Best Real Estate Schools in Florida

Best Florida Real Estate Schools

aa-trophy-smallFlorida real estate agents have ranked the very BEST real estate courses in Florida to make sure you start your new career right.  Want to see the full, in depth editor reviews for each school? Check out our 100% free guide to the best real estate schools in Florida (includes the latest 2021 pricing, reviews, pass rates, and more).



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The CE Shop

based on 83 reviews

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Real Estate Express

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Kaplan Real Estate Education

based on 39 reviews

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Gold Coast School of Real Estate

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Bob Hogue School of Real Estate

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Best Online Real Estate Schools in Florida

florida state sealThe Florida real estate market has sky rocketed in the last year and a half. While many eyes were on the Sunshine State well before COVID, work from home mandates encouraged thousands of families to swoop up a property to start calling Florida home. While many people are venturing back to their normal lives, the Florida market doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

If you’re looking to get in on this, it’s important to know that a successful career path starts with your real estate license in Florida education. That’s why getting inside knowledge from industry experts is crucial when deciding where to start. In fact, making the right choice for your real estate school is one of the most important choices a new agent can make!

Our in-house real estate experts spent hundreds of hours researching, scoring, and ranking the top Florida real estate schools.  Our experts also took into account the ratings and reviews from thousands of Agent Advice agents who have taken the courses themselves. 

We’ve ranked and rated each school on 8 different factors to come up with the very best real estate schools in Florida. The top factors considered are: 

  1. Course value
  2. How easy the courses were to navigate
  3. If there were any technical glitches
  4. Return policies
  5. Overall performance of each school as a whole
  6. Reviews directly from agents who’ve attended the school

There are dozens of options (some of them not so great!), so we’ve taken the work off your plate by narrowing down the list to only the ones that scored high enough. Whether you’re dedicating yourself full time to your new career, are looking to fly through the courses quickly to get them over with, or are busy and looking to work through them when you have downtime, here is a list of the best online real estate schools in Florida you should consider.

The CE Shopce-shop-logo

The CE Shop has been offering educational opportunities since 2005 and is now providing pre-licensing courses in over 30 states. They are a fully online real estate school that focuses on interactive and inquiry-based approaches in their classes.

Besides being accredited by ARELLO, they’ve also received numerous awards and recognitions which is why our editor’s have given it a score of an A. The CE Shop ranks high in all 8 factors, including student reviews. When it comes to the affordability factor, we’ve given the online real estate school two dollar signs ($$). The CE Shop is not the cheapest school out there, but it is still scored reasonably because of the high quality course content. 

Study Course Content

The CE Shop is exclusively focused on online classes. As such, their classes are entirely online and allow students to plan their study schedule according to their needs. They currently offer four different study packages: Courses Only, Standard Package, Value Package, and Premium Package.

The Courses Only package is one of the most affordable options out there, but it only includes the state-required 63-hour pre-licensing classes,  as its name suggests.

Besides the 63 hours of Florida pre-licensing course, the Standard Package comes with an exam prep to help students get ready for the Florida license exam.

Purchasing the Value Package will grant you access to:

    • 63 hours of Florida pre-licensing course
    • Exam prep edge
    • 3 building business courses that include:
      • Building Your Sphere
      • Building Your Real Estate Business 
      • Is Commercial Real Estate For You?

The Premium package is the same as the Value package, but you also get an additional 45 hours of the Florida Sales Post-licensing Package. The total content of this package is as follows:

The CE Shop Unit 1 Exam Screenshot

Ratings & Reviews

While The CE Shop still holds a high rating, recent reviews are not as positive as they were before with most reviewers recommending they work more on the course interactivity. For instance, one of their previous students has said:

“I thought it was convenient. If you are financially tight, I’d say this is a very good option for you. The information was quite tedious only because there were many spelling mistakes throughout the material, and some of the information was inaccurate. I thought the curriculum was also a bit dry. I think if they were to add more visual aspects, it would be a bit more entertaining. Overall I thought it was OK, and it somewhat prepared me for the exams.” 

