cases, thank you cards are one example method of following up on initial interaction. A thank you note also allows real estate agents to personalize the communication to each prospect.

12. Professional Website

Example of real estate landing page on realtor website | AgentAdvice.comReal estate agents should develop their standalone real estate websites. These sites host the agent’s current listings, contact information, prior clients’ testimonials and reviews, community information pages, and any other content the agent can provide. Investing in a real estate website can pay off in multiple ways, but it comes with a learning curve.

Developing a unique professional website can provide direct and indirect benefits. If done well, the website adds to the agent’s perceived credibility and professionalism. This can boost real estate agents’ standing among prospects, peers, and current clients and contribute to better “brand awareness.”

The website should also serve as a direct lead gen platform. The most straightforward way to do so is to add lead gen forms to the site. “Lead gen forms” are fillable online forms that site visitors can fill out with their contact information. These forms could be structured as a portal for contacting the agent, or in exchange for an asset or piece of content that the agent is offering. Either way, lead gen forms on the agent’s site are a clear source of inbound leads– prospects that opt-in to contact the agent.

Put the lead gen forms on pages of the site that get the most traffic in order to maximize their visibility and likelihood of someone to fill them out. Google Analytics, a free tool, can help real estate agents determine which pages on their websites get the most traffic.


Community Referrals

Word,Referrals,On,Notebook,,Office,Desk,With,Electronic,Devices,,ComputerThe community, an agent, works, and lives in can be their best source of leads. By developing their brand and reputation within the community, real estate agents can become a trusted source of information and assistance in real estate.

However, this strategy may not show results as quickly as other methods. Community trust does not come by default. It often requires prior investment in developing those community relationships before it pays off. Be aware of this timing factor when determining how well it will work for you.

There are several traditional and creative methods to maximize your community network and generate organic referrals.

David Zeff HeadshotDavid Zeff
Tri-County MD Home Team
Licensed realtor in Maryland for 11+ years

“My business is built primarily on repeat and referral business. Because of this, I focus on my database for the purposes of lead generation. My primary focus is staying visible without being “obnoxious”. Things I focus on are sending out birthday, wedding anniversary, and home purchase anniversary cards. I’ll also call my database to touch base periodically. Additionally, I try to put on a few client appreciation events each year.  These include an annual fall party to include a hayride, bonfire, and music.  I also put on a happy hour the Tuesday before Thanksgiving each year.  I have found that focusing on my current and past clients, has allowed for a steady stream of business each year.”

13. Real estate-adjacent professionals

Some industries will learn about a homeowner’s intent to sell their property before any agency, brokerage, or search engine. For instance, the owner may be planning to renovate or upgrade their home before putting it on the market to be more competitive/get a higher valuation.

The contractors, renovators, and construction organizations that conduct these activities can help drive leads for real estate agents either by passing the agent’s info to the homeowner or by tipping the agent off about a job they had that will likely go on the market soon.

14. Client referrals

Few will be able to speak on an agent’s behalf as well as clients who have already had success through them. Real estate agents should keep track of those clients who have been extremely successful in either buying or selling, those who are well known in the community, and especially those clients who have been successful and are well known.

To maximize client referrals, simply do the best job possible serving the clients. Personal interactions, saving clients money and staying in touch with follow-up communications (“How are you settling in? Anything I can help with?”) all go a long way towards making a lasting impression with clients.

Word of mouth and personal validation are potent tools that also work without the agent having to do anything– the easiest form of lead gen actively.

kelly deroski headshotKelley Decowski 
RE/ MAX of Stuart
Licensed Realtor for 8+ years

“I spend a lot of time farming my database of former customers. I purposely look for surprising and memorable ways to reach them. For Halloween, I put signs in their yards that say “We’ve been booed by our favorite Realtor” and I leave a pumpkin bucket filled with treats on their doorstep. I work with a lot of families, so at Mother’s Day I love to celebrate the moms by hosting a brunch at my house or dropping off a care package of wine and chocolate. Customers love it and will often post about it on social media leaving other people to think “why doesn’t my agent do that?”. These efforts result in a business that is more than 80% referral.”

