eXp Realty Stock (EXPI) – 2024 Agent Guide


The career path of real estate takes a lot of twists and turns in 2021. If you plan to start your real estate journey as an agent, now might be a perfect time to learn about eXp Realty stock. But if you understand the complex dynamics of being an agent, then you might want to opt for a fair share of the commission. And this is where eXp Realty has become quintessential for real estate agents.

The publicly traded firm continues to garner the interest of real estate agents across the U.S. eXp Realty trades on the NASDAQ as an EXPI ticker symbol. When it comes to eXp Reality stock, most agents profess their positive and profitable experience. One of the many perks for an eXp Realty agent is that he can sell real estate and acquire stock in numerous ways at the same time.

eXp Realty Stock: How Does It Work Exactly?

eXp Realty is a more than a decade old company and many real estate agents across the U.S. continue to discover its potential. Contrary to misguided perception, online lead generation from one of the best real estate lead generation comapnies is more cost-effective and efficient than traditional approaches. eXp Realty is a unique and one of the fastest-growing real estate firms. In 2021, a lot of real estate agents keep an eye on eXp Reality to improve income potential.

Of course, many agents think about starting their brokerage firm, but the fact of the matter is that traditional brokerages cannot meet the high-profit margins of the cloud-based brokerage company. Besides, your potential to earn more income is much higher as a real estate agent. It is the main reason working with a cloud-based brokerage firm like eXp Realty makes complete sense. eXp Realty also comes with other real estate software, like one of the best real estate CRMs, the brokerage also provides marketing tips and resources that will help you quickly learn how to generate real estate leads.

Foundation of eXp Realty

In terms of eXp Realty design, the platform works in favor of real estate agents. It provides:

  • Extensive training
  • Tech solutions and lead generation
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Stock and ownership

eXp Realty Stock: What New Agents Get

laptop and calculator With eXp Realty, real estate agents can opt for a dedicated stock purchase or sustainable equity plan. The best option for real estate agents to be the owner is to purchase eXp Realty stock as part of the agent equity program.

Moreover, agents can also earn a 10% discount on stocks in case of withholding a 5% commission. Real estate agents can determine the total number of shares and stock price through closing market value on the last trading day for the month.

For EXPI stock, real estate agents also don’t have to worry about the vesting period. It means agents have the complete freedom to participate or opt-out without any strings attached.

On the other hand, if you decide to opt for a sustainable equity plan or Stock Awards of eXp Reality, then you can earn special achievements and awards on specific goals every year. You can earn eXp Realty stock shares once you reach or cross the current commission limit of $400 per year.

You can also earn achievements and awards if you managed to close your 1st transaction every year worth $200 of EXPI stock. Similarly, if you sponsor or introduce EXPI stock to another agent and that agent manages to sell $400 worth of stock, you will also receive awards and achievements.

eXp Realty Stock: What You Get for Hitting Icon Statusstocks fluctuating on computer screen

Agents who can meet specific production standards and adhere to cultural requirements can get as much as $16,000 on their annual omission cap in EXPI stock. Top agents who meet production requirements are eligible for the ICON agent award.

The first option for real estate agents is to reach or exceed the annual commission cap and sell twenty more homes throughout the year. The second option to getting icon status for agents is to generate $500,000 of gross commission in a year and close at least 10 transactions. This type of stock comes with a 3-year vesting period.