What are the best parts?

Because The CE Shop is focused on online classes, they’ve focused on making their courses easy and simple to use. They also offer several course packages, which allows students to pick a package that is fit for their needs and their budget.

What are the worst parts?

On the downside, many of the students found the curriculum to be a bit repetitive and inadequate with what they were tested on in the final exam. These complaints didn’t pop up initially, but after an update in their study courses, some students didn’t appear to enjoy the content as much as before. 

Return policy

The CE Shop will refund the purchase price for any course if the student submits a refund request within 30 days of purchase, before the course has expired, and only if the course is not more than 50% completed.

The CE Shop will also refund the price of any Exam Prep Edge product if the student submits a refund request within 30 days of purchase and if the initial assessment has not been made yet.

The CE Shop ProsThe CE Shop Cons
Several study packages to choose fromOnly online option available
Interactive, easy to use platformComplicated refund policies
Recommendations and study aids Can be glitchy

AceableAgentaceableagent logo

AceableAgent is a reputable real estate school and one of the top contenders in providing real estate education across Florida and the US. They are one of the first and the few education providers that have courses designed for both website and mobile app, as well as practical coursework with real-world scenarios, which prepares students for a real estate career.

The real estate courses provided by AceableAgent are accredited by The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) and The International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC) and are approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC).

Our expert editor’s did not feel that AceableAgent was worthy of an A, but they did give it a B+ score because the course is very interactive in Florida. It is much more interactive than other schools that are offered across the state. The B+ was given based on the top 8 factors to consider, including thousands of student reviews. AceableAgent is also more expensive than other schools out there, which is why it’s represented with three dollar signs ($$$).

Study Course Content

AceableAgent offers only one course package option for the Florida real estate licensing program. It has the 63-hour pre-licensing course required by the state, access to the online and the app course content, and an online proctored final exam.

Ratings & Reviews

When looking at reviews left on AgentAdvice, it’s difficult to find bad comments directed at AceableAgent. It is, without a doubt, one of the top real estate education providers in Florida, and it shows from reviews like the following:

“AceableAgent was great. It was extremely informative & very well structured to where I could better understand every chapter. At first, it was a bit overwhelming, but with the help & support, I quickly got the hang of it. Some advice for prospective agents is to not get startled with the amount of content provided, really try to read & understand the chapters so that it soaks in. The online support is phenomenal, if i had any questions I would reach out via chat & get a response in an adequate amount of time. I would definitely recommend this virtual option because of the great pricing & especially during the current pandemic.”

AceableAgent Practice Exam Screenshot

What are the best parts?

As they’ve been a top contender among real estate schools, AceableAgent’s courses are reliable and cover subjects that are found in the licensing exam. They are endorsed by North America’s #1 Keller Williams associate Chris Heller which is another proof of their reliability and course quality. 

Those that want to have the flexibility and study on the go will also find AceableAgent a great option to fit their busy schedule as they have an app supported by iOS and Android where you can listen to the classes and track your progress.

Taking AceableAgent’s course allows you to study through interactive pop-up questions and fun mini-games that test your knowledge and compare your opinion to other students’ views and help you develop the analytical approach required to be a real estate agent.  

What are the worst parts?

The most common complaints about AceableAgent are directed towards the technical aspect of their courses. There is no pause option in the audio courses, which can be an issue for some, and the mobile app can sometimes lag or freeze. 

Another downside is the fact that there is only one option for taking the real estate course in Florida, so students don’t have the option of picking their preferred study format or packages with the study materials they need.

Return policywoman in front of computer

AceableAgent courses are fully refundable if the student hasn’t completed the course and if the refund request is made within 30 days of purchase.

Unless prohibited by your State’s laws or regulations, you may also be eligible for a refund under AceableAgent’s “Ace the Test” Guarantee. According to this guarantee, if you don’t pass the real estate licensing exam, you will get your money back. To be eligible for the “Ace the Test” guarantee, you must: 

    • complete all hours of the AceableAgent pre-license course prior to taking the licensing exam; 
    • take at least three attempts of the State Exam within 90 days of finishing your AceableAgent pre-license course; and 
    • have purchased your course directly through the AceableAgent website. 

