The 7 Best Real Estate Marketing Companies to Boost Your Business in 2024

Jim Gray, Lead Generation Expert6/13/2024

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I personally know that marketing is one of the most important pieces to being a successful realtor, building your brand, and asserting yourself as a leader in your community. 

And of course, it’s not easy, or everyone would be doing it well already! Luckily, new tools can help busy agents keep their existing clients happy while expanding their business. I have spent hundreds of hours comparing and ranking the best real estate marketing companies based on a comprehensive comparison of features, price points, and return on investment. Here are the very best real estate marketing companies to save you time and help you boost your business:

The Best Real Estate Marketing Companies

Best for Listing Presentations:


Top Features

: Insights provide cues and reminders for your target audience

Why I chose it as the best real estate marketing company for listing presentations: HighNote is super easy to use, and is specifically designed with real estate agents and brokerages in mind. It is a versatile presentation builder that has helped thousands of agents get listings, win offers, market their properties, recruit agents, and stay in touch with their clients.

With the presentation builder template, you can simply drag-and-drop materials into HighNote, get a customizable link to your presentation, and deliver a unique experience to your lead or client. There are also millions of icons, animations, and images to complete your presentation and make you stand out. 

One of the most impressive things about HighNote is the insights it provides. The system will tell you what your target audience is interested in, and when they are interested in seeing or reviewing the presentation (time of year/day, etc.). HighNote also provides cues reminding you when to follow up with prospects, which is a game changer when you are looking to build a brand or grow your business. 

Pre-listing and Listing presentations: Rather than sending an email with multiple attachments, the HighNote presentation is easy to read and follow, and the analytics provide real-time insights on when your presentation is opened and what potential sellers are truly interested in.

Offers: Offers designed with HighNote are known to help agents and their buyers beat stronger offers simply because they make the agents and buyers look more credible. 

Property Marketing: Rather than filling a brochure filled with inserts, the property marketing templates are easy to read and follow, and can be customized on the fly. The real-time insights also enable you to react and adjust as needed in follow-up conversations.

Recruiting: Finding new agents is absolutely vital and using a recruiting template enables you to showcase what makes your brokerage truly special in a top notch, professional format that shows off your brand and builds awareness. 

Post Close: You can use HighNote to deliver closing documents and information on what to do after your clients take possession. In that same template you can also then ask for testimonials instead of having to send a follow-up email afterwards.  

What differentiates HighNote from other marketing companies: The software was designed from the ground-up by real estate agents who felt there was a gap in the industry’s current marketing materials. HighNote also addresses the needs of the team leader/brokerage, who don’t always have the time or resources to build customized presentations for each and every agent. 

Best for: Brokerages & teams


  • Price: 5/5
  • Customer support: 3/5
  • Integration ability: 1/5
show more Pros
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Web builder
  • Versatile with many applications
  • Analytics are super helpful with suggested text responses Cons
  • No CRM features
  • No way to integrate with other software
  • Can’t upload videos into HighNote directly

Best for Social Media Leads: Market Leader


Top Features

: Website builder, marketing automation, Network Boost (social media lead gen)

Why I chose it as the best marketing company for social media leads: Market Leader is an all-in-one solution with marketing automation, CRM, lead generation, a website builder and more. While each of these components on their own may not stand out quite as much, the combination has truly helped them become a well-oiled machine. They are really shining in the social media lead gen space with their new add-on, Network Boost, an exclusive social media lead generation tool that gets you an average of 30 leads every month. The extra social leads they bring in, combined with all of their automation tools makes them stand out, and is why they get best for social media leads for a real estate marketing company. 

Their lead generation is unique in that you are given a certain number of leads in your desired area, and on top of that you can bring in even more exclusive (for you and only you) social media generated leads with their Network Boost. We are talking an average of 30 leads for just $300, every month in the city/cities you choose to target. Knowing you will have this many more leads a month is great, but can feel a little overwhelming to manage, especially in the beginning. Luckily with Market Leader that is all taken care of. They create, manage, and optmize the leads with their digital advertising experts. But wait there’s more, they also automatically nurture the leads through their system, and you can view all of the campaigns activity through the CRM. 

