The 13 Best Places to Buy Real Estate Leads (September 2023 Report)

Jim Gray, Licensed Agent9/15/2023

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Considering buying real estate leads? There are tons of paid lead generation opportunities out there, and sometimes it’s difficult to sort legitimate lead sources from the frustrating time-wasters. We know that every single real estate agent, team, and brokerage is unique. Real estate isn’t a one-size-fits-all business, and your paid lead generation strategy shouldn’t be either.

That’s why we don’t offer just one recommendation here, but rather a list of ten of our favorite places to buy real estate leads for agents. Agent Advice has spent hundreds of hours comparing and ranking the best providers for you if you’re looking to grow your lead funnel on a budget. Our top picks are based on features, price points, efficacy, and integration. Here are the best places for you to buy real estate leads that will convert into clients. 

13 Best Places to Buy Real Estate Leads

Overall Best Place to Buy Real Estate Leads: Real Geeks

Top Features: Can be used for lead generation or stand alone CRM, SEO optimized website
Starting at $$

Why we chose it: Real Geeks has you covered from beginning to end if you want to buy real estate leads. They use three main components: SEO-friendly, custom branded, MLS integrated agent websites, full CRM capabilities, and done-for-you-lead generation.  You can completely customize Real Geeks to buy leads that will work for you (including both Facebook and Google leads)! 

I love that Real Geeks leads convert at a high rate – and they have thorough ongoing follow-up so you’re not losing potential clients. In addition to the fully integrated CRM that manages the follow-up, they also offer branded websites that are SEO optimized, helping get you free leads. They excel at knowing when a real estate lead is ready to engage based on their interactions with your website and/or emails. 

In addition to the free leads through their SEO efficient websites, Real Geeks offers Real Leads, their real estate lead generation program. It integrates with the Real Geeks platform where you can see a ton of information that your leads are viewing like, properties they are interested in, searches they have performed, frequency on the site, and their most recent login. All of that info can help you learn more about your leads to enhance your conversion. Real Geeks also constantly optimizes and edits your account to target your geographic area.

If you are a solo practicing agent looking to create a brand identity with a supporting website and an immediate lead flow without a lot of time invested, Real Geeks is an excellent option. And because they are so robust, many agents use it as their global business CRM and integrate it with all their lead sources. And while many lead generation companies focus on a single source to create leads, Real Geeks offers a variety of ways including  Facebook and Google.

All these tools can make it easier to fill your sales funnel without breaking the bank. It’s also popular with brokers, and lots of brokers in our circles report that a significant portion (and often majority) of their agent’s leads and closings come directly from Real Agents. Full Real Geeks Review

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Real Geeks Pros
  • Easy and fast set up of core elements
  • Quick turnaround to get leads flowing
  • CRM is robust
  • Agent websites SEO optimized
Real Geeks Cons
  • Customer support can be spotty
  • Agent driven lead location verification required
  • Better for small Teams or solo agents
Starting at $$

2nd Overall Best Place to Buy Real Estate Leads: Ylopo

Top Features: Social media advertising capabilities, AI-driven lead nurture systems, highly targeted leads
Starting at $$

Why we chose it: Ylopo not only helps introduce you to new buyer leads through social and PPC, they also help you re-engage dead leads from your database. They are a real estate marketing platform that provides branded websites, top of the line lead generation, smart nurturing tools, dynamic ads, and campaign management to help you attract serious buyers, and keep you or your Team working efficiently.

I love Ylopo’s social and PPC tools. They power their social lead gen through your IDX feeds and offer you dynamic ads. Their new system asks more questions to engage the lead and find out their interests, and responds to their questions helping eliminate the bogus information some leads put in to get around a lead form. Another plus – their PPC platform helps target high intent leads  and does quality targeting and control. They use geo-mapping data to further narrow down the locations you provide and suss out the areas that have truly interested buyers, and the ones that will likely lead you to a dead end. 

To add even more potential clients for you, Ylopo re-engages your dead leads (those guys you thought weren’t going to work with you) to help convert them into potential buyers as well. Remarketing is a great way to get those interested leads, the ones that haven’t committed to any one agent, by being the one that is in front of them again and again. 

Another aspect that I liked about Ylopo is their AI-driven lead nurturing system learns from user behavior and sends personalized communications to each lead, helping better engage them. Extra points, Ylopo’s IDX integrates with any MLS, making it stand out amongst its competitors.

If you are looking to not only generate quality new leads, but also revive those dead leads while nurturing all of them with cutting edge tools, Ylopo is a good fit for you. Ylopo invests millions of dollars in real estate marketing products and technology keeping their qualified buyer leads flowing in from multiple avenues to help you succeed.

Ylopo is a great solution for agents or teams already using Facebook. While you don’t have to be excellent at Facebook marketing, it helps if you are familiar and using it since Ylopo really shines with these social ads.

It’s also a good fit for teams or brokerages looking to grow, but not add too much additional work to their plate. With Ylopo’s ease-of-use with their products combined with their tools that can be on autopilot, you can grow your leads without having to dedicate a ton of your time. If you’re just interested in lead gen, then Ylopo might be a good solution. Since they don’t have a native CRM, this is where Ylopo will benefit you the most. Through their websites, ads, and nurture your lead gen will be taken care of, but you’ll want a CRM already in place or at least in mind. Full Ylopo Review

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Ylopo Pros
  • high quality PPC and social leads
  • Leading lead nurture platform to generate re-engagement of aged databases
  • Remarketing including dynamic Facebook ads
Ylopo Cons
  • No native CRM
  • Not the greatest for SEO
  • Not great at customizing ads for clients
Starting at $$

Best Real Estate Leads for Teams: CINC

Top Features: Follow up training, ListCast, Guaranteed success program for first year
Starting at $$

Why we chose it: CINC is a comprehensive lead generation platform with hyper-local targeting and unique approaches to seller leads. Some of their features are only accessible as add-ons, but they can add a lot in terms of automating your workflows. Their services include paid and unpaid lead generation options and CINC is designed to make full use of PPC ads.

When it comes to seller leads, CINC has taken a different approach than some of its competitors. They found a way to get your foot in the door with sellers – home evaluation reports. They work with you and your Team to make custom home evaluation reports for your seller prospects, then they help you with a social and Google ad strategy to target these ads to the right people. Something else I love is that CINC helps you suss out sellers within your buyer leads, because as we all know most buyers are probably sellers as well. 

I am a big fan of anything that lightens my load, which is why I love CINC’s unique AI tool. It takes the timing out of lead follow-up, by starting the dialogue with leads the moment they try to connect with you. It facilitates an initial conversation and warms up the leads for you. And, if you prefer maintaining communication with your leads through  calls, CINC offers a Dialer. It can handle three lines per month and will track important data from calls, plus take notes, which is great for keeping your Team on the same page.  

CINC excels in the paid lead generation department. They use Google and Facebook/Instagram ads that can target niche property types, local submarkets, and advanced demographic sets with their proprietary technology. They even have ListCast, which retargets leads on any of these platforms and shows them specific MLS listings they’ve shown an interest in so you are staying top of mind. Remember those buyers are probably also going to be sellers. With their AutoTrack feature, they use behavior-driven follow-ups on all the leads you collected. You can even get follow up training to help you close more leads. 

