Utah Real Estate License Guide

Quick Facts

Utah Real Estate Governing Body:

Utah Division of Real Estate

PreLicensing Requirements:

120 Hours

СЕ Requirements:

18 Hours

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How to Get a Utah Real Estate License

man studying for licensing examDo you have a dream of becoming a licensed real estate agent in Utah someday?  Do you know all it takes to attain that? If you don’t, then this guide is a must-read for you.

You will find all the requirements you need to fulfill before you can get your real estate license in Utah below.

Before we talk about the major steps involved in getting your real estate license, let’s discuss the prerequisites first.

Step One: You must go through a thorough background check

You must go through a background check before you can start the application process for a real estate license in Utah. You can’t have had a felony in the past 5  years, or a misdemeanor that has to do with dishonesty, theft, misrepresentation, or fraud in the past 3 years, beginning from the period of plea or conviction, or completion of any jail sentence.

Other requirements: 

  1. You must be a United States citizen or legal alien
  2. You must be at least 18 years old
  3. You must have a high school diploma or General Education Diploma/Degree

Step Two: Take the 120 hours of authorized pre-licensing education

women studying for licensing examIn Utah, you must finish the required 120 hours of pre-licensing education before you can take the examination. You must finish this course within twelve months before you apply for a real estate license. This course will teach you everything you to know about real estate in Utah. Some of the things this course will teach you include:

  • Utah water rights
  • Federal laws that govern real activities in Utah
  • Property appraisal and valuation

There are many approved real estate schools in Utah that can help you study and pass this course exam at an affordable rate.

If you already have an active real estate license in another state, you may have some hours of this course waived for you by the Utah Division of Real Estate. Quickly reach out to them before registering for the pre-licensing course so you will know if you are qualified for waived hours.

Step Three: Pass the pre-licensing course final examination

studying at coffee shopWhen you complete the pre-licensing course, you must take the final examination. For you to pass, you must have a score of seventy percent or more.

Step Four: Pass the real estate sales agent state and national exam

The Utah sales agent exam has 130 multiple-choice questions that you must finish in four hours or less. You are expected the take the examination on a computer. Pearson Vue is the name of the recommended testing provider that administers the Utah real estate license examination.

The sales agent exam is comprised of two parts–the 80 general practice questions and the 50 state law questions. You must have seventy percent or more to pass this examination. You will get your score the moment you finish taking your exam.

You must take a non-scientific calculator to the testing center, you must also go with two means of photo ID with matching names, non-expired and that has a valid signature–it could be a green card, driver’s license, or United States social security card.  If the name on your registration is different from what you have on your means of identification, then you need to provide a piece of evidence that indicates your name change.

The general portion of the examination covers these sections:

  • Real estate math calculations
  • Financing and settlement
  • Property disclosures and environmental issues
  • Real estate practice
  • Real estate contracts and agency
  • Property value and appraisal
  • Forms of ownership, transfer, and recording of title
  • Real property characteristics, definitions, ownership, restrictions, and transfer.

The State portion of the examination covers these topics:

  • Closing statements
  • Licensing
  • Real estate education
  • Research and recovery fund
  • Property management
  • Real estate office procedures.

The real estate exam fee is $59, and you must pay this when you register for the exam.

Step Four: Be sponsored by a licensed real estate broker

small group of students studyingIn Utah, you must work under a licensed real estate broker after passing your real estate exam. Choose your sponsoring broker after careful evaluation. If you choose the right sponsoring broker, they can help you grow in your real estate career.

Step Five: Finish your application

After passing your real estate exam and finding a sponsoring broker, you will need to submit your licensing application and pay $157 as your license fee to the Utah Division of Real Estate, before you can get your Utah real estate license. This licensing application is submitted online and you must submit this application within ninety days of passing your real estate license exam.

According to the Utah Division of Real Estate, you must submit these documents before you can get your real estate license.

  1. Completed certification of legal presence.
  2. Evidence of all the necessary fees you paid.
  3. Two fingerprint cards (Blue FD-258) or receipt of electronic fingerprint submission and a signed Fingerprint Waiver that is provided at the testing center.
  4. Proof of a fingerprint background check.
  5. Signed answers to the Qualifying Questionnaire that is given at the testing center and supporting documentation to any “YES” answers.
  6. Signed original school certificates that are given by the real estate school or Education Waiver that is offered by the Utah Division of Real Estate.
  7. Signed and completed application that is issued at the testing center.

studying for licensing examAfter getting your Utah real estate license, you must take 18 hours of continuing education every two years by the fifteenth of the month of renewal.


If you can follow each of the steps we provided for you in this guide, then you won’t have any issues when getting your Utah real estate license.

We wish you all the best in your journey to being a licensed real estate agent in Utah.

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