15. FSBOs (For Sale By Owner)

Home:,For,Sale,By,Owner,Sign,In,Front,YardFSBO listings are those managed and run by the homeowner, rather than an agent. Homeowners may choose to sell their home on their own because of prior bad experiences with an agent because they think they have the time and know-how to sell it or a host of other reasons.

Real estate agents may view FSBOs as hostile territory, and they should certainly proceed with caution. However, there is always the possibility that a resourceful agent can convert an FSBO into a client.

The key is to watch for warning signs that the FSBO strategy is not working for the homeowner. This may be the case if the listing stays available for an unusually long time or expires, or if the asking price drops frequently and substantially. These signs of distress suggest that the homeowner is more open to working with an agent than they initially were.

16. Offer Free Home Evaluations

morshed headshotMorshed Alam
Licensed in Minnesota

“There are a number of creative lead generation ideas for real estate agents. One idea is to offer free home evaluations to potential clients.. This can be a great way to attract attention from people who are thinking of selling their homes. You can also offer to help buyers find the right home by providing them with a list of properties that match their criteria.
Another idea is to host informational workshops on topics such as “How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent” or “How to Prepare Your Home for Sale.” These workshops can be a great way to generate leads and establish yourself as an expert in the field. Finally, don’t forget about traditional methods such as mailing postcards or door-to-door canvassing.”

17. Strike up conversation

rogers healy headshotRogers Healy
Founder of Rogers Healy and Associates
Licensed broker in Texas for 20+ years

“Lead generation can be the easiest or the hardest part of the job. It honestly depends on how well established you are within your real estate career. My favorite way to lead generate is to play if I were a buyer, where would I be? For example, if I am selling a house in a specific neighborhood, I will go sit at popular surrounding spots in hopes of striking up conversation. I use the same method for sellers, you never know who you could strike up a conversation with.”

18. Market to investors

DSC_7617 (1)Phil Bryson
Desert Pro Home Buyers
Agent/Investor in Phoenix, Arizona

“For agents who want clients with repeat business, something I have found to be effective that nobody else does is marketing to investors. They often run into sellers who want full retail value, and since they typically only buy discounted properties they refer them out to realtors they trust. If you look up cash sales by zip code in the MLS or with a software like Propstream, you can figure out who is buying homes for cash in your area and skip trace their phone number. You can also join investor Facebook groups and reach out to them there, or look on craigslist for house buying ads. Call these people to see if there’s anything you can do to add value to their business. Most investors have a hard time finding a good agent so if you’re willing to learn their language and do a good job you’ll be set for a long time.”

19. Target empty homes

angel piontek headshotAngel Piontek
Coldwell Banker Elite
19+ years in Virginia real estate

“Targeting absentee owners in your local market is a great way to generate seller leads. There may be owners of investment properties looking to sell while inventory is low and demand is high. You can send letters, postcards, or even a market report to your target properties. Use predictive analytic tools to determine an owner’s propensity to sell based on key factors like equity and ownership time.”

20. Find unique solutions

Martin headshotMartin Orefice
CEO of Rent To Own Labs
Licensed agent in Florida

“In a market with prices this high, dwellings with room for extended families or multiple couples can make especially good choices for people who might not otherwise be able to afford homeownership. These homes also tend to be less in-demand, meaning that if you can find them and market them correctly, you can land a big commission on big homes.”