CINC really pulls their weight with lead generation, bringing in lots of paid leads and stepping outside of the box to enhance your seller leads. They also offer options to establish referral networks and lead pairing so that all of your Team agents are prepared to close.

CINC might be the right fit if you are a broker or team leader looking to scale your business. This is the group CINC targets the most with its product offerings like the seller suite, and a full featured CRM. Plus, it’s the most cost effective for brokers and teams. It’s great for teams trying to grow their business quickly.

It can also be a good solution for high performing agents that have been in the industry a while, and have a higher budget. Again, CINC is not a cheap option, but you get what you pay for. High performing agents typically have a higher budget, and have worked with other CRM’s so the learning curve won’t be as steep. Full CINC Review

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  • Full-service solution
  • Great for sharing leads
  • Great PPC Leads
  • Features can be difficult to master
  • Website customization lacking
Starting at $$

Best for Medium Sized Teams/Indy Brokers: Sierra Interactive

Top Features: All-in-one solution, high performing IDX websites, proprietary infrastructure for lead targeting
Starting at $$

Why we chose it: Sierra Interactive is an all-in-one solution that is ideal for Indy Brokerages to buy leads from. They offer new lead generation as well as re-engagement of old leads, making sure you don’t miss any opportunities. This combined with their SEO optimized websites, fully integrated CRM, and excellent lead routing, Sierra Interactive can help your medium sized Team be more efficient and grow without having to burn the candle at both ends. 

One of the biggest things I love about Sierra Interactive is their SEO lead generation. They create your IDX website with a proprietary infrastructure that helps you really hone in on your target market and rank your website. This is always a bonus when you are attracting high quality leads organically (i.e., leads you don’t pay for). They also have an AI text chatbot to further qualify and engage those leads.   

While I love the SEO leads, it’s important to mention that they also offer a dialer, social media leads, and PPC leads. The icing on the cake,  they noffer Google PPC and Facebook retargeting and remarketing for your existing leads helping you not miss out on any potential clients! And, it’s very cost effective. 

Something great about an all-in-one solution for medium sized Teams is having processes set in place to close and nurture leads once you get them. Sierra Interactive offers a fully integrated CRM that helps you track and manage your leads. Something worth noting with their CRM is their one-line dialer that has SMS and MMS capabilities. It also has behavioral and demographic triggers to help make life easier and automate your follow-up and data updates. 

If you are an Indy Brokerage looking to get more leads, as well as re-engage current ones with an all-in-one solution, Sierra Interactive is a good choice for you. Ideally you would have 5+ users for them to be the best fit, but there are exceptions to this. They offer lots of features allowing Teams to customize where needed to help make them more efficient. Full Sierra Interactive Review

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Sierra Interactive Pros
  • All-in-one solution with IDX websites, full-featured CRM and PPC ad management services
  • 90+ popular integrations
  • High conversion rates
Sierra Interactive Cons
  • Not always cost-effective or simple enough for solo agents
  • Limited library of action plans/drips
  • Limited user site customization - requires 3rd party
  • No transaction management
Starting at $$

Best Real Estate Leads - Solo Agents: Market Leader

Top Features: Website builder, marketing automation, guaranteed number of exclusive leads
Starting at $

Why we chose it: Market Leader is a one-stop solution for nearly every step of the lead generation process with tools that include: a website builder, CRM, marketing automation, and more. Their main software solution, Market Leader Professional, really helps individual agents succeed by focusing on turning your leads into relationships and not just a one and done transaction, helping you build your business. You can get a guaranteed number of exclusive real estate leads monthly with the bonus of multiple lead nurturing options to help work your leads from different angles. 

I love that Market Leader shows their confidence in their lead gen by guaranteeing a certain monthly volume of leads. They calculate how many leads you can support and offer you a contract based on that. They offer PPC ads on Google and Bingthat can be routed to (where motivated sellers go to get home valuations) or your IDX website. The big benefit is you pay for actual leads, not visitors.

A perk for solo agents is how their IDX-enabled website seamlessly connects with their CRM saving you time and making you more efficient. Their websites are customizable with integrated lead capture options, which is super important for your nurture strategy. Bonus – they are SEO friendly too! 

If you want some additional features that bring you even more leads, Market Leader has you covered. They offer an add-on called Network Boost that can bring you 50+ exclusive (for you and only you) leads a month in whatever city/cities you are looking to target. You can also get exclusive seller leads tied to your market area from the HomeValues website. 

Market Leader is a great option for you if you want an all-in-one solution that will streamline your lead generation efforts.Their additional offerings that will get you a ton more leads will help you grow your business even more, all through one company so you can stay efficient. Full Market Leader Review

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Market Leader Pros
  • Full CRM and website integration
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead generation guarantee
  • Add-on services
Market Leader Cons
  • No SMS messaging
  • Web development tool may not be advanced enough for some agents
  • Not great for teams
Starting at $

Best Social Media Leads: Top Producer Social Connect

Top Features: Great nurture capability, social media bio information capture
Starting at $

Why we chose it: Top Producer Social Connect is a full-service social media lead generation solution. Social Connect elevates your lead production and really helps reduce your workload in the process, making them the best option for social media leads. 

They use your potential clients social media habits as their bait. It’s pretty cool – they create ads targeting people in your desired locations, and once they click the ad their info from their social media bios is automatically added. Bonus, this will help you get better contact info, and make your conversations easier!  

I love that Social Connect combines social media advertising with automated multi-channel lead nurture to help you get and close more leads. Their nurture also lasts for at least 4 months, making sure your leads are engaged. Another perk, their follow-up is immediate and through text. It includes market reports along with relevant and engaging content that helps your leads through the home buying process while also ensuring they don’t forget you’re the one they should work with!

Something I like even more is that it brings you buyers with intent, not just looky loos. You set your target city and your budget, then let them take over. Top Producer Social Connect will create active and sold listing ads from your MLS database and display them on your Facebook and Instagram. Best part is those ads are highly targeted ensuring you are reaching leads with interest in buying. 

Top Producer Social Connect technology has been thoughtfully tweaked and tested over the past year to help enhance their social lead generation for you, and the experience your leads will have. They are an affordable option and their social media approach hits a large market to help increase your lead base, while also giving you everything you need for successful follow-up conversations. Full Top Producer Review

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Top Producer Social Connect Pros
  • Longer tail for lead nurture
  • Texting follow-up capabilities
  • Exclusive leads
  • Done-for-you social media advertising
Top Producer Social Connect Cons
  • Automation design interface has a small learning curve
  • Team option is for a maximum of 25 agents
  • Only social media lead gen
Starting at $

Best Real Estate Leads - Postcard Prospecting: ProspectsPLUS

Top Features: Mailing lists can be separated by geography, demographics, or lifestyles for specific campaigns
Starting at $

Why we chose it: ProspectsPLUS! is a direct response marketing and management company that provides web-to-print direct mail systems (think all postcards, brochures, door hangers etc.).They offer more tried and true solutions for your personal marketing and business development. I love that ProspectsPLUS! is bringing back the old adage of, if it’s not broken don’t fix it. But, they have definitely elevated it! They have  become a best in class marketing solution, and make postcard marketing a breeze. ProspectsPLUS! has 1000’s of fully customizable real estate marketing templates and targeting options. In addition to postcards you can create  targeted mailing lists, door hangers, flyers, magazines and more in just a matter of minutes. They will schedule a mailing or create monthly campaigns that are automatically mailed to verified home-owners in your geographic farm area.