Another thing we like about Market Leader is that you get a client-facing, IDX-enabled website. It is customizable with a drag-and-drop website builder that includes dozens of widgets and page templates to add. You also get integrated lead capture options, which are important for your nurture strategy. Don’t forget their websites connect directly to their CRM, helping keep you organized and on track. 

The CRM also includes the Marketing Center to contact leads immediately, including automated email, print, and social media campaigns. If you want to take advantage of those extra social media leads with Network Boost, all of those leads will populate in there too, making managing all of them a breeze. For those of us, or should I say all of us, trying to work on the go, they have a mobile app to make that easier as well. 

What differentiates Market Leader from other marketing companies: It is a great fit for any one looking for that all-in-one solution to bring you more social leads while streamlining the management process through automation tools, and a team that helps set you up for success every step of the way. Solo agents can really benefit from their lead volume commitment of real estate leads, helping you grow every month. 

Best for: Small teams & brokers


  • Price: 3/5
  • Customer support: 5/5
  • Integration ability: 5/5
show more
Market Leader Pros
  • Add-on services
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead volume commitment
  • Full CRM and website integration
Market Leader Cons
  • Basic functionality
  • Web development tool may not be advanced enough for some agents

Best Accountability Tool for Realtors: Agently


Top Features

: Virtual coach who provides actionable tasks daily

Why I chose it as the best accountability tool for realtors: Agently is the first AI-powered coaching & marketing platform for real estate agents. It allows you to automate your marketing, lead generation, and social media in just a few clicks. Agents can now personalize all of their social media templates starting with the general message you want to upload to your feed. You can then make changes to fit your brand and send it out to all of your contacts or upload a list of new prospects.

Agently also has the ability to create and manage a single property customizable website for each of your listings. The websites are designed to generate real estate leads, and are tailored to each specific available property. It allows leads to ask you questions about the properties they are interested in without all of the clutter. The lead’s contact information and questions can integrate straight into Agently’s CRM so they can be easily managed.

If you want to take the listing info and turn it into a flyer, Agently also specializes in personalized brochures. Those are automatically created the moment you create a new listing in the system.

The AI powered property description generator is also a game changer. You just fill out the required info about your new listing, like the price and number of bedrooms, etc. The generator will then allow you to click through several options to find the description that best fits the property. This feature alone can save you a lot of time and money as some agents pay a service just for property descriptions.

What differentiates Agently from other real estate marketing companies: Agently also comes with a virtual mentor who provides a list of actionable tasks you need to follow daily in order to reach your real estate goals.

Best for: New solo agents


  • Price: 4/5
  • Customer support: 5/5
  • Integration ability: 2/5
show more
Agently Pros
  • Offers 7-day free trial
  • AI powered property description generator
Agently Cons
  • Not many integration options
  • No mobile app

Best Marketing for Lead Generation: Real Geeks


Top Features

: Can be used for lead generation or stand alone CRM

Why I chose it as the best marketing tool for lead generation: Real Geeks is an end-to-end solution for an agent that supports all facets of internet-driven lead generation. Real Geeks uses three main components: SEO-friendly, custom branded, MLS integrated agent websites, full CRM capabilities, and done-for-you-lead generation. Lead creation and lead nurturing through client creation and past client follow-up are what you’ll get. Essentially, you can write Real Geeks a check and have an entire web presence, inbound lead flow, and CRM management. 

Real Geeks is a real estate marketing company whose primary focus is to generate leads at scale. Real Geeks provides an IDX-connected website, complete with lead capture-optimized landing pages. By running ads on popular social media platforms and using Google to drive traffic to your site, Real Geeks focuses on getting as many paid leads into your customer relationship manager (CRM) as possible.

What differentiates Real Geeks from other marketing companies: Real Geeks isn’t the Swiss Army knife of real estate marketing companies. They don’t offer a dozen different services like some of the other providers on our list. They do, however, generate leads really well. They provide real estate agents with the opportunities they need to start a lead on a nurturing journey that will ultimately end at the closing table.

Best for: Teams & brokers, solo agents with a larger budget


  • Price: 4/5
  • Customer support: 5/5
  • Integration ability: 4/5
show more
Real Geeks Pros
  • Easy and fast set up of core elements
  • Agent websites look really, really good
  • Quick turnaround
Real Geeks Cons
  • Agent driven lead location verification required
  • Zero transparency on media spend

Best for Postcard Marketing: ProspectsPLUS!

Prospects Plus Logo

Top Features

: Mailing lists can be separated by geography, demographics, or lifestyles for specific campaigns

Why I chose it as the best company for postcard marketing: ProspectsPLUS! is a direct response marketing and management company that offers personal marketing and business development solutions for real estate professionals nationwide. They are a top provider of web-to-print direct mail systems, small and large postcards, door hangers, folders, tri-fold brochures, just listed announcements, branded sales advice articles, in-house printing, and fulfillment services.

It’s become a best in class marketing solution for agents and one of the easiest ways to send real estate postcards. ProspectsPLUS! has 1000’s of fully customizable real estate marketing templates and targeting options. Agents can build targeted mailing lists, create postcards, door hangers, flyers, magazines and more in just a matter of minutes. They can then easily schedule a mailing or create monthly campaigns that are automatically mailed to verified home-owners in your geographic farm area.

They’ve differentiated themself in the real estate industry by providing content written for real estate professionals by real estate professionals to help agents and brokers streamline and systemize their business processes and marketing. The postcard company uses multiple data management and demographic tracking tools that allow agents to create lists of targeted potential buyers and sellers to effectively match their marketing messages to the marketing segments they most want to work with.

What differentiates ProspectsPLUS! from other real estate marketing companies: ProspectsPLUS! has been helping Real Estate Agents get more listings and stay in touch with their sphere of influence for more than 20 years. When registering, agents can get a $25 gift card to use towards their first purchase. 

Best for: Solo agents on a budget


  • Price: 5/5
  • Customer support: 3/5
  • Integration ability: 1/5
show more
ProspectsPLUS! Pros
  • Fully customizable templates
  • Relatively cheap marketing solution
  • Over 5000 positive customer reviews
  • Schedule and go ability is unmatched
ProspectsPLUS! Cons
  • Does not sync with MLS data
  • Product catalog can be overwhelming

Best for Video Marketing: BIGVU


Top Features

: Creating short videos for social media, easy to create closed captioning

Why I chose it as the best company for video marketing: The BIGVU Teleprompter and Captions platform allows you to do just that with ease and confidence. Whether you’re not sure what to say on camera, worried about stumbling over your words, or have zero video editing capabilities, the BIGVU app has you covered. 

The BIGVU AI scriptwriter crafts personalized scripts for your videos in seconds, so you don’t have to worry about writer’s block. The scriptwriter will also create tons of ideas and personalized scripts so that you have a variety of videos to choose from. 

Using the teleprompter, you can read the script while simultaneously recording. The teleprompter keeps you at eye level with the camera, reading at the pace you choose, and ensuring that you speak clearly and confidently. You can use the AI trimming tool to make editing quick and easy to get it uploaded the same day. The app also generates automatic captions with the click of a button. The trendy and eye-catching subtitles are perfect for clients who are viewing your videos without sound too.

At the end you can add your interactive business card to the video with all of your contact details, so that leads know exactly where to find you. In addition to that, BIGVU creates a branded landing page for your video, giving you that professional edge. And once you hit publish to share across all your social networks, you can login to see the analytics of the demographics of who is watching. 

What differentiates BIGVU from other real estate marketing companies: Thousands of realtors use BIGVU to create social media content, listing videos, and brand themselves as experts online. But the true power of the platform is the automation of so many time-consuming tasks, all in one place. Wherever you are—on the go or at home—you can create eye-catching videos from your mobile phone or laptop in minutes. 

Best for: Solo agents & small teams


  • Price: 5/5
  • Customer support: 3/5
  • Integration ability: 3/5
show more
  • Available on mobile and web browser
  • Great analytics
  • All in one platform- AI scripting, teleprompter, editing and social media share
  • Web & mobile interfaces are different
  • Editing can be difficult for long videos
  • Takes time to discover all the features

Honorable Mentions

I had a high bar in picking the best of the best companies to buy real estate leads for agents. These tools didn’t make the cut (frankly, they’re not as great as my top picks – but were also considered).

