4 Best Real Estate Schools in Kentucky (2023 Updated!)

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Kentucky real estate agents have ranked the very BEST real estate courses in Kentucky to make sure you start your new career right.  Want to see the full, in depth editor reviews for each school? Check out our 100% free guide to the best real estate schools in Kentucky (includes the latest 2023 pricing, reviews, pass rates, and more).

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Best Online Real Estate Schools in Kentucky

kentuckyAll across America, the housing market is experiencing a major boom. The south has experienced an especially inflated market due to increased migration from other states. Last year alone, homes in Kentucky experienced a 6.6% increase in their average value. But rising prices aren’t deterring buyers; in fact, home sales are on the rise too, with a 12% boost in the last year.

These numbers are projected to continue rising for the foreseeable future, which is why there has never been a better time to enter the market as an agent.

If you’re looking to get in on this, it’s important to know that a successful career path starts with your real estate education. That’s why getting inside knowledge from industry experts is crucial when deciding where to get your real estate license in Kentucky. In fact, making the right choice for your real estate school is one of the most important choices a new agent can make!

Our in-house real estate experts spent hundreds of hours researching, scoring, and ranking the top Kentucky real estate schools.  Our experts also took into account the ratings and reviews from thousands of Agent Advice agents who have taken the courses themselves.

We’ve ranked and rated each school on 8 different factors to come up with the very best real estate schools in Kentucky. Our full guide on how we rank courses is available here, but the short version of factors considered are: 

  1. Course value
  2. How easy the courses were to navigate
  3. If there were any technical glitches
  4. Return policies
  5. Overall performance of each school as a whole
  6. Reviews directly from agents who’ve attended the school

There are dozens of options (some of them not so great!), so we’ve taken the work off your plate by narrowing down the list to only the ones that scored high enough. Whether you’re dedicating yourself full time to your new career, are looking to fly through the courses quickly to get them over with, or are busy and looking to work through them when you have downtime, here is a list of the best online real estate schools in Kentucky you should consider.

  1. The CE Shop
  2. Colibri Real Estate
  3. Kaplan
  4. Kentucky Real Estate Academy

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The CE Shopce-shop-logo

Editor’s Score: A+

Since 2005, the CE Shop has been one of the nation’s most popular options for exclusively online real estate education. They offer courses centered around pre-licensing, exam prep, post-licensing, and continuing education. The school takes great pride in adhering to their core values, which include respecting others, giving back to the community, having fun, constantly improving, and maintaining clear, transparent communication with their students.

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The CE Shop offers 4 different study packages, with each one building on the last. The packages are:

  • Courses Only: This package only includes the 96 mandatory hours of pre-licensing education
  • Standard Package: Includes the same 96-hour course plus two exam prep courses, one for the state exam and one for the national exam.
  • Value Package: This course includes everything that the Standard Package does as well as a Business Building course that will prepare you for launching your career post-exam.
  • Premium Package: In addition to all the courses offered by the previous tiers, this package includes the 45 hours of post-licensing education required by the state.

ce-shop logo

All tiers include various study materials, including Ebooks written by real estate professionals, digital flashcards, the Real Estate Glossary, downloadable resources, and more.

Additionally, the CE Shop offers dozens of continuing education courses. Each course is only around 3-4 hours in length, and students can purchase these courses individually or in a convenient 6-hour bundle at a slightly discounted rate.

Pass rates:

The CE Shop delivers above average results on both the state and national portions of the final exam. Around 84% of their Kentucky students pass the national portion compared to the average of 74%. On the state portion, 69% of their students pass compared to an average of 58%.

The CE Shop Unit 1 Exam Screenshot


Students report that the courses deliver what they promise and provide all the necessary knowledge for passing the exam. They said the course was easy to navigate, and countless students praised the open nature of the courses which allowed them to work at their own pace around their personal schedules.

Negative reviews for The CE Shop are few and far between, and out of the small sample of displeased students, almost none complained about the content of the course. Instead, most of the poor reviews came from negative experiences surrounding the school’s refund policies, which many students found to be overcomplicated. Some reviewers also reported negative interactions with the school’s technical support line.

The perks of The CE Shop’s program include:

  • High Quality: The course not only provides a fully comprehensive real estate education, but it presents information in a manner that is engaging and easy to retain.
  • Flexibility: Due to the asynchronous nature of the course, students are free to work at their own pace and focus on their own strengths and weaknesses within the course instead of being bound to a class schedule.
  • Above Average Pass Rates: The school provides pass rates that are around 10% better than average for both the state and national portions.

