Best Real Estate Schools in Ohio

Best Ohio Real Estate Schools

aa-trophy-smallOhio real estate agents have ranked the very BEST real estate courses in Ohio to make sure you start your new career right.

Looking to get your Ohio real estate license? Be sure you read our Ohio Real Estate License guide first!


Here’s the quick take:

School Reviews Editor's Score Pricing
The CE Shop
  • full star
  • full star
  • full star
  • full star
  • full star

based on 63 reviews

A++ $$
  • full star
  • full star
  • full star
  • full star
  • full star

based on 4 reviews

B $$$
kaplan logo
Kaplan Real Estate Education
  • full star
  • full star
  • full star
  • full star
  • full star

based on 37 reviews

B- $$$

Best Online Real Estate Schools in Ohio

ohio real estate commission logoAre you dreaming of a career change? Real estate is booming nationwide, and many people are taking advantage of the opportunity to change careers. Becoming a real estate agent has never been easier in Ohio with a choice of premium real estate schools.

If you’re looking to get in on this, it’s important to know that a successful career path starts with your real estate education. That’s why getting inside knowledge from industry experts is crucial when deciding where to get your real estate license. In fact, making the right choice for your real estate school is one of the most important choices a new agent can make!

Our in-house real estate experts spent hundreds of hours researching, scoring, and ranking the top Ohio real estate schools.  Our experts also took into account the ratings and reviews from thousands of Agent Advice agents who have taken the courses themselves.

We’ve ranked and rated each school on 8 different factors to come up with the very best real estate schools in Ohio. Some of the top factors considered are: 

  1. Course value
  2. How easy the courses were to navigate
  3. If there were any technical glitches
  4. Return policies
  5. Overall performance of each school as a whole
  6. Reviews directly from agents who’ve attended the school

There are dozens of options (some of them not so great!), so we’ve taken the work off your plate by narrowing down the list to only the ones that scored high enough. Whether you’re dedicating yourself full time to your new career, are looking to fly through the courses quickly to get them over with, or are busy and looking to work through them when you have downtime, here is a list of the best online real estate schools in Ohio you should consider.


The CE Shopce-shop-logo

If you are ready to take your pursuit of a career in real estate to a whole new level, then you’ll want to consider The CE Shop.  The CE Shop is considered a nationwide leader in real estate educational. The school officials have developed a highly respected reputation as leaders in the industry. The prestigious school provides numerous online and virtual learning opportunities that are highly interactive. Students thrive in The CE Shop’s classes and learning environment. 

Ohio students will find many educational opportunities to meet all their learning levels at The CE Shop. They can choose from pre-licensing, post-licensing, exam preparation, and continuing education. Without a doubt, the courses offered are impressive and extensive. The CE Shop provides robust educational choices with extensive information and learning options. 

In Ohio, The CE Shop partners with Davis College to offer truly outstanding real estate educational opportunities. 

ce-shop logo

What is included in the Ohio real estate school’s 120-hour study packages? 

Choose from three study packages provided by The CE Shop

  • Courses Only
  • Standard Package
  • Value Package
  • Premium Package

 In the state of Ohio, all real estate agents are required to achieve the following:

Four courses to obtain your Ohio real estate license – 40-hour Principles and Practices Course, 40-hour Real Estate Law Courses, 20-hour Real Estate Finance Course, and 20-hour Real Estate Appraisal Course. 

With each salesperson package, you receive the following:

  • All four courses for your Ohio real estate license 
  • Free online tutoring
  • Study materials such as career resources, eBooks, study schedules, webinars, and digital flashcards.
  • Complete your course in as little as three weeks!

The course is treated almost like a forty-hour workweek so that you can complete it quickly and launch your new career as a real estate agent!  You choose the package that best fits your needs. Pick from Course Only, Standard Package, Value Package, Premium Package. 

All courses are delivered online in a primary, easy-to-follow text fashion, which is easy to use for most students. 

The CE Shop Study Schedule Screenshot

What are the payment options for Ohio real estate classes? 

The costs for the Ohio CE Shop packages are as follows:

  • Basic Package: $1068.75
  • Standard Package: $1113.75
  • Value Package: $1143.75
  • Premium Package: $1233.75 

With The CE Shop, you have several payment options. CE Shop accepts debit cards, credit cards (MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Visa). However, they do not take checks, cash, or gift cards. 

