Top Real Estate Software 2024: 34 Unbeatable Picks for Agents

House,Development,Concept.,Smart,House.,Home,Automation.,Communication,Network.As a realtor, there’s a lot of different software out there to choose from. It can be difficult to decide what you need and which company will provide you with the best service. Picking the right software for your needs is vital to your success, though.

Feeling dizzy looking through real estate software lists? 

I thought so. That’s why I spent hundreds of hours comparing and ranking the best software real estate software for agents to use this year. I’ve split my picks into different categories and chosen them based on features, price points, and efficacy. 

  1. CRM Software
  2. CRM+Leads
  3. Leads
  4. Marketing General
  5. Marketing-IDX/Web
  6. Website/IDX
  7. Other

Software tools all real estate agents should consider

Real Estate CRM Software 

The best real estate CRMs can function as your company’s personal assistant, helping you keep in touch with your real estate leads – plus a slew of data to make more informed business decisions. Here are some of my favorite picks:


1. Top Producertop producer

Best features: With Top Producer, you get a full-service CRM with a ton of utility: lead conversion, contact management, and transaction management! Your dashboard is completely customizable, allowing you to group your leads in one spot and easily navigate contact records and information. 

Top Producer’s lead profiles take the guesswork out of follow-up. First, because the CRM is integrated with your MLS, you’ll get Property Insights, which pulls up relevant listings for the specific lead. This is super useful for reference when contacting a prospect. You’ll also get Social Insights, which automatically adds points of interest based on the contact’s social media profile. 

What differentiates Top Producer: The software features a set of great automation tools. Smart Targeting makes predicting future sellers so much easier, so you can get a jump on leads effortlessly. You’ll also get automated lead responses and an AI-driven follow-up system to make sure you’re approaching prospects in the most efficient way possible.

Best for: Small teams & indy brokers

Starting at: $129/mo

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2. IXACT Contact ixact contact logo

Top features: IXACT Contact’s all-in-one CRM is built to organize your database for you, so you can hop in each day knowing exactly what you need. The dashboard is efficient and intuitive, and you can customize pipeline data and widgets for the exact experience you want. The lead profiles are great, including social media information and photos. 

A fantastic feature of IXACT Contact is its Keep In Touch Dashboard. This feature offers reminders of important events in your prospects’ lives based on their social media profiles, like birthdays and anniversaries. Each contact has its own dashboard, where you can assign them to email or direct mail campaigns. More than that, you can add the Keep In Touch Coach widget to remind you when to speak with certain prospects!

What differentiates IXACT Contact: The software provides a text-autoresponder for new prospects; you can also send personalized texts out to groups of contacts right from the CRM. All messages and replies are automatically recorded in contact profiles, too.

Best for: Single agents & small teams

Starting at: $35/mo

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3. Wise Agentwise agent logo

Top features: Wise Agent answers the question, “How can I get a full-featured CRM without emptying my wallet?” Wise Agent provides a CRM with a ton of great features at an affordable price. If you’re a new agent, this tool has everything you need and won’t set your budget back.

Wise Agent’s dashboard is all about ease of use. You’ll get all the basic fields of a CRM plus some unique ones: status, alternative addresses, family info, and even pet names! The calendar is front-and-center with a smart, team-friendly task list. Wise Agent also makes automated drip campaigns easy with A/B tested auto-replies over email or text.

What differentiates Wise Agent: It’s integration ability is top tier. A powerful tool on its own, Wise Agent also integrates with plenty of your favorites, including SkySlope, Dotloop, zipForm Plus, and more.

Best for: New agents & agents on a budget

Starting at: $32/mo

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Real Estate CRM & Lead Generation Software

These companies produce top-quality leads from online ads, social media, the MLS, brokerage/listing sites, and more  – ultimately driving home sales and your commission. They also include a CRM option to help you nurture leads, no matter where they are in your funnel. Here are some of my favorite picks:


4. Propertybase GOpropertybase-logo

Best features: Propertybase GO has long been the full-service solution for many successful agents; with them, you’ll get a CRM, lead generation tools, a website, and more. Their top-down real estate solution even integrates with the tools you need, like DocuSign and Zillow.

Their CRM will be your central platform for contact and pipeline management—they even automate lead scoring and routing for you. The dashboard only displays the most important information at a time, free of clutter. All of your communication tools are MLS-integrated, so you can share relevant listings immediately. Plus, they offer a Text Concierge service that’ll qualify and warm your leads for you!