They’ve differentiated themself in the real estate industry by providing written content targeted to leads in all phases of the funnel. ProspectPLUS! uses multiple data management and demographic tracking tools that allow you to create lists of targeted clients so you can match the marketing messages with what they are most interested in. 

ProspectsPLUS! Is a great way to get leads through traditional channels like customized postcards. They have been helping Real Estate Agents get more listings and stay in touch with their sphere of influence for more than 20 years. When registering, you can get a $25 gift card to use towards your first purchase.

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ProspectsPLUS Pros
  • Cheap solution to buy real estate leads
  • Fully customizable templates
  • 5,000+ positive customer reviews
ProspectsPLUS Cons
  • Product catalog can be overwhelming
  • Does not sync with MLS data
Starting at $

Best Place to Buy Probate Leads: Catalyze AI

Top Features: Identify target market & grow business rapidly with the highest quality leads, exclusive leads, highly pin-pointed data
Starting at $$

Why we chose it: Catalyze AI uses predictive analytics to tap into higher converting target markets for you. They aggregate and enhance hard-to-reach big data, to provide you with quality leads. It’s a combination of historical data, behavior analytics, event-driven data and of course real-time that gives them their edge. 

A little statistic to get you excited about Catalyze AI: the best predictive analytics solution for real estate agents can predict as many as 60 out of 100 property sales, and they can do just that.  With 400 million data points, their AI can easily determine your highest converting target market. 

The problem with conventional marketing is it can sometimes be “less intelligent ” and leave you crossing your fingers and toes that your leads will convert.  That’s what I like about Catalyze AI – it isn’t conventional. By revealing which homes have a high likelihood to sell, predictive analytics enable you to target fewer homes, which lowers  marketing costs and generates a higher conversion rate.

The thing that got me most excited about their predictive analytics is how they can determine high probability homes for you so you don’t waste your efforts on the duds. You can also deliver more personalized marketing campaigns. This combined with their AI will get you great prospects, and they are exclusive so, like a twix commercial, you don’t have to share. 

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Catalyze AI Pros
  • 40% prediction precision to sell
  • All leads within 50 mile radius of agent
  • Exclusive leads uploaded every month
Catalyze AI Cons
  • Not fully launched in all markets
  • Newer platform with some kinks to work out
Starting at $$

Cheapest Leads: RedX

Top Features: Flawless integration with a host of tools, GeoLeads, taps into underutilized lead data sources
Starting at $

Why we chose it: RedX is a prospecting and lead management tool that provides pre-verified leads from various sources. You can subscribe to a selection of lead categories including expired listings, FSBOs, FRBOs, pre-foreclosures, and their very own GeoLeads. They also offer a lead management system and Power Dialer to contact prospects from the platform,  for a super budget friendly price. Something to pay attention to – your lead options are a la carte, so to benefit from the full gamut of these you will have to combine many of their services with more of a full featured lead gen tool or CRM. 

 RedX collects leads from public, private, and proprietary databases and provide you with contact information, mailing addresses, property information, and more. While I like that all leads are pre-verified (meaning the information is always up-to-date), it doesn’t mean they are always of the highest quality. 

Everything is in one spot with RedX, and your integrated dialer will contact your new leads for you. They also have their own lead management system, Vortex, that allows you to organize and track your new leads, sphere of influence, and past clients from their platform. It is free with any lead purchase, but remember you won’t take full advantage of its features unless you have added multiple lead offerings to your cart.  

All of RedX’s lead channels are budget friendly, and they have a good amount of them.You can combine the variety of ways they offer to prospect leads, or you can purchase them on their own which can feel like a gamble when choosing which one(s) will benefit you most.They offer additional tools like RedX Bootcamp and podcasts to develop your prospecting skills. You can get script templates for each kind of lead so you’re prepared to have a conversation that gets you closer to closing. Last thing worth mentioning is that they offer FRBO (For Rent By Owner), and FSBO (For Sale By Owner) leads, which is definitely not something you will get with all of their competitors. 

If you’re an experienced agent looking to save time on prospecting, and aren’t really looking for any bells and whistles RedX offers good tools to generate leads on your own for cheap. With RedX, you’ll get a curated list of leads from a multitude of data sources, and the tools to call them. Full RedX Review

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RedX Pros
  • All of your prospecting tools are in one place
  • Full Vortex and power dialer integration
  • Multitude of lead data sources
  • Cheap
RedX Cons
  • Requires a third-party CRM solution
  • May need to upgrade for additional features
  • No team pricing
  • Low quality leads
Starting at $

Honorable Mentions

We had a high bar in picking the best of the best companies to buy real estate leads for agents. These tools didn’t make the cut (frankly, they’re not as great as our top picks – but were also considered).


Top Features: Automated social media marketing (Social Studio), CRM with a Team focus
Starting at $$

Chime’s all-in-one platform was created for real estate professionals to drive more leads to close. They offer a multitude of ways to capture leads. They are most cost effective for Team agents, but could still be a great choice for a high volume individual agent too. 

Chime does a great job of building out your website to be a lead magnet, but I really love that they also make sure you’re bringing in leads from multiple avenues. They offer PPC, SEO, Social Studio, which is their automated social media marketing, retargeting old leads, and automated lead nurturing with their AI assistant. Bonus, Chime will help you optimize your lead gen efforts with competitive market analysis. 

Adding one more sprinkle to this cupcake, Chime also includes a smart dialer as an additional way to get more leads. This feature allows for lead calls, the ability to leave a pre-recorded voicemail, record notes, schedule follow ups and more features, allowing you to go the extra mile in your lead retention efforts. They also offer a method that is an oldie but a goodie –  mailers and postcards with geo-farming capability built into the platform.  

A big benefit for you and your Team is Chime’s auto integration. Their auto tracking, nurturing, and smart insights help reduce your workload and the efficiency of your team. This includes being able to auto import third party leads keeping your Team’s leads in one place. You also have the ability to communicate with each other in Chime’s platform and mobile app to keep the whole Team on the same page. 

Something I love is Chime’s referral network lead system. It allows customers to invite lenders to refer and collaborate on leads. A plus is that you can create customized partners/vendors in there too! 