You can immediately start your real estate educational courses after purchase. There is no wait period involved because you can quickly hit the ground running and start your exciting road towards being a real estate agent. Once you pay for the course, you can start studying!  You will be given access to the courses directly online. 

You can purchase only the courses you need in the state of Ohio or investigate buying a package. Remember, you are never under any obligation to buy courses that you do not need. 

The cost of individual Ohio courses is:

  • 40 Hour Ohio Real Estate Principles and Practice Course- $350
  • 20 Hour Ohio Real Estate Finance Course- $200
  • 40 Hour Ohio Real Estate Law Course- $350
  • 20 Hour Ohio Real Estate Appraisal Course- $200

The CE Shop Unit 1 Exam Screenshot

What is the pass rate in Ohio?

The success rate at The CE Shop is impressive. They post a 91 percent national average pass rate on all their real estate courses. You can purchase the Ohio real estate exam prep today to ensure you are ready to take the Ohio real state test. We offer several real estate exam prep packages to meet all your unique needs. 

The CE Shop offers the Exam Prep Edge which is different than most online real estate schools. You will take an initial assessment. With the assistance of the interactive dashboards, the Ohio school will guide students through each real estate-focused topic while weighing the student’s competency. This provides a window into what subjects and topics the student need to focus on and master prior to exam day. 

What are the Best Parts of the CE Shop? 

Students are provided with unlimited practice tests. Each one is slightly different to challenge the student. The exams help prepare the student for the big test. 

The Ohio real estate school offers multiple pre-licensing course packages that span a diverse range of real estate topics. Once you finalize your purchase, you gain access to the course for up to twelve months (one year). Without a doubt, the sheer scope of the course topics and the affordable price all make the CE Shop one of the highest-ranking real-estate schools in the nation and account for its outstanding reputation. 

An additional perk of The CE Shop is that they have a nice balance of study methods so students can efficiently process material for tremendous success. Students could work at their own pace (slow or fast) using the online classes and additional study material to ensure success. 

The CE Shop Exam Prep Edge Screenshot

What are the worst parts of The CE Shop?

Some students find the wording in the exam board questions difficult and feel that the preparation training did not prepare them for what lay ahead from a vocabulary perspective. 

They say that the wording is difficult to understand, and if they cannot comprehend the answers, they cannot effectively answer the question. The added work of deciphering the hard-to-understand questions makes it difficult to focus on the other segments of the licensing exam. The student often starts feeling the pressure to complete the task in a speedy manner which can cost them when it comes to a grade and passing the course.

Despite the ease of online courses, many would-be students just can’t let go of the old-school-style in-person classes. They need that one-on-one discourse with a teacher to truly grasp the situation. However, CE Shop offers no in-person classes, which is a significant drawback for anyone seeking a more traditional type of real estate class in Minnesota. 

Rating and Reviews 

As one of Ohio’s most popular real estate courses, The CE Shop is highly favored and respected. Most students give the educational school four to five stars which clearly shows their satisfaction with the available programs and packages.  

 The CE Shop offers easy-to-understand interactive material. Also, it has an attractive price point which makes it affordable for just about any budget.

With an A+ rating, students typically rave about the courses offered by CE Shop in Ohio.  The only complaint is that some studies have a hard time comprehending the math segment of the course. A few also stated that the course lacked adequate coverage of the real estate tax laws. 

Overall, most students left positive reviews out linking their enjoyment and support the school’s online format and structure. Most praised the laidback pace of the program and how they could set their own individual pace. 

Want to learn more about the CE Shop? Check out all our CE Shop Reviews for Ohio state.

The CE Shop Exam Details Screenshot

Return policy/cancellation policy

The CE Shop provides a refund of the purchase price of the course if the student is not satisfied with the course and submits a request within 30 days after purchasing the course. To receive the refund, the student should have completed more than 50 percent of the course when they request a full refund of their forms. Also, all refunds must be required prior to the expiration date set for the course. 

The CE Shop ProsThe CE Shop Cons
Multiple course study packagesThe system has a reputation for crashing and other tech problems
Enjoy the skills and knowledge of seasoned instructors who work closely with studentsCustomer service is not overly responsive
Interactive and user-friendly platformState portion of course is outdated



Kaplan Real Estate Educationkaplan logo

Kaplan has been offering real estate courses in the Ohio state area for over 50 years. They provide effective real estate license courses, exam prep, and continuing education courses. The courses are geared towards people seeking their real estate license and existing agents looking to further their education.  Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned agent, you’ll find educational opportunities at Kaplan. 