21. Follow up on expired listings

peter lucas headshotPeter Lucas
Owner of Relocate To Andorra
Licensed agent for 18+ years

“Expired listings are a gold mine for real estate agents. You can find out about them by subscribing to listings services like Zillow or Trulia, which will send you email alerts whenever a listing in your area expires. The key to getting expired listings is to be the first agent to contact the homeowner after their listing has expired. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that another agent will get in touch first. When you reach out, emphasize that you’re interested in helping them sell their home and offer to provide a complimentary market analysis. It’s also a good idea to have a list of recent comparable sales handy to show them that you know what’s going on in the market. You can also offer to meet with them to discuss their options and answer any questions they have.”


Content Creation

Creating content targeting prospective clients is an excellent but more time and resource-intensive approach to generating direct and indirect leads. It utilizes real estate agents’ expertise in their markets, communities, and clients to serve prospective clients with valuable information when buying or selling.

Content should be a part of any lead gen strategy. However, which content real estate agents use, and how they use it, can vary.

22. Video MarketingPerson,Is,Taking,Photo,With,A,Smartphone.

Video marketing uses video content to engage prospective clients, frequently on social media or video platforms like YouTube. It is a higher-investment strategy since it requires videography, editing, and potentially acting skills to execute.

You can record tiny footage of the property, interiors, and exteriors of properties & create real estate marketing videos. This will give your brand a distinct personality while also expanding your online networks and relationships.

This investment can deliver excellent results– nearly ¾ of homeowners are more likely to list with an agent who offers to make a video of their listing. Video marketing allows real estate agents to both serve current clients and catch the eye of prospective clients at the same time.

trey langford headshotTrey Langford
Founder of Build Idaho
Licensed Realtor for 17+ years

“About 2 years ago we started creating a database of 360 Degree Aerial Neighborhood Tours. It creates a huge wow factor for the website as well as a unique service we can offer to attract out of state buyers. Additionally, they are ranking in search engines! Included in the 360 tours is a pin that links to a home search. This tends to create high-quality leads as it also establishes a level of credibility and professionalism.”


Ed Brancheau
Owner of SunnyNest Homes
Real Estate Investor and Digital Marketing Expert

“First, many agents that come to me are new. So, I stress that they don’t have to fear the #1 agent in their area because the #1 agent usually isn’t doing what I teach them to do and, therefore, can be leapfrogged.
For 30 days, they drop everything else — except returning phone calls — and shoot short videos about everything in their area. Schools. Stores. Parks. Police and Fire departments. Churches. Synagogues. Mosques. Jogging trails. People on the street. Restaurants. Businesses. Some are interviews and some are just them talking about the feature.
And they do this by simply walking out their front door and start shooting videos of everything and anything that is interesting. Then they just spiral farther and farther out for 30 days straight. Most average about three videos per day so about 100 total.
Now, here’s why this is so powerful… First, it presents them as the authority in the area. Second, all of the people that they interview are excited to share the video with their friends and family. Third, it generates leads starting in about week three. It’s “evergreen” meaning that most of the videos will still be effective ten years from now.”

23. Leveraging Reviews

Much like community referrals, online reviews can play a central role in lead generation strategies. There are a host of real estate websites where clients can review their agents, including Zillow, Yelp, and Realtor.com. The bare minimum for real estate agents is to monitor their profiles on these sites to be aware of what information prospects may be looking at.

Real estate agents can also go a step further in actively managing their profiles. They can reach out to happy reviewers for referrals or quotes, address any complaints from unhappy reviewers, or work directly with the website to use the review content itself.

24. Community pages

Bangkok,,Thailand,-,March,6:,Facebook,Business,Page,Closeup,WithCommunity pages are a crucial source of content that real estate agents should provide on their websites. Community pages give buyers and sellers up to date insights on the area’s population, cost of living, schools, attractions, and any other valuable information.

These are also places where real estate agents can answer common or frequently asked questions that buyers or sellers have about the area. Answering these questions in a clear and structured way will benefit the website’s authority in prospects’ minds and improve its ranking on Google.

bill gassett headshotBill Gassett
Founder of Maximum Real Estate Exposure
Licensed Realtor for 35+ years in Massachusetts

“One of the best ways of generating new business is by creating local community pages on your website and then optimizing them for Google.