AceableAgent ProsAceableAgent Cons
Reliable instructors and materialsOnly two course packages
Courses are available in English and SpanishBig class size
Pricier than other courses No trial versions

Kaplankaplan logo

Kaplan is another top-ranking education provider in the US. Their experience in providing education services spans over 80 years and includes professional licensure classes for almost every industry – from corporate training to SAT and more. 

While they don’t provide real estate education in Florida, they’ve partnered up with Bob Hogue School of Real Estate, one of Florida’s oldest real estate education providers. They’ve been in business for over 40 years, opening back in 1978 to offer Floridians with real estate exam prep, licensure, and continuing education.

Kaplan is one of the lowest ranking online real estate schools in the state of Florida. It is expensive, and not as interactive and easy to use as other schools available. Our editor’s had trouble with the navigation aspect and noticed several technical glitches when trying to go through the course, which is why they’ve given Kaplan a B- score. On the affordability scale, it’s also one of the worst scoring which is why it’s represented with three dollar signs ($$$).

Study Course Content

Bob Hogue School of Real Estate offers courses for every stage of a real estate career – from pre-licensing to post-licensing education, continuing education, reactivation location, and more. 

We will stick to the real estate Sales Associate courses as they are the first licensing level required to obtain a real estate license in Florida.

The Real Estate Sales License package contains the 63-hour  sales associate pre-licensing course. You can choose between a classroom setting, taking the courses online, or attending a virtual classroom online. 

The Classroom option includes the 63-hour, state-approved course and final exam along with a textbook, completion slip and personalized diploma. 

The in-person option is available only in a few locations: Pinellas, Hillsborough, Sarasota, Manatee, Pasco, and Polk.

Bob Hogue’s online courses are available to you immediately after purchase. With this option, you get the course and access to the final exam, an instructor who can answer any questions during business hours only, an in-person agent who can offer any tech support during open hours, and a personalized diploma upon completion. 

The virtual classroom course includes a textbook for reference, several study materials to help you pass the exam on the first try, and a personalized diploma after passing the course and licensing exam. 

To attend the virtual classroom, you first need to have Google Chrome installed on your device. Attendance is monitored by checking log-in and log-out times and with interactive attendance questionnaires given throughout the classes. If a student has been absent for more than 8 hours of class, they won’t be given access to the course final exam. 

There is also the option to get one-on-one tutoring from one of Bob Hogue’s educators. You need to contact the school to check the availability and the price of that option. 

Besides the basic real estate course, Bob Hogue School of Real Estate also has an Exam Prep course designed to help students better prepare for the final licensing exam and be more confident entering it. As the standard study packages, the exam prep course can be taken in a classroom, online, or in a live online session.

Kaplan Unit 2 OnDemand Video Screenshot

Ratings & Reviews

Kaplan has an impressive rating on AgentAdvice thanks to the convenient test prep and study guides that have helped students ace the Florida real estate exam on the first try. 

Bob Hogue School also has good ratings on websites, with most of them being higher than 4 stars. Students were satisfied with their interactive learning, knowledgeable teachers, and good preparation. 

What are the best parts?

Students like the flexibility that comes with taking the Bob Hogue real estate courses. Everyone can study through the method they prefer at their own pace and balance their time, which gives them the freedom to get better prepared for the actual exam. 

Students also enjoy the interactive learning with knowledgeable teachers that know what is needed and can prepare students to pass the exam on the first try. 

What are the worst parts?

One of the major issues studying with Bob Hogue is the hidden costs. While the program is quite affordable, it doesn’t come with study aid and materials like some of the other programs, which can increase the overall cost of the courses.

Return policy

Bob Hogue offers a full refund only if the following two conditions are met:

    • You have not passed beyond the first lesson of the online course.
    • You’re requesting a refund within thirty (30) days of the purchase date.