Chime is a great option for teams (big and small) looking to scale their business and benefit from a robust tool that offers a multitude of ways to generate leads. They have covered all your bases to help ensure no stone is left unturned in their lead generation approach. Full Chime Review

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Chime Pros
  • Comprehensive solution for lead generation
  • Easy to use
  • Time-saving automation
  • Team organization tools
Chime Cons
  • May not be cost effective for some single agents
  • Must commit to structured onboarding process for best results
Starting at $$


Top Features: Conversations feature, “smart” integration
Starting at $$

Zurple is a lead generation solution that brings you consistent and exclusive leads. They are known for converting the leads they track through advanced analytics, and offering great nurturing capabilities. The bulk of their lead generation happens through site visits, where potential leads must enter their contact information if they want to view listings. You can also take advantage of their social media leads where they use home valuations as a carrot to get potential clients. 

If you really want to dive deep and learn more about who your leads are, you can tack on the Lead Intelligence Bundle, which will find and share the lead’s social media information with you so you can further tailor your follow-up approach. 

I love Zurple’s Conversations tool because it makes nurturing easy. It takes advanced data and information collected from site visitors’ behavior to create highly personalized and targeted email follow-ups. Other Realtors have even noted that automated email campaigns read as being very natural and organic, especially because they include information relevant to the specific listings your leads are interested in. 

Zurple keeps you in the loop with hot Behaviors, which notify you when leads are at their prime for follow-up. You’ll also receive reports on metrics related to follow-up efforts, including information about how often leads engaged with your outreach efforts. 

Zurple is an awesome tool to have on your belt if you are looking for an automated approach to lead generation, lead purchasing, and marketing efforts. With so many features wrapped up in one service, it can be a one-stop shop for those looking for organically generated leads. 

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Zurple Pros
  • Hyperlocal websites
  • Highly targeted lead nurture
  • Behavior analytics
Zurple Cons
  • Pretty expensive
  • Lack of task management
Starting at $$


Top Features: Smart farming, predictive algorithm to generate leads
Starting at $$

SmartZip is a lead generation platform that offers a suite of marketing and data tools.  They uses predictive analytics to find the most likely homeowners looking to sell. What sets SmartZip apart from others is  its focus on generating location-specific seller leads. 

The cool thing about SmartZip’s lead generation is that they use a proprietary algorithm that collects data on leads from a variety of sources. They can predict which candidates are most likely to sell a house within a few months by using property, behavioral, demographic, and consumer data. The information goes straight to the SmartZip CRM. Their data and market insights can help you grow your sphere. 

 The marketing tool that sets SmartZip apart is Smart Targeting, which combines digital marketing (emails, targeted ads, branded landing pages) with direct mail solutions. Adjust your marketing materials as much as you want, and SmartZip will automate the process of sending them out. 

A feature that I like is Reach150. It offers an automated process for gaining positive reviews and referrals from past clients. Add these to your website and social media profiles to show off your success and stay top of mind. Best part is the reviews are connected with Smart Targeting to be displayed as ads. 

If you don’t have the time to qualify leads, you can use the add-on Outreach. It works like a VA service. ISAs do the cold calling and qualifying for you. This is one more tool that helps ensure you are getting warm leads. 

SmartZip is more than just a place to buy leads. You get a boatload of valuable data and lots of automated marketing tools. If you’re a farming agent, Smart Targeting and Reach150 are great additions to your toolkit. 

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SmartZip Pros
  • Powerful tools for farming agents
  • Customizable, targeted marketing
  • Pre-qualified leads with Outreach
SmartZip Cons
  • Relatively pricey
  • Non-exclusive leads
Starting at $$

All The Leads

Top Features: Phone numbers are already scrubbed against DNC database, free coaching
Starting at $$

All The Leads is one of the best sources for probate leads. They focus on probate, pre-probate, and divorce leads. You get simplified lead lists with accurate and comprehensive information you can’t find anywhere else. The best part? They built this system from the ground up after noticing gaps in the real estate lead generation space, and lived off of these leads themselves before taking the platform public.

I know all All The Leads mostly focuses on transitional leads, but I find this to be a plus because of the amount of focus they put into it. They are able to provide EVERY probate filing from your county’s courthouse, address validation, phone numbers traced for each lead, emails for the personal representative, and attorney information where applicable.

To really boost their probate leads, All The Leads offers direct mail services and custom probate credibility websites. Their direct mail offering comes with help from a marketing specialist to do the legwork and customizable marketing materials like postcards, magnets, door hangers, etc. Their websites add to your credibility when you are being searched and looked into. A plus is that you get social media marketing to boost your online presence even more. Make sure you take advantage of their coaching that is offered to help you use all the tools properly and use their services to the fullest extent. 

The best part – each lead comes with detailed contact info, including up to 5 phone numbers for each personal representative. And, each and every phone number provided to you is run through multiple DNC (Do Not Call) registries. You can easily export all leads or exclude DNC numbers at no additional cost.

The automation with All The Leads is seamless. Take advantage of “done for you” convenience by activating the Auto-Pilot setting. Each month as you receive your new leads, a mailing order will automatically be generated using your pre-determined settings. You can simply set it & forget it.

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All The Leads Pros
  • Probate credibility websites help build trust
  • Get up to 5 phone numbers for each lead
  • Set it & forget it automation
  • CRM integrates effortlessly
  • Free 1-on-1 Monthly coaching
All The Leads Cons
  • Some counties not available
  • Lead files can be glitchy
  • 30 day notice required if you decide to cancel
  • Most lists sold by county (Some larger counties available by sector)
  • Leads delivered once a month in bulk
Starting at $$

Top Features: Matches clients with the best agent for their situation, performance rewarding technology
Starting at $ is a platform that specializes in helping buyers and sellers through the real estate transaction process and matching them with the best agent for their needs. You can apply to their partner center to be considered for their exclusive network.  

 To understand how they can help you, let’s look at the unique way they work. They match clients with the best agent for their situation. If you demonstrate that you are effective in providing excellent customer service and closing deals, the platform will send more referrals your way. Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for good work. How you appear on the report depends on your performance history that they take directly from MLS data, consumer reviews and the agents history working with referrals. 

 If this sounds good to you, joining is easy. All you need to do is fill out their sign-up form. The platform will send you an outline stating the terms of partnership. If you agree to the terms, your profile will be activated, and you can start growing your business. will give you a chance to receive 25% off their Guaranteed Display program if you refer another agent. Bonus – the Guaranteed Display increases your local market presence as well as your presence within the algorithm.

show more Pros
  • Mentor helps with transaction
  • Join for free
  • Improve sales outcomes
  • Saves time Cons
  • Agents are ranked by performance which can negatively impact new agents
  • Does not integrate with CRMs
  • Must sign contract
  • Algorithm can be confusing
Starting at $


Top Features: Member resource center has top agents across the country help walk you through how to convert zBuyer leads, lead replacement program
Starting at $$

zBuyer is a real estate lead generation service that focuses on attracting home sellers interested in cash offers. I know that may seem unhelpful, but many of these homeowners would actually rather list with you than sell to an investor or iBuyer. The leads won’t break the bank, but you will have to nurture them at first.

zBuyer cracked the code on what will make home buyers and sellers actually want to speak to you.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s not by making a bunch of cold calls. It is actually by engaging homeowners through curiosity. They reach out to targeted leads and see if they are interested in what a cash offer would look like, or if they would like to look into their home valuation. Most people are naturally curious, and once their interest is peaked, zBuyer reals them in for you.

