19 Strategies to Get More Real Estate Buyer Leads

Chris Heller HeadshotChris Heller, Licensed AgentAugust 4, 2022

Professional,Real,Estate,Agent,Shows,Bright,New,Apartment,To,ASetting yourself apart as a real estate agent is essential, especially when you are just starting out, so you have to find creative ways to get more buyer leads. If you aspire to be a top producing agents, or want to climb the ladder in the real estate industry, you’ve got to put strategies in place to help you generate tons of new leads. Luckily for you, we have curated a list of tips that will lead to a healthy database of new leads.

After reaching out to some of the industry’s high rollers, we’ve listed 19 sure strategies that will get you more real estate buyer leads. We hope you enjoy this inside scoop.

1. Take Advantage of Demographic and Geographic Farming

Real estate farming is a lead generation strategy that’s known to bring in high quality leads in your target area. If done correctly, you can capture at least 30% of all sales within your scope setting you up for a lifetime of reliable income.

nick good headshotNick Good
Real Estate Broker/Investor
The Good Home Team
McKinney, Texas

“Resources – To grow the future real estate business, smart people follow RE farming strategy. Geographic and demographic are two RE farming ways. Some resources to boost your RE farming technique are-

 a) Choose a farm area wisely- This is important to choose the area carefully if you are a new agent otherwise you will face problems when balancing your budget and goals. Start from your nearer area with a small target audience. Then research the area, other agents, and properties. Don’t forget to build strong connections with people..

 b) Try to catch new homeowners first- Make links with new homeowners as fast as you can. Know their requirements, strategies and get their contact details. This way you will not only increase your knowledge but also help you to introduce yourself and later promote your services efficiently.

Marketing materials- Using modern technology for marketing is effective for RE farming.

 a) Email- Share your farming materials using direct email. It will attract leads and save time. Postcards, market reports, newsletters are popular ways to send via email to your target people. You can also send them monthly basis with your website link, phone number, and of course an effective call to action.

 b) Social media & website- Facebook business page, Twitter, or LinkedIn are also easy to get information and do promote. Again, a well-set-up user-friendly website is a modern way to connect with people. Thus, you can specialize in a small number of regions day by day.”


jake m headshotJake Marmulstein
CEO at Groundbreaker
Atlanta, Georgia

“As a real estate professional, you need to be able to set yourself apart from your competition in a positive way. For most agents, this means strategically developing and growing their personal brand. One of the most effective techniques for standing out is to become known as an expert within a particular community or neighborhood. A neighborhood expert is more than just your real estate agent—the right agent can become your neighborhood guide and help you settle in. He or she will know the nearest coffee shops, introduce you to community centers, guide you on local transportation, nearest landmarks and more. When you select an area to specialize in, you’re essentially strengthening your real estate business and brand. You become known as the expert in that area, and you gain both the business of its residents and the respect of your colleagues.”


2. Throw a Housewarming Party and Work the Room

Friends,Having,Small,Party,At,Home,,Intimate,Warm,Social,GatheringAfter closing a deal with a buyer, a brilliant thing to do is to throw them a housewarming party. Home envy is so real, and many of the buyer’s friends will be jealous of their friends new pad. That’s why this is such a great idea. The party gives you direct access to the buyer’s friends and family, which translates directly into new leads because they’re actively seeing what you bring to the table. First, mention to your client that you would like to sponsor a housewarming party for them. No one refuses a good housewarming party. After they agree, you provide the supplies while they bring the guest list, and during the party, you engage with everyone.

One way to engage the people there is to have fun games that everyone can be part of, and while everyone is high off of the excitement, you introduce yourself and get them to write down their contact details for you, and voila! You have exponentially increased your database.

AgentAdvice Tip: All of that work you put in will go to waste if you aren’t actively following up with the friends and family you just met. Make sure you set reminders, or have a reliable CRM that will insure you don’t lose these leads. Our favorite CRM of 2022 is Follow Up Boss.

JasonJason Simard
Owner of Sims Real Estate Group
Licensed Agent for 7+ years

“Throwing a housewarming party or event helps to attract leads. It connects agents with old and new buyers and creates new opportunities. Agents can also offer to cater to clients’ housewarming parties, help to decorate the party venue, or simply attend. At such parties, you will meet neighborhood homeowners and other potential buyer leads from different locations of similar life stages and statuses. They may turn into hot clients for you in the future. 

