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In the last 10 years, eXp Realty has progressed from a novel brokerage model to a leader in the real estate industry. The organization offers a unique range of benefits for its agents, but it also comes with a unique process to join. 

Most agents joining eXp Realty are sponsored by an existing member of the brokerage.As a new agent, finding a member to sponsor you may seem intimidating. This mechanism is a unique opportunity for agents to prosper through and learn from their sponsor in the brokerage.

IMPORTANT: If you’re not familiar with the sponsorship process, take a minute to fully ready and understand how an eXp sponsor works.

This structure poses a wealth of opportunities for new and veteran agents alike. It’s not always clear what to look for in a line of sponsorship. We’ve compiled a list of some of the leaders in eXp Realty to give you an idea of the different types of value you can get through each of these groups. 

The Impact of Sponsorship

For the unfamiliar, eXp Realty is the largest cloud-based brokerage in America. The lack of dedicated brick-and-mortar operations lead to minimal overhead, lowering the fees agents pay to be a part of the brokerage.

Beyond its cloud-based structure, eXp Realty stands out for “revenue sharing.” Revenue sharing is the practice of agents sharing a portion of their revenue with their sponsor within eXp Realty. This practice incentivizes “upline” sponsors to set their sponsored agents up for success. It also encourages “downline” agents to sponsor other promising agents to build their own downline source of revenue sharing. 

Revenue sharing has led sponsors to provide broader support than simply training or coaching. For instance, some sponsors will also provide their downlines with actual leads or technology platforms. 

Some agents have also formed collective groups. These groups enhance agents’ abilities to learn and train effectively, as well as pool resources for activities like lead generation. Other sponsors prefer a more individualistic approach. They may rely instead on their personal experience and network to support their downlines. 

Not all sponsors are equal, nor are any two identical. Because there are benefits and drawbacks of each group, we’ve provided a short summary of some of the top groups to help agents select the best group for them.

Brent Gove: Agent Attraction Expert

Brent Gove eXp Realty

For experienced agents that already have successful practices, joining eXp Realty can seem like a riskier proposition. Fortunately, there are sponsors like Brent Gove who have gone through the same experience and can help agents follow in his footsteps. 

Gove had a multi-decade real estate career across two different national brokerages. Most notably, he built a $100 million brokerage at Keller Williams. While he admits to being cautious about changing brokerages, eXp quickly won him and his brokerage over. He’s now a leading advocate for eXp Realty, having spent the last several years reaping the agent benefits of the brokerage. With most of his business focused in and around Sacramento, CA, his success with eXp convinced him of the organization’s viability even in very competitive markets. 

Agent Value: Gove excels at recruiting new agents to eXp Realty– what he terms “agent attraction.” Since joining the online brokerage, he’s developed a reputation for attracting new agents to the organization. In the process, he’s built an extensive downline for himself, with the revenue sharing benefits that come with it. These experiences and insights are highly valuable for someone who’s looking to join eXp primarily in a recruiting capacity, rather than focusing on selling real estate. 

Mid-career switchers like Gove can also be a benefit to agents who are looking to transition at a similar point in their career. Agents in the middle of their career have different needs from a sponsor than new agents. For instance, they likely already have built out their business processes and back-office systems, and they have less need for the more beginner-level training. Sponsors like Gove can provide excellent guidance for more experienced agents interested in making a mid-career shift from an existing brokerage to eXp Realty. 

How Gene Frederick Makes Millions in Revenue Share

Gene Frederick eXp Realty | AgentAdvice.com

As discussed earlier, a key differentiator for eXp Realty is revenue sharing. It means that the more agents lean into the business model and expand the organization, the more profitable they are personally. Gene Frederick has committed fully to the organization, currently serving both as a Director of the brokerage and a model for finding success within the company. 

After 30 years in real estate, Frederick joined eXp Realty in 2015. As a sponsor and a leader in the brokerage, he has developed an extensive “downline” that potentially earns him millions a year in passive revenue share. He’s achieved such a high level of success at eXp in part because of his prior success building a brokerage network at Keller Williams. When he switched to eXp, he could then tap that existing network to rapidly build his own downline. 

Agent Value: The biggest value to come from sponsorship with someone like Gene Frederick is the lessons around revenue sharing. He exemplifies the success that can come from being an effective recruiter for eXp, and how agents can leverage that into robust downlines of their own. 

The key insights from sponsors like Frederick are how to either activate their existing real estate network or build out their network in order to cultivate a productive downline. This requires not only selling others on eXp Realty’s benefits, but also identifying successful agents in their own right who will become productive parts of recruiting agents’ downlines. 

Jay Kinder: Building a Personal Brand

Jay Kinder eXp Realty

Real estate as an industry is known for big names and big personalities. Jay Kinder exemplifies how new agents can lean into this culture to their benefit. By age 30, Kinder had progressed from a small town in Oklahoma to a millionaire with a reputation for rapid business growth strategies. In the course of his meteoric growth, he became known for taking aggressive growth tactics. He even utilized traditional radio and TV ads, an unconventional and ambitious investment that appears to have paid off. His story exemplifies the viability of the “get rich quick” path that some agents strive to achieve.  