When done correctly, your goal will be to show up on the first page when someone searches for Realtor city-state or real estate agent city-state.

Consumers doing a search like this are looking to hire a real estate agent right away.

One of the significant keys to being successful will be making your community page exceptional and then working to make it visible through search engine optimization.

Here is an example of a community page for Milford, Massachusetts, one of the towns I cover. Someone visiting the page will see what’s best about Milford.

Many will see me as a market expert for the community in the process.”

25. Guest writing on real estate websites

If an agent is new to the area and doesn’t have any market authority, it can help to lean on someone else’s. Look for opportunities to guest write on blogs, newsletters, or other publications that popular real estate websites in the area offer. This is a great opportunity for real estate agents to drive backlinks back to their own site by linking to it in the post, improving both their site’s SEO and their brand authority.

26. Start a blog or a podcast

Sample (4)John Riedl
A Cash House Buyer and Flipper in Florida
Founder of EasyCash Offer Florida

“A real estate blog, like a YouTube channel, is a terrific method to drive traffic to your website. Original content that is SEO optimized and targeted to rank for a certain keyword can help you rank higher on Google, generate leads to your website, and establish yourself as an industry thought leader.

Podcasts attract leads and establish your reputation in the field. You can quickly convert your YouTube videos into podcast format and then broadcast them using a program like Auphonic to save time.”

27. Try magazine marketing

latham-jenkins headshotLatham Jenkins
Associate Broker of Live Water Jackson Hole
Licensed for 8+ years in Wyoming

“As a realtor in a marquee resort market, Jackson Hole, I have had great success prospecting for new leads by marketing a magazine (The Outsized Reasons Why You Will Fall in Love with Jackson Hole). The magazine gives potential buyers and viewers a way to not only see the lifestyle and homes, but envision themselves here. It also allows me to foster a connection because when the buyers request it, they often share their mobile numbers, which gives me the ability to reach out and make that initial contact. I also have a mailing address for follow-up drip campaigns as you never know their timeline to purchase. It has been my main driver of leads through the years and a great brand builder.”

Improve Listings

It is easy to be proud of our own work. Sometimes it can pay off to think about how we could do things better. One of the easiest ways to generate leads is to improve existing listings. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, especially if we already have a lot of the work done.

28. Drone Videos

Ever since drones came out, they’ve been all the buzz. They’ve launched themselves into the real estate sector. Homebuyers love listings with drone photography and videos. Buyers who land on listings that are not already showing drone footage may just fly away. Aerial videos give an edge over the competition. Bring in new leads with drone videos in real estate.

Virtual,Open,House,Showing,Or,Online,Tour29. Video Tours

Pictures are great, but videos really tell the story. Listings with video walkthroughs attract more interest. A video walk through can really help a buyer imagine themselves owning the property. Videos can also save time from the looky-loos who might have had their questions answered ahead of time. With a skilled pilot filming, we can even use a drone for a video walk through. We can walk, run, or fly through the property.

30. Recent Photography

Buyers want to see recent pictures of listings. If we have a listing that lasts more than a season, we’ll want to remember to take new pictures. The last thing we want is snow or autumn leaves in pictures being viewed by potential leads in the spring and summer. Pictures of the house from a previous season could make the pictures look old and outdated. When listings look old, buyers might not think there is demand or competition for the property.

31. Professional Pictures

Brilliant pictures bring in new buyers like a bug to a light. We might think we have the best photo skills in the world, but as agents, we’re not necessarily professional photographers. Since agents normally take their own new pictures for their listings, it is wise to contract a pro.

If a previous agent offers professional photos or videos, we might use them if the property looks the same. No matter how we get them, we don’t want to skip professional photos. New leads appreciate nice pics. Stellar pictures and videos are great ways to show homebuyers how much we care about the listing.

