8 Best Places to Buy Real Estate Leads

Chris Heller HeadshotChris Heller,April 13, 2022

Business,And,Real,Estate,Concept.,On,A,White,Surface,,ABeing a real estate agent implies spending most of your marketing time chasing leads. This can be a very challenging thing to do because leads are not always readily available. So, you may have to resort to buying real estate leads. Now, this is where another issue comes up – how do you find suitable lead generation sources?

This is where we come in as we have gone through some of the best options and chosen eight of the best places to get real estate leads. We considered several things like the type of real estate leads you are looking for, the time you are willing to commit to developing these leads, and the budget. We also looked into what you may be trying to target, whether buyer leads, seller leads, social media presence, referrals, or brand building, and made this list based on that.

Let us now take a deeper look at all of these lead sources.

Real Estate Lead SourceBasic Monthly CostUse If…
Market Leader$139+ per monthYou want simplicity and affordability
Bold Leads$269+ per month (plus $250/monthly for ads)You do not want to share your leads with competing agents and want both buyer and seller leads
Zurple$309+ per monthYou want an all-in-one platform that focuses on client and customer engagement
Zillow Premier Agent$200+ per monthYou are good at quick follow-up, have many listings, and are interested mainly in buyer leads
Offrs$300+ per monthYou have a stable system to convert paid leads from other sources
Zoho CRM$20+ per monthYou want an automated system that can capture leads from social media quickly
REDx$100+ per monthYou are on a tight budget and exploring all your options
The Faces Of$250+ per monthYou want to focus on community, brand building, and referrals


Market Leader Market-Leader-Logo

Market Leader uses specially placed ads on Google, Bing, and other search engines to push traffic into either a home valuation page for possible buyers or a search-enabled landing page for likely buyers. On these pages, the visitors must input their information, which gets passed directly to you. Market Leader never sells the same lead twice, and they offer a more significant number of tips for their price than other sites. Therefore, you will be getting a guaranteed amount of leads per month.

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  • Automation in marketing
  • Buyer and seller leads
  • A mobile application
  • A customizable website
Market Leader ProsMarket Leader Cons
Good for long term business projectionsLittle customization ability 
Refund for fake leadsLeads are not always premium
Guaranteed contact leads every monthFewer features than competitors 


Has one of the most affordable price ranges costing $139 per month and $20-$30 depending on your market.

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Who should use Market Leader? 

You can skip Market Leader if you want a more robust system with a customizable backend and you have a bigger budget, but if you have done the numbers and know how many leads you need in a month, then this system is for you.



BoldLeads is a lead generation source similar to Market Leads because it creates targeted ads for Facebook and Google, and when potential clients click on them, it takes them to another page. This converts these prospects to real estate leads and sends them to the agent. With BoldLeads, all you have to do is set your targets, and then it will curate and optimize all your ads so that the intended people are seeing them at the right time.


  • Both buyer and seller leads
  • Follow-ups are automated
  • Video Training
  • Email templates
BoldLeads ProsBoldLeads Cons
Leads are exclusive and not shared with other agentsNo guaranteed amount of leads
Hands-off approachYou have to sign a contract for a minimum of 6 months
Great CRM toolsLittle to no Facebook Leads
Easy to use platformAdditional cost for ads


The price for BoldLeads is $269 per month for either buyer or seller leads, $500 per month for both buyers and sellers, and $769 per month for PCC advertising. All these do not include an extra $250 per month for ads.

Who should use BoldLeads? 

You can skip BoldLeads if it is not in your budget and you do not want to commit to a six-month contract. Nevertheless, if you want exclusivity and can handle a high volume of leads, you can consider it.



Zurple is special software that is end-to-end and captures leads and turns them first into conversations and then to clients. It is an automated system that makes contacting and maintaining leads you get a lot easier. Zurple maximizes the money you spend by focusing your ads on particular zip codes. Also, a remarkable thing about Zurple is that it can combine these targeted ads with leads from places like Zillow. It does this by personalizing emails from you automatically and sending them to houses that people have been looking at on Zillow.


  • It has both buyer and seller leads
  • Automated emails
  • Integrates with Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trula
  • Gives a complete profile of each online lead
Zurple ProsZurple Cons
Unique emails catered to each leadAbsence of task management
Listing alerts are goodFew integrations
Integrated with CraigslistFew website options
Great lead visitor statistics No significant customization option


Pricing is set up to have a compulsory 6-12 month contract. Zurple has a base price of $299 per month for a single user plus $10 for an MLS, making it $309 per month. It is $150 per month to add a lender and another $150 to addfive5 users. Beyond this, to add any extra user is $50 per agent and to import 5000 leads is $150.

Other services:

$250 per month for buyer leads on Google

$450 per month for seller leads on Facebook

$150 per month for Lead Intelligence Bundle

$750 set up fee

Note that if you split the cost of marketing on the platform with a lender, Zurple will charge you an extra $150.

Who should use Zurple? 

You can use Zurple if you want to engage with buyers and sellers and have money to spend on all the tools. However, you could choose a cheaper option if this is above your budget.


Zillow Premier Agentzillow logo

Zillow is hands down one of the biggest real estate entities on the internet, and their daily traffic alone makes them one of the best places to get leads. So, with Zillow Premier Agent Program, Zillow sends you buyer and seller leads and advertises you as an agent on their platform. If a consumer picks you, they will have to fill out a form and their contact information sent directly to you. Note that you will be posted with other agents around the same ZIP code as you, so you will have to find a way to stand out, most likely with your reviews.