What differentiates Propertybase GO: Their lead gen service is powered by BoldLeads, a platform we love on its own. Once you pick your location, they’ll run a targeted campaign for you. Every lead captured generates right in your CRM, and you can focus on those quality follow-ups.

Best for: Real estate teams who have other CRM software

Starting at: $399/mo

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5. Zurplezurple_logo

Best features: Zurple has created an end-to-end solution to lead generation loved by many, including a branded website, complete CRM, and paid internet leads. Zurple’s websites generate a lot of organic traffic and expansive customer data pools. 

Rather than regular drip campaigns, Zurple’s Conversations tool takes all the advanced data collected from site visitors to create highly personalized and targeted email follow-ups. Relevant insights are added to messages based on the visitor’s home search. This clever tool then uses lead behavior triggers to notify you when prospects are prime for follow-up. That’s a lot of utility!

What differentiates Zurple: When it comes to internet leads, you can target subareas, not just cities or ZIP codes. And, believe it or not, you can even post ads to Craiglist from their platform, an often overlooked but valuable site for agents.

Best for: Real estate brokers & teams

Starting at: $349/mo

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6. Market Leader Market-Leader-Logo

Best features: Market Leader is a solution for nearly every step of the lead generation process. Their full package includes a CRM, paid leads, a website builder, marketing automation, and more. Their service has made it to the top spot in many review lists, and for good reason!

They run PPC ads for you and route leads right to your website. Market Leader is one of the few lead generation solutions that guarantee you a set amount of leads each month based on your bandwidth. This is extremely valuable, as you can be absolutely certain you’re getting the right value. 

What differentiates Market Leader: Market Leader has everything you could want from a CRM, like a simple interface and automated email and text tools with alerts. You also get the Marketing Center, which provides automated email, print, and social media campaigns that you can modify. All of the features of the CRM also come in a fully optimized mobile app.

Teams also offers a variety of features designed to help that large segment of the real estate industry. To name just a few of them: 

Shared marketing assets: All email & print marketing pieces (pre-built and custom-made) are visible to everyone on the team, increasing productivity and brand consistency. 

One contact database & to-do list: Every team member can see everyone else’s contacts and tasks, making collaboration easier. 

Lead routing: Create custom rules for routing leads from all of the team’s lead sources to individual agents.

Best for: Agents looking for a full-service CRM

Starting at: $169/mo

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7. Real Geeksreal geeks logo

Top features: We’ve always loved Real Geeks because they provide you with everything you’d need for a real estate business in a pretty package: an IDX website, an integrated CRM, and even paid leads. They have a quick turnaround so you can start generating and maintaining a lead pipeline in no time.

Their fully customizable websites capture leads through forced registration, lead magnets, and landing pages—their home valuation landing page works especially well for seller leads. Real Geeks tracks all website activity, like when a user searches or likes a listing, and uploads that information to each prospect’s contact profiles on the CRM. 

What differentiates Real Geeks: The CRM dashboard is a one-stop spot for you to manage email drip funnels, mass marketing tools, and built-in SMS texting.  Live activity feeds and advanced search filtering make pinpointing the right leads easy, and Geek AI, the smart auto-engagement assistant, can help you keep them warm. 

Best for: Small teams & indy brokers

Starting at: $299/mo

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8. BoomTownlogo boomtown

Best features: BoomTown’s package is built for teams, and it’s been regarded by some of the top teams in the world. It includes a CRM, IDX website builder, and digital marketing with a focus on PPC ads; you’ll get some nifty team management tools and lead pipeline distribution, too. 

BoomTown’s done-for-you PPC ads are proven to generate tons of online leads, and their Marketing Central portal allows you to create your own ads and landing pages. The BoomTown team is always there to ensure you meet your campaign goals, too.

What differentiates BoomTown: BoomTown offers a predictive CRM with an easy interface and lead nurturing tools. The highlight of the tool is its “Now Wall” feature, which takes the guesswork out of follow-up timing with predictive reminders. They also offer Success Assurance, their concierge, to nurture prospects for you!

Best for: Large teams

Starting at: $1,000/mo

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9. LionDeskLion-Desk-Logo

Top features: LionDesk is the perfect standalone CRM for solo agents that includes contact management, lead distribution, and transaction management. Along with all of this, they offer paid leads through Facebook, which crop up in your CRM.

LionDesk has all the campaign touch features you need to run an automated campaign over text and email, including a way to create video messages and a click-to-call dialer in case you like old-school prospecting right from the CRM. They even have AI tools that’ll nurture leads and send more information on request—they won’t need to wait for your response!

What differentiates LionDesk: They have several integrations, too, including two that’ll come later on our list: MoJo and Ylopo! LionDesk fits easily into whatever toolkit you’re using, and you can even import your leads from a third party. 

Best for: Solo agents & small teams

Starting at: $99/mo

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10. Bold Leadsboldleads logo

Top features: Bold Leads has been one of the hallmark paid lead generation solutions for quite some time. They use a series of campaigns to capture and nurture online leads for you. They also provide a great CRM to track leads. 

With Bold Leads, you’re getting high-quality leads. Why? You claim your area, so your leads are completely exclusive. And, with targeted ads and automated nurturing, you can be sure that your leads are qualified and warm for follow-up. They’ll even qualify leads from a different platform! Not into web design? Bold Leads also has a selection of premade landing pages to choose from.

What differentiates Bold Leads: Their CRM is comprehensive, too. It’ll assign statuses and keep communication records for all prospects so you can be ready to close right away. You can also set up tasks and sync up your Google Calendar so you never miss an opportunity.

Best for: Agents looking to better nurture their leads

Starting at: $269/mo

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11. Commisions Inc (CINC)CINC-logo

Best features: CINC, a brokerage-focused lead gen platform, has long been the choice for teams focused on paid leads. You’ll get a rich backend CRM, IDX website (with subdomains for each agent), and team management tools. You’ll even get some AI tools!

What differentiates CINC: CINC is designed with PPC ads in mind, and you’ll get the most out of their services if you’re using paid leads. These leads are high quality and hyperlocal, targeted based on property types, submarkets, and other advanced demographic sets. They also offer ListCast, which is a fantastic tool for retargeting your leads. 

As for their CRM, a ton of features are packed in. Their lead management pipeline easily tracks lead progression. Their automated drip campaigns are dynamic, based fully on behavior-driven follow-ups. There are also state-of-the-art lead routing capabilities for brokerages!

Best for: Real estate brokers & teams

Starting at: $900/mo

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12. Vulcan 7vulcan logo

Best features: Vulcan 7 is one of those lead-generation solutions that put the power of conversion in your hands. You’re given tons of lead data and a CRM with a fully integrated dialer, and the rest is up to you! It’s a great option for real estate veterans who’ve perfected the cold call.

Vulcan 7 provides several types of leads: expired listings, FSBOs, rentals, pre-foreclosures, local leads for circle prospecting, and even probates! All that data is evaluated daily, so you can get quality, vetted leads and don’t need to worry about collecting duds.

What differentiates Vulcan 7: The CRM includes a single-line dialer, smart lead management, integrated neighborhood search, and email drip campaigns. A unique feature is StoryTellr Video Marketing, which allows you to send video content—like agent introductions, property walkthroughs, or testimonials—in emails, too.

Best for: Long-time agents & top producing agents

Starting at: $349/mo

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13. MoJomojo-app-logo

Top features: MoJo is an all-in-one prospecting system that includes a click-to-call dialer, lead manager, and the Door Knocker prospecting app. Leads include expired listings, FSBOs, FRBOs, pre-foreclosures, and Neighborhood Search leads based on geographical data. 

The MoJo Dialer supports up to three lines with different calling filters and semi-manual lists—which is why it’s one of the most popular dialers out there! With MoJo, it’s easy and quick to start calling prospects and load them into their lead manager, which allows you to create calling lists and custom workflows.

What differentiates MoJo: Along with their prospecting tools, you can also reap the benefit of comprehensive scheduling tools. Plus, if you love integrations, MoJo offers a staggering amount of them, including tools like BoomTown, Wise Agent, LionDesk, and more!

Best for: Agents looking for a dialer

Starting at: $99/mo

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14. Happy Grasshopperhappy grasshopper logo

Top features: Happy Grasshopper is a unique solution to agent attraction, lead conversion, and past client messaging. They offer highly personalized drip campaigns that focus on steady relationship building through email, text, ringless voicemails, and even handwritten letters!