The CE Shop Study Schedule Screenshot

The downsides:

  • Asynchronous Only: The school does not offer any in-person lessons, nor do they offer any livestream lessons. There’s not even an instructor line to contact if you get stuck on a topic. As such anyone who prefers personally focused education should look elsewhere.
  • Convoluted refund policy: With an unusual amount of requirements and variations depending on your course and location, the school’s policies claiming a refund into an arduous process.

Colorado pass rates

Refund Policy:

Students in Kentucky can claim a refund on pre-licensing and post-licensing courses within 30 days of purchase provided that they have completed less than 50% of the course. If you take the exam prep course as a standalone course, the refund must be requested before completing the initial assessment or within 30 days of purchase.

The school offers a pass or don’t pay guarantee, but there are a number of requirements that must be met before it can be claimed. The student must have completed the course’s exams on each topic 3 separate times with a score of 80% or higher. They also must have completed a minimum of 3 practice exams for the national exam, and another 3 for the state portion. Finally, you need to provide a copy of the exam receipt and a clearly dated copy of your exam results.

If the exam prep was purchased as a standalone course, you will receive a refund for your full purchase. If the exam prep was purchased as part of a package, only it will be eligible for a refund, not the full course. It’s also important to note that the pass or don’t pay policy is only valid for your first attempt at the exam.

The CE Shop ProsThe CE Shop Cons
Several study packages to choose fromOnly online option available
Interactive, easy to use platformComplicated refund policies
Recommendations and study aids Can be glitchy

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Colibri Real Estatecolibri real estate logo

Editor’s Score: A+

In their mission statement, Colibri Real Estate, formerly known as Real Estate Express, promises to provide a comprehensive, flexible education through multiple learning channels. The school was founded in 1996 and offers both pre-licensing and post-licensing courses. They claim to be the leading provider of real estate education with over half a million students served.

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Colibri Real Estate offers 4 separate tiers for asynchronous learning at various prices. From the cheapest to the most expensive, the packages are:

  • The Basics: Students who purchase this package will receive 96 hours of pre-license education plus 3 E-books by real estate professionals and access to a phone line where you can get support from a live instructor if you struggle with any concepts taught in the course. This package is best suited for those who are already have a solid foundation of knowledge in real estate and are looking for a quick refresher.
  • Exam Preparation: This tier includes exclusive exam prep materials in addition to all the content from the previous package. This course is best suited for those with a basic understanding of the principles of real estate whose main goal is just passing the final exams.
  • Exam Preparation Plus: Building on the Exam Preparation package, this tier adds the Live Exam Crammers series and the state-mandated 48 hours of post-license courses. This package also comes with the “Real Estate Dictionary”, a handy guide to real estate terminology, and access to a live Q&A session with an instructor where you can clear up any questions you have regarding the course or the real estate market as a whole. This package is especially well suited for students who prefer a more individually focused education.
  • Ultimate Learning: The final package combines the materials from Exam Preparation Plus with a printed textbook and an intensive 90-day boot camp. It also provides a 1-year membership for the school’s professional development program to help you build your career after you pass the exam. This package offers the most comprehensive education, covering everything from the most basic principles of the business to the point where students are ready to kickstart their own successful career in real estate.

The school also offers a variety of continuing education packages, which may be purchased in one of several discount packages or as individual courses.

Pass rates:

Unfortunately, no data is publicly available regarding the school’s pass rates in Kentucky. However, on a national scale, the school delivers a 78% percent pass rate, placing it far past the national average of roughly 50%.


Colibri Real Estate reviews are largely positive.

Positive reviews praised the course for delivering on all that it promised. They praised the instructors for being reliable and knowledgeable. They also highlighted the courses’ feedback system, which allows students to retry assignments so they can review the material and learn from their previous mistakes.

The majority of the negative reviews surrounding the school come from students who were unable to properly activate their account or navigate the course. These problems were especially present on mobile platforms. Others commented that the courses consist almost exclusively of plain text, noting that the failure to visualize concepts or provide engaging activities made the course a very dry read. Some students also reported confusion due to a relatively high number of typos and grammatical errors scattered throughout the materials.

Want to learn more? Check out more here.

Colibri Real Estate perks:

  • Affordable: Compared to similar real estate schools, Colibri Real Estate’s courses are slightly cheaper. It is not uncommon for them to host sales either, making their programs some of the most affordable courses around
  • Variety in packages: With 4 course tiers offering various levels of education, you are likely to find a program that is suited to your budget and learning style.
  • High pass rates: With a wide variety of study materials and frequent access to state-approved instructors to help you if you get stuck, the school offers a multitude of tools to give you the best possible chance at passing your exam.
  • Pass Guarantee: All packages except The Basics includes a “pass or don’t pay” guarantee, which makes the course a low-risk long term investment.