Kaplan ProsKaplan Cons
More affordable than other Florida real estate schoolsNo free exam preps
Option to take online or live classroom courses in 14 locationsAll offices are located near Tampa
Good teachersNot as flexible as other courses

Real Estate Express real estate express logo

Real Estate Express is one of the oldest and most popular online real estate schools not only in Florida but in the whole United States. They’ve been around since 1996 as a pioneer in online real estate education and are now offering courses for every step of a real estate career – from pre-licensing to continuing education classes. 

It is one of the most popular courses in Florida, however, our editor’s have found the experience to be very mixed. While some aspects of the course are convenient and easy to use, others are frustrating and not as comprehensive as other options. For this reason, they’ve given Real Estate Express a B- score. It is also not the cheapest or most expensive school, it lands somewhere in the middle which is why it’s represented with two dollar signs ($$).

Real Estate Express offers several study packages and options for students that want to take the Florida licensing exam. 

The basic Sales Associate pre-licensing course includes topics required by the Florida Real Estate Commission: real estate law, interest and ownership in real estate, legal descriptions, homeownership, titles, liens, taxes, encumbrances, listing advertising, appraisal, finance, closings, and professional code of ethics.home for sale

It’s a good option for those that don’t need any additional help to pass the exam or are taking the exam for the second or third time and just need a reminder of the content. 

Students that want to get additional features and study aid during their pre-licensing phase can purchase a study package offered by Real Estate Express. 

The courses contain materials that prepare students to take the licensing exam according to their needs. To offer this, they have four packages students can choose from: The Basics, Exam Preparation, Exam Preparation Plus, and Ultimate Learning. 

The Basics package is best for students who already have some basic real estate knowledge and feel confident that they can overcome the final licensing exam only with some essential preparation. This package includes only the 63 mandatory hours, limited instructor support, and three real estate books that you can reference online. 

Exam Preparation is for students who want to get some extra exam stimulation and additional weekly information to prepare for their real estate career. The package includes exam prep and a prep for success basic membership. 

In the Exam Preparation Plus package, besides getting the extra exam simulation, you will also get chat sessions with real estate and business experts regularly, as well as help with establishing your social media presence. By purchasing this package, you will get a long list of helpful tools including three real estate eBooks, an instructor Q&A, and a printed course textbook. 

The last package, called Ultimate Learning, is the package that includes the most features and study advantages. It helps students excel in their real estate career by offering a one-year professional development membership and everything needed to pass the exam on the first try. The exact content of the package includes instructor support, a 90-day boot camp and a professional development membership along with many other exam-prepping options to choose from.

Real Estate Express Exam Prep Screenshot

Ratings & Reviews

Real Estate Express has more reviews on AgentAdvice than a lot of other schools available. It continues to receive average reviews, with the most common grade being 4/5 stars for the lengthy, broad study materials. 

What are the best parts?

One of the biggest perks of Real Estate Express is the cost-efficiency of their courses. They are the most affordable option when looking at all the features and study aids it comes with. It also has a user-friendly interface that allows students to take notes quickly, follow-up materials after students pass the licensing exam, and top-notch student support during the course. 

What are the worst parts?

The most common complaints with Real Estate Express were about their text-heavy materials. Many of the students that took the course found the content challenging because of the overwhelming textual material. 

Real Estate Express Ultimate Learning Package Homepage Screenshot

Return policy

Real Estate Express offers a 100% refund of the purchase price if you don’t like the course within one week. If you haven’t started the course, you can ask for a 100% refund for one month after the purchase. 

Real Estate Express ProsReal Estate Express Cons
Easy to use Confusing study materials
Versatile study packagesNot specific for Florida licensing
Lots of guides and practice testsCan be glitchy

Gold Coast SchoolsGold Coast Real Estate School Staff

Gold Coast Schools is one of the oldest real estate education providers in Florida. They’ve been around since 1970 and have had over 1 million students to date. 

Their Florida education courses are approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission and are offered in six campus locations Boca Raton, Tamarac (Broward County), West Palm, North Miami, Doral (South Miami), and Orlando.

