How to Get a Oregon Real Estate License

man studying for licensing examDid you know that Oregon has no sales tax? Yes! That’s one of the reasons why people are flocking to the state. Besides that, this is also the land of Danny Glover, Tonya Harding, Kaitlin Olson, and James Beard the food expert. Speaking of food, you can easily get cheese, hazelnut, Chinook salmon, and other delicacies here.

Have you always been interested in having a real estate license in Oregon, well, today is your lucky day! The industry success stories are everywhere in the state, no matter where you go. Whether you’re looking to earn your license in Portland, North Bend, Salem, Eugene, or Albany. We will show you steps on how to get a license and help you simplify your way of getting it.

Step 1: What Are The Requirements for Salespeople?

Be eligible, first and foremost.

To qualify for a real estate salesperson’s license in Oregon, you need to meet these basic requirements set by the Oregon Real Estate Agency before proceeding. You must:

  • Be at least 18 years or older
  • Be a citizen of the USA or a legal alien
  • You must hold a high school diploma (GED) or equivalent
  • Pass a background check that involves you submitting your fingerprints

Reciprocity 🤝

If you’re already a licensed real estate salesperson in another state and you’d like to expand to Oregon, the state permits full reciprocity with current  Licensees holding an active real estate broker license in the following states:

  • Alabama,
  • Alberta (Canada)
  • Georgia
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota

You just need to confirm the following before you can apply for a reciprocal license:

  • You must pay the salesperson license fee 💸
  • You must provide a copy of your state ID showing proof of residency
  • You must provide a copy of your social security card, notarized verification of lawful presence
  • Evidence that you hold an active salesperson license in one of those states

Exemption For Spouses, Domestic Partners Of Active Military

The Oregon Real Estate Agency can give a temporary license to a spouse or domestic partner of a member of the U.S. military stationed in this state. This is as a result of Chapter 142 and Chapter 626, of the Oregon Laws 2019.

If you qualify via this program, you are required to:

  • Hold an active license of the same real estate license category in another U.S. state
  • Complete an application and pay the $300 license application fee;
  • Submit a background check and fingerprints;
  • Provide your certification of an active license from another U.S. state; and
  • Pay the required fee to the exam services provider to take the state portion of the applicable license examination.


Step 2: Submit an Application

woman studyingOregon Does Things Differently.

In many other states, this is typically the last step, however, things are different in Oregon. You have to register first before moving on to getting a license. To submit an application to the Oregon Real Estate Agency. You also have to pay a non-refundable fee. In the form, it is important to fill out information carefully and correctly. Wrong information can cause you to be ruled out during the application process. Afterward, an applicant identity confirmation number will be sent to you via email. Once you get the number, you must authenticate it and of course, memorize or save the number.


Step 3: Complete 150 Hours Of Pre-license Education

woman studying on computerTo make it to the next level of being a real estate agent in Oregon, you have to take the entire 150 hours of a pre-licensing course. You will have to do this in an approved real estate school like AdentAdvice. You will also need to provide your Applicant ID number and full name to the school.

What The Courses Cover

This course will cover different aspects of Oregon’s real estate laws and principles.

  • Real Estate Law: 30 clock-hours
  • Oregon Real Estate Practice: 30 clock-hours
  • Real Estate Finance: 30 clock-hours
  • Contracts: 15 clock-hours
  • Agency Law: 15 clock-hours
  • Property Management: 10 clock-hours and
  • Real Estate Brokerage: 20 clock-hours.


Step 4: Pass The Oregon Real Estate Broker Examination

small group of students studyingTo move one step closer, you have to pass the real estate broker exams.

There are a total of 150 questions. The national portion has 100 questions while the state portion has 50 questions. You have to get 75% and above on the exam. You will have 195 total minutes to finish the test.

Try to arrive early at your location. If you show up late, they could turn you away.  You should also bring at least two (2) forms of personal photo ID. You are allowed to come to the exam location with a basic-function calculator.

We have an Oregon Exam Prep Course we offer through PrepAgent that will provide you with the best practice questions, practice quizzes, and simulated exams. Our prep is based on past questions and you will be dancing all the way to the exam.


Step 5: Pass A Background Check

studying for licensing examIt’s just standard procedure, don’t worry.

A background check on the authenticity of the information you provided in your application, will be done. This is usually done by the Oregon State Police (ORS) or the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI).

You will also have to provide fingerprints at this time.


Step 6: Find A Real Estate Broker

Relax, this is not hard to find in Oregon.

After you pass your exam and the background check, you must find a real estate principal broker and work under a principal broker who has agreed to sponsor your license. You’ll need to submit proof that you are working under someone in order to get the hard license.

First, What Is A Broker? Why Do I Need A Brokerage?

getting a real estate licenseA broker is an experienced real estate salesperson who heads a brokerage. The broker has taken more courses and has a wider range of experience than the regular agent. A brokerage is a company of real estate salespeople headed by a broker.

In the first years of your career, you are not allowed by the state to work for yourself. You will be in a brokerage and the broker and the senior agents there will show you the ropes. The real estate field is filled with a lot of laws, policies, unwritten rules, and business secrets. A newbie won’t understand them at first, and the brokerage system will help you settle into the industry.


Step 7: The Last Step

Students studying in group settingWait. Your licence will be issued when your background check clears, your new principal broker adds your pending license into the business, and The Oregon Real Estate Agency completes a final review of your application.


Continuing Education And Renewing Your License

I know the steps are stacking up, but there are just a few more and you are good to go!

Happy woman studying and smilingOnce you have had your background check cleared and worked hard with a principal broker, you will receive the license as, of course, part of the deal. An email will be sent to you, confirming that you are eligible to work as a real estate broker in Oregon. Just to let you know, congratulations on the well-deserved license, and about time you got it! But, not so fast, the renewal of the license comes afterwards.

To renew your license, you have to continue taking courses. It also ensures that your license is up to date and active. This is a 30 hour educational course required of all Oregon real estate brokers, every 2 years. Three of those hours are on laws and rules that may have changed recently to make sure all salespeople are up to date on the latest trends.

Of course, this takes hard work and dedication. No renewal means no qualification to work, which means no money, and everyone wants to make more money.

We assure you these tips will help you in getting your license easily. Good luck out there, we know you’re going to rock it!

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*This article was updated on 1/3/2022

This information was reviewed and approved by Chris Heller. Chris serves on the AgentAdvice Editorial Board and is the Chief Real Estate Officer at OJO Labs. Chris brings deep expertise having held influential industry positions including CEO of mellohome and former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International.

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