A housewarming party works as a visual social media post

As this kind of party is a great place to meet different leads I think it is the place where you can promote your business well. It will work as a visual social media where you can discuss the current market and share your business. You may meet your target audience and gather contact information. Sometimes, a housewarming party is more effective than a virtual social media post.”

ryan poppeRyan Poppe
Colorado Property Group
Durango, Colorado

“I have been in real estate for a terrific 9 years and generating buyer leads is honestly one of my favorite things to do. While social media campaigns are effective, I really enjoy getting out in the community and talking to people face-to-face. Doing what some people call geo-farming, I love to host community events. I really feel like you make a better connection and become more top-of-mind when you talk to someone in person, so doing things like hosting educational seminars, sponsoring community events, and throwing really cool housewarming parties. In addition, I’ve found it is very important to keep in consistent contact with the people you already know, what we call the sphere-of-influence. Now, this is not about sending them mailers and other sales-y communiqués, but rather shooting off a quick text asking how they are doing, how’s the family, what’s new with their interests or hobbies. It all comes down to being genuine, authentic, and showing honest interest in them and in your community. Honesty and authenticity will always be the best way to meet people and ingrain yourself in the community.”


3. Nurture Your Renter Clients 

Happy,And,Excited,Young,Couple,Look,Around,In,Wonder,AtMost agents are disappointed when they hear the words “I’m only looking to rent”. Not all of your clients will be looking to buy houses right away. That’s just how it goes. Therefore, you have to steer them in the right direction. Look at it as an opportunity to help them secure a great property to rent while making sure you check all of their boxes. That way when they are ready to buy, you will be right there waiting for them. Trust us, the long game pays off. It typically takes renters two years in a city to decide they want to move up to buyer status, so be patient.

AgentAdvice Tip: In that time, add them to a drip campaign and send them targeted ads. You can also send them specific postcards to help move them along. Check out some of this year’s best real estate postcard examples.


4. Engage With Potential Clients on Social Media

People often think that social media marketing is about paying for ads, creating a fun meme, and sharing personal details on your social media pages. While this in itself can generate you leads, there is a difference between people seeing your posts and getting people to engage with your content. You need to do more when it comes to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There’s a lot of competition out there, so you need to set yourself apart. One way to do this is to actively interact with the people in your community by commenting, sharing, liking, and using hashtags relevant to your area.

Let people know that you are more than just a page to follow, you are an active member of the community with things to add to the conversation. Note that this can be stressful, just remember that creating a grass-roots connection is essential to bringing in more buyer leads. The whole goal is to create interaction.

larry chattLarry Chatt
Broker/Owner of Island Real Estate
Holmes Beach, Florida
Licensed Broker for 15+ years

“Look for social media groups in your local area discussing real estate. Normally they can be found by using your local area followed by “Real Estate.” Ask to join the group and begin answering questions.

Use your social media answers as your guide to writing FAQ’s on your website, or use your answers to develop real estate informational pages. As you grow your website information, use those pages when appropriate to link to your social media answers when potential clients ask questions. That sends buyer leads directly to your website! Instead of answering the question outright, provide a link to the page that answers the question. It takes some time to build up, but it’s so worth it.”


5. Work with People in Your Circle

When building your customer base, it is best to start with people you already know. For one, the trust is already there, so you have to do less work to build their confidence in you. So then, how does this translate to business? It is pretty simple – leverage the relationship you already have with them. For example, if one of your Facebook friends has a child heading off to college, they may soon become empty-nesters. Now is a great time to chime in and send a message asking if they are looking to downsize. If they have a child that just started a new job and is looking for a new place to live, you should offer your services. If a friend and their partner are looking to finally move in together, you should be there to provide advice and show them homes that meet both of their needs.

For this to work, you have to be observant and ask the right questions. Be sure to remind everyone in your network what you do, so when they are in a position to call a real estate agent, your name will be the first one that pops into their head.

vicky-noufal-e1594583565973Vicky Noufal
Pearson Smith Realty
Leesburg, Virginia
Licensed Broker for 17+ years

“Leverage Social Media- The right use of social media can take your real estate business to the next level. If you go to Facebook and search for a Facebook group for your local neighborhood, you are most likely to find one. Also, most Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) possess a dedicated website as well as social media channels. As you can easily find a good number of the members of your targeted community in these places, you can reach a lot of people easily and effectively.

