The Best Real Estate Website Builders (2024 Updated!)

Jim Gray, Lead Generation Expert5/20/2024

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Your client’s first stop when doing research is usually the internet, which means your real estate website has a chance to make a first impression on your clients before you get a chance to. 

Good news: you don’t have to be a tech wizard to build the best real estate website in your area. Using the right tools can make it easy. 

I personally spent hundreds of hours comparing and ranking the best real estate website builders based on a comprehensive look at features, integrations, IDX functionality, and price points. Here are the top real estate website builders to use to build your brand.

Best Real Estate Website Builders for 2024

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Best Overall Website Builder: Ylopo


Top Features

: AI Enhanced IDX and lead nurture systems
Starting at $$

Why I chose it as the best overall real estate website builder: Ylopo is a real estate marketing platform, that provides branded websites, nurturing tools, dynamic ads, and campaign management to help Teams excel at every turn. 

Ylopo helps agents create branded search websites with customizable landing pages featuring your brand and listings. It makes customization easy, and every website is totally mobile-friendly.

In addition they offer home search IDX and are AI-enhanced, including an sms chatbot, making them excellent at lead capture.

Their AI-driven lead nurturing systems learn from user behavior and send personalized communications to each lead, helping better engage them. Plus, Ylopo’s IDX integrates with any MLS, helping it stand out amongst its competitors. 

Another aspect that we liked about Ylopo’s website offerings during our testing is their integrated lead system. It’s is a mass lead import able to import leads from practically any source

While they may not be a one-stop shop offering the all-in-one CRM-Marketing, don’t let that deter you. Ylopo has used this to it’s advantage by using that manpower to help improve existing products and launch 2-3 products in half the time of their one-stop competitors.

For example, they have fine-tuned their dynamic ads which bring you more buyers, especially highly motivated ones, hence why they get the buyer leads award with us.

What differentiates Ylopo from other website builders: The full-service plan includes a branded IDX website, Facebook ads, and a transparent, control-based experience with Mission Control. It’s definitely worth the investment if you have a strong follow-up strategy for the leads you will generate.

Other features: Easy navigation, fast load times, mobile responsive

Best for: Teams & brokers, agents with a large budget

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Ylopo Pros
  • The most advanced SMS-text real estate chatbot in the industry
  • Integrates with almost all best in class CRMs
  • Our branded search websites are AI-enhanced lead capture machines
  • Most sophisticated IDX website in the industry
Ylopo Cons
  • No native CRM
  • Not the greatest for SEO
Starting at $$

Best for Seller Leads: Real Geeks


Top Features

: A comprehensive solution to lead generation

Why I chose it as the 2nd best overall real estate website builder: If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to maximize your presence online, Real Geeks has you covered.

Real Geeks is an end-to-end lead generation solution that offers an IDX website, a CRM, and paid lead solutions. They have you completely covered, which is why they earn our second best overall website builder for real estate. 

One of their greatest features we found during testing is their high-converting IDX websites with forced registration.

The sites are fully customizable and offer a blogging tool and calls to action (CTAs). They’re always rolling out new features and have tons of templates to choose from, which is great for solo agents. And, visitors can easily search for listings and locate them with their dynamic map functions. 

Some other features their website builder includes are A/B testing for landing pages, automatic MLS updates every 15 minutes, and SEO tools. Real Geeks websites have tremendous SEO ranking possibilities.  

They also has a solid CRM that works in tandem with your custom site.

Real Geeks tracks all activity on the website, like when a user searches or likes a listing, and uploads that information in contact profiles on their CRM. The dashboard is simple and offers email drip funnels, mass marketing tools, and built-in SMS texting, so if your working on your own they can help you stay efficient.  

Another great advantage of Real Geeks is their lead capture tools, especially their home valuation landing page to capture selling leads.

Like Zillow or, the tool is built into your website, and visitors can enter their contact information to receive an estimate. They also offer market reports tailored to specific areas, which are great lead magnets. 

What differentiates Real Geeks from other website builders: Real Geeks ensures that your website should be highly trafficked with a full suite of tools and unique features to help you along the way. There’s a reason Real Geeks is so highly regarded by agents; it works.

Other Features: Custom lead capture forms, quick market report features, home valuation tools included

Best for: Solo agents looking to build their brand without tanking their budgets.