By his late 20’s, Kinder was already transitioning beyond perfecting his success model to enabling other agents to find their own success. He joined with Michael Reese to form Kinder Reese Real Estate Coaching and Training. This organization expanded into The National Association of Expert Advisors (NAEA) prior to Kinder bringing the entire group over to eXp Realty. Throughout his coaching career, he’s helped hundreds, if not thousands, of agents. 

Agent Value: There are two advantages to seeking a sponsor like Jay Kinder, one that’s professional and one that’s personal. The personal benefit to new agents is learning how to harness their own personality and craft their personal narrative. In an industry where success begets more success, crafting a winning persona is essential. However, it’s also harder to define and teach, which makes learning from examples even more crucial. 

For agents looking for the more quantifiable benefits, Kinder’s coaching business is a chief advantage of his sponsorship. While Kinder’s organization, the NAEA, may not provide as much in terms of business process support, it excels at providing a consistent stream of new training and direct access to real estate expertise. The NAEA does emphasize its support for active marketing strategies, which aligns with Kinder’s own journey to success as well. 

Tim & Julie Harris: Quality Coaching

Tim and Julie Harris eXp Realty | AgentAdvice.com

Some groups focus on coaching downline agents as a primary sponsorship draw. Tim and Julie Harris excel here, with over two decades of coaching experience. They lead a team of HARRIS Certified Coaches©, the Harris’ own copyrighted affiliation of real estate coaches. By focusing on developing a coaching network, the Harrises utilize the benefits of centralizing knowledge and experience into a group.

Tim and Julie Harris also run a robust realty content publishing house of their own. They feature a daily podcast on everything from lead generation to business planning to market updates. They also publish content on market trends and host a range of coaching programs. 

Agent Value: The Harrises stand out as a premier example of what kind of coaching resources agents should look for in a sponsor, as well as showing how much to expect to pay for these kinds of resources. In the Harrises’ case, they offer a variety of packages with varying levels of individual attention and assistance. While accessibility may vary by package, the programs consistently give agents access to a wide range of training. This content touches on everything from best business practices to “mindset systems” and other psychology-based training. 

Many leading coaching programs in eXp are more than just experts imparting industry wisdom and knowledge. Instead, they can provide all the support agents need to get their business off the ground. In addition to the actual coaching and training sessions themselves, the Harrises provide their downlines with a prebuilt internet lead generation system, negotiations scripts, and BPO enablement tools. By providing such a wide range of capabilities, sponsors like the Harrises focus on fostering new agents’ productivity.

Thrive Real Estate Network: Be Part of Something Bigger

photo of Thrive Network members

Some groups pool resources and expertise to take advantage of costly technology that solo agents can’t afford on their own.  Thrive’s main value provided to agents is helping them grow their production and scaling their businesses up.  They are a newer organization at eXp Realty, but have already attracted many top agents and team.  Rather than focusing on single agents to drive success, Thrive takes a collective approach by consolidating resources, technology, and knowledge for all members of the group to succeed.

The group’s membership includes several real estate superstars that lead by example. For instance, one of Thrive’s founding members is Sean Goerss, who grew up working in real estate for his family’s real estate business. Sean has had a major impact on building that real estate network as well as his own – with 613 units for $172 Million in Volume and $4.83 Million GCI in 2019.  After striking success in his own real estate businesses, Sean has now turned his attention to helping create resources that help Thrive members replicate his success and scale their own businesses.

Agent value: Thrive Real Estate Network drives value for agents in two primary areas. First, Thrive heavily emphasizes its turnkey lead gen capabilities that members can access through the platform known as Thrive Network. With features like the “Production Rocket”, the platform is designed primarily to generate leads for its members. Thrive also emphasizes its talented digital marketing team. Digital marketing resources are crucial to improving new agents’ productivity as quickly as possible by helping agents source leads beyond what Thrive can independently deliver them. 

Second, Thrive gives member agents access to a significantly higher level of training than most eXp agents get. Since Thrive utilizes revenue sharing as a part of eXp, the training comes at no additional cost to Thrive members. Training is valuable especially for agents who have never worked with cloud brokerage – and can help with the unique challenges that agents face. Examples of training provided include navigating various buyers, sellers, and market conditions as the market shifts over time. This setup allows agents to hit the ground running and improve faster than would otherwise be possible.  

How Agents can Evaluate their Sponsorship Options

Not all sponsors are great fits for all agents, and signing with a poor match can derail agents’ success at eXp Realty before even getting off the ground. It’s important for agents seeking sponsorship to ensure they are clear with themselves and with potential sponsors about what priorities are. Sponsors should also be able to reciprocate the value that agents provide to them. Consider sponsors’ existing track records, both in terms of their own prior realty success and their success coaching and sponsoring other agents. 

Each agent has different needs. Since there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, utilize the experiences of agents who have already participated with specific sponsors, or the brokerage as a whole. Read other agents’ reviews of eXp Realty, as well as other top national brokerages, on AgentAdvice.com. Learning from others’ insights can be the most helpful tool for finding the best brokerage and sponsor to enable their success in the modern real estate market. 

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