Best Real Estate Companies to Work For (2024 Updated!)

Real estate is booming nationwide. A house will remain on the market for less than a week before it is inundated with offers in many locations. It is a red-hot seller’s market due to all-time low interest rates, and buyers are gobbling up the available properties. A career in real estate has never been more promising or potentially lucrative, but with close to 90,000 real estate companies nationwide, it’s hard to know which ones are the best. Picking which real estate company to work for has never been a more daunting task!

stock market graphs on computers in officeWithout a doubt, you have a big decision to make when picking a real estate company to work for. Just the massive amount of choices is enough to cause you to feel overwhelmed. However, in this guide to picking the best real estate company, we will outline the most important considerations which will help make your decision easier and streamline things for you. 

Best Real Estate Companies to Work For

We evaluated each real estate company using independent research, which includes carrying out interviews with local agents and brokers. We also met with corporate leadership. We weighed the feedback left by realtors that outlines their personal experiences working with each of the brokerages or iBuyers

Let’s take a look at the results of our extensive research: 

BrokerageBest ForCommission Splits
eXp-Realty-ColorBest overall for fastest growing, revenue shares, and fees
Cap of $16,000 with an 80/20 split
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REMAX_logo.svgBest in-person brokerage
95/5 split with $400 desk fees
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Keller-Williams-Realty-SymbolBest brokerage for new agents
70/30 split with fees included
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Coldwell-Banker-logoGreatest brand power
Splits ranging from 55/45-60/40 + a 5% franchise fee
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fathom logoStrongest choice for part time agents
100% + $450 transaction fee + $99 transaction fee after the CAP
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century 21 logoMost modern branding
Splits start at 50/50
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The Best Real Estate Company To Work for: Overall (eXp Realty) exp realty logo

We based this conclusion on revenue shares and fees. It is also one of the fastest-growing. The only downside we saw was that there are a lot of agents who are heavy recruiters

You might be scratching your head over our nomination of eXp as the best overall real estate company to work for because it is a virtual brokerage. How could it possibly be first over standard brick and mortar real estate establishment?  

As we come out of the COVID19 pandemic, many people are still slow to return to the office. Virtual businesses are booming, and this is especially true for real estate. This company is all about the remote working style which appeals to everyone nowadays. 

The eXp commission and cap system are easy to understand. Every agent has a cap of $16,000 with an 80/20 split. Once the cap is met, then you get to keep 100 percent of your commissions. Think about it – no desk fees, no franchise fees, and no royalty fees. 

With eXp, you will also have other income options, such as getting paid a percentage of the commissions of any agent that you recruit for the brokerage. They also offer stock options once you hit your cap for the year. 

Working for eXp means you set your hours and work when you want. Flexibility is a huge perk that many agents we talked to valued the most.  

There are also many resources included that will help you be a successful agent, such as the best real estate lead generation companies, a real estate website builder, and one of the best real estate CRMs).


exp headshotAfter decades in the industry, eXp is the only brokerage that offers a clear true path to retirement where you can grow a stock portfolio for doing exactly the same thing you have always done as an agent. That is selling real estate. In addition to our real estate commissions, we have been able to create a leveraged residual income that provides us the stability that is so often lacking in an agent’s real estate business.  This will contribute to us being able to do what most agents don’t do.  That is retire when we want, on our terms.

eXp is a cloud-based brokerage with disruptive technology, a brokerage model, and a platform, that allows us to own our real estate business as opposed what happens at traditional brokerages which is that the agents can only lease their business.
The brokerage model allows us to not only thrive in our local market but scale and expand regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Lastly, we have never been in a more supportive, collaborative work environment where everyone from the top producing agents and team leaders are financially incentivized to work together no matter what part of the country or world you are in to help every agent sell more real estate.  The model perpetuates incentivized leadership.  The training, support, and education are top-notch. The technology allows it to happen on a global scale. (from John Finley, Licensed eXp Realty agent with 25+ years of experience in the industry)


jeff johnson headshotAs a broker at eXp Realty RE, I love how interconnected the organization is throughout the globe. The company allows me to work remotely due to its immersive cloud-based technology. All I have to do is simply log in.