Students at Kaplan Real Estate Education flourish in a virtual environment with online courses. The school provides something for everyone seeking education in real estate. Students can pick the classes and packages needed to attain their goals.  

Prepare for the state real estate exam with Kaplan. Their specialized QBank provides multiple educational options such as simulations, multiple-choice questions, and several practice exams which help ready the student for exam day. The course includes hundreds of real estate practice questions to ensure you are ready for the big exam day. 

Existing real estate experts will benefit from Kaplan’s continuing education course which helps you stay current on changing requirements. The courses help agents stay compliant and up to date on a variety of pertinent real estate topics.

Kaplan Unit 1 OnDemand Course Screenshot

Ohio Real Estate Broker Courses for License 

If you are a real estate agent looking to upgrade to a broker’s license, then you’ll want to check out Ohio’s Kaplan Real Estate school’s courses. You’ll need at least three years of experience to qualify to pursue a career as a Minnesota Broker. 

If you are already a realtor, you can attend the 30-hour broker’s course and then pass the detailed broker exam if you meet the criteria. You can complete all the Ohio broker’s required educational courses with Kaplan Real Estate Education. 

The state of Ohio requires that brokers take 30 hours of educational course every three years before the licensee’s birthday to maintain their broker’s license. Luckily, Kaplan has the education course a broker needs to stay current in the state of Ohio. 

Get Started Today and Renew Your Broker License!

Kaplan Ohio Broker courses include the following: 

  •       Agency
  •       Planning
  •       Personnel
  •       Accounting
  •       Legal liabilities
  •       Fair housing

Kaplan Unit Overview Screenshot

What is included in the study packages?

The on-demand real estate study course includes the following:

  •  Learn real estate law and practice through interactive groups. Watch videos at your leisure whenever you want to study. You can also join in with faculty and students to discuss concerns or questions. 
  • OnDemand exam prep lets you study whenever and wherever you want. 
  • All students also have access to a career mentor live online to connect with when needed. 

Choose from online video on demand or live classroom courses.

Online Video OnDemand includes:

  • Prerecorded courses (play, stop, rewind and review at your leisure) 
  • Available 24/7 – you make your schedule. If you want to study in the wee hours of the night or during the afternoons, you can easily set your schedule. 
  • You are given six months to complete the course. 
  • Live Classroom includes: 
  • Learn in a live, vibrant atmosphere with your peers and experienced instructors who you can ask face-to-face questions. 
  • Textbooks were provided for the course. 
  • Convenient in-person locations in Minnesota metro areas. 
  • Review all exam topics in a vibrant classroom environment where you can ask questions in real-time. 

Kaplan Career Mentor Live Schedule Screenshot

Cost of Kaplan Real Estate Courses in Ohio

Choose the Complete Ohio Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank to study and prep for your Ohio state exam. The course is only $99.99. The real estate study practice is an additional $49. 

Pick the Fast Track to Real Estate Success for $399 which helps you build on everything you have learned.

  • The Ohio Business Brokerage Training package is $499.
  • The Ohio 30-Hour Complete CE Package – Online is priced at $199. 
  • The Ohio 30-Hour Complete CE Package – OnDemand is priced at $249. 

Once you choose a package, you can also pick and match specialty courses and topics that range in price from $24 to $49. 

What is the Kaplan Pass Rate in Ohio?

Kaplan does not post their state pass rate. 

What are the Best Parts of Kaplan?

One of the best things about Kaplan is that they provide classes to meet each student’s particular needs. Some students are looking to start an exciting career in real estate and others are existing agents looking to stay up to date, seek a broker’s license, or meet the state of Ohio’s ongoing educational requirements for brokers. 

The video courses which real estate professionals create are also an added perk. The student can watch the videos, pause, or rewind as needed to absorb the presented information. They can learn at their own pace. 

kaplan checklist

What are the Worst Parts of Kaplan? 

There is only limited access to text-based study material, which makes it difficult for many students who prefer working with an actual textbook and using it for future reference. 

Ratings and Reviews

Kaplan in Ohio does score high with students. Many are return students who continue their education with the real estate school. The students express complete satisfaction with their educational classes. A couple of students have noted that they often have a hard time obtaining answers to their questions but, for the most part, they were highly satisfied. 

Want to learn more about the Kaplan Real Estate School in Ohio? Check out all our Kaplan School reviews.  

Return policy/cancellation policy

Students can receive a full refund of their tuition within thirty days of purchase if they have not completed the course. All fees are not refundable. They will not refund shipping charges and other applicable fees. Students can cancel enrollment within thirty days of enrollment.  

Kaplan ProsKaplan Cons
High pass ratesAccess to the textbook is often difficult 
Experienced  real estate experts serve as the course instructorsNon-mobile-friendly interface
Students can pick the learning option that fits their needsCustomer service/support problems frequently occur 


Hondros Collegehondros-logo

Hondros College offers both online and in-person real estate classes. You can purchase an all-inclusive educational package or opt for a la carte course that also helps you prepare for a career in real estate and to take the state exam. Pick whichever option best fits your needs, budget, or time frame. 

You’ll enjoy the Hondros Student Service Team who are always on-hand and ready to answer all your questions or concerns. You a reach them via chat, email, or phone. 

All the courses are taught by respected and highly knowledgeable instructors who are active in the market and stay current on everything involving real estate issues and trends. They not only teach but share real-life experiences. 

The school provides textbooks and exam prep content. All the content used in the course is written by experts who are teaching at the Hondros College which gives them first-hand knowledge of every word. 


Cost of Hondros College 

Hondros offers three packages:

Career Start Package: $1499

Choose from in-person, instructor-led livestream, or self-paced online 

The package includes:

  • 120 hours 
  • Four-course books
  • Crammer course
  • National exam and state textbooks
  • Instructor support
  • 120 hours of required pre-licensing education
  • 4-course textbooks
  • 24/7 support
  • Meet with life instructors 
  • Social media e-book included
  • Career expos
  • Fingerprinting and background check
  • Practice exam
  • Math review course
  • Replacement guarantee

Set for Success Package: $1699

Choose from in-person, instructor-led livestream, or self-paced online 

The package includes:

The package includes everything that the career package includes plus the following: 

  • Complete real estate career eBook 
  • Real estate vocabulary
  • Real estate dictionary
  • National review webinar 

Ultimate Real Estate Package: $1899

The package includes everything that the above package includes plus the following: 

  • Required 20-hour Sales Post-licensing course
  • ALUMNI Membership

What is the Hondros College Pass Rate? 

The CompuCram exam package has an 86.5 percent pass rate in the state of Ohio. 

man studying for licensing exam

What are the Best Parts of Hondros College? 

Hondros College gives you options for education that most students appreciate. You can choose in-person learning, online, or livestream. All their packages include the necessary 120 hours of pre-licensing courses and 20 hours of post-licensing classes. You also get a membership to the Hondros Alumni Association with their Ultimate Package which gives you 30 hours of continuing education.  

You can set your own pace. After obtaining your license, Hondros even helps with networking so you can find your dream job with a leading agency or brokerage in Ohio. 

What are the Worst Parts of Hondros College?

Most people are happy with Hondros, and the only significant problem noted is that the price of the packages is expensive compared to other Ohio real estate schools. Packages do occasionally go on sale. 

studying at coffee shop

Ratings and Reviews 

Hondros has a B rating. Most students are very happy with the real estate school. Many state how much they appreciate the self-pacing of the course. 

Want to learn more about the Hondros College?  Check out all our Hondros College Reviews for Ohio state.

Return policy/cancellation policy 

The refund policy/cancellation policy offered by Hondros College is complicated. They offer a refund only within a 30-day window of purchase. If a student starts a class and withdraws during the first calendar week, then they must pay 25 percent of the tuition. If the student withdraws during the second week, then they must pay 50 percent. A student who withdraws during the third week must pay 75 percent of the tuition. If the student should withdraw after the start of the fourth week, then they are entitled to no refund. 

On Hondros website they provide the following information on refunds:   

Refund Calculation Example:

Class Tuition x Student Obligation % (determined by the Last Date of Attendance) = Adjusted Student’s Tuition.