Something I love is consistency, so I like that zBuyer delivers a consistent amount of leads each and every month. They also have features in place to protect you and your marketing spend. Added bonus – zBuyer offers a lead replacement program, lead count guarantee, and the ability to custom tailor your lead package. Their lead replacement program is definitely a perk because it takes away some of the stress of getting stuck with bogus leads, or ones that won’t work, like a house already listed with someone else. With any subscription, you will get access to zBuyer’s prospecting list, a database of leads in your area going back up to 2 years, allowing you to start prospecting and mining for your next lead.

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zBuyer Pros
  • Ability to create custom lead packages
  • Lead replacement program for any bogus leads
  • No contract required
zBuyer Cons
  • Lead generation only, no CRM
  • Leads are not exclusive
Starting at $$

Top Features: Deliver a personalized experience without the typical personalized effort required
Starting at $$

Personalization can help real estate agents cut through marketing noise, which is exactly where Audience can help. They use robots that replicate human handwriting to write personalized letters that include scannable QR codes. Once the code is scanned, you’ll receive an alert.

Exciting fact – Audience boasts a 90% read rate (!!) and a response rate that is 6x higher than other direct mail solutions. As you can imagine it’s next to impossible to send handwritten letters at scale, but Audience provides the next best thing and it’s efficient and cost-effective. Their letter is just the start, though. In fact, it’s the door-opener that surprises leads and removes friction. 

Audience does more than just send personalized letters. You will also receive text templates, an app to send one-off notes, and a dedicated account manager.

Here’s the thing I love about Audience, they aren’t just sending out your letters, they also take care of your lead generation. Just provide them with zip codes and home values you’re looking for and they take care of it. The letters are sent to super targeted prospects and customers thanks to Audience’s lead database with hundreds of filters. To not miss any potential clients, you can upload your contact list to their database or integrate them with your existing CRM. 

They find the email and LinkedIn profiles of your leads for you. Once the letter is sent, Audience also provides digital retargeting with automated emails and LinkedIn profile follow-ups. This will ensure you’re top of mind with any of your prospects and clients.

I know sending letters may not sound glamorous, but it’s a staple in marketing because it works. The exciting thing about any lead you get from Audience is they are exclusive, so you’ll never send notes to the same address as competitors.

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  • Handwritten notes sent at scale
  • One day turnaround(!)
  • 45-day risk-free trial Cons
  • Limited to traditional marketing
  • You'll need to acquire lead information separately
Starting at $$


Top Features: Cheap leads that are meticulously scrubbed to weed out bad leads
Starting at $

USLeadList is a one-stop-shop for off-market deals with real estate leads across the country. Their sweet spot  is the inheritance lead list they create that provides a nationwide list of homeowners who are eager to sell. You can subscribe to your areas of interest, then each month, a new list of fresh data will get sent directly to your email. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s rural or urban, these leads have proven to be successful.  

While competitors of USLeadList often don’t have a cap, they limit their inheritance lead sales. They do not sell any one lead across the nation more than three times, meaning you get closer to having exclusive leads. In a competitive industry with over saturated areas, this is a win. This perk combined with the quality of unique leads generated each month gives them a bonus point over their competitors.  

The real icing on the cake – USLeadList scrubs each property against tax assessor records and Zillow to make sure your list is as relevant and targeted as possible. This means, if the property is for sale, pending, or has been sold in the past year, then the property will be removed from the list entirely. This weeds out cold leads, and ensures that you don’t pay for anything that you can’t use. 

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USLeadList Pros
  • Fresh, quality leads delivered each month
  • Only sells each lead 3X max
  • Pay-Per-Lead, no contracts, commitments, or minimums
USLeadList Cons
  • Leads can be sold up to 3x, so you're competing with other agents
  • Only inheritance leads are available
  • Leads are sold at the county level
Starting at $

Buying Leads from Zillow: Zillow Premier Agent

Top Features: Get exposure on the most popular real estate website in the US
Starting at $$

Everyone knows Zillowit’s one of the largest real estate search engines on the web. While you’re no doubt active on Zillow as an agent, Zillow Premier Agent can help you expand your outreach on the platform. Zillow Premier Agent allows agents, teams, and brokerages to purchase display ads for ZIP codes they want to target. Plus, you’ll be placed among the top agents on the platform.

Here are some of the perks I like about it. When a Zillow visitor inquires for more information, Zillow prioritizes Premier Agents, presenting them as the first choice for visitors in a specific ZIP code. When a potential lead picks you, their information is sent directly to you. Keep in mind, you’ll compete with other Premier Agents, so make sure you stand out through your reviews. You’ll still show up above those without a membership though. 

Here is the best part – your leads will be high-quality. Unlike Facebook and Google ads, the people getting Zillow Premier Agent ads are actively looking for an agent to work with. Zillow’s popularity can work in your favor, likely bringing in tons of  potential leads to work with. 

Their lead generation is great, but it’s good to note Zillow Premier Agent also comes with a ton of other tools for you:  a CRM with a mobile app counterpart, an IDX website, an ROI calculator, pipeline management, and virtual home tours. For teams and brokerages, there are also lead routing and team profiles. 

Zillow Premier Agent is a great option to give you more exposure, and steadily build your lead volume. Plus, you’re getting in with Zillow’s partners, like Trulia and There is a risk to buying leasds from Zillow. Their lead generation cost varies, so I would consider other options unless you’ve really gotten the hang of nurturing and converting leads. However, if you have the budget, reviews, and follow-up skills to back it up, Zillow Premier Agent is a great investment.

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Zillow Premier Agent Pros
  • Presence of quality leads
  • Lots of tools for agents
  • Most crucial place for reviews
Zillow Premier Agent Cons
  • Leads are given to multiple agents
  • A lot of zip codes are full
  • Six months minimum contract
Starting at $$ Lead Generation

Top Features: Built-in data for buyers, live-transferred pre-screened leads
Starting at $ is one of the most popular home listing databases. Its popularity and cult-like following creates a great opportunity to generate highly qualified, high-intent leads. Because the database is so popular amongst searching buyers and sellers, you’ll also likely receive a high volume of leads.’s lead generation service is called Connections Plus. If you use it, you get to skip to the front of the line. Your name will appear first to interested buyers and sellers. seems to follow the rule, you get what you pay for.  They based the pricing for leads on zip codes and the property value of homes in that area, so your cost is correlated with your potential commission. You also only get exclusive leads if you pay to upgrade to be the exclusive agent in that zip code. If you’d rather not splurge on exclusivity, quick follow-up is key. Don’t worry, their integrated CRM has autoresponders to help you out. 

I love that they help you capture high-quality buyers, and even seller leads with a home valuation calculator. Potential clients can also search directly for you. . brings a lot to the table with both quality buyer and seller leads. You do have to pay extra to really take advantage of some of the features, but you are getting in front of a very large and motivated audience. Something to keep in mind for your budget is when you sign up for services, you’ll engage in a contract that starts at a half-year commitment.

show more Lead Generation Pros
  • High-quality leads
  • Location targeting makes it easy to increase exposure
  • Ability to search for agents Lead Generation Cons
  • Non-exclusive leads are competitive
  • Delay on available listings
  • Can get costly to take advantage of features
Starting at $


Top Features: 3rd Party Leads (leads that browsed other real estate websites), instant notification when someone wants to sell their home
Starting at $

Offrs is a lead generation platform that uses a proprietary algorithm to comb through properties and homeowners that are most likely to sell in the coming future. They also offer marketing tools for email, social media, Google, and direct mail. 

Offrs  predictive technology, brings you hot leads that are  looking to sell, perfect for new agents who are working on their conversion strategy. Plus, if you’re paying for an exclusive ZIP code, you’re sure to get in the door first with leads, maximizing your conversion rates. 

I love that Offrs focuses on seller leads, making them really good at a specific lead gen solution. With their platform, you’ll get predictive leads, FSBOs, and expired listings on a daily basis. The leads are generated through their predictive algorithm, lead capture, and online marketing (mainly through Facebook and Google). You have two options – pay per lead or pay for all the information on a specific ZIP code area. Fun fact – you can upgrade to make the leads completely exclusive.

A big perk with Offrs is their Smart Data feature. Their predictions are backed by hundreds of data points. Offers real-time lead feed gives you instant notifications of who is wanting to sell their home. 

Unless you’re one of the super rare people who doesn’t like a concierge, take a look at Offrs new tool, ROOF. It has licensed agents who provide a concierge service for you with things like, plug-n-play marketing and nurture. Plus, it integrates with Offrs lead platform. The call center even qualifies the leads for you to help them convert. You do have to pay a referral fee if any of the leads pan out. 

Offrs is a heavy data lead gen company, so you are getting facts to back up the process they offer. Their predictive sellers algorithm targets quality leads keeping your lead feed filled up daily. Don’t forget to take advantage of the FSBO and expired listing leads that are clearly ready to sell. 

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Offrs Pros
  • Predictive analytics
  • Gives you time to build relationships with clients
  • Lots of seller leads
Offrs Cons
  • Still an improving application
  • Quite expensive
Starting at $


Top Features: Lead nurturing automation, 40 high conversion landing pages
Starting at $

BoldLeads is a lead generation platform that focuses on building leads in hyperlocal areas through online advertising. They take marketing off your plate and automate most of the lead generation process for you. 

I love that BoldLeads offers a straightforward process to increase your lead generation. First you just pick a 15-mile area you want to focus on. The territory is offered at a flat rate, meaning no region is more expensive than another—a plus for agents in metro areas. Then, you establish your budget, and their experts will create and run ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. When a lead clicks on the ad, they’re taken to a landing page where their information is captured. Easy peasy. 

BoldLeads will start the conversation with automated emails, texts, and voicemail messages. To make your life even easier, once the lead is qualified and warmed, the text concierge sets an appointment with you and notifies you so you can claim the lead. All of the leads info and conversations will be in the Bold Leads CRM for you to review. If the lead isn’t ready, you can set up long-term nurture in their CRM, as well.

Basically they streamline the lead generation process for you, so you can focus on closing deals. The best part is, all of your leads are exclusive! Extra bonus, you can even upload leads from other companies and use their automation features for them.

Along with lead generation services and a CRM, you also gain access to over 40 landing page templates, tons of training and resources, and integration with CloudCMA. All of these tools make it easy for you to hit the ground running and grow your business. To really help you benefit from their services you can join their lead conversion webinars or use their daily training classes.

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BoldLeads Pros
  • Robust ad campaigns
  • Excellent service team
  • Easy to use platform
BoldLeads Cons
  • Additional costs for add-ons
  • Requires 6-month contract
Starting at $

Where to Buy Leads 101: What to Look for

Being a real estate agent implies spending most of your marketing time chasing leads. This can be a very challenging thing to do because leads are not always readily available. So, you may have to resort to buying real estate leads. Now, this is where another issue comes up – how do you find suitable real estate leads? The most obvious place? A list of the most reputable and best real estate lead generation companies.

Lead generation companies aren’t all the same, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The best lead generation solution should work to help you meet your goals, stay within budget, and should be comprehensive to use. A parred-down list of the services you might pick from can help you get started, and if you’re still not sure what to choose, these considerations may help sway your decision one way or another. 

Only work with reputable companies

Most lead generation solutions require a long-term contract that can range from six to twelve months, so you want to be sure that you can trust the company you are working with. Doing your due diligence and researching a solution’s background can save you a few headaches later down the line. 

Here are a few ways to ensure that the solution you select is reputable:

  • Look through user reviews, good and bad. Pay attention to how or if the customer service team has responded to those concerns. 
  • Ask colleagues, friends, or industry experts to make recommendations. 
  • Some businesses have reviews listed through the Better Business Bureau, which is an additional resource to consider taking into account if you aren’t sure where to go. 

Keep in mind that the leads you receive should be high quality, and reputable services are more likely to provide leads you can trust. Remember that your decision for a lead solution can be a long-lasting one, so choose wisely! 

You can also trying looking for niche leads. For example, new real estate agent leads if you are just starting out. This is a great way to get your footing. 

Consider solutions that work specifically in your targeted location

If you’re looking to get started in a specific local market, you should consider a lead generation solution that has worked in that area before. Not only will this add convenience to scheduling, but it can make a huge difference if you are hoping to establish a local presence. 

Larger lead generation companies, like Zillow and, have broad commercial presences, so there may be less to worry about there, but you should always verify that your solution generates leads in your target zip codes.

Also, you might want a lead generation company that lets you claim an area or zip code, like Bold Leads. This helps target lead generation efforts and can help you increase your exposure in an area, especially if the service you select also features location-based marketing tools.

Remember that some services are more expensive depending on the location you’re in. For instance, Zillow Premier Agent’s pricing scales depend on the area you’re targeting. 

Use real estate accounting software to make sure you’re getting a good ROI, and staying within your budget.

Ensure that you are buying leads you can work with

If you have a niche you specialize in, choosing a lead generation tool that helps you target that area of expertise can be a huge advantage.

You should know the type of lead you want when shopping for leads. Do you want to target first-time homebuyers, or are you in the luxury market? Maybe you’re looking for a tool that will scour the MLS for expired listing leads.

Depending on the leads you are looking for, you may opt for one solution over another. For instance, Zillow is great for finding real estate buyer leads, but you’re not going to find many seller leads through them. Not all services offer these features, so check to ensure that the service you select can find the leads you need, and whether it is included in a package you can budget for. 

See if they offer “first in the door” leads or exclusive real estate leads

Research by the National Association of Realtors shows that 82% of sellers contacted only one agent before they found the agent they worked with to sell their home. Being the first in the door is a competitive advantage that real estate agents are always searching for.

The best way to increase your chance of turning a lead into a client is for that lead to be exclusive to you. While more expensive and less abundant than shared leads, you’ll have more wiggle room to refine your approach and target certain demographics. 

Exclusive leads can offer you an advantage over the competition in such a dense market, so it may be worth using a tool that has these features. It may cost an additional fee, but it may be worth it for those looking for an extra bump over competition. 