However, I dislike the revenue share of the organization. I get a commission of merely 3.5% of my gross commission when I bring another agent to my company. The organization keeps the commission checks accumulated and releases them only after the yearly cap of $16,000 is met by the agent. (from Jeff Johnson, Licensed eXp Realty agent for 5+ years)

scott steward headshotI really enjoy working with eXp Realty. I have been with them for almost 11 years now, and being in this office has allowed me to serve the needs of our clients with high professionalism. We have a great team in eXp Realty where everyone helps each other out, no matter what time it is or if they are busy.

I dislike that my brokerage does not pay commission on home warranty claims which can be frustrating because when our clients are having repairs done, sometimes by Master Service Providers who are not affiliated with us , we do not get paid for that service. When this happens, it takes away from our bottom line profits .

I really dislike that my brokerage only gives you 2 months of  commission if you are terminated . It does not make sense because it takes longer than 2 months to find a new job. This is very discouraging when you are trying to establish yourself in the career field .

I have always felt that I have been treated with the utmost respect every time I come into this office. (from Scott Steward
Licensed eXp Realty agent with 15+ years of experience)


lisa mark headshot

I love how eXp isn’t spending money on brick & mortar buildings, and that additional money flows back to the agents in the form of revenue share.

Our revenue share program is similar to Keller Williams, but better in that Keller Williams offers profit sharing after expenses, but eXp offers revenue sharing, before expenses.

The cloud brokerage employees are top-notch! They are supportive and our Managing Brokers are designated by area. We can always get in touch with a Broker when we need to.

eXp has the most advanced technology I’ve seen in a brokerage. eXp offers apps such as BrokerBay, SkySlope, eXp World (Virbela) and kvCore CRM / IDX website, all included free with a low monthly cloud brokerage fee. This makes it really easy to create a great lead generation website that has access to the MLS without breaking the bank to help you bring in new real estate leads.

Our 80/20 split is fair because we have a low cap of $16,000, then we move to 100% commission.

I also love that I am a part owner of the company. At eXp you get Stock Awards when you close your first deal, and you can earn back your entire $16,000 cap in the form of company stock when you hit ICON status. This means doing 20 additional deals after you cap.

What I Don’t Love About eXp:

When new eXp agents come on-board, they choose a Sponsor. This Sponsor’s job is to bring on the new agent. The problem is that anyone can become a Sponsor. If someone, especially a new agent, chooses the wrong Sponsor to join with, the agent may feel abandoned. Once you choose your Sponsor, you cannot change Sponsors without switching brokerages for a minimum of 6 months before you return to eXp. That’s why it’s imperative you choose a Sponsor that’s right for you.

For example, when a new agent joins me we have a group that holds weekly mastermind Zoom calls to help agents connect with one another. As a proactive Sponsor, I also assist new agents in getting on-boarded successfully, building their own real estate brand and learning their way around the cloud brokerage model. To learn more about joining our group of agents at eXp Realty, please visit to book a call.

I don’t like when other agents simply try and recruit agents to eXp without building any trust or rapport first. Some agents can be spammy and that is not something eXp supports whatsoever. (from Lisa Mark, Licensed eXp Realty agent with 2+ years of experience) 



Best Real Estate Company To Work For: Traditional In-Person Real Estate Company (RE/Max)

Many agents want to work with an old-school real estate company in person, which fits RE/Max. It is also respected and highly recognizable, especially throughout major metropolitan regions.

Re/Max has no brand-wide policy about caps, splits, or desk fees. All of those critical issues are made at a local level, so you never know exactly what the company is offering until you sit down with them. 

You do have some flexibility with how you receive commissions. An experienced agent can get paid on the front-end pre-cap so you can use the money for marketing and promotion. However, you will face higher desk fees. 


Kathy-HeadshotI decided on Re/Max, which was a national broker, it had a reputation for being the discount company in my area at the time.

At least, that’s what I was always told at the big brokerage, but times were changing, and little did I know just how much the Internet was about to change the industry.

By week two at my new broker, business was coming from every direction. I didn’t have to slash commissions to get business. So what did happen? After a little time, I realized I had the freedom to explore marketing.

I wasn’t relying on what the broker was doing for me, but rather what I was doing for myself. Re/Max agents were known as the independent agents, so I set out to drive business to myself, through these new Internet marketing strategies.