  • Customer support and training
  • Presence of personal webpage
  • Different marketing templates
  • CRM
Zillow Premier Agent ProsZillow Premier Agent Cons
Presence of quality leadsLeads are given to multiple agents
Lots of tools for agentsA lot of zip codes are full
Most crucial place for reviewsSix months minimum contract


It starts at $200 per month for cheaper zip codes and goes upwards for more expensive leads. You will also pay $20 per lead for more affordable places and up to $100 per lead.

Who should use Zillow Premier Agent? 

You can use Zillow if you are a person that is good with quick follow-ups and have a lot of listings that you do not want other agents to take your listings. Still, you can choose not to use Zillow if you’re going to focus on seller leads, in particular, consider using Offrs or BoldLeads.



Offrs gives a predictive analytics strategy. It uses an algorithm based on demographic, consumer and market data that it can access to provide you with the people that are most likely to buy or sell a home in 3 years. Offrs is not giving you leads; it gives you information that you can use to help market your business and make better decisions.


  • It has the best seller leads
  • CRM
  • Listing leads
  • Customizable template
Offrs ProsOffrs Cons
Predictive analyticsStill an improving application
Gives you time to build relationships with clientsQuite expensive
Lots of seller leadsNo buyer leads


You can get an entire zip code for $300 per month but increases to $600 if you want exclusivity.

Other services:

$0.05 per month for each targeted property

$0.10 per month for each targeted property with exclusivity

Who should use Offrs? 

You can consider using Offrs if you already have a system that converts paid leads for you from other sources like Zillow, but you can skip it if you want buyer leads mainly; go to Zillow instead for this.


Zoho CRMzoho logo

Zoho is the best here for getting leads from other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and from websites and emails. Zoho tracks your competition and has live support training and webinars for users. Unlike most others here, Zoho gives a free trial to decide if you want the paid package. If you are using Zoho, you will be able to attend different webinars and online training under different support packages.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, highly customizable real estate platform, then Zoho fits the bill to a tee. With an intermediate-level of technical aptitude and some patience, Zoho’s customization options can help you create a CRM that is tailored to the needs of your team and business.


  • Buyer and seller leads
  • Social media and email leads gathering
  • Reports are customized
  • Marketing Tools
Zoho ProsZoho Cons
Easy to useLong wait time for support
Direct channel to social mediaMinor glitches and bugs
UI makes it easy to manage your daily activitiesIntegrated email boxes can lead to you managing two email accounts
AffordableAutomations and certain functions need to be hard-coded


  • Standard package is $18 per month
  • Professional package is $30 per month
  • Enterprise package is $45 per month
  • Ultimate package is $55 per month

Who should use Zoho? 

If you want to optimize your social media ad presence and have a limited budget, Zoho is the best thing for you. However, there is no presence of any predictive analysis or automation like Offrs and Zurple, so you will have to do the contact yourself.



REDx is a real estate lead source that brings together data such as property details, FSBO and expired listings, information about sellers and buyers in your area. All this data is then categorized and made available for real estate agents to use in their business and prospecting. This categorization is done in Vortex®, their proprietary software. REDx concentrates majorly on seller leads and has a Power Dialer property that makes it easy to contact several prospects. It utilizes technology to get the most accurate phone numbers and contact details for expired real estate listings, allowing you to reinvigorate those leads into potential business. This real estate lead generation company is perfect for people who have no issues with cold calling and pitching regularly.


  • Location focused leads
  • Training and support
  • Scripts built into the system
  • Prospecting platform
RedX ProsRedX Cons
No long contracts to signMore work for the agent on the frontend
Unlimited potential leads each monthTerrible for people who do not want to hear no
Perfect tool for cold callingNo automation or integrations


  • $99.99 per month for the Storm Dialer
  • $39.99 per month for Pre-foreclosure lists
  • $79.99 per month for FRBO lists
  • $39.99 per month for FSBO lists
  • $49.99 per month for GeoLeads
  • $59.99 per month for Expired lists
  • $50 per month for multi-line functionality
  • $149.99 setup fee

Note that Vortex® is free with any subscription and that you can buy each list separately, ranging from $39.99 per month to $79.99 per month. The Storm Dialer is $99.99 per month, so the dialer and at least one list you are looking at are approximately $140-$180 per month. Also, there will be discounts when buying multiple lists or when paid quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, and the $149.99 setup fee can be reduced or waived entirely when paying semi-annually or annually.

Who should use REDx? 

You can use REDx if you have a tight budget and still trying to see if cold calling and dialing are for you. Nonetheless, if you can spend more for better leads, try Market Leader and BoldLeads.


The Faces Of Your Townthe faces of logo

The Faces Of Your Town is a real estate lead company that matches relators with a personalized website for their community called The Faces Of (insert community name here). This is to create connections with the community and build strong bonds by featuring the people in the community on the website. From business owners to big names to even graduating students in the area. Using this, you can create free referrals for your business just by people visiting the website and being the sponsoring real estate agent.


  • Customizable website
  • Training and support
  • Location focused advertising
The Faces Of [Your Town] ProsThe Faces Of [Your Town] Cons
Affordable Requires hands-on-work
ExclusiveThere is no objective tracking
Helps with brandingHave to wait until a spot is available in your location
Easy to use platformContent creation required


It costs $250 per month and has a 12 months commitment and a one-time fee of $650

Who should use The Faces Of? 

You can use this company if you want to develop and build your brand from the ground up and want to build a reputation in your community. Still, you should know that The Faces Of only gives referrals and is not particularly useful in generating a lot of buyer or seller leads. It also has no automation and is time-intensive.

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