Look for predictive lead technology

While we may not have crystal balls that tell us when homes are listing, predictive lead technology may be the next best thing. 

Using data and machine learning algorithms, these tools make predictions about when homeowners are most likely to sell.  By identifying potential listings before they hit the market, you can save time chasing after competitive leads and get your foot in the door before anyone else does. 

With a solution like SmartZip, you can predict with a high level of accuracy what homes in a neighborhood are most likely to sell using consumer, market, and demographic data. With Offrs, you can customize your predictions to certain lead types. Both of these tools are built off of smart data but offer unique experiences.

Smart data can help generate predictive leads that will end up needing far less lead nurturing. 

Look for extras 

Having leads will only get you so far; effective marketing and a closing strategy will help you seal the deal.

While you are looking for a place to buy leads, finding a platform that acts as a one-stop shop never hurts, especially if it makes nurturing leads more convenient.  

This can include anything from building a website that increases exposure to analytics tools that help you tailor your approach. Whatever it is, add-ons can be an investment that helps you convert leads into clients. 

Here are some “bonus” features to look for:

  • Buyer communication tools
  • Automated follow-ups and autoresponders
  • Lead management and tracking tools
  • Marketing automation and reports
  • Email marketing tools
  • Social media integration

The more you can get out of one service, the less you’ll need to shop for other tools down the line, plus you get to avoid worrying about integration and working across multiple platforms. 

Useful data collection 

Too much data can be overwhelming and useless, especially if you don’t know how to make sense of it. 

Look for lead generation tools that consolidate homeowner data and prospecting information to save you time. This will help you make sense of reports you are seeing so that you can tailor your follow-up based on consumer behavior and demographics. A really helpful tool should return data that is specific and useful.  

Some tools, like Zurple, even recommend communication strategies. If you’re a new agent, having this information on hand can help fill gaps in experience and client-facing strategies. 

Price point when considering where to buy leads

Buying real estate leads shouldn’t break your budget and a price tag doesn’t always translate to quality. 

Investing in an expensive tool because it seems better isn’t worth it if you or your team can’t leverage the features you are paying for. Some leads are geared for large teams while others work best for single agents, and it wouldn’t make sense for either party to invest in leads that don’t fit their needs. 

Look for a company with features and add-ons that you can see yourself frequently using without being tempted to invest in fancy bells and whistles that will collect dust because they’re too complicated. Be sure that the tool you are investing in, no matter how expensive or cheap, returns leads that are high quality. 

As you shop, consider different packages and add-ons, always weighing the costs to the relative gain it will give you in terms of exclusivity, lead quality, and additional lead nurturing features. 

Once you decide on where to to buy leads, be sure to document the expenses in your real estate accounting software.

A Quick Primer on How Much Real Estate Leads Cost

Real estate leads are a valuable resource for agents and can vary in cost depending on several factors. Here’s a quick primer on how much real estate leads can cost:

  1. Lead Generation Method: The cost of real estate leads can vary based on the method used to generate them. Common lead generation methods include online advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and purchasing leads from lead generation companies or platforms.
  2. Lead Quality: The quality of leads significantly impacts their cost. High-quality leads, such as those generated through targeted advertising campaigns or referrals, typically cost more due to their higher conversion potential. On the other hand, leads obtained through less targeted or lower-quality sources may be less expensive.
  3. Lead Quantity: The quantity of leads you require will affect the overall cost. Some lead providers offer packages with a fixed number of leads per month, while others offer pay-per-lead options. The more leads you need, the higher the cost will generally be.
  4. Geographical Area: Lead costs can also vary based on the geographical area you’re targeting. Leads in highly competitive markets or high-value areas may be more expensive due to increased demand and competition.
  5. Exclusive vs. Shared Leads: Exclusive leads, which are not shared with other agents, are typically more costly as they provide a higher chance of conversion. Shared leads, on the other hand, are more affordable but may face more competition from other agents.
  6. Lead Provider: Different lead generation companies or platforms have varying pricing structures. It’s important to research and compare different providers to understand their pricing models, reputation, and the value they offer in terms of lead quality and support.

It’s essential to consider your budget, lead quality requirements, and overall return on investment (ROI) when evaluating the cost of real estate leads. Remember that while purchasing leads can be a helpful strategy, it should be complemented with other lead generation methods and a strong focus on building relationships and providing excellent service to convert leads into clients.

Best Leads for Pay at Closing

When it comes to real estate lead generation pay at closing options, there are a few sources that you can explore:

  • Referrals: Referrals from friends, family, past clients, or fellow professionals in the industry can be an excellent source of leads with a pay-at-closing arrangement. These leads typically come with a higher level of trust and are more likely to convert into clients.
  • Real Estate Wholesalers: Real estate wholesalers specialize in finding off-market properties or distressed properties and assigning the contract to an interested buyer, often with a pay-at-closing arrangement. This can be a viable option if you’re looking for investment opportunities or clients interested in fix-and-flip properties.
  • Real Estate Auctions: Participating in real estate auctions can provide you with leads that offer pay-at-closing options. Auctions can include properties in various conditions and price ranges, offering potential investment opportunities or clients looking for unique properties.
  • Exclusive Buyer’s Agents: Exclusive buyer’s agents work solely with buyers and often have agreements where their commission is paid by the seller at closing. Collaborating with these agents can help you tap into their network and access leads interested in purchasing properties.
  • Online Real Estate Marketplaces: Some online real estate marketplaces offer pay-at-closing options for leads. These platforms connect buyers and sellers and often have agreements in place where the seller pays a portion of the commission to the platform, which can then be shared with the buyer’s agent at closing.

Remember, while pay-at-closing leads can be attractive, it’s important to thoroughly vet the leads and ensure that they are genuine, qualified, and align with your target market and business goals. Conducting due diligence and leveraging your expertise to assess the potential profitability and risk of each lead is crucial to making informed decisions and maximizing your success.

Sometimes these types of leads are only good for experienced agents, or top producers. If you are just starting out, consider looking at this list of real estate leads for new agents.

Start finding your next set of leads

Finding the best place to buy real estate leads can be challenging, especially with the abundance of services out there. With so many options and so many leads floating around online, there’s no better time to explore your options. 

Regardless of the route you choose, lead generation is the first stop in a longer process. Be sure to consider lead nurturing and a follow-up plan as you make your decision, as some solutions are more full-service than others. 

With a few places to get started and some consideration about your own needs, you can elevate the way you approach a dynamic real estate market in no time. 

Advice from the Pros on Exclusive Real Estate Leads

jim gray headshotJim is a passionate real estate agent who was determined to take his career to the next level in his first year. He’d heard about the potential benefits of purchasing real estate leads, and after careful consideration, he decided to give it a try.

Jim began researching different lead generation companies and reading reviews to find a reputable provider. After narrowing down his options, he selected a company that claimed to offer high-quality leads with a high conversion rate. Excited about the possibilities, Jim invested a significant amount of money in a package that promised a substantial number of leads in his target area.