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Real Geeks Pros
  • End-to-end solution
  • Reasonable price
  • Quick turnaround
Real Geeks Cons
  • Very little customization
  • Limited content marketing resources

Best Website Builder for Teams: CINC


Top Features

: Full-service, fully integrated systems with targeted marketing tools, team management tools

Why I chose it as the best real estate website builder for teams: CINC offers performance, simplicity and convenience in your IDX website.

Designed by high-performing agents, it’s an all-in-one solution that delivers a slick, customer-facing experience….sure, but it’s also a powerful marketing platform that can generate free and pay-per-click leads plus nurture them through behavior-driven follow-ups.

Their IDX listings presentation, lead generation, and nurture all work seamlessly without agents having to stitch all the pieces together. They keep Teams working together like a well oiled machine.

They mostly source their leads from Google and Meta (Facebook and Instagram). Lead generation is hyper-local and takes full advantage of technology to provide you with quality leads and data.

I love that CINC offers a host of automated tools for you and your team, including automated email and text campaigns. Plus, you’ll get smart suggestions after every communication you have with potential clients as well as former clients on the best ways to convert.

There’s also ListCast, an AI tool that advertises targeted, personalized recommendations to potential leads.

Another cool thing that our testing showed, is that their Seller Suite gathers insights into seller opportunities to help you improve contact and close ratio with seller leads. Plus, once they’re captured, you’ll have automated follow-up, which includes a welcome email, home value report, and more.

CINC makes it easier to facilitate collaboration and increase productivity as a team.

They have automated lead routing to pair new leads with the right agent. And, they have the added benefit of a feature-rich backend that includes agent accountability and intelligent team management tools. Activity tracking is simple across channels and team members.

CINC also offers the PROLINC Referral Network, which includes every CINC user in North America. So you can receive referrals from other agents in different locations. PROLINC provides you with referral leads who are ready to convert.

It’s a worthwhile investment for teams looking for an all-in-one platform to convert paid leads. While subscriptions can get expensive, their multiple lead sources and team management tools can help busy teams streamline their approach.

There’s no better option for small teams looking to increase their lead generation, conversion, and sales. It’s also perfect for teams looking to scale their business with a great ROI.

My ultimate fav, they have a Guaranteed Sales Program which provides teams and agents a risk-free return on their investment by guaranteeing closed transactions.

To determine this, CINC has built a proprietary Conversion Playbook and Success Program that clearly explains what teams and agents have to do to succeed. If, while following the program, the you or your team doesn’t close a minimum number of transactions in the first year, CINC will continue providing the platform for free until those transactions happen and the investment is recouped.

What differentiates CINC from other website builders: In addition to being an easy tool to learn, CINC also offers Agent Advice customers $3,000 in free leads to first year users. That is 300-500 free leads for teams & agents in their first year using CINC.

Other Features: Easy management tools, configurable layouts, easy to set up

Best for: Teams & brokers with a large budget

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  • Perfectly suited for Teams/Brokers
  • Don't need to be a techie to get all the value
  • Powerful & flexible lead gen
  • Guaranteed Sales Program
  • Learning curve for feature use
  • Higher base pricing due to the "full-service"
  • Lack of customizations options

Best Website Builder for Generating Buyer and Seller Leads: BoomTown


Top Features

: A website and CRM trusted by industry leaders
Starting at $$

Why I chose it: If you’re JUST looking for a website builder, BoomTown is frankly too expensive. BUT, it’s really a full-service real estate package meant for teams and brokerages.

Included in their service is an IDX-enabled website builder, a comprehensive CRM, and complete digital marketing services with a focus on PPC ads. Because it’s meant for teams, they also offer plenty in terms of team management and lead pipeline distribution.

BoomTown’s website builder uses a consistent design proven to convert visitors. Their home search websites require registration, immediately giving you a lot of opportunities for leads from those looking to view listings.

Plus, the pages load quickly and the website is very simple to navigate. They also have a feature called “My Listings,” which matches existing buyers in your database to your own listings. 

BoomTown offers full-service digital marketing campaigns in the form of PPC ads. They’ll launch the ads for you, leading prospects to your door (rather, your own personalized real estate website).