  • 1st Calendar Week or 10% of class completion: $380 x .25 = $95.00 ($285.00 refund)
  • 2nd Calendar Week or 20% of class completion: $380 x .5 = $190.00 ($190.00 refund)
  • 3rd Calendar Week or 30% of class completion: $380 x .75 = $285.00 ($95.00 refund)
  • 4th Calendar Week or 40% of class completion: $380 x .1 = $380.00 (no refund)
Hondros Educational Group ProsHondros Educational Group Cons
Multiple course package optionsComplicated refund policies
Highly-rated CompuCram Exam Prep Online courses still need improvement
Experienced instructorsPricey



Tuxedo Training Real Estate Schooltuxedo training

The final Ohio real estate school on our list is the Tuxedo Training Real Estate School which is a little different than the above three real estate schools we have featured. This school offers online classes through the CE Shop which they partner with. However, if you are an aspiring real estate agent or wish to continue your education as an agent or broker then you can opt to take in-person real estate classes at the Tuxedo Real Estate School

They offer in-house continuing education courses for $120 per hour. The courses are about three to four hours long. However, shorter courses or custom-tailored courses are available for an additional fee. 

They take a $150 deposit for each course plus require a signed agreement for each class. Travel charges for in-house education courses are $0.58 per mile if the travel distance is 20 or more miles one way. Mileage is charged for the round trip.

At the Tuxedo Real Estate School, all in-person courses are taught by John Niebel.

women studying for licensing exam

Tuxedo Training Real Estate School Courses

You can opt to take online courses with the CE Shop which partners with the Tuxedo Training Real Estate School or you can pick in-person courses that are taught at your location.  

The following courses are available:

  • Civil Rights
  • Civil Rights-Understanding Diversity
  • Core Law-Consumer Education (this course is taught with co-instructor Tom Crank who is the owner of Pioneer Financial).
  • Core Law Disclosures 
  • Core Law Update
  • Core Law Advertising
  • Counseling Buyers and Creating Buyer Loyalty
  • Ethics
  • Rentals and the Law – Civil Rights 
  • Property Management – Adding New Revenue 
  • Navigating the Seniors Market
  • Broker Manager Responsibilities 

What are the Best Parts of Tuxedo Training Real Estate School? 

Most students appear to appreciate the fact that they can have the instructor come to their location or in-person instruction for a class or two. This feature is especially beneficial for current agents or brokers seeking ongoing education. 

woman studying

What are the Worst Parts of Tuxedo Training Real Estate School? 

They offer no online courses and simply partner with CE Shop to provide virtual learning. 

Ratings and Reviews 

They appear to have very few reviews online but the ones that they do have are positive. Most people who have taken their courses enjoy the in-person training classes provided. 

Return policy/cancellation policy 

They do not appear to offer a return policy for their in-person classes. Their return/cancellation policy for online classes is the one provided by The CE Shop. 

Tuxedo Training  Real Estate School ProsTuxedo Training  Real Estate School Cons
In person classesOutdated material
Small school with only tailored classesMust partner with CE Shop to provide online educational opportunities

Advice from the Pros:

Here’s what licensed Ohio real estate agents say about the licensing process

Cole Metcalf HeadshotCole Metcalf
Realtor in Columbus, OH
Real Estate Bees

“The best way to prepare yourself to pass your state’s real estate exam is to first make sure you pick a good, well-rounded institution to take your necessary coursework. Make sure the institution you choose can provide you with passing rates of their students, then take all the coursework.

While doing this, also take any and all mock tests or exams for your state. This will ensure that you are prepared for how the questions will be asked on the exam. Then the few days leading up to the exam, take those mock exams over and over to get used to them, and it will prepare you best to pass your exam.”


raven reed headshotRaven Reed
Realtor in Port Clinton, OH
Realty Executives Select Group Ohio

“One of the most important tips I can give aspiring agents is to take practice tests over and over again until you can pass with 95% or higher consistently. I refused to allow myself to even enroll for my exam until I could get 25 tests in row where I scored 95% or higher. This repetitive method really helps to engrain that information into your mind.

Take notes and utilize flash cards. Research shows you’re actually more likely to remember information when it’s been written down.

Take it seriously. Some of it may seem tedious – but I promise so is the test. Pay attention to every detail, and if you don’t understand ask for help from your broker!

Have a presence in your office or shadow and agent if possible. Reading/learning about these things vs. actually getting to see them in action can really make a world of a difference. It’ll help you better understand what you’re learning so you can apply it later.”


Chris Heller Headshot


*This article was updated on 9/21/2021

This information was reviewed and approved by Chris Heller. Chris serves on the AgentAdvice Editorial Board and is the Chief Real Estate Officer at OJO Labs. Chris brings deep expertise having held influential industry positions including CEO of mellohome and former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International.