Gold Coast Schools is one of the most popular in-person schools, but it doesn’t have good online options. For this reason, our editor’s have given it a B- score. While many do appreciate the hands on learning offered, the pass rates are lower than other real estate schools. It is also double the cost of other courses, which is why we’ve given it three dollar signs ($$$).

Study Course Content

Gold Coast Schools offers two types of study packages: Basic Service package and Full Service package. Both are available in English and in Spanish and can be taken online or on a supported mobile device. 

As its name suggests, the Basic Service Package includes everything that is required by the state, but it doesn’t include any additional study aids and materials. By choosing this option, you get access to the 63-hour self study online course valid for one year. You also get a state exam prep course with two sample state exams for additional practice. 

Those who want to get additional study materials to prepare for the exam would choose the Full Service Package better. It has all the tools a student would need to pass the Florida licensing exam:

    • The 63-hour self study online course valid for one year
    • Gold Coast’s Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Pre-license course textbook with practice exams, math solutions, and a 1001 question and answer reviews.
    • A live 2 ½ day “Exam Cram” weekend review at any of their five locations 
    • Access to classroom sessions with an instructor during any class, at any location
    • Access to bonus online practice exams 
    • State exam prep course including two sample state exams for additional practice

Both courses have a trial version you can try out for free to check if the course would be the right choice for you. 

Real Estate Sales Associate Exam Prep Package includes tools that will help you prepare for the sales associate exam through a series of practice questions, flashcards, and a state exam simulator with real sample tests. 

These prep tools can also be purchased individually for a separate cost.

Ratings & Reviews

Gold Coast Schools has some remarkable reviews available on Agent Advice. Many students enjoy the professors and the friendly feel that the classroom provides, however, they do feel there are cheaper options out there considering the state only requires 63 hours of pre-licensing education. 

What are the best parts?drone neighborhood

One of the best aspects of studying with Gold Coast Schools is that you enter a school with a long history of providing education to thousands of students. Their study materials are reliable, designed based on experience, and taught by instructors that were chosen based on their presentation skills and work experience. 

Classes are offered in both English and Spanish, which, considering the size of the Spanish speaking population in Florida, can be very helpful to a lot of students. 

What are the worst parts?

The biggest downside of studying with Gold Coast Schools is that you have to study on your own, without the help of a tutor. All online classes are recorded on audiotapes, so students have to prepare for the exam only by listening to the recordings.

Another downside is that they only have two course packages, which limits the possibility for students to pick what they need to prepare for the exam. 

Return policy/cancellation policy

Refunds from Gold Coast Schools have to be requested before the first session of any course. According to the schools’ policy, “the first session is defined as the first four (4) hours of the course. For any course that is ten (10) hours or less, the first session is defined as the first two (2) hours of the course.”

Any request for a refund must be sent within 30 days after the scheduled class start date. Gold Coast does not charge a cancellation fee if a student needs to cancel or re-schedule the exam at least 24 hours before the start of class. 

Tampa School of Real EstateTampa-School-Of-Real-Estate-Logo

Tampa School was founded in 2007 “to provide an education experience focused around student success.” Although they are a relatively newer real estate school compared to the other ones on this list, they claim to have over 1,000 reviews with an average rating of 5 stars out of 5. 

Purchasing any of their courses comes with a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, 1-Year of Free Instructor Support, and a 1-Year Retake Guarantee. The school is accredited by ARELLO, and all their courses are approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission. 

The Tampa School of Real Estate is not as popular as other schools simply because it isn’t as widely offered. We’ve given it a slightly better rating than other in person courses, but our editor’s still ranked it lower than The CE Shop and AceableAgent, giving it a solid B rating. It is also much more expensive, more than double some other scores in Florida which is why it was given three dollar signs ($$$).

Study Course Content

Tampa School currently offers only one package that can be taken in any of the preferred formats: in person or online. 

The online package is split into seven different study levels designed to help students learn the curriculum step by step and prepare easier for the licensing exam. By opting for this offer, you get access to the course, built-in study tools, and compatible courses you can follow along with on your mobile device or tablet. However, students are most interested in this package because it also comes with a 1-year retake guarantee along with weekly Q&A sessions to help students who may be struggling with the course content. This offer also comes with instructor support from professors who are familiar with Florida licensing laws. 

The online real estate licensing course is often on discounts, which means you can purchase it at a lower cost than it’s typically sold for. 

The Weekend Prep Class is an additional way for students to boost their confidence going into the final exam. It’s held on weekends and students get hours of accelerated review, a practice workbook that comes with quizzes, a book on test taking strategies, and a calculator that will time you based on exam percentages so that you can focus on the areas that test you the most. 

Ratings & Reviews

Tampa School of Real Estate reviews on AgentAdvice show a lot of students feel the same way about the course. They like the fact that it is self paced and easy to navigate, but they feel it should be broken down or organized better. Many say it was overwhelming to try and take in all of that information in just a week or two. 

What are the best parts?house key in door

A significant benefit of studying with Tampa School of Real Estate is the curriculum. It has everything a student needs to pass the exam taught by instructors with experience from the real estate world. The course preparation and study flexibility results with better pass results and a higher satisfaction rate for Tampa students.

Tampa School also offers its courses in both English and Spanish to cater to bilingual students. As a Florida real estate school, this is extremely important as there are over 5 million Hispanics in Florida.

What are the worst parts?

Like most other online schools, Tampa School of Real Estate can improve their online courses’ content. A few visuals or video classes would improve the course’s ability to be interactive and help students take in the material. 

Return policy

Any course tuition (minus deposit and textbooks) is refundable by making a written request within 30 days of the initial registration date if the student hasn’t completed or attended more than the first unit of the course. Once the student has progressed beyond the first unit, the student is no longer eligible for a course refund. 

Tampa School of Real Estate ProsTampa School of Real Estate Cons
Teachers with previous real estate experienceNo interactive study elements
Available in both English and SpanishAdditional study guides have to be purchased separately
Affordable course options Only available in Tampa
1-year instructor support and retake guaranteeIn person courses only

Azure Tide Realty azure-tide-logo

The founder of Azure Tide Realty is Pamela Kemper. She’s been working in real estate since 2005 in Michigan and Indiana before moving her practice to Florida in 2008. To make sure the content they offer is at the highest level, Pamela partnered up with one of Florida’s leading real estate education material provider – Dearborn.

Azure Tide Realty’s courses are approved by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations and meets the standards set by the Florida Real Estate Commission, so you can be assured they are reliable and trustworthy.

Azure Tide Realty is not very liked, nor is it very popular across those that have taken it. Based on the top 8 factors our editor’s are comparing, they felt that Azure Tide Realty should be given a B score. It is easy to follow, and mostly requires watching videos. The school is also one of the cheapest options out there, so it’s been represented with one dollar sign ($).

Study Course Content

Getting your pre-licensing education through Azure Tide Realty is available through their Florida Real Estate 63 Hour Pre-License Sales Associate Course. You can purchase it in two formats: as an online course with slides or the same course with narrated course slides. 

Enrolling in this course will give you access to:

    • 63-hour pre-licensing course
    • Exam Preparation Videos 
    • Live Teacher/Student Webinar and Q&A Sessions
    • Career & Licensing Guidance
    • Learning Games

The Exam Prep is a great way to streamline your studying with study aids and repeat the subjects covered in the course through different question combinations, specifically: 

    • Review Slides of each of the 19 Sections of Required Learning Areas taught in Florida Real Estate 63-Hour Sales Associate Course.
    • 450 Vocabulary Builder Digital Flashcards
    • 200 Knowledge Builder Digital Flashcards
    • 62 Math Builder Digital Flash Cards
    • SIX different Testing Platforms

Ratings & Reviewspexels-julia-m-cameron-4145190

Azure Tide Realty has very average reviews. Not many students attend the real estate courses, so it’s hard to get a true read on what students think about Azure. There are a lot of praises for the affordability, course quality, and clarity, but only a few critiques about the lack of interactive elements. 