Fun Fact: Their portal allows users to create their own ads and landing pages with a block editor, and their team will ensure that your efforts are aligned with your goals. They also offer remarketing campaigns to keep your business top of mind

With BoomTown, you’ll get a predictive CRM with an easy interface to evaluate the status of any online lead and nurture them through automated email and text.

Lead distribution is automated, too! It’s through models like agent-on-duty or round-robin.

BoomTown’s “Now Wall” feature predicts which leads require follow-up, so you can take the guesswork out of figuring out the perfect timing. Their concierge service, Success Assurance, also nurtures leads for you. 

What differentiates BoomTown from other website builders: Top real estate teams trust BoomTown because of the effectiveness of their lead generation tools and PPC ads. You’ll have a clean website built to perform and everything you’ll need to convert the leads you’ll get. So, if you’re a team or brokerage, lead management and distribution are made simple through automation. 

Other Features: Included e-alerts so that you can easily convert clients, leads are tested for quality

Best for: Large teams and brokerages with a big budget

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BoomTown Pros
  • Perfect for brokerages
  • Great PPC lead generation
  • Easy to use
BoomTown Cons
  • No content marketing
  • No ownership over lead generation
  • Brokerage-level prices
Starting at $$

Best for Solo Agents: kvCORE


Top Features

: AI-driven lead management, ability to send mass emails & texts
Starting at $$$

Why we chose it: kvORE’s website has many features to help you streamline the work of lead capture, relationship management, advertising, outreach, transaction management, and much more.

kvCORE is designed to help you capture and manage prospects, supporting every process involved to get from lead to closing. With their tools, you can capture leads from your team or individual websites and social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

When it comes to real estate, you want to be able to create a recognizable brand that provides a consistent experience. kvCORE lets you develop your own digital assets, so your website will be all you. You can configure your team and individual pages, property pages, lead captures, and other content with your branding, image, and color schemes.

To give you an even more seamless experience, kvCORE integrates with MLS to allow your customers and clients to search for properties and get the newest listings as soon as they are listed. With this integration, you keep customers on your website to search for real estate instead of sending them to another website.

kvCORE offers unlimited custom pages. As you generate new landing and squeeze pages to guide your customers and clients, you broaden your reach and increase the chance of making a sale. Beyond landing pages, you can also develop blog content to drive even more traffic to your website via kvCORE’s custom blog pages.

Working with lenders is easy with kvCORE’s lender integrations. These integrations make it simple to cost-share with your lenders. Each lender will be billed separately and receive their own login credentials.

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kvCORE Pros
  • Robust platform with lots of tools
  • Great reporting ability
kvCORE Cons
  • Can be pricey
  • Overwhelming platform for new agents
Starting at $$$

Honorable Mentions

I had a high bar in picking the best of the best website builders. These website builders didn’t make the cut (frankly, they’re not as great as my top picks – but they were also considered).

Agent Image


Top Features

: Full-services website & marketing, lots of awards, custom packages
Starting at $$$

Agent Image is mostly for agents and brokerages looking for a true one-stop-shop for their website and marketing functions.

They offer custom websites, including IDX websites, as well as a full suite of marketing services, including SEO, content, social media, paid advertising and other custom marketing solutions. 

And in these domains, they’re really, really good at what they do. 

Agent Image also won awards in the most important categories at the 2022 RealTrends Website Rankings, and they’ve created websites for some of the top names in real estate, including people like Aaron Kirman, Allure Realty, The Oppenheim Group, Tracy Tutor, Kofi Nartey, Sharona Alperin, and many others. 

What they’re really good at is (1) understanding your unique brand and story and (2) creating truly unique websites (check out their portfolio for examples). In other words, Agent Image is where you want to go if you make sure your website is not boring

They offer fully custom websites, semi-custom websites (their most popular) and an entry-level package called Agent Image X, which is designed to help newer agents deploy a polished, top-tier website. There’s no custom work in these packages, but they have a strong library of themes they’ve already built. 

On the marketing side, it’s essentially full-service. 

They’re not going to be the cheapest. They are, however, going to be one of the most truly robust website + marketing solutions out there. 

What differentiates Agent Image from other website builders: In addition to the usual marketing you might do (SEO, PPC, social media, etc.), Agent Image has tons of capabilities that might be tough to find at a run-of-the-mill real estate  marketing firm. 

Other features: After sales training, and top tier customer support

Best for: Brokers and teams looking to bundle services

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Agent Image Pros
  • