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Howard Hanna Real Estate
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The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, kind, professional, and very hard working! Everyone is so supportive and talented. A class act—such an incredible and rare team. My broker is patient, accessible, and works with integrity. The best real estate team around. The offices are comfortable and presentable. It feels good to walk through their office doors. Everything about this brokerage firm is above average. After much research and from first-hand experience, you will have all the resources that you need in a fair way. I can’t imagine a better situation for an agent at any level!

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sold signAbout Howard Hanna Real Estate

They are a family-owned and operated independent, full-service real estate company that operates franchises.  Their services include real estate, mortgage, insurance, title, and escrow service. They have offices across 10 states in the United States, which makes them the third-largest real estate company in the country. The company uses their marketing tools to offer agents education, technology, culture, and support services to accelerate their careers and ensure they can compete.

They value integrity, pride, enthusiasm, diversity, stability, caring, and growth with which they have been making a difference in people’s lives and transforming the real estate experience with visionary people, products, and services.

Company History and Profile

shaking handsThis company was created by Howard Hanna Jr. and his wife Anne Freyvogel Hanna in 1957. They started with a regular office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it took them almost 20 years before opening their first branch in Pennsylvania. During that time, they were called ‘Howard Hanna Company’ and they operated as a family-owned real estate company until now. This family environment has helped them stay true to their founders’ vision and has allowed them to grow quickly.  Now, they have opened an appraisal division, corporate relocation department, barristers land abstract company, financial services, insurance, and charity divisions. They became one of the biggest real estate companies by buying and merging with over twenty other companies.

This pioneering vision has a tackled a lot of firsts. They are one of the first companies to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, they introduced real estate telemarketing. In 1995, they launched the website, and became the first company to have every listing on the internet.

man with for sale signIn 1992, they were ranked the #1 real estate broker in Pennsylvania by REAL Trends Magazine. In 2006, and 2009 REAL Trends Magazine ranked Howard Hanna as the 5th and 4th  largest real estate company in the U.S. respectively. Finally, Howard Hanna has grown to become America’s 3rd largest real estate company with over 270 offices and 9,000 sales associates and staff.

In 1988 they established ‘The Choo Choo Chow Chow’, a fundraising campaign for the free care fund at children’s hospitals. Since then, they have also donated over 5,500 clothing items and over 11 Million Dollars to Children’s Healthcare.

What It’s Like Working There

signing contractAs a franchisee or agent, you will get comprehensive training in the latest technology tools, corporate financial training, and moral support. You will also utilize their famous 5-Pillar system of salespeople, financial security, marketing, innovation, and management to better your franchise. There is a company culture of approachability. That is, all leaders in the company can be called, texted, or approached by anyone in the company. This helps new franchisees grow and learn fast. The environment is so cozy, you might be tempted to say they don’t act like a leading public national franchising company.

You will benefit from exclusive Howard Hanna marketing tools such as the Howard Hanna 100% Money Back Guarantee to home buyers. Franchises are included in all of the company programs and events such as relocation referrals, recruiting, management seminars, ongoing management consulting, and support.

Other regular benefits of working with Howard Hanna are sales training, relocation referrals, technology, unmatched marketing power, ongoing management support, and consulting services to accelerate their career. Some of those services include:

  • One of the best training opportunities available with the GoHanna Service that provides easy access to your leads and contacts along with a wealth of tools and training for your agents-all in one place. Other training services are “Fast Start” Sales Training, training for newly-licensed associates that covers the basics in real estate, Advanced Sales Training, and Hanna University, an all-inclusive real estate training platform
  • Access to Hanna Financial services including Mortgage, Title, Escrow, and Insurance
  • A relocation network that helps generate leads directly
  • Cost-effective automated marketing tools to penetrate target neighborhoods and market areas.
  • Joining a vast network of real estate companies with a lot of listing and selling power including Howard Hanna’s 100% Money Back Guarantee to attract more sellers and appeal to more serious buyers.
  • Technology tools to manage your business like Howard Hanna Homefinder Customized Program, Howard Hanna Hotlist Network Tool, Howard Hanna Home Tour to showcase your listings
  • A multi-generational approach to marketing & advertising via target marketing, direct mail, and email
  • Bi-weekly automated sellers report
  • Innovative programs focused on the consumer to provide one-stop shopping for your client
  • Regular advertising on television with a reach of over 6 million viewers every week.
  • A series of fun exclusive events to boost team morale and create more opportunities for shared learning and more referrals with Hanna Travel Worldwide
  • An exclusive program that develops sales associates skilled in the art of marketing luxury homes via the Homes of Distinction program
  • Corporate Recruiting Program to help franchise owners recruit more serious buyers.
  • Ongoing consulting and support with some of the industry’s brightest minds online, on the phone, and in-person
  • No nuisance charges, regional advertising fees, or other hidden costs

All these enable you to keep more of the money you earn each year and grow your company. If you are intending to transition to them, there is a program to seamlessly facilitate your transfer and keep your clients and financial stability.

They will help you:-

  • Arrange your license transfer with the state
  • Sort out your immediate financial and professional goals and adjust your business plan
  • Offer you instant access to Howard Hanna’s exclusive agent marketing and technology platform.
  • Get temporary marketing materials like cards, signs, stationery, etc. within a week or less.
  • Organize a private consultation with their Marketing Department.

Their Agent Incentives Include:

  • Income Advantage – a system of financial planning and management to generate a monthly check, based on your commission and referral income.
  • Secure Advantage: an insurance and saving plan that spans across
    • Individual Health Insurance
    • Dental and Vision Care
    • Tax Planning Account
    • Long-Term Care Planning
    • Estate Planning Strategies
    • Group Life Insurance for Realtors
    • Group Short-Term Disability for Realtors
    • College Funding Programs
    • Retirement Plans
    • Profit-Sharing
    • Howard Hanna Convention: a two-day event filled with lectures, workshops, and networking FOR FREE.

Training And Tools Provided

This is one of the most exciting parts of the company because they are very hands-on (they give you GIFs and photos to help your Instagram engagement)

  • Customizable Agent Website with personalized URL and fully integrated IDX for a fast and easy setup
  • A menu of innovative, easy-to-use agent templates
  • User-friendly contact forms, with prominent agent branding for quick lead capture
  • Mobile access to agent website portal for easy, immediate updates
  • Easily accessed training modules/webinar
  • MLS-connected multimedia presentations
  • Editable Content Library with the ability to add/edit your webpages
  • Easily view and manage online leads within your agent portal
  • Online Leads immediately go into an integrated eCard System for drip campaigns
  • Internet Lead Conversion Strategies
  • A listing on the Howard Hanna Website
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About the Author

Chris Heller brings 27 years of experience in real estate. Chris serves on the AgentAdvice Editorial Board and is the Chief Real Estate Officer at OJO Labs. Chris brings deep expertise having held influential industry positions including CEO of mellohome and former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International.

Last Updated: 12/10/2021

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