While their messaging is automated, it’s anything but robotic. They value emulating your voice in their campaigns, and you’re involved in every step of creation to infuse your brand. Each message also has a P.S. line to include a personal message or links. 

What differentiates Happy Grasshopper: The Happy Grasshopper Control Panel is where you’ll upload your contacts, view ongoing conversations and reports, and track performance metrics. You’ll always know which of your outreach strategies are landing and which need to be reworked. 

Best for: Solo agents & new agents

Starting at: $97/mo

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Leads are the lifeblood of any business as they help provide a steady flow of predictable revenue. However, some lead gen methods are more effective than others. The type of real estate leads you buy may vary depending on the type of business you are operating. Here are some of my favorite picks:


15. REDXredx logo

Best features: REDX is a popular prospecting and lead management tool, one that our agents have been singing the praises of for years. Their biggest advantages are their power dialer and pre-verified leads. It’s perfect for experienced agents looking for pages of quality lead data.

REDX sources its data from various databases. You can simply subscribe to the type of lead you want: expired listings, FSBOs, FRBOs, pre-foreclosures, and GeoLeads for circle prospecting. You get every bit of information you need to start calling prospects!

What differentiates REDX: Their built-in power dialer has single and multiline capabilities for even quicker cold-calling. REDX wants to see you succeed, offering tons of customer support and REDX Bootcamp to improve your prospecting skills. 

Best for: Agents on a budget

Starting at: $59.99/mo

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16. SmartZipsmartzip logo

Top features: SmartZip is, as the name suggests, an AI-powered lead management tool that uses data to its full potential in targeted marketing and referral strategies. Their predictive analytics finds homeowners looking to sell in the next year, but what makes SmartZip unique is their focus on local data for farming agents.

SmartZip’s proprietary algorithm collects data on prospects from over 24 different sources. It uses property, behavioral, demographic, and consumer data to predict candidates looking to sell. These local insights are sure to add value to farming strategies anywhere. With their marketing tool, Smart Targeting, you get complete control over your marketing, but they’ll also shoot you AI-driven suggestions. 

What differentiates SmartZip: A highlight feature for farming agents is Reach150. This provides an automated process for generating reviews and referrals from past clients, which is sure to accelerate your growth!

Best for: Solo agents & new agents

Starting at: $250/mo

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17. Easy Agent Proeasy agent pro logo

Top features: Easy Agent Pro offers LeadSites, websites designed to capture leads and accommodate modern lead gen sources like PPC ads and content marketing. They offer a superb platform for marketing, brand awareness, and lead generation!

Each website is equipped with iHomeFinder IDX and over 25 different site templates to fully customize your LeadSite to your brand. Not able to fill up your website on your own? They provide 2 pre-written blog articles every week to improve SEO. Ninja IQ is also there to grade and improve your site traffic. 

What differentiates Easy Agent Pro: A staple of their service is their many apps, which offer anything from landing pages to autoresponders to testimonial pages. There’s even a CMA tool!

Best for: New agents

Starting at: $179/mo

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18. VoicePadvoice pad logo

Best features: VoicePad is a unique lead gen service that offers “curbside lead generation,” focusing on capturing real buyers driving around looking for listings. 

VoicePad creates a unique phone number and text code for you to put on your lawn signs. When prospects call or text that number, they’re provided with property information (including audio presentations and narrated virtual tours!), and agent(s) will be notified over text, phone, and email that someone is interested.

What differentiates VoicePad: Struggling with scheduling open houses that work for your market? VoicePad offers an “Open House Everyday” feature just for that. Rather than relying on one open house event, buyers can request an open house tour, and the call is routed to an available agent. On Demand Reception even provides an automated receptionist and call router on standby. 

Best for: Solo agents

Starting at: $79/mo

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19. Catalyze AIcatalyzeAI

Top features: Catalyze AI is another platform that uses predictive analytics to identify which leads have the highest inclination to sell shortly. What makes them distinct is their focus on inherited properties and the sheer number of quality, exclusive leads you can get with a month-to-month contract.

Catalyze AI uses over 400 million data points to increase your chances of converting leads by combining event-driven, real-time, historical, and behavioral data. You’ll have access to a 50-mile radius, and they boast a whopping 40% prediction accuracy to sell.

