11 Unbeatable Flyers for Real Estate Agents to CRUSH your Goals (2024 Updated!)

Paris,,France,-,Apr,26,,2017:,View,From,Above,OfReal estate flyers are an effective marketing tool. Agents can use them to advertise their services and the homes they have on the market. They can be mailed out, placed in people’s doors, or handed out directly.

There are many types of flyers you can use to market your brand and there are various ways to create them. This article will take an in-depth look at real estate flyer marketing and why you should add it to your campaign arsenal.

What Types of Flyers Can I Use to Market My Real Estate Business?

There are several types of flyers you can use to market your real estate business. These include:

Just Listed: As the name suggests, this type of flyer will advertise properties that have just been listed for sale. It should include lots of beautiful photos of the home, a brief description of its features, and your contact information.

Just Sold: Just sold flyers are a great way to tell the world, ‘hey, look at what I did’. Sellers will be impressed by your skills while buyers will want to know more about the properties you have available. It works on FOMO mentality, but it’s more like, hey, you missed out once, don’t let it happen again.

Open House: Flyers are an effective way to invite someone to your open house. Similar to a just listed flyer, it should include pictures and a brief description of the property as well as your contact information. It should also list when the open house will be happening.

Young,Man,And,Woman,Startups,Business,Teamwork,Meeting,To,DiscussEvent Invitations: Events are a great way to get your name out to the public. You can host charity events, fundraisers, workshops and more. Giving out flyers will spread awareness of the event and your business.

Agent Profiles: Flyers can be used simply to advertise your business. The flyer should include a professional photo of you as well as some of the listings you have recently sold or currently have on the market. It should feature colors and elements that reflect your brand identity.

Holiday and Seasonal Flyers: Flyers can be given out for every change of season. For example, spring is a great time to buy and sell. So you can create a flyer with graphics that advertise the coming of spring with some fast facts on why now is the perfect time to make a real estate transaction.

Free Home Appraisals: Everyone loves to get something for free and a home appraisal is no exception. The nice thing about a home appraisal is, it lets people know how much their home is worth. This can tilt the scales if they are thinking of selling. Not every agent is skilled at home appraisal, but this is something you may think of adding to your resume as it offers more career opportunities, and it can help boost conversions.

Updates Considering Health Emergencies: Thankfully the pandemic is no longer a major concern for many people, but when it was, several businesses were thinking of ways to let their customers know they were taking steps to stay safe. A flyer is the perfect way to advertise the precautions you are taking. Hopefully, we won’t see anything like the pandemic any time again soon, but if it happens, you can have your flyers at the ready.


What are the Best Services for Flyer Templates?

Mature,Couple,Standing,Outside,House,Looking,At,Property,DetailsFortunately, making a flyer doesn’t necessarily mean taking a trip to a graphic artist. There are plenty of flyer design services that will allow you to make great looking flyers at a low cost. Here are a few that are recommended.

Lab Coat Agents

Lab Coat Agents stands out because they offer sophisticated looking flyers that are beautifully designed. The platform provides an easy-to-use design space that is similar to Canva but is specific to a real estate agents’ needs. In addition to flyer templates, Lab Coat also provides social, email and print making templates so you can market your brand cohesively.

To make flyers with Lab Coat, you will need to subscribe to their Marketing Center which costs $59 per month.

Coffee & Contracts

Coffee & Contracts offers specialized flyer making services to real estate agents. Their ready-to-print flyers will integrate seamlessly with your social media designs. In addition to flyers, they also provide marketing guides, checklists, story templates, captions, and social media options for every day of the month.

You can join for a fee of $54 per month, $297 for a semi-annual membership, or $540 a year.


This platform allows you to design multiformat flyers and provides an optional service to have them delivered directly to your clients. Targeted to realtors, it also assists with creating mailing lists and launching a targeted postcard campaign. Other options include door hangers, brochures, magazines, and newsletters.

Prices vary depending on the service and the amount of material you are ordering.


Couple,And,Real,Estate,Agent,Discussing,Together,At,HomeVistaPrint offers the ultimate in design control. Although it is not realtor specific, it offers many business marketing services including business cards, postcards, banners, mugs, t-shirts and more. It also partners with Wix for website design.

Pricing varies depending on the materials and quantity you are ordering.


Canva is non-realtor specific design service that allows you to create flyers and other marketing materials. It is intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to design videos, whiteboards, social media, presentations, websites, and more.

Canva is free to use but also offers premium and team plans. Pricing varies.

Adobe Spark (Adobe Express)

Once Adobe Spark, Adobe Express is a more advanced program similar to Photoshop. The small team within Adobe can help you create stunning social media and marketing materials such as flyers, presentations, and brochures. The software will help you make professional looking designs without a lot of effort.