Lighter Side of Real Estate


Top Features

: Pre-written articles you can put your brand on, memes that can be personalized

Why I chose it: Lighter Side of Real Estate is basically turn-key content marketing. 

It gives you access to a massive library of content you can use for your own real estate business, making it easy to copy/paste proven content. Perhaps most importantly, you can add your own branding to every piece of content.

They have two types of content in their libraries: memes (for social media) and articles, although they also have other kinds of content. 

You’ll get access to over 2,000+ scroll-stopping memes that you can personalize easily. You can schedule in advance, and since their memes combine real estate with pop culture, holidays, and trends, you’ll always have a relevant reason to post. This is great for solo agents. It keeps it quick and easy since they’re already juggling so many tasks.

They also offer 1,600+ pre-written articles that cover basically every real estate topic. All you have to do is just choose one, share it, and their system will add your branding. Same thing also goes for their email and letter templates. You can skip the hard work and get access to their 230+ pre-written email and letter templates including introduction letters, outreach campaigns, holiday cheer and more.

I love that they also offer direct mail marketing options that are already done for you. You can get branded booklets that are pre-written, in-depth guides for common real estate situations. Give them to potential clients to prove your authority and knowledge in the space while gaining their trust.  You can also use their postcard templates, which can be powerful in the right marketing campaign. 

The Lighter Side of Real Estate team also recognizes the importance of having a place to exchange ideas, advice (and referrals!) from your peers who are makin’ moves in the industry. With their exclusive Facebook group, you can get support, and some encouragement from other realtors. If you aren’t on a team you can collaborate with, this setup is especially great.

What differentiates The Lighter Side of Real Estate from other marketing companies: If you’re looking for some turn-key content, The Lighter Side of Real Estate is a good option. Their lighthearted approach to helping your branding is what I love most. They offer a multitude of avenues to market yourself, but it should feel more like you’re creating playful banter which is a nice change of pace.

Best for: Solo agents who use social media often


  • Price: 5/5
  • Customer support: 4/5
  • Integration ability: 3/5
show more
Lighter Side of Real Estate Pros
  • Saves time with pre-done content
  • Top-of-mind marketing approach so you stay relevant
  • “Fun” content brands you as an interesting, and personable, but still knowledgeable
Lighter Side of Real Estate Cons
  • You do have to select the specific content to represent your personality (no auto-posting on your behalf)
  • Ramp up time with their strategy


Top Features

: Hyperlocal, referral-generating platform

Why I Chose It: Parkbench is totally different from other real estate marketing services. How? You get (gold standard) referral leads, and they help you stand out from the pack and become a visible realtor in your community.  Parkbench grows your sphere of influence by promoting local businesses and relevant initiatives. It all happens through referrals, which is a great way to make yourself stand out locally.

With Parkbench, you create an online platform for an exclusive community, becoming a local leader. Rather than online leads or advertising, you’ll be able to promote and interview local businesses, and in turn, they’ll become strong referral sources for you. Your Parkbench site will offer news and special offers, and it also serves as an excellent lead-capture tool.

Finding ways to build lasting relationships in your community can be difficult, but it’s the primary focus of Parkbench’s platform. You pay a flat fee based on your market and selling price, but that means you can get as many leads and referrals as you can manage based on the connections you make. 

Once your initial interview is complete, Parkbench will create your online profile where you can share news, deals, interviews, and reviews. You’ll get a ton of support and coaching from the Parkbench team. They have a library of resources, interview training, and live coaching to ensure your success in building referrals. Best of all, these come at no additional cost to you.

The biggest advantage of Parkbench is its exclusivity. Parkbench only allows one agent per neighborhood, meaning you’re the only one operating in your area. You can focus on that community, enrich it, and relish the connections you’ll make. 

What differentiates Parkbench from other real estate marketing companies: Parkbench works to make real estate personal. It involves a large investment of time and money, but the results speak for themselves. They offer you an opportunity to network and create a fantastic foundation to build your business on.