What differentiates Catalyze AI: You’ll be granted immediate access to your dashboard to track and manage incoming leads—including all the above-mentioned data points. Plus, you can export these leads to any CRM of your choice.

Best for: Solo agents on a budget

Starting at: $120/mo

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20. Boostable.mediaboostable logo

Top features:’s big focus is revenue-driving technology. They provide you with a consistent and repeatable marketing process and funnels complete with Facebook ads, landing pages, follow-up emails, and nurture campaigns. gives you a comprehensive content calendar that follows a five-step marketing system: blog content, newsletters, videos, social media posts, and SMS text follow-ups. Consistent use of this process can turn into thousands of leads per month! Campaign performance is fully available on their simple dashboard, too.

What differentiates If you’re a new agent looking to start building your business, provides everything you need to instantly boost revenue!

Best for: Solo agents on a budget

Starting at: $67/mo

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21. Offrsoffs-logo-on-white

Best features: Offrs is another platform that uses a proprietary algorithm to comb through properties and homeowners to find you highly qualified seller leads—the most used leads of top-producing agents. Moreover, they offer great digital and print marketing tools, along with customizable plug-and-play ads. 

With Offrs, you pick an exclusive ZIP code for lead generation and set their Smart Data tool to work. It’ll provide you with a comprehensive dashboard that displays all the data they’ve gathered on properties and leads. 

What differentiates Offrs: They offer lead data and automated marketing tools through Smart Apps, so you can leverage as many tools as you want whenever you want. It’s very customizable and intuitive for any user!

Best for: Solo agents

Starting at: $300/mo

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Marketing Software

Adapting to different real estate landscapes and economic environments is crucial to keeping your marketing strategy afloat as the market changes. You should look for a marketing company that can weather the storm with you. Here are some of my favorite picks for best real estate software:


22. OutboundEngineoutbound logo1

Top features: OutboundEngine is an all-in-one digital marketing service. They’ll create full campaigns so you don’t have to, and they also offer a CRM with lead scoring and a website with a custom domain.  Many realtors don’t have the time or expertise to market themselves, so giving it away to the experts is a great decision.

In the beginning, their marketing strategists will internalize your brand and connect your social media and review sites to their systems. From there, they’ll maximize your presence online through email newsletters, social media posts, landing pages, website content, and more. OutboundEngine also assists follow-up with real-time alerts on the OutboundEngine app and follow-up templates. 

What differentiates OutboundEngine: For the website, the Listings Pro feature provides an IDX search portal built right in. It’s also mobile-friendly and fully integrated with their app.

Best for: Solo agents

Starting at: $199/mo

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23. ReminderMediareminder media logo

Best features: ReminderMedia specializes in relationship and referral marketing through custom magazines, branded web content, postcards, and online lead gen. Their content is perfect for building your sphere of influence.

Looking to boost referrals from someone’s coffee table? They’ll create a 48-page, bimonthly magazine fitted with seven articles on topics of your choice, which includes your branding and a personalized letter. They also send out biweekly branded email newsletters featuring virtual and in-person events. 

What differentiates ReminderMedia: Another benefit of ReminderMedia is its library of social media posts that you can search through. They offer a Facebook Scheduler so you can create your complete content calendar, and all campaigns are connected to your CRM.

Best for: Solo agents & small teams

Starting at: $299/mo

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24. Parkbenchparkbench logo

Top features: If you’ve ever wanted to use your real estate business to benefit your community, Parkbench is the perfect place to do so! They’ll build you a hyperlocal online platform that allows you to promote local businesses through reviews and interviews. In turn, these businesses can act as referral sources for you. Parkbench can make you a visible leader in your community.

What differentiates Parkbench: Parkbench gives you exclusive access to your neighborhood. From there, it’s up to you to reach out to community leaders and influencers to build your referral stream. Don’t get us wrong! Parkbench won’t throw you to the wolves; you’ll have a strong network of support and training, like live coaching and interview training. 

Parkbench focuses on personalizing real estate marketing and enriching local communities at the same time. 

Best for: Teams & indy brokers

Starting at: $291/mo

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25. Audienceaudience logo

Best features: We’re big fans of Audience. Many have ditched direct mail in favor of digital marketing, but they still realize the value of personalized, handwritten letters. Their machines replicate human penmanship with messages written by you, and each one comes with a scannable QR code for real-time tracking. 