Adobe Spark is free to use but you can upgrade to a paid plan.


What are the Benefits of Real Estate Flyers?

Female,Real,Estate,Agent,Offer,Home,Ownership,And,Life,InsuranceReal estate flyers provide several benefits to agents. These include:

They are Tangible: Because flyers are tangible, they will not be easily ignored. If you hand one to a potential client, they are likely to at least take a glance at it to find out what it is about. This differs from an email or web content that can easily be ignored or deleted.

They Engage Your Target Audience: The nice thing about flyers is they can be customized. You can change their look and content to target different buyers and sellers. For example, if you are targeting luxury clients, you can give your flyer an upscale look. If you are catering to families, you can include elements that will appeal to those customers.

They Generate Leads: Sending out flyers has been shown to be an effective way to generate leads and get new clients. They are likely to be read by more individuals and shared more often than web content.

They are Versatile: In addition to designing your flyers so they target different audiences, you can also create them to advertise newly listed properties, just sold properties, open houses and more. They can also be sent out in tangible form, or you can use them as digital posts on social media. You can shrink them down and turn them into postcards or blow them up as posters.

They are Visually Appealing: If you make an attractive flyer, people will want to look at it. If it catches their eye, they will want to read it and they will find out more about your business. You can make your flyers attractive by using nice looking pictures and large fonts. Include a limited number of words as large blocks of text can turn off some potential clients.

They Affect House Buying Decisions: People need to be educated before making a decision to buy or sell a home. A flyer can provide them with valuable information regarding real estate transactions. They can also be used to advertise attractive homes and open houses which can sway a client’s opinion on buying and selling.

They Save Time and Money: Real estate flyers are not expensive to print. They can be delivered quickly by yourself or an affordable service. This makes them a cost-effective marketing tool.


How to Distribute Flyers

Real,Estate,Agent,Showing,A,Family,A,House,,Closer,InThere are multiple ways to distribute flyers. Here are a few suggestions:

Door to Door: The most traditional way to distribute flyers is to go door to door. However, there are some people that don’t appreciate soliciting. Be sure to look for ‘no soliciting signs’ before handing out your flyers. The last thing you want to do is upset a potential client.

At Open Houses and Events: If you are hosting an open house or event, it’s a good idea to have a pile of flyers near the entrance and in other convenient locations throughout the property or venue. People can pick them up and look at them during idle time and learn more about what you have to offer.

By the Mail: Another option is to mail out flyers. You can simply fold them up, stuff them in an envelope, and send them out to people in your community. However, if you go this route, postcards may be a better bet. They are smaller and cheaper to send.

Online: Most flyers are created online. This makes it easy to distribute them digitally. You can take the image and upload it to your website or any social media profile. It will make for an attractive post.

Hang Flyers: There may be community boards at your local coffee shops, rec centers, schools, etc. that welcome flyers from local businesses. This are ideal locations for flyer hanging.

Give Them Out: Giving out flyers can be a terrific networking opportunity. In addition to getting the flyers into the hands of potential clients, you will also have a chance to talk to them if they begin asking questions. This makes them an excellent lead generating strategy.

When choosing locations for handing out flyers, think of where your target audience will be. For example, if you are targeting families, you may want to hand out flyers in front of schools. If you are targeting an upscale clientele, hit the high-end neighborhoods in your community.

Be aware that there may be businesses and organizations that don’t appreciate you handing out flyers on their property, so be sure to get clearance in advance.


Tips for Designing Great Real Estate Flyers

Handshake,Of,A,Real,Estate,Agent,And,A,VisitorYour real estate flyers won’t be as effective as they can be unless they look good. Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing your flyers.

Use an Attention-Grabbing Headline: Including text like ‘this property will go fast’, ‘just reduced’, or ‘once in a lifetime chance’, is sure to catch their attention.

Think of Balance: Symmetry always catches the eye. Although your flyer does not have to be symmetrical, its text and graphic elements should be balanced. Keep things well spaced and avoid overcrowding.

Use the Right Typography: The typography you use will make a big difference in how your flyer is perceived. The font you use can come across as fun and casual, or upscale and cutting edge. The one you choose should be inline with your brand identity.

Include a Call to Action: A call to action should be included at the bottom of your flyer. It will clearly state the purpose of your flyer. Some examples are ‘call today’, ‘find out more’, ‘come to the open house’. The CTA should be boldly displayed at the bottom of the page.

They Should Use a Visual Hierarchy: The visual hierarchy you use will draw people in. Put the main headline of your flyer on top so clients are clear on the message you are sending. Place a captivating image immediately below the headline. Round it out with details such as property pricing, event location, contact information, or whatever is needed to make your purpose clear.

Real estate flyers are a great way to advertise your business. Now that you know the best design services and the various ways to distribute and create them, you can launch your next flyer campaign. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.


Real Estate Flyer Templates That Work

1. Timeless ‘Just Listed’ Real Estate Flyer Template

timeless flyer

Size: 8.5″ X 11″

Created by: Canva

Details: This type of flyer gives you plenty of room for a full listing descriptions, tasteful photos, and, most importantly, all of your contact information. The key to making this type of flyer work is by showcasing the high quality photos you’ve taken of the home to make sure it appeals to the masses.


2. Modern ‘Just Listed’ Real Estate Flyer Template

mondern flyer

Size: 8.5″ X 11″

Created by: Canva

Details: This flyer feels like it straight out of the pages of a modern-day magazine. It makes the listing feel elegant and fresh. The open design leaves plenty of room for the eye to notice the description of the home, and to take in the pictures featured. This is a flyer that sellers would be proud of all while making sure buyers are instantly attracted to the home.


3. QR Code ‘Just Listed’ Real Estate Flyer Template

qr code flyer

Size: 8.5″ X 11″

Created by: VistaPrint

Details: If you’re thinking about using the QR code strategy, then make sure you leave room on the flyer to promote the main landing pages of your website. This flyer by VistaPrint still has plenty of easily digestible information about the listing, but still includes the QR code for prospects to check out. This is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the real estate industry, and can be used to get more direct traffic to your website.


4. Combo Real Estate Flyer Template

combo flyer

Size: 8.5″ X 11″

Created by: Canva

Details: This combo real estate flyer kills two birds with one stone. While making sure to detail the listing, it also leaves the middle section free to share your story. This gives you the opportunity to talk about your accolades and why buyers should want to work with you. You could also feature client reviews in this template if you’d prefer.


5. Classic ‘Open House’ Real Estate Flyer Template

open house flyer

Size: 8.5″ X 11″

Created by: Canva

Details: This open house real estate flyer is quick and to the point. It lists the open house time and date in bold lettering and let’s the pictures and listing description do the rest. Including a well-placed headshot with contact information is also crucial.


6. Minimalistic ‘Open House’ Real Estate Flyer Template

minimalistic flyer

Size: 8.5″ X 11″

Created by: Canva

Details: This minimalistic open house real estate flyer works if you’ve got a stand-out photo of the home you want to feature. Remember, the biggest point of a flyer is to have someone reach out to ask questions, so this would be more successful if you make it a two-sided and include your headshot and contact information on the back.


7. Urban Living Real Estate Flyer

urban flyer

Size: 8.5″ X 11″

Created by: Canva

Details: Something like this is great in a city like Manhattan where the only real estate is up. This flyer allows you to talk about the block of the community surrounding the building. It helps paint a picture for buyers. This flyer would also benefit from a section on the back dedicated to how people can reach you.


8. ‘Just Sold’ Real Estate Flyer Template

just sold flyer

Size: 8.5″ X 11″

Created by: Canva

Details: This classic flyer communicates the most crucial information, like ways to reach you, while also sending a strong message: This property sold! Who sold it? You. Your neighborhood’s go-to real estate agent. This is the kind of flyer you hand out after a successful closing. Knock and doors and tout about your abilities in person while passing out this flyer.


9. Event Invitation Real Estate Flyer Template

event flyer 2

Size: 8.5″ X 11″

Created by: Canva

Details: People in the community are excited to go to more events and the real estate space is no exception. Pot lucks, BBQs, and ice cream socials are a great way to meet prospective clients, so this flyer is a great way to get the word out while also looking professional. Include the event details, your logo, headshot, contact information, and bullet points of a few of your successes. That way even if people aren’t interested in attending, they have an idea of the feats you’ve been able to achieve.


10. Weekly Update Real Estate Flyer Template

weekly update flyer

Size: 8.5″ X 11″

Created by: Canva

Details: Many agents send out weekly reports via email to their client list, however, it can also be successful in flyer form. You can include new listings, recent properties you’ve sold, upcoming events, new hires at your brokerage, etc. It’s also a great place to include client testimonials for lots of eyes to see.


11. Free Appraisal Real Estate Flyer Template

free appraisal flyer

Size: 8.5″ X 11″

Created by: Canva

Details: In a hot market, sometimes the most compelling message you can send to prospective leads is opportunity. Maybe people need a push to buy or sell their home. This is a great flyer to use if you want to target specific neighborhoods to bee the real estate ‘expert’ of.

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