What are the best parts?

Besides being an affordable option, many choose Azure Tide Realty because of all the additional help they offer students to pass the exam on the first try. For one, the founder of Azure Tide Realty holds regular live webinars to bring together students and share their experience studying the course or working in real estate after licensing.

Second, they have excellent customer service and teacher support ready to help students with any issue or uncertainty they may come across. 

Finally, you can find a whole array of books and study aids approved by Azure’s course creators that can help you go more in-depth on the subjects covered in the courses. 

What are the worst parts?

A common issue many have found when studying with Azure Tide Realty is that their courses are only available for 90 days. After this period expires, students have to purchase an extension, which can affect the affordability of the courses they are otherwise known for.

Another major flaw is the fact that they don’t have a live teacher option. The owner – Pamela, works and answers questions on her own, which can sometimes mean that students receive their answers a bit slower. 

Return policy

Azure Tide Realty currently doesn’t offer any return, refund, or cancellation policy. 

Azure Tide Realty ProsAzure Tide Realty Cons
Affordable coursesOnly online option available
Weekly live webinars with the founderNo return policy
Excellent customer service and teacher supportNo live instructor classes
Updated course material Only 90-day access to classes

Final Thoughtspexels-burst-374820

There is not a single real estate school in Florida that ticks all the marks. Each school has a different focus and offers different study packages fit for the potential students’ varying needs and budgets, so make sure you’ve done your analysis before settling for a single education provider. 

Knowing what each school has to offer can help you make a more informed decision. Before you settle for a provider, make sure you’ve considered all your options and invested your money in a course that will give you the knowledge and tools needed to ace the exam on the first try. 

Advice from the Pros:

Here’s what licensed Florida real estate agents say about the licensing process

Ula Zucker Williams HeadshotUla Zucker
Realtor in Boca Raton, FL
Compass Real Estate

“When I passed the class exam, I was excited and booked my Florida state exam for two weeks later. At the time, I didn’t have time to study as I was focused on my mother, who had terminal cancer. I failed the exam and then booked a second date while still focusing on my mom.

I failed again for the second time, and at that point, I realized I needed to focus on her as her time was limited. Two months later, she passed, and then I set a date for one month out. This time, instead of doing the 1000 questions practice test in the back of the classroom textbook, I purchased the online version for $50. With the physical book, you answered the questions and then matched your answers to an answer key. To identify what you got wrong, you had to refer back to that chapter to read and find the reasoning behind the correct answer; it was so time consuming flipping back and forth through the pages.

As for the online practice exams, I would do two to three online practice exams (100 questions each) each night after putting my 2-year-old to sleep. The beauty of the online version was that when you went back to review the answers, the answers appear next to the questions, and if you got it wrong, the correct answer appears along with the explanation for the right answer. It just made it so easy. By the time I sat down to take the actual state exam, I think I had done it in record time, and I don’t think I got any wrong. Most of the questions from the exam were the same questions from the practice test. Taking those practice exams over and over made all the difference. I not only recognized the correct answers, but I had retained the explanations as well. I passed, and I love real estate! I wish I had done it sooner in life.”



omer reiner headshotOmer Reiner
Realtor in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Florida Cash Home Buyers

“There is so much material you have to worry about studying when it gets down to crunch time. I suggest thinking about things in a broader way. Don’t pour over every detail, and instead make sure you understand how the big picture works. That way, if you get stuck during the exam, you at least have the knowledge to try and back track and come up with the answer.

Instead of spending time on every little section of the practice exams, I just made up some flash cards and went over the stack for 20 minutes each day. 1o minutes first thing in the morning, and 10 minutes right before bed.”


Chris Heller Headshot

*This article was updated on 9/21/2021

This information was reviewed and approved by Chris Heller. Chris serves on the AgentAdvice Editorial Board and is the Chief Real Estate Officer at OJO Labs. Chris brings deep expertise having held influential industry positions including CEO of mellohome and former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International.