Audience takes care of lead gen, and letters are only sent to the most targeted leads from their location-based database—of course, this includes your existing clients. They provide you with email and Linkedin profile information, and they send automated follow-up messages to both after letters have been sent. 

What differentiates Audience: Along with these services, you get text templates, graphics, and an app for sending one-off messages. You’ll even have your own account manager for quick service and support. Truly a unique service worth trying out!

Best for: Teams & indy brokers

Starting at: $995/mo

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The right IDX plug-ins can make your website stand out. And with technology growing every day, there certainly are a lot to choose from. A solid marketing plug-in can function as your company’s personal MLS solution, helping you pull in new real estate prospects – plus a slew of data to make more informed business decisions. Here are some of my favorite picks:


26. IDX Brokeridx broker logo

Best features: Looking for a great IDX website? Why not go to the source? IDX Broker offers their widely used, advanced home search tools along with a personal website of their very own. It’s fully customizable, as it’s built through WordPress, and you can keep your site if you ever choose to end services with them.

Their sites feature Omnibar search, allowing a customizable home search. Each site is also equipped with Home Atlas, adding a custom map for listings. You have complete control over lead capture to decide whether you want forced site registration or a more passive approach for capturing visitor information.

What differentiates IDX Broker: IDX Broker also allows you to add a tab to your Facebook page called “Featured Listings.” This means Facebook users don’t even need to leave the site to view your properties!

Best for: Teams & indy brokers

Starting at: $50/mo

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27. RealSavvyrealsavvy logo

Top features: RealSavvy builds you an IDX website, allowing you to customize its content without worrying about the tech side. You’ll also get a branded mobile app and CRM to go with it!

The stand-out feature of their websites is collaborative IDX. Want to turn your website into a social space? RealSavvy allows users to create their own Home Boards in a Pinterest-style way, and visitors can interact and collaborate with one another. Sit back and enjoy the boosted site traffic and extensive data you’ll get from this tool!

What differentiates RealSavvy: Their CRM also has an activity feed so you can see what properties users are engaging with the most. They even provide automated lead routing for teams!

Best for: Solo agents

Starting at: $299/mo

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There are a few core things that are absolute must-haves you need to be thinking about for your real estate website. There are thousands of features out there, and it can get overwhelming when comparing – but relax – you don’t need ALL the features. Here are some of my favorite picks:


28. AgentFireAgentFire-Header-Logo

Best features: AgentFire is the perfect website solution for those looking to build their local brand. Their websites are WordPress-built, using the Showcase IDX plug-in. You have the option to customize the website yourself or have it completely done for you. An AgentFire website fits whatever model you’re using, and you own your website!

Websites are meant to target a hyperlocal community, and many tools are offered to help farming efforts. Home Junction lets you create community pages with tons of local information and news for visitors to engage with. Their lead magnets and landing pages are great, too.

What differentiates AgentFire: If all of the above is not enough, they have paid add-ons called Power-Ups, including customizable maps, home valuation tools, and copywriting services to fill your website with content. 

Best for: Agents on a budget

Starting at: Free trial to $2,499

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29. Chimechime crm

Top features: Chime works to provide you with pre-built tools so you can get started in no time. Their all-in-one solution includes a great IDX website, feature-rich CRM, and lead gen suite. With Chime, you’re investing in tons of tools to grow your business!

Chime websites are IDX-enabled, easily customizable, SEO-friendly, and fully mobile accessible. Their home search is a key feature here, offering tons of neighborhood data and advanced school district searches. They have excellent landing page options, including showing requests, home valuation, mortgage calculators, and more to draw in prospects.

What differentiates Chime: All website activity is loaded into their CRM, and what a CRM it is! This backend is loaded with different features: customizable drip campaigns, a three-line dialer, an AI assistant, transaction management, and more. 

Best for: Teams

Starting at: $499/mo

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30. PlacesterLogo_Placester

Top features: Placester is a website builder with a ton of potential at great value. You’re provided with an IDX-enabled, fully customizable website along with digital marketing tools. They even offer a neat discount for NAR members!

Placester gives you free rein to create and customize as many pages as you want with an easy-to-use editor and tons of different templates. A great feature is their modules, like property search, CTAs, and pop-up lead captures. Their lead capture tools are top-notch and fully integrate with whatever CRM you prefer.