As the leads started flowing in, Jim eagerly reached out to each prospect, armed with his knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm. However, he soon realized that the quality of the leads varied significantly. Some leads were genuinely interested in buying or selling a property, while others seemed unresponsive or were simply not qualified.

Undeterred by the mixed results, Jim continued to follow up diligently, refining his approach and adapting his strategies. He focused on building relationships with the interested leads, providing them with valuable information, and guiding them through the buying or selling process. Over time, Jim managed to convert a few of these leads into satisfied clients, helping them find their dream homes or successfully close their property deals.

However, Jim also learned some important lessons along the way. He realized that purchasing leads is not a guaranteed shortcut to success. It requires patience, persistence, and a keen eye for identifying genuine prospects. Jim discovered that nurturing relationships and providing excellent customer service were just as important as the initial lead generation itself.

With experience, Jim became more discerning in choosing lead providers, opting for those with a track record of delivering high-quality leads consistently. He also recognized the value of supplementing purchased leads with organic lead generation strategies, such as building a strong online presence, leveraging social media platforms, and cultivating a referral network.

Jim’s journey with buying real estate leads taught him the importance of balance and a comprehensive approach to lead generation. While purchased leads can provide a starting point and potential opportunities, it is ultimately the agent’s expertise, dedication, and ability to build meaningful connections that truly drive success in the competitive real estate industry.


Do brokerages ever buy real estate leads to give to agents?

Yes, brokerages do sometimes buy real estate leads to provide to their agents. It is a common practice for brokerages to invest in lead generation strategies and systems to help their agents succeed. By purchasing leads on behalf of their agents, brokerages can provide them with a steady stream of potential clients and enhance their productivity.

Brokerages may employ various methods to acquire real estate leads. They can partner with lead generation companies or platforms that specialize in delivering high-quality leads. These companies employ marketing techniques, online advertising, and other strategies to generate leads, which are then shared with the brokerage’s agents.

The leads obtained by brokerages can be distributed to their agents based on different criteria, such as geographic location, specialization, or availability. Some brokerages may distribute leads on a rotating basis, ensuring each agent has equal opportunities, while others may assign leads based on performance metrics or specific lead preferences.

Providing agents with purchased leads can be advantageous for brokerages and agents alike. It allows agents to focus more on client engagement and conversion rather than spending excessive time on lead generation. Additionally, brokerages can maintain a consistent brand presence, generate more business, and support their agents in achieving their sales targets.

However, it’s worth noting that the effectiveness and quality of purchased leads can vary. Most of the time it’s at a cost. If you don’t want any strings attached, buy them yourself by checking out our guide of the best real estate lead generation companies.

Is buying real estate leads worth it?

Buying real estate leads can be worth it for some agents, while for others, it may not provide the desired results. The effectiveness of purchased leads depends on factors such as lead quality, conversion rates, competition, and the agent’s ability to effectively follow up and nurture those leads. It’s important for agents to carefully evaluate the cost, quality, and potential return on investment before deciding to purchase leads. Additionally, implementing a well-rounded lead generation strategy that combines purchased leads with organic methods can often yield better results. Ultimately, each agent’s experience with buying real estate leads will vary, so it’s crucial to consider individual circumstances and goals when making the decision.

How much do real estate leads cost?

Here are some estimated ranges to give you an idea, but please note that these are general estimates and actual prices may differ:

Online Lead Generation: Online lead generation methods, such as advertising on platforms like Zillow or real estate websites, can range from $20 to $200 per lead, depending on the location, competition, and lead quality.

Lead Generation Companies: Purchasing leads from specialized lead generation companies can cost anywhere from $10 to $50 per lead, with higher-quality leads generally falling on the higher end of the spectrum.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: PPC campaigns on platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads typically have costs per click that can range from a few cents to several dollars, depending on the targeting parameters, competition, and ad quality score. The cost per lead will depend on the conversion rate from clicks to actual leads.

Exclusive Leads: Exclusive leads, where you are the sole recipient, tend to be more expensive. Prices can range from $50 to $500 or more per lead, depending on factors such as the exclusivity, lead quality, and lead source.

Shared Leads: Shared leads, which are sold to multiple agents, are generally more affordable. Prices can range from $5 to $50 per lead, depending on the lead source and competition.

Our Methodology:

Our in-house real estate experts spent hundreds of hours researching, scoring, and ranking the top places to buy real estate leads. We looked at everything from pricing and ease of use to the specific real estate industry features that are available. We’ve ranked and rated each tool on 5 different factors to come up with the very best places to buy real estate leads. The short version of factors considered are: 

  1. Cost: Not all real estate lead generation tools are created equal, so it’s important to look at what’s included with your purchase. Some companies charge upwards of $300/month for outdated leads with bad contact information, which is why we take into account the price of the service and compare it to the features and extra resources provided to help each agent succeed.
  2. Features & user friendliness: Different services where you can buy real estate leads come with different feature sets, some more important for teams than solo agents. Additionallyagents don’t have a lot of extra time to learn a complicated lead gen system, so the more it just works with their natural workflow, the better. That’s why we’ve rated the tools that are easier for agents to navigate without a tech team higher than the ones that are more complicated to use.
  3. Lead quality: Leads are the lifeblood of any business as they help provide a steady flow of predictable revenue. However, some lead generation methods are more effective than others. The type of real estate leads you buy may vary depending on the type of business you are operating. Real estate agents want to be able to bring in an even mix of buyer and seller leads that will convert quickly – which is why this is a big factor we’ve considered.
  4. Customer support: Many real estate agents don’t have the time to fix technical glitches and/or don’t have access to a tech team, so customer support is very important. Whether you might need help setting up integrations or just to get the software up and running, customer support plays a big role in finding your ideal software—especially when it comes to a real estate lead gen service that you’ll be paying for.
  5. Overall performance: At the end of the day, if you are buying real estate leads, your investments need to have a good ROI. Our experts looked for how the features meet the specific needs of real estate agents and teams – were they buer leads or seller leads – and how hard the leads were to convert. Real estate agents need leads that are more likely to convert, and require as little nurturing as possible.

Sources & Editorial Resources

Other resources: We have guides on the ins and outs of the topics you need to know to be a successful estate agent (like circle prospecting, probate leads, real estate website buildersreal estate lead generation companies, or a well designed real estate CRM). If you’re looking for more advanced topics like how to generate mortgage leads, real estate adsbuilding your own real estate lead generation website, which real estate marketing tools you’ll need,  the best credit cards for realtors, how to build a successful social media strategy, or even just real estate marketing ideas in general, you can try looking for a real estate mentor or a virtual assistant that can help show you the way. Or check out real estate investing ideas or side hustles that can help give you a financial boost.

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Jim Gray got licensed in 2013 and sold 57 houses in his first year. Over the next 6 1/2 years he went on to sell 437 homes with a small team. He went on to manage the lead generation department of the 13th largest expansion team at Keller Williams and designed lead generation and conversion systems for 60 agents in 7 locations in 4 states that drove 600 home sales in a 2 year period. Jim currently does real estate team development and coaching for some of the largest real estate teams in the country. Connect with me

Last Updated: 9/15/2023