Best for: Small teams & indy brokers


  • Price: 3/5
  • Customer support: 4/5
  • Integration ability: 3/5
show more
Parkbench Pros
  • Opportunity for strong referral relationships
  • Exclusive access to community
  • Tons of training materials
Parkbench Cons
  • Large investment of time
  • Only one agent per community


Top Features

: End-to-end CRM, website, and marketing solution

Why I Chose It: Elevate offers an all-in-one solution: a great CRM, an IDX capable website, and real estate marketing tools. And none of these tools are lacking when it comes to performance, either. The features compare well against some of the bigger players – but Elevate gives you all of that value for a reasonable price. 

With Elevate, you get automated social media, email, and text campaigns. Their workflows are designed to give you rich insights throughout the life cycle of the lead. You’ll be able to nurture past, present, and future clients with intelligent campaigns that engage them. 

The Elevate website offers IDX capabilities, meaning the content of the website is always relevant to visitors based on the MLS. The website’s interface is very consumer-friendly and offers several lead-capture opportunities. Their website even automates blog content for you every week, lending itself to great SEO potential. 

What differentiates Elevate from other real estate marketing companies: Once all is said and done, the data is stored in a powerful, intuitive CRM. Integrated into the CRM is the CMA Wizard. CMA Wizard allows you to easily create templated CMAs for clients. Plus, it comes with IDX integration, so updating your CMAs is easier than ever. All of your CMAs are stored in a database, too, meaning you can easily search for them later. 

Best for: Solo agents with a large budget


  • Price: 2/5
  • Customer support: 5/5
  • Integration ability: 5/5
show more
Elevate Pros
  • End-to-end real estate marketing solution
  • Intuitive interface
  • Tons of value at a solid price point
Elevate Cons
  • Must use their CRM for marketing tools
  • Performance tracking a bit limited

What to look for in a real estate marketing company & how to vet them

Do they specialize in real estate?

Real estate has different marketing demands than other industries do. A company that has a robust understanding of real estate will make them far more efficient than other options. Plus, the marketing strategy will be far more likely to integrate seamlessly with your existing business. 

You really should be starting with our list since a lot of effort has been made to make it the very best. But, if you’re looking to brave options that are not on the list above, start by looking at a company’s “About” page. Was the company developed by realtors? Was it created as a solution to real estate-specific problems? A “yes” to these questions are green lights that indicate an awareness of the audience you are targeting and which strategies work best. 

Ask for samples of old campaigns or work they have done in the past. There is no harm in doing some research before investing in a marketing solution. 

They have a strong track record

Reputation means everything in real estate!

Look for a company that you can trust and that has an established presence in the field. They will likely have the experience, staff, tools, and resources you need to hit the ground running. 

While you want to work with established experts, be sure that they are willing and ready to embrace new approaches. The market is not the same as it was ten years ago, and your marketing strategy should account for that. 

If they have them, read through testimonials and look at portfolios. These are the best tools you can lean on to get a sneak peek of the services you’ll receive. As always, explore external reviews, too. Word of mouth and peer recommendations are worth their weight in gold.

The company you work with should have a record of providing high-quality services. Ask for guarantees about lead quantity, quality, and exclusivity. These factors make a world of difference. Without them, you’re essentially wasting your money. 

Their strategies are in line with your vision

Marketing is a broad concept that employs various tactics and tools. The solution you go with should ensure that you have the flexibility and control to leverage strategies that align with your branding and existing efforts. 

Here are some marketing techniques you should keep an eye out for: 

If you’re looking to expand your social media outreach, opt for a solution that integrates with platforms like Facebook or Linkedin to distribute landing pages and contact forms. If you want your marketing efforts to have a personal touch, go for real estate social media marketing companies that allows you to customize your own landing pages, flyers, and newsletters. 

Whatever your preferred marketing solution is, pick real estate digital marketing companies that meet your needs.

Embrace new approaches

Just like you, marketing companies are competing for a client’s business. So, take advantage and let them sell to you!

Look for the qualities that make their services unique and strive to embrace the new tools and techniques they have to offer. This can make your campaign far more efficient and effortless, especially if it’s tech-based.  

For example, they might use machine learning to bolster their social media management or content engagement strategy, or partner with online content creation services to offer extensive templates and graphics options. They might even have a system to ensure your marketing voice is authentic, such as a dedicated success coach or professional copywriting services. 

Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll likely be met with a new and exciting way to elevate tried and true practices. 

Consistency is key 

Whatever strategy you use, the service you sign up with should guarantee consistent and measurable results. Even if it requires small changes at the very start, the system you have in place should produce regular numbers. Be on the lookout for services that generate numbers at the start and plateau, or worse, decline. 

Here are some telltale signs of a strong, consistent approach:

  • Proven, reliable ad campaigns with high engagement numbers 
  • Sequential email messaging that is automated, so leads are always being nurtured
  • Consistent analytics and reporting to keep you in the loop

Consistency makes it possible to have a strategy for now and later so that you can continue to optimize, grow, and scale your numbers up. 

Use real estate accounting software tools to make sure you’re staying within your budget, and can easily track your ROI.

Questions to ask a real estate marketing company before you work with them

How many real estate companies have you helped?

This question is important because you’ll be able to gauge their track record and prior experience. A marketing strategy should be based on a thorough understanding of the industry, the market, and target audiences. Looking for someone with an extensive background can help you feel confident that they can field any curve ball that comes their way. Obviously, the more real estate companies they’ve worked with, the higher your chance of success.

The answer you’re looking for: Your real estate marketing consultant should give you a straightforward answer on this that boils down to a number they can back up. Look for a company that has worked with 100+ clients in different markets. A mix of quantity and quality is always a safe bet. 

How would you approach a campaign for my company specifically?

This question is important because it shows that they don’t have a catch-all approach. No two real estate companies are the same, meaning their marketing solutions shouldn’t be the same either. Your strategy should be specific to your target market and budget. 

The answer you’re looking for:  Look for a response that engages with specific details about your needs, like the local market, your budget, and your preferences for outreach. If you prefer a traditional approach in a small town, they shouldn’t recommend an expensive digital campaign that targets users in urban areas.

Which specific marketing tactics have worked best for your clients in the past?

When it comes to success, it’s always better to show than it is to tell. This allows prospective agencies to show you their unique selling points and demonstrate the efficacy of their approach. You’ll also get a feel for their capabilities and differentiate their approach from others.

The answer you’re looking for: They should give you specific examples of strategies they’ve used before that have been successful based on a particular metric. Showing you a sample portfolio here is always a huge plus.

Why do you think we’d be a good fit for you?

You’ll be developing a relationship with the marketing team you choose, so you should be confident that it will be productive for both parties. Understanding the dynamic you will have is critical, especially if you have specific needs. For example, working with a brokerage or team focused agency may not be a good fit if you’re a solo agent. 

The answer you’re looking for: A solid response may include references to work with similar clients, demonstrate an understanding of your unique needs, or establish a holistic awareness of your long-term goals. 

How do your marketing strategies change in bear vs. bull markets?

Adapting to different real estate landscapes and economic environments is crucial to keeping your marketing strategy afloat as the market changes. You should look for a real estate marketing consulting company that can weather the storm with you. 

The answer you’re looking for:  Look for strategies and shifts in campaigns they have executed in response to a changing economy (especially buyers’ markets vs. sellers’ markets). They may have slowed or accelerated their approaches based on market needs and interests or leveraged data to help them make decisions about next steps. All of these are good indicators that their solutions are as dynamic as the market itself.  

Is it possible to work on a performance basis?

A performance-based contract can help you ensure that you see results from the agency you are working with. It guarantees that your money isn’t pooling in strategies that don’t work, which should be at the top of your real estate marketing expert’s priorities. 

The answer you’re looking for: While this may not be a pricing model all companies offer, it never hurts to ask. They may detail specifics about pricing for engagement, lead generation, or total return in the form of revenue or closing. 

What does the first month with your team look like?

Setting expectations and a plan to get the ball rolling on your new relationship is an important part of gauging what a long-term partnership will look like. It gives you insight into how an agency develops the first steps of its strategies and how they like to get things moving.

The answer you’re looking for: Look for a mix of situation assessment and strategizing. Ideally, your selected company or agency should prioritize understanding your needs before diving into determining how to launch a new campaign. Rushing into things may not generate the results you are hoping for, so look for a happy balance here.

When can I expect results?

Nothing good comes easy, but you should have a general understanding of when you can expect to see numbers change as a result of your investment in a campaign. This helps you manage expectations and hold your agency accountable to certain goals. It also allows you to determine if you are on the same page about what you want to see from the real estate advertising agencies you are working with.

The answer you’re looking for: Again, a happy medium is what you want here. Too quick, and they might be over-promising; too slow, and they may not be worth the investment. Strive to work with someone who offers realistic and reasonable expectations.

My Advice to You

jim gray headshotEarly in my career, I was struggling to attract leads and effectively market my listings. That’s when I decided to seek the help of a real estate marketing company. After conducting some research, I found a highly recommended agency known for its expertise in the industry.

I reached out to the marketing company and was immediately impressed by their professionalism and knowledge during our initial conversation. We discussed my goals, target audience, and the specific challenges I was facing. The company assured me that they could provide tailored marketing solutions to boost my online presence and generate quality leads.

Excited about the possibilities, I decided to partner with the branding company. We began by developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for me, including optimizing my website, creating engaging content, and implementing targeted advertising campaigns. The digital marketing agency for real estate also utilized social media platforms to showcase my listings and engage with potential buyers.

In just a few weeks, I started to notice a significant increase in website traffic and inquiries. The real estate digital marketing agency provided regular reports and analytics, allowing me to track the success of our efforts and make data-driven decisions. I was thrilled to see my listings gaining more visibility and attracting interested buyers.

Not only did the real estate digital marketing services help me improve my online presence, but they also provided valuable guidance on branding and reputation management. They emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong online reputation and provided strategies to garner positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients.

As a result of our partnership, I experienced a significant boost in my real estate business. The real estate marketing consultant’s expertise and dedication to my success were evident throughout our collaboration. I was grateful for their guidance and the impact they had on my career.


I personally spent hundreds of hours researching, scoring, and ranking the top real estate marketing companies to boost your business. I looked at everything from pricing and ease of use to the specific real estate industry features that are available. I’ve ranked and rated each marketing tool on 5 different factors to come up with the very best real estate marketing companies to boost your business. The short version of factors I considered are: 

  1. Cost: Not all real estate marketing companies are created equal, so it’s important to look at what’s included with your purchase. Some companies charge upwards of $300/month for outdated postcard and social media templates, which is why I take into account the price of the service and compare it to the features and extra resources provided to help each agent succeed.
  2. Features & user friendliness: Different real estate marketing companies come with different feature sets, some more important for teams than solo agents. Additionallyagents don’t have a lot of extra time to learn a complicated marketing plan, so the more it just works with their natural workflow, the better. That’s why I’ve rated the tools that are easier for agents to navigate without a tech team higher than the ones that are more complicated to use.
  3. Lead quality: Leads are the lifeblood of any business as they help provide a steady flow of predictable revenue. However, some marketing methods are more effective than others. The type of leads you need may vary depending on the type of business you are operating. Real estate agents want to be able to bring in an even mix of buyer and seller leads that will convert quickly – which is why this is a big factor I’ve considered.
  4. Customer support: Many real estate agents don’t have the time to fix technical glitches and/or don’t have access to a tech team, so customer support is very important. Whether you might need help setting up integrations or just to get the software up and running, customer support plays a big role in finding your ideal software—especially when it comes to a real estate marketing company that you’ll be using on a daily basis.
  5. Overall performance: At the end of the day, all marketing investments need to have a good ROI. I looked for how the features meet the specific needs of real estate agents and teams. Real estate agents need to build their brand in order to capture a market, and really scale their business.

Want more info? Check out the full methodology.

About the Author

Jim Gray got licensed in 2013 and sold 57 houses in his first year. Over the next 6 1/2 years he went on to sell 437 homes with a small team. He went on to manage the lead generation department of the 13th largest expansion team at Keller Williams and designed lead generation and conversion systems for 60 agents in 7 locations in 4 states that drove 600 home sales in a 2 year period. Jim currently does real estate team development and coaching for some of the largest real estate teams in the country.

Last Updated: 6/13/2024