Partner with a local business- Partnering with a local business that already has a good connection with its residents, can give you a quick boost. You can collaborate with a local restaurant, a local fashion house, a grocery store or a medical office that the local residents visit on a regular basis. By doing this, you can expect to get repeat exposure effortlessly.”


6. Meet Your Buyers Where They Are Looking

Ryazan,,Russia,-,March,01,,2018,-,Homepage,Of,ZillowIt is the 21st century, and more and more people are looking for convenience in their daily lives; this includes looking for homes online. It’s become almost an addiction for some people who just want to see what is available in their price range. That’s why it’s best to steer into this a little bit. If you think about it, more than 186 homes are viewed per second on Zillow alone.

Additionally, these buyers who go on the internet and find Zillow listings can turn into return buyers and referrals. Consider joining the Zillow Premier Agent program. It not only puts you in the spotlight along with the homes your prospective clients are viewing, it also gives you other great perks, like featured placement in the Zillow Agent Finder and access to Zillow’s new Live Connections program. So, it is a win-win situation for you.

Some other websites you can access for this purpose are Realtor, Trulia, Foreclosure, Apartments, and FSBO – all .com.

Matthew Richmond headshot - 1 (1)Matthew Richmond
Licensed Agent at O’Connor Realty
Detroit, Michigan

“Initially Zillow leads got me going with a pipeline of buyers, but recently I’ve begun to dial in my marketing efforts, and am using 2 online strategies that are already working. The best part is both are free. 
First, create and curate a standout Google Business Profile. Buyers, especially those relocating to your area, will always Google your name. Having a Google Business Profile with great reviews and lots of photos of your best listings, as well as the neighborhoods you work, will legitimize you as an agent with expertise in your market. It will also give potential buyers confidence that working with you is a good move.
Second, use your blog strategically.. Instead of writing about generic real estate topics, use Google Keyword Planner, which is free (though there are better paid tools for this if you decide to go deeper), to find out what people are searching for on Google in your market related to housing, best neighborhoods, local amenities like restaurants and recreation — the list is infinite. In the world of SEO (search engine optimization) these topics are called keywords, and when you write about them in your blog, those pages will eventually start to show up in Google search results pages. If done right, buyers will organically find you just by providing answers to the questions they are typing into Google.”


7. Find Your Specialty 

It is not enough to market yourself as a real estate agent. Get more specific, people like specifics. It builds trust, and they feel like if you are an expert in one particular area then you must be the best. Have you had success with foreclosures before? That would be a niche you could use to your advantage. Sold a bunch of multi-family homes? Easily a perk for potential clients looking for a home. If you have a specialty, it also allows you to understand those clients so much more. You will get to understand who they are. For example, if your niche is first time homebuyers, you must understand what makes them tick and what type of houses will mirror their lifestyle. They’ll likely want to be closer to downtown, and have a home they can grow into.

marina headshotMarina Vaamonde
Founder of HouseCashin
Houston, Texas 

“Don’t be all things to all people. Instead, specialize in one specific type of real estate. For example, you can specialize in and market yourself as the top real estate agent for foreclosures, multi-family homes, commercial properties, vacant land, and so on. This way, if people need an agent in this specific area, you’ll be top-of-mind. If you don’t have a brand identity, nobody will think of you when they need a real estate agent.

Ideally, you’ll specialize in a field of real estate that’s popular in your area and a lot of people are investing in. Then, you need to focus on building a network. I recommend organizing a monthly local meetup for real estate investors in your field. This way, you become known as the super connector in your community for that area of real estate.”


8. Get Involved and Leverage the School Districts 

In every community, schools serve as a nexus where people gravitate. That’s why it’s wise to find a way to insert yourself into your local school district. By becoming a resource, you’ll find yourself front and center to a huge group of potential clients: families with children. Find out if the district needs volunteers for anything, ranging from school productions, chaperones, or mentorship programs.

This type of volunteering is a great way to serve your community and insert yourself into the lives of the locals, so when they need real estate help of any kind, they will ask you. It’s also a great way to have natural conversations with people. If you are volunteering with other parents for a few hours, they might mention that their morning was hectic because their teenage daughter took too long getting ready in the only downstairs bathroom. Great time to mention that you are an agent, and could help them find a bigger house pain-free.

dustin fox headshotDustin Fox
Owner/Realtor of Fox Teams
Fairfax, Virginia 

“Sponsor Some Local events- Local events, sports teams, educational and religious institutions constantly seek sponsors. While sponsoring them would cost you some money, you will enjoy a good boost in reputation by doing so. The sponsorship would ultimately benefit you, bringing in more customers to your business. However, you need to ensure that your brand gets the necessary exposure while you sponsor such an event.

Establish Partnership with a Local Business- Developing partnerships with a local business, you can enjoy quick exposure. Consider developing relations with a business and request them to showcase your company’s cards or list information at their bulletin board or desk.

Be Creative with Video Marketing- Video marketing is highly in trend in the real estate industry nowadays. Making attractive promotional videos, you can stand out from your competitors and get more people interested in your business. You can also consider some humor-blended short advertisements. Whatever brings a better engagement, is good to go for!”


9. Make Use of Videos

While having blog posts and advertisements is beneficial, videos, when done very well, can be a more engaging and informative mode of communication. People’s attention span on the internet is getting shorter and shorter, and you should take advantage of this.

One of the ways to do that is to have blocked days dedicated to answering questions over video. Successful agents also shoot videos where they list the tips and tricks buyers could find handy. This video could be done on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or even Tiktok. Keep the videos short, engaging, and enjoyable. Try to summarize everything in a few minutes, so people don’t tune out. If video editing is too hard, you can hire a professional on Fiverr that can do it at a cheap price. Be as consistent as possible because consistency builds trust and can increase your reach. However, as you engage with posts, make sure you do not engage with a wrong post that badly affects your business.

tyler corneu headshotTyler Cornu
Licensed Agent for 5+ years 
eXp Realty Agent in Reno, Nevada 

“To become the go-to agent you have to ensure you’re the most educated agent when it comes to that neighborhood. Clients want facts, current market data and education. Having a monthly market report video that goes out to your clients usually has a high ROI. The important part about market reports is staying consistent and not missing a monthly report.

When I do it, I answer questions I get asked frequently and also talk about the buyers I’ve been working with. You’d be surprised by how many DMs I get from people wanting to work with me after I post a video, or how many followers I gain on the day of the post. If you do it right, it can definitely help you find more leads.”


10. Be A Know-It-All About Your Community

This strategy does not imply that you should be an arrogant bully that believes they have all of the answers. Instead, this means that you should have a toolbelt of relevant information about your community. Know as much as you can, from all of the best pizza joints, names of elected officials, and the most popular parks and hotspots. This is powerful because when people are looking for a home, they are also searching for social amenities, safe neighborhoods, and a close proximity to certain things of interest. Since you are a real estate agent, they’ll have questions about all of this. So, it would not give off a professional vibe if a prospective buyer asked you questions, and you could not give adequate information in return.

Also, please do not be shy because you can take your knowledge and put it to good use by posting about your community on your social media pages.

stephanStephan Baldwin
Alpharetta, Georgia

“The obvious tips would be: (1) To make sure you are the actual expert for that community. You’ll have to prove it and you better be prepared to do so by consistently being informed on the area. (2) Be seen in the community and be known. Make sure you are known by those people who live there and don’t be afraid to spend as much time in the area as you can to become a fixture in the community.

Another tip is to use social media to show your love for the area. By sharing beautiful photos, local events, and being positive about what’s happening in the area, you can show your following that you love the community and are prepared to show it. Social media is a great place to show off your knowledge and love for a specific area.”


11. Use Your Website as A Way To Reach Your Local Community

You can start a website that serves as a community website to reach people in your community. You can do this by approaching small and upcoming businesses in your community, getting them to share about their business on your website, and posting about upcoming events and happenings. This website would help build a relationship with your community, and your website can become a place that people go to get information.

For instance, if there is a newly opened antique store in your community, you could interview them for your website. It is important to note that this works best for real estate agents that are more community-focused, as it helps build up trust.

Robert_Fischer_-_Web_HeadshotRobert J Fischer
Owner of The Robert J Fischer Team
Round Rock, Texas

“If you want to generate more leads in the real estate market, you must consider real estate farming. But a successful real estate farming campaign requires some relationship marketing techniques like a high-ranking visitor-friendly website to build a trustful relationship with your clients. A good reliable website with updated posts can make you the authority figure in that real estate market. Providing welcoming as well as informative postcards is another way to deliver value in your neighborhood area. Nowadays real estate farming through social media is getting popular among young realtors.”


12. Use Lead Generation Companies

Communication,Technology,Business,And,Lead,Generation,ConceptA lot of the tips we have listed here are pretty intensive and require time to show results. However, if you use a full-service lead generation company like BoldLeads, Market Leader, Zurple, Offers, or REDX, they can help hasten this lead generation process.

These companies will help you create an ad on a social network, and when people click on it, it will redirect them to another page that will ask them for their email addresses and contact information for a list of houses in the area of their choice. When they do this, they get the list of homes they need, and you get a lead sent directly to you. Easy enough, right?

Well kind of, you’ll also need to nurture these leads pretty extensively. Luckily, it can be done easily through the same platform.


13. Use A Real Estate Postcard Provider

There is something about the feel of actual paper in your hand that the digital world can never replace, and this is why postcards are still effective to this day. That’s why using real estate direct mail marketing helps generate real estate buyer leads. You can target rental communities the most because, as we stated earlier, renters will become buyers in the future. You have to catch them early and create a lasting impression.

Direct mail companies like ProspectPlus, Overnight Prints, VistaPrint, UPrinting, and PsPrint provide you with materials like postcards, brochures, and flyers. They also give customizable templates that you can edit to fit your tastes and mirror your brand, and then you are good to go!

Dino DinennaDino DiNenna
Owner of Hilton Head Realty
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

“If you want to get more buyer leads, you have to maintain real estate farming as the main marketing approach of your business. This high-quality marketing strategy will help you to reach the targeted homeowners in a specific neighborhood. You need to make a plan to deliver consistent value in the right farm area. Automated communication and personal follow-up are important for a long-term relationship with your client in the communities you are serving. To execute all these activities, you require a solid plan and some useful resources like real estate farming postcards and flyers which can convey messages and authority to your neighborhood area.”


14. Always Follow Up 

Follow,Up,Review,Inspection,Examination,Evaluation,Audit,ConceptFollowing up is a must if you want to generate a quality lead. After you have gotten the contact or after someone has indicated interest, you have to make sure you keep them interested by following up with them. It is normal for people to get cold feet after showing interest, so you have to make sure that you are there to hold their hand and comfort them. This in itself can be tasking, but luckily for you, some apps can help you choose the best people to follow up with by using millions of data points and a trusted algorithm. Apps like BoomTown, SmartZip, and kvCORE help ease the stress of following up. At the same time, even with these apps, you should not ignore the human interaction. Make conversations, form bonds, and figuring out who they are and what they want. It is vital that you see them as human beings first and foremost, and not just prospective clients.


15. Have a Successful Blog

This is similar to what we were saying before about being educated about the community, and posting videos on social media. You want to be accessible, and to seem knowledgeable about what’s going on around your area. Clients will always reach out to an agent that is active in their community, and an easy way to show that is by having a standout blog that is frequently uploaded with new information about the local market.

bill gassett headshotBill Gassett
Founder of Maximum Real Estate Exposure
Hopkinton, Massachusetts 

“One of the best ways bar none is to have a successful real estate blog. If you are trying to attract first-time homebuyers there are a few ways of going about doing that.

One is to write about helpful topics surrounding the purchase of a first home. Most people want to work with someone who is educated and has excellent guidance to share.

A blog can be a great foundation for doing so coupled with social media channels to further disseminate your advice.

Besides writing about specific buyer-related topics another excellent method is to have detailed community pages.

Most home buyers will research areas they are interested in relocating to. Having a highly optimized community page can put you in front of those buyers when they head to Google for information on the cities or towns that hold their interest.

Here is an example of a community page for Milford Massachusetts. Anyone who wants to learn about real estate along with other pertinent details about the town can learn them by visiting.”


15. Host Open Houses

Open houses are a great way to increase buyer leads. First off, you already know they are looking for a home. They also likely won’t show up for an open house if they aren’t interested in the area you’re showing in. This is great because it helps you narrow down what they are looking for.

Scott-Berens-Sales-DirectorScott Berens
CEO of Balsamo Homes
Los Angeles, California

“One way that I have increased my buyer leads is by being very active on social media. I post many pictures and updates about my listings, open houses, and recent sales. This gets my name and faces out there, and it also lets potential buyers know that I am an active and successful agent. I have also found that hosting open houses is a great way to meet potential buyers and get them interested in my listings. I always have plenty of information available about the house, and I also try to be very personable with potential buyers. These two strategies have been vital in helping me get more buyer leads. My best advice for agents looking to increase their buyer leads is to be creative and try different things until you find what works best for you. There is no one right way to do it, so experiment until you find a strategy that works well.”


16. Hand Out Swag

Things like pens, cups, koozies, potholders, or dish towels are not only useful items, but they will also be picked up often. It is crucial to make the open house experience a memorable one, so they think of you and your brand whenever they use the gift.

Be sure to have your name and phone number in an easy to read place so that they can get in touch with you without having to search.

ryan-braswell-broker-local-realtyRyan Braswell
Broker Owner of Local Realty
Bohemia, New York

“I have branded sunglasses, keychains, bags, and I give them out in bulk, at events, parties, or networking events. The power of (social) reciprocity typically means I will, at least, have the opportunity to have a quick conversation with this lead. A fun quip or business card included or on the branded items with “follow me on Instagram @_ryanbraswell” always helps increase the conversion. Most of these buyer leads are not ready to buy now.. When I nurture the lead over time I can get a buyer, all the buyer’s friends, and even grab referral listings through their recommendations.”


17. Discounted Listings

charles headshotCharles Weinraub
CEO here at Handsome Homebuyer
Licensed Agent in New York

“In the past to increase buyer leads I’ve listed a house at a 75% discount to bring in more buyers and sign them all up. I also work with many local investors who market for properties. Anyone who calls looking to sell a house that isn’t investment grade I will go and take the meeting instead of the investor. I then give the investor a referral fee. Investors also list their inventor of houses on their website with no address. If a person wants more info about the house there is a click to call prompt and they are connected to me.”


18. Partner with Divorce Lawyers 

marc de diego headshotMarc De Diego Ferrer
Founder of MCA Assessors
Licensed Agent for 13+ years

“Most couples that end up getting a divorce end up selling their homes as part of the process. Once the family home is sold off, the couples embark on finding new houses. This can be a great opportunity for you to step in and offer your services as a real estate agent. Start by compiling a list of divorce lawyers in your area and sending them information about your services. You could even go a step further and offer to give presentations on the home buying process to divorcing couples.”


19. Contact Local Universities

peter lucas headshotPeter Lucas
Owner of Relocate To Andorra
Licensed Agent for 18+ years

“There are a number of college kids who are looking for their first place to call home, and many parents are searching for a good investment property. Why not put together a package deal? Approach the housing department of your local university or college and let them know you’d be interested in working with them as a preferred real estate agent. In exchange, offer to give presentations on behalf of the school to prospective students and their families, provide tours of properties that would be suitable for students, or even help out with finding off-campus housing.”

Things to Avoid When Generating Leads

1. Do Not Muck Up Your MarketingBusinesswoman,Hand,Working,With,Laptop,Computer,,Tablet,And,Smart,Phone

Know that your clients are different, and as such, what marketing strategy works for A may not work for B. Also, do not change your campaign too often because most of the strategies listed above require time and consistency.

2. Do Not Throw Your Leads Away Too Soon

Understand that just because one contact method does not work does not mean that you should stop trying entirely. Even though you need to be resilient in communicating, make sure that you do not bombard your potential lead with too many ads or emails.

3. Do Not Try to Track Leads Without Technology

If you get a lot of contacts, arranging and processing them without the proper tools can be disastrous and stressful. Make sure you do not treat all of your leads the same. Specific applications will help you arrange your leads into strata of choice, income, area, etc., that will help you nurture them.

4. Do Not Forget Your Clients When They Close

When your buyer closes, know that the sales that went through for you today will serve as a referral for you tomorrow, so still treat them all as a potential lead. Also, they might be looking for another property in the future.

5. Do Not Get Impatient

Radio silence from a lead is normal, and conversation takes time; do not just focus on the people who seem ready. Focus on those who do not seem prepared at the moment as well.


These strategies above are proven to work, so make sure you are as consistent as possible. To summarize everything above:

  • Make sure you employ the use of technology
  • Do not be scared to use multiple communication strategies
  • Use professionals when in new territory, e.g., social media navigation
  • Be knowledgeable about your business
  • Understand your niche and demographic well
  • Your business is your brand, so make sure you carry it well
Chris Heller Headshot

About the Author

Chris Heller brings 27 years of experience in real estate. Chris serves on the AgentAdvice Editorial Board and is the Chief Real Estate Officer at OJO Labs. Chris brings deep expertise having held influential industry positions including CEO of mellohome and former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International.

Last Updated: 8/4/2022