And the difference was that I received all of the calls, emails and inquiries back directly — they weren’t going through the phone duty desk at my old brokerage. I could effectively measure ROI. Now I had a real estate business, and I began to run it like one. (from Kathy Helbig-Strick, Licensed RE/MAX agent with 20+ years of experience)


marc evans headshotIt’s all about local leadership. Regardless of which brand you’re with, there’s only so much of it’s benefits (tools, training, brand power) that can be passed on to it’s agents and consumers – so it’s really up to the local leadership to take ownership of their resources and implement them.

For these reasons, it’s entirely possible that an agent from a lesser known brokerage can out perform a similar agent at a larger, more well known brokerage; however, it’s also entirely possible that an agent at a larger, more well known brokerage can perform at a level not possible at a smaller, lesser known brokerage.

At my current RE/MAX Brokerage, I’m fortunate enough to be lead by an icon in the industry, who has been one of the City’s top selling agents for decades. That practical leadership combined with the Tools and Brand Power of RE/MAX has given me an unfair advantage. My advice, as a past owner myself, is to interview the leadership – not just the brand, as that is what will guide you to success more than anything else. (from Marc Evans, Licensed RE/MAX agent with 15+ years of experience) 


bill gassett headshotI started my career at Prudential Real Estate. Ten years in I wanted to have more control of my business and decided to join RE/MAX. The first few years I was one of the owners of the franchise.

After a short time, I realized managing others was not my thing. It was sales all the way for me.

The two biggest driving forces for me joining RE/MAX were control of my business and the ability to make more money.

I got to the point in my career where I wanted to sit at a kitchen table with a seller and tell them exactly how I would sell their home – where I would market, how their home would look online, etc.

I no longer wanted an owner to tell me how the marketing would be conducted.

Being a top producer at Prudential, I knew moving to RE/MAX would mean a significant bump in income. Boy was I right! In hindsight, it would have made sense to make the move earlier in my career.

Working with RE/MAX has been awesome. I’ve been with them since 1996. (from Bill Gassett, Licensed RE/MAX agent with 35+ years of experience)  


Best Real Estate Company To Work For:  Welcoming to New Agents (Keller Williams)keller-williams-logo

Keller Williams offers a competitive compensation plan and welcomes new agents who are looking to build a career. 

All of the various Keller Williams Market Centers have what they refer to as a cap. The cap is the amount of money an agent pays to support the company. Every Market Center has a different cap based on local conditions and their marketing expenses. However, all agents that work within each market center have the same cap, whether you are a seasoned rockstar agent or newbie. When the commission is paid, a percentage goes to pay the pre-cap, and another percentage goes to cover the brand’s franchise fee. When you hit the cap, you then get to keep a hundred percent of your commission.

You can also receive a secondary commission if someone you recruit closes a sale. It also continues if someone you recruit then recruits someone. The earning potential is excellent from this aspect. 

Agents who reach a pre-set production level also participate in companywide decisions and become part of the leadership.


Tarusa headshotI like my brokerage because they have such great training opportunities for new agents. Keller Williams has a mentality of win-win situations and a non-competitive atmosphere. I can count on other agents in my brokerage to help me if I’m sick or to pick up an appointment if I’m overbooked, and I would do the same for them without requiring payment.

My brokerage acts as a big family, and we’re all on the same team. We compete against other brokerages but not within ourselves. Also, I like our founder Gary Keller’s motto about work-life balance and making sure family comes first. Something else that made me pick my brokerage was the mentoring program. I always had a senior agent as a role model available to answer my questions and look over my paperwork. These resources helped me to quickly get up to speed on what it took to be a successful Realtor. (from Tarasa Hurley, Licensed Keller Williams agent with 2+ years of experience) 


Keith Headshot (1)

The thing that I love about my brokerage is the vast training opportunities they provide. I believe training and skill learning is an integral part of any job and always striving to learn more is the key to success. This is why I work at Keller Williams. I’ve learned so much during my time here and there is always some new skill or talent to uncover.