32. Remodeling for MillennialsYoung,Happy,Family,Married,Couple,Dreams,Of,Renovating,House,And

Buyers are not looking at just one property. When buyers are shopping, they’re comparing features from one listing to the next. When a house is missing an amenity that is normal for the neighborhood, it shows. While we can plan the best showing possible, we may need to encourage sellers to do additional upgrades. We want to consider how the features of the house can bring in new leads.

33. Money Saving Upgrades

Check other listings for sale in the neighborhood for anything other homes have that ours are missing. Suggest repairs to sellers to bring the house up to date. Millennials are sensitive to the age differences of things. Even though they might have a soft spot for vintage stuff, they’re also price conscious shoppers who know a better deal when they see one.

Homebuyers care about things that will save them money in the long run. Buyers will trade off paying a higher price for an annual savings on utilities. Things like energy efficient windows and appliances matter a lot to budget minded shoppers. Little things that save money in the long run can actually draw in new leads.

34. Trendy Paint

Interior,Designer,And,Architect,Choosing,Color,In,Color,Swatch,SamplesWe all know how much a fresh coat of paint adds to curb appeal. Increasing curb appeal brings in more leads. If the paint is outdated, buyers will look to the next shiny house on the street. We’re catering to a wide range of buyers with different tastes, so we don’t want to pick just any old color.

If the neighbors all have different colored houses, then we’ll want to choose a modern color. We should ultimately encourage homeowners to use colors that are ‌consistent with the other houses on the block. Curb appeal isn’t just about getting attention. While we want the house to be noticed, we also want to make a sale.

Trending exterior house colors for 2022 include:

  • Black or dark charcoal
  • Dark green or gray green
  • Navy
  • Alabaster white

Fresh interior paint may not help as much with curb appeal, but it certainly attracts new customers. Some of the same general ideas apply. We want to focus on color schemes that appeal to the most buyers.

It’s okay if we don’t know the exact person to suggest for paint. Nowadays, it is easy enough to find a maintenance worker on short notice. A lot of contractors get new painting leads by registering with reputable directories. This makes it much easier for homeowners to find skilled workers as fast as possible through a middle party they can trust. Just help the seller pick the best colors and choose the most appropriate upgrades to fit in with other homes on the street. They should be able to handle the rest.

Track Prospects who are Already in the Market

Real estate can be a long game. Buyers and sellers alike can spend months active in the market before closing a deal on a property. There are constant streams of new prospects entering the market. All of these factors make it advantageous to keep an eye out for opportunities with folks who may already be in the buying/listing process. Many lead generation tools provide capabilities to make this process easier.

35. Transform Your Open House into an Event

Women,Hand,Open,Door,Knob,Or,Opening,The,Door.With how hot the market has been, a lot of us haven’t had to worry about generating new leads. When the houses are not selling themselves, an open house remains to be one of the best ways to find new buyers. There is a growing population of young shoppers, with millennials accounting for the largest majority of homebuyers in the market today.

Open houses can be great opportunities to find other prospects who are already in the market but may not have an agent yet. This includes holding an open house for a selling client or attending open houses with a buying client.

Hosting an open house will provide the best opportunities for lead generation. For instance, the agent has the opportunity to engage personally with every buyer who visits the open house, any of which may still be early in the buying process and still open to working with an agent.

Alternatively, the open house can feature a more formal “welcome book” where buyers can sign in or leave their info. This can lead to follow-up contact via email, direct mail, etc.

36. Make It A Memorable Event

Even though open houses are one of the best ways to attract buyers, they’re not always fun. We need to set the open house apart from the rest. Here are a few ways to convert a modern open house into an event:

  • Hire a DJ
  • Shop for local beer or wine
  • Set up a selfie booth
  • Have a BBQ and snack bar

By staging the house as a place to be instead of an object to buy, we can really draw in some fresh‌ faces. Younger buyers will brag about their day at an open house with music and craft beer. Agents can develop their own following of prospective buyers with open houses that are done properly.

lauraLaura Jimenez
Licensed Agent in Arizona

“Potential sellers often wander into open houses for two reasons. First, they’re interested in buying a new house, but they need to sell their other house first. Second, their neighbors considering selling their homes down the street and they’re curious about how other homes in the area are priced and prepared for sale. So keep in mind at an open house that you’re presenting yourself to both buyers and sellers. Ask questions like “Where do you currently live?” “Will you be selling that before you buy something else?””

37. Prepare for Weather

Let buyers know the weather won’t be a problem. If buyers know it will be cozy, they’re more likely to come and look. Even the best open house could flop in the face of unpredictable weather. Showing houses in the Arizona summer will call for a different strategy from Illinois winters. Being prepared will go a long way with making an open house enjoyable.

38. Stay Cool in Summer

We don’t have to go to real estate school in Arizona to know that showing houses in the summer can be hot! With open houses, people are constantly opening and closing windows and doors, letting out all the cool air. If the open house is very busy, it’ll be important to have a plan on hand to combat the heat.

See how well the AC works before showing the house. If we haven’t been to the house that day, we’ll want to show up before our appointment arrives to make sure it is nice and cool inside. If the AC doesn’t work very well, the buyers may want to have this corrected to help with selling the house.

39. Provide Refreshments

Open,House,Sign,In,Front,YardIt might be cliché, but lemonade is a real crowd pleaser on a hot summer day. Make a great impression with tasty beverages. Even if we don’t have a party, offering locally sourced beer and wine can be an exceptional feature. Have plenty of bottled ice water to give away. Throw some popsicles in the freezer for kids, just get the white ones that won’t stain if they drip. Buyers will appreciate anything that will make them forget about the weather.

40. Fans & Misters

We need to make the heat outside as comfortable as possible. Remember to set up misters and fans on the back patio. When people step out of the house, we want them to feel refreshed in the place they will go to relax. We don’t want to drench the customers, but we‌ want to be sure the heat isn’t overwhelming. If there are some noticeable hotspots, a few well-placed umbrellas can provide much needed shade.

41. Winter Warmth

Anyone who has learned how to become a real estate agent in Illinois knows ‌winter appointments require a different approach. In the winter, we want the house to be warm, but not hot. We’ll need to show up ahead of time and make sure we set the heat correctly. We don’t want to sweat our leads out of the place before they’re done looking.

We have to plan for blizzards and storms. The walkways and parking spaces need to be cleared of snow. Have a place for guests to put their gear with coat hangers and door mats. Hot chocolate and coffee are great winter beverages to serve instead of lemonade. We will attract new leads if they know they’ll be comfortable while they’re shopping for a house.

A little planning goes a long way, and that applies not only to open houses.

Finding the Strategy that Works for You

While there are myriad lead gen ideas and strategies available, not all of them are great for all situations. There are some factors to consider when choosing strategies:

  • The market: Who are the potential leads most likely to be? Are there any unique demographic factors? Where are these leads most centralized or easy to reach?
  • The network: Are there preexisting community relationships to build on, or is the agent starting fresh?
  • The budget: How much money is there to work with? Strategies like paid advertising bring heftier price tags than leaning into community referrals.
  • The platform: Where is it easiest to get in front of prospects and leads? Are certain platforms more advantageous than others?

The exact mix and emphasis on various strategies will be different for every agent. Staying flexible with lead gen strategies can help make sure that real estate agents are attracting the most high-quality leads, and can help break into markets that would otherwise seem impossible from the outside.


There are so many opportunities for generating new leads in real estate. We can improve the way we already do things while exploring new channels at the same time. Using new videos and photos to revamp listings, throwing unforgettable open houses, remodeling for frugal millennials, and leveraging creative marketing practices are all ways we can build excellent leads. If we’re going to be selling houses in 2022, we better take advantage of video fly throughs and parties with local brews.