Real Estate Express Quiz 2 Screenshot

The downsides: 

  • Outdated study methods: Most of the school’s materials are delivered through text, failing to integrate engaging activities or take advantage of their digital platform. As such, students who struggle with focus issues may want to find a more interactive course.
  • Exclusively asynchronous: With no in-person or livestream options, the course is not well suited for the technologically challenged or anyone else who struggles with home-based learning.
  • No mobile compatibility: Not only does the school lack an official mobile app, but they have not provided mobile display for the browser. As a result, while the course is technically accessible on mobile via your preferred web browser, the display will be difficult to navigate and certain materials may be inaccessible.

Real Estate Express Career Support Screenshot

Return/Cancellation Policy

Colibri Real Estate offers a full refund within the first week of beginning a course or within the first month of purchasing it.

Additionally, for all tiers except The Basics, the school offers a pass or no pay guarantee, which allows students to claim a full refund should they fail the final exam after completing the course. To claim it, students must simply pass every practice exam in the prep course with a score of 80% or higher and provide the school with their notice of failure.

Colibri Real Estate ProsColibri Real Estate Cons
Easy to use Confusing study materials
Versatile study packagesNot specific for Florida licensing
Lots of guides and practice testsCan be glitchy

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Kaplankaplan logo

Editor’s Score: C+

Established in 1939, Kaplan is one of the oldest national providers of real estate education, having served hundreds of thousands of students over the past 80 years. They offer classes on pre-licensing, post-licensing, exam prep, and continuing education. Their marketing declares the school as the most flexible option for online RE education.


Kaplan offers 3 pre-licensing packages:

  • Real Estate Principles: This course includes the state mandated 96 hours of pre-license education, as well as access to live Interactive Study Groups and a support line where a live instructor can help you through the materials.
  • Real Estate Principles with Exam Prep: Expanding on the previous tier, this package includes 2 additional exam prep courses, one for the state portion and one for the national exam. These courses consist of hundreds of practice questions with customizable parameters that allow you to filter out the topics you’ve mastered and focus in on the ones that need work.
  • Career Launcher Package: In addition to all the materials offered in the previous package, this package includes Real Estate Accelerator, an intensive course centered around real-world applications of the principles of real estate. The course consists of an 8-hour training course and 8 weeks of coaching with an established real estate professional.

The school also offers dozens of post-licensing and continuing education courses which can be purchased in convenient 6-hour packages.

Kaplan Unit 1 OnDemand Course Screenshot

Pass rates:

No data is available for the statewide pass rate, but on a national scale, Kaplan delivers a pass rate of approximately 76%, placing them considerably higher than the national average.


Kaplan’s reviews are overall positive, with 4.2 stars on Trustpilot. Students praised the courses and said that the school was successful in preparing them for the final exam. The instructors were mentioned several times as being an extremely valuable resource, and many also praised the open nature of the course which allows students to work through the materials at their own pace. Several students outright stated they would recommend the school to a friend.

On the flip side, there were many complaints regarding the technological side of the program. There are frequent reports of glitches within the course, and several students stated that they were ultimately unable to complete their courses due to loading errors or problems with the submission of assignments. The problem is only made worse by school’s technical support line, with many reports describing long wait times and technicians who sometimes take days to solve problems. Even when the courses work properly, students complained that the outdated design of the course made navigating the material difficult.

Kaplan Unit Overview Screenshot

The strongest aspects of Kaplan’s program include:

  • High quality education: With a wide variety of courses, above average pass rates, and instructors on call, Kaplan has no shortage of resources to help you pass the exam and launch your career in real estate.
  • Diverse courses: With multiple packages available for exam prep, post-licensing, and continuing education, Kaplan’s education is highly customizable, allowing you to focus in on the information that you need instead of endlessly reviewing facts you already know.

Kaplan Unit 3 Learning Objectives Screenshot

Meanwhile, the biggest cons include:

  • Poor website design: Even if you can look past the outdated web design, Kaplan’s site is prone to glitches, and with a less than reliable technical support line, these issues can prove a major hinderance to your education.
  • High cost: At the time of writing, the school’s Career Launcher packet costs $629, which is over $100 more than the next most expensive course on this list.
  • Online Only: The school doesn’t hold any physical classes, and the online format may prove hard to handle for students who struggle with self-learning
  • 6-month deadline: Unlike the other courses on this list, which are available for 12 months after purchase, Kaplan’s is only available for half as long, reducing the benefits of the online format when it comes to time constraints and working at your own pace.