What differentiates Placester: If you need help building your website, you can outsource tasks through the Placester Marketplace and have an expert take care of things for you. This is especially helpful for solo agents who don’t have any time to improve their websites. 

Best for: Teams & brokers

Starting at: $64/mo

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31. iNCOMincom logo

Top features: iNCOM is a great solution for building your presence online. They’re equally a website builder, lead generation tool, and marketing tool, all packaged in agent-friendly software. They’re one of the few solutions that don’t require a long-term contract, either. 

iNCOM’s IDX capabilities are stellar, and they also offer customizable map searches. A unique feature of their sites is, because they’re mobile-friendly, mobile visitors can use their phone location to narrow down listings. iNCOM provides a ton of pre-made content to start filling up your website, including a real estate news feed and lead capture tools (mortgage calculators, buyer/seller guides, etc.).

What differentiates iNCOM: Along with their PPC ads, ReCall Marketing can lure leads back to your website. They even provide SEO marketing assistance to get traffic to your website.

Best for: Small teams & solo agents

Starting at: $100/mo

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32. Ylopoylopo logo

Best features: People have been singing the praises of Ylopo, and their success speaks for itself! Ylopo has you covered with a branded website and dynamic marketing tools. 

Ylopo websites are uniquely built through Squarespace, allowing you to create a beautiful, polished website sure to attract visitors. Plus, each agent in your team gets their own microsite, and lead captures go straight to your CRM. Ylopo’s team will also fill sites with infographic-style blog articles that are synced to social accounts. 

What differentiates Ylopo: Ylopo has you covered with dynamic Facebook ads that are connected to your MLS. The best feature is Listing Rocket, which detects when you have a new listing and updates your ads automatically. Plus, they have Mission Control, a dashboard that shows you how much you’re spending on campaigns and allows you to modify them. 

Best for: Teams & indy brokers

Starting at: $295/mo

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Other Real Estate Software Tools:

33. Wise PelicanWise-Pelican

Top features: Realtors are all familiar with postcards, and while they’re a bit dated, they remain a powerful marketing tool for a low price. Wise Pelican understands this. They’ll send out custom, personalized postcards to your prospects and clients; there’s no minimum order and they’re less than a dollar to send each.

They offer a list builder to create contact lists based on address, subdivision, or a drawn area on a map. Even better, Wise Pelican provides hundreds of premade postcard templates that you can modify to your heart’s content. These include “Just Listed,” “Just Sold,” and expired listing cards. 

What differentiates Wise Pelican: A nifty feature is the ability to track your postcards through the USPS system. They also scrub your own list through the USPS National Change of Address database.

Best for: Solo agents

Starting at: 77 cents/postcard

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34. Agentlyagently logo

Best features: Agently is the only virtual real estate coaching platform out there, and it’s super useful for new agents building good habits. They offer plenty of tools, too: online marketing, CRM, a personal website, scheduling tools, and a smart transaction manager. 

Their automated coaching is complete with daily guidance and prospecting ideas to reach a financial goal you’ve set. Your accountability partner will give you daily encouragement to keep you motivated. But they don’t just walk the walk. They’ll give you the materials you need to complete your tasks, allowing you to pick from social templates and premade ads.

What differentiates Agently: They even have a property description generator, where you add a few details about a listing, and their AI will provide you with several description options. 

Best for: Agents on a budget

Starting at: $59/mo

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Deciding on which tools to add to your real estate toolkit is a critical part of growing your business. With so many tools to help you elevate your approach, finding the ones that are right for you can be overwhelming. Agents need to consider real estate CRM software, accounting software, management software, and any other low cost tools that can help boost sales. 

I’m here to help. Built by agents for agents, Agent Advice finds the perfect software tools that every agent needs to succeed. I hope this list of features and pricing provided you with the insight you need to make an informed decision on which real estate software you’ll invest in this year.

About the Author

Jim Gray got licensed in 2013 and sold 57 houses in his first year. Over the next 6 1/2 years he went on to sell 437 homes with a small team. He went on to manage the lead generation department of the 13th largest expansion team at Keller Williams and designed lead generation and conversion systems for 60 agents in 7 locations in 4 states that drove 600 home sales in a 2 year period. Jim currently does real estate team development and coaching for some of the largest real estate teams in the country.

Last Updated: 2/8/2024