Once you’ve met the production requirements, there are also cultural and participation requirements you must meet to qualify to receive the full $16,000 each year:

  • $8,000 – Met your production requirements
  • $4,000 – Met eXp’s cultural requirements
  • $4,000 – Attended both of the annual eXp events ($2K for each event)

eXp will calculate the number of shares you’ll receive based on the stock price at the time of the award. Each of the requirements has different vesting periods:

  • $8,000 Production Award – 3 year vesting
  • $4,000 Cultural Award – 2 year vesting
  • $4,000 Participation Award – No vesting, you can cash out immediately

Breakdown of eXp Stock Optionswoman in front of computer

  1. Sustainable Equity Plan – Reach Your Goals
    • With the Sustainable Equity Plan, agents receive stock awards for accomplishing specific goals each year. You’ll earn eXp stock shares when you:
      • Close on your first transaction each year ($200 worth of EXPI stock)
      • Reach or exceed your annual commission cap ($400 worth of EXPI stock)
      • Introduce/sponsor an agent and they sell their first home with eXp ($400 worth of EXPI stock)
    • Please note: These eXp Realty stock awards have a 3-year vesting period, but you can keep track of all your awards in Enterprise. Also, the agents that you sponsor have to be with the brokerage at the time of vesting in order to qualify for the stock award.
  2. Agent Stock Purchase Plan – Control Your Future
    • Another way eXp Realty agents can become an owner in their brokerage is to participate in the eXp Stock Purchase Plan (aka “Agent Equity Program”). Agents receive a 10% discount on EXPI stock when they allow eXp to withhold 5% of the commission generated from the agent’s transaction.
      • The stock price/number of shares issued is determined by the closing market value of the last trading day of EXPI stock for the month.
      • There is no vesting period for this stock and agents can opt-in (or out) at anytime.
    • With the Agent Stock Purchase Plan the stock is held by a company named Shareworks, where you can view and sell your stock purchases 24/7 with the eXp Enterprise tool.
  3. ICON Agent Stock Award – Exceed Your Production
    • This stock award is an amazing benefit to the top-producing agents at eXp! Agents who meet certain production levels and cultural requirements can receive up to $16,000 (their annual cap) back in the form of EXPI stock. If you meet one of the following production requirements during your anniversary year, you could qualify for the ICON Agent Award:
      • OPTION #1: Agents reach their annual commission cap and then sell another twenty (20) homes during their anniversary year.
      • OPTION #2: Agents generate annual $500,000 in gross commission (GCI), close a minimum of 10 transactions and pay of the ICON qualifying fee equal.

Why agents love eXp Realty Stock

  • Earn more Income
  • Earn more commission
  • Get Top-notch agent benefits
  • Get access to professional and expert training

How the eXp Stock Continues to Trend

pointing to stocks on a whiteboardThe report on eXp Global Holdings records the most profitable finance results and growth of agents in the 2021.

Selling eXp Realty stock is easier than you think. After vesting, agents can transfer their EXPI stock to another account. You can sell your EXPI stock via an online eXp Enterprise portal.

Commissions with eXp Realty

It may sound harsh, but when you become a part of a brick-and-mortar brokerage firm, you’re ultimately renting a small space. At most, you will get to earn a split of 70/30 commission. Plus, you cannot earn stock from the brokerage firm if the company is not publicly traded.  With eXp Realty, real estate agents can take a more practical and profitable approach and structure their commission.

eXp Realty Stock: More Cost-Effective than Brick-and-Mortar Brokerage Firmspexels-tiger-lily-7108075

It is no secret that the cloud-based real estate brokerage firm has become a more profitable and affordable option for agents than traditional brick-and-mortar brokerage firms. Unlike conventional brokerages, eXp Reality provides multiple stock options and as well as revenue sharing. It means agents can earn a full 100% commission once they cap.

eXp Realty Stock: Redesigned Solution for Modern Real Estate Agents

eXp Realty offers a redesigned and modern solution for real estate agents to earn profits. In essence, the company serves as an opportunity for real estate agents to become shareholders. It is no wonder eXp Reality has managed to grow a wide network of real estate agents in a span of few years.


Individual circumstances matter, but the online real estate brokerage firm continues to break innovative boundaries and help real estate agents earn significant profits. What’s more is that real estate agents earn more than just stock after selling a home – they unlock eXp Realty stock achievements and awards. Agents even get a chance to earn an annual commission back cap from stock.