Keller Williams provides us agents with a variety of tools and the support needed to develop both professionally and personally. I have access to great real estate software so that I am able to build real estate ads, or come up with a successful social media strategy or other how to generate real estate leads. Our company culture promotes a growth mindset so agents never feel that they’ve capped on their skillsets. Keller Williams is an excellent brokerage for new and young agents who need opportunities to learn the ropes and get into the field. (from Keith Sant, Licensed Keller Williams agent with 5+ years of experience) 


trey langford headshotIn an industry where many don’t make it, selecting a great brokerage can be vital to success, or failure. Choosing the right brokerage can help an agent meet their goals and propel their career forward.

Agents really need to focus on the value they receive from the brokerage, not the cost. Professional growth from training, mentoring, coaching, and opportunities are expensive, yet they are even more costly if an agent is not receiving them.
Keller Williams has built a great reputation as a training company and has masterminds for experienced agents. They are constantly analyzing the industry and marketplace and sharing with agents. They have a great culture and focus heavily on mindset for success. (from Trey Langford, Licensed Keller Williams agent with 8+ years of experience)

Aaron_Weiner headshot

I joined the firm in 2018 for several reasons:

  • Their commitment to grow their commercial agent community
  • Their ongoing commitment to maintain their sterling reputation in the real estate industry
  • The opportunity to garner commercial referrals from their army of residential agents

They have come through on all fronts.  I am very excited to be associated with this brokerage! (from Aaron Weiner, Licensed Keller Williams agent with 4+ years of industry experience)


Best Real Estate Company To Work For: Brand Power (Coldwell Banker)coldwell banker

Coldwell Banker has stood the test of time and built a very illustrious reputation nationwide. Their commission and fees are reasonable. However, they do not have a companywide cap, desk fees, or splits. Those are determined by the local brokerages so they can vary dramatically. One thing to note: Even if you hit the cap for the year, you must still pay the franchise fee, which is 8 percent. This is a severe drawback for many agents.

elizabeth orville headshotReal estate agents know of Coldwell Banker as having excellent training, and many start their careers at Coldwell Banker. Another huge benefit for new agents is that the managing broker is non-competing, meaning that they do not work as an agent with clients. That means they are there to help YOU, as they are never competing with you. That is fantastic especially for new agents who do need a lot of hand-holding (no matter how much think you already know before becoming an agent). When I interviewed at Re/MAX, they had to find someone willing to mentor me and then I had to pay them to do so!

  1. The training is excellent and even the bi-monthly sales meeting includes legal issues that come up so we’re always learning
  2.  One of the 4 pillars of Coldwell Banker’s values is Wealth Building – they provide many ways to support agents in growing their wealth
  3. The people! My colleagues are NICE which is super important when you are an individual agent! You need people to help when you’re sick or on vacation, and my colleagues are fantastic and helpful because we thrive in a state of abundance. (from Elizabeth Boese, Licensed Coldwell Banker agent with 3+ years of experience)  


liz hutz headshotI am a Real Estate Expert, Investor & the Co-Owner of Cash Home Buyers North Carolina. We’re a “direct sale” house buying company. We purchase homes with cash ensuring a quick, hassle-free sale for the seller.

I work for Coldwell Banker because the work-life balance is fantastic.

I couldn’t have been happier with the flexibility they offer, even before COVID-19. Many brokerage companies recently shifted to hybrid work models, but Coldwell Banker has been following it for almost a decade.

It has allowed me to maintain a healthy relationship with my friends and family, which wouldn’t have been possible in another organization. One thing I dislike about working here are the minimum benefits compared to other firms. (from Liz Hutz, Licensed Coldwell Banker agent with 5+ years of experience)


In my experience, Coldwell Banker is a tremendous brokerage firm to work at, particularly for new agents. Their consistent commitment to training and mentorship of new agents is unparalleled. Furthermore, they have an excellent onboarding program, making it easy for new hires to blend in.
However, there are some issues with work-life balance. Your workload can get too exhausting at some points, leaving you with little time to spend with your family. (from Scott Rubzin, Licensed Coldwell Banker agent with 2+ years of industry experience) 


Best Real Estate Company To Work For: Part Time Agents  (Fathom Realty)Fathom Realty logo

As a cloud-based company, Fathom is excellent for part-time agents. In addition, they let agents keep 100 percent of their commission by having a flat fee on the commission. Working with Fathom gives you access to the best in real estate technology, high-level agent support, and outstanding training opportunities. 