Kaplan Career Mentor Live Schedule Screenshot

Refund Policy:

Kaplan’s refund policies are much more forgiving than others in the industry. Regardless of which course is purchased, students have 30 days after payment to receive a refund unless the course is fully completed within those 30 days. Note that there is no pass or don’t pay guarantee.

For students who purchase the Career Launcher Package, should you need to reschedule any of your sessions with your coach, you may do so for free the first 3 times. Should anymore lessons be rescheduled, a fee will be collected for each session that gets moved. If you’re researching real estate schools in various states, we have lots of great guides, like our guide for real estate schools in Texas.


Also Considered:

Kentucky Real Estate Academykentucky real estate college

Editor’s Score: C

Kentucky Real Estate Academy was founded in 1999 as an in-person school, which they operated for 10 years before shifting to a digital platform. The school offers courses centering around pre-licensing, post-licensing, exam prep, and continuing education.


The school only offers one pre-licensing course, which delivers the 96 required hours across 11 modules. The course includes hundreds of flashcards and thousands of practice questions with instant feedback. They also provide access to both an email and phone line where you can contact instructors for support and advice relating to the course. They also offer a post-licensing course with all of the same perks, as well as a wide variety of CE courses.

The school also offers 3 exam prep courses; one for the state exam, one for the national exam, and a smaller third one that just focuses on the math portions of the exams. All of these courses start with an assessment which lets you know which topics you need to focus on. From here, students gain access to hundreds of additional flashcards, which they can then rank by difficulty to focus on the hardest questions. Finally, when the student thinks they’re ready, they can take the final, comprehensive practice exam, which covers every topic that the exam does and gives a generally accurate representation of what a student’s score on the actual final exam will be. Each of these courses can be purchased separately or bundled together for a sizeable discount.

man studying for licensing exam

Pass rates:

While Kentucky Real Estate Academy have never publicly disclosed their exact pass rates, their site claims that their pass rate is typically 20% higher than the state average, placing it at approximately 78%.


Reviews for the school are overwhelmingly positive. Students praised the course for being clear and comprehensive. Tons of praise were sent towards the school’s instructors, who many students credit as the single most valuable resource in their entire RE education. Many also praised the open, work at your own pace nature of the course.

Negative reviews for the school are almost non-existent, and the few that we did manage to scrape up are from students who simply felt that the online nature of the course was not compatible with their learning style. A few also complained that they didn’t feel fully prepared for the exam after completing the main licensing course without purchasing the exam prep.

woman studying on computer


Getting your education at the Kentucky Real Estate Academy has a lot of perks:

  • High quality education: Just in the main course, the school provides hundreds of flashcards, thousands of practice questions, and access to help lines with real estate professionals. And with the exam prep course multiplying the resource at your disposal, the school is almost guaranteed to prepare you for your exam and your future career.
  • High pass rates: With an average pass rate 20% higher than the state average, the school boasts one of the highest pass rates in the entire state.
  • More Individualized: Unlike other schools on this list, Kentucky Real Estate Academy is not a national program. They limit their market to Kentuckians, so they don’t have to spread their resources as thin. This allows instructors to work more closely with each student to give them a more individually focused education.

As for the downsides:

  • Lack of variety: The school only offers a single asynchronous pre-licensing course, so if that program doesn’t fit your learning needs or budget, then they have nothing else to offer.
  • High price: This school is only slightly cheaper than Kaplan, but considerably more costly than the other entries on this list. They offer a couple of options for payment plans but taking them results in an even higher final cost. This issue is only exacerbated by their strict refund policies.

woman studying

Refund Policy:

The school will only grant refunds within 2 weeks of purchase provided the student has not actually started the course. This means that if you start the course and decide it isn’t a good fit, you’re out of luck. The school also completely lacks a pass or don’t pay policy.


Now that we’ve reviewed all the pros and cons of Kentucky’s top real estate schools, all that’s left is for you to decide which one is the best. There’s no one objectively right answer; it all depends on you. You have to consider your budget, your schedule, your preferred style of learning, and dozens of other factors.

But always remember, wherever you go, the school is only half of the equation. You are the other half, and if you put in the time and work hard, you’ll be launching a lucrative real estate career in no time!

Chris Heller Headshot

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Chris Heller brings 27 years of experience in real estate. Chris serves on the AgentAdvice Editorial Board and is the Chief Real Estate Officer at OJO Labs. Chris brings deep expertise having held influential industry positions including CEO of mellohome and former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International.

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