Fathom is currently in 27 states and 113 markets. Agents get access to stock grants for sale and referrals. When you join the brokerage, you receive 500 business cards, name badges, and a brokerage shirt.


Martin headshotThey have a collaborative work environment. As a real estate agent just getting started, you need some form of support to rise up through the ranks of your service. The best thing is that they offer good insurance for your costs and also have a dedicated Facebook group where you can share and get valuable advice.

They are forward-thinking and innovative. This stems from the fact Fathom is a cloud-based company and embraces new technologies. As we’re inching towards increased digital presence, being well-versed with emerging technologies is highly relevant and a great asset. There are many tools to help us develop real estate flyers, or resources on how to find the right real estate CRM (even if you’re looking for a free CRM tool) to use day to day.

They have a great compensation model. Fathom offers 100% commission with a small flat fee. This is great considering the fact that your efforts are well rewarded and you can use the amount to reinvest in the market and carve better profits. (from Martin Orefice, Licensed Fathom Realty agent with 5+ years of experience)


cristina headshotFathom Realty is officially recognized as one of the largest brokerages in the USA. It is the 9th largest independent real estate brokerage and ranks 15th in the overall scale.

I love their commission structure personally and how they provide work from home to employees who cannot commute. The company management is very easy going to say the least. If you are just starting out, Fathom Realty may not be the best firm as they focus on hiring candidates with a rich background in the field and work too fast for a newbie’s standard. Fathom also has great marketing freedom, so that you can brand yourself or use other real estate marketing tips to help you boost your business or create name recognition in your farm area. (from Cristina Ortega, Licensed Fathom Realty agent with 6+ years of experience)


Best Real Estate Company To Work For: Modernized Brand (Century 21)


Century 21 is strongly focused on new and modern branding and marketing efforts. They have a refreshed logo and innovative marketing strategy. 

The commission structure is negotiated at a local level and can vary dramatically. There is an 8 percent franchise fee that is always paid. Century 21 does not charge a desk fee which is a great perk. 

As you can see from our top picks, you have many choices when picking the best real estate companies to work for. Each one has its perks. What fits one agent’s needs might not work for another. Ideally, you should do your research and talk to each brokerage at the local level to determine their particular incentives and terms. 


rick andrews headshotCentury 21 is the most recognizable real estate franchise brand and the real estate company consumers think of first when they want real estate services. It’s been an honor to be associated with such a big brand for over 15 years.

I like the technology that C21 uses for providing better customer service. Consumers can access Century21 listings right from their handheld devices. It has a satellite mapping search tool which allows users to visually scout the location of available properties for sale.

C21 has a very unique lead management system. Everything they do, from national advertising and public relations to local marketing campaigns and billboards, is focused on delivering quality leads to the agents like us.

It also has awards and training program which motivates us to achieve new goals continuously. (from Rick Andrews, Licensed Century 21 agent with 20+ years of experience)


Ben (1)What I like about Century 21 is its history. The company was founded in 1971 and has been helping people with their real estate problems ever since.

The company also provides guides and tips to both buyers and sellers and features some useful elements such as mortgage, refinancing and affordability calculators. It has some of the best and most experienced agents out there who’ve helped hundreds of people find their dream home. 

One thing that I dislike about working for the company is that the commission split for agents is 50/50. A good company is one that alters itself according to modern times. But, this is a very traditional way of dividing the commission and I believe that it needs to change because many real estate firms give their agents a higher percentage. (from Ben Wagner, Licensed Century 21 agent with 3+ years of experience)


Geoff-Cudd-Car-Buying-ExpertWhat I like about Century 21:

On social media, you have a strong top-down presence.
Minorities are aggressively recruited by a progressive company culture.
What I dislike about Century 21:
There is no universal commission structure, and each transaction is subject to a 5 to 8% franchise fee.
There are no possibilities for generating leads from a firm. (from Geoff Cudd, Licensed Century 21 agent with 5+ years of experience) 
Chris Heller Headshot

About the Author

Chris Heller brings 27 years of experience in real estate. Chris serves on the AgentAdvice Editorial Board and is the Chief Real Estate Officer at OJO Labs. Chris brings deep expertise having held influential industry positions including CEO of mellohome and former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International.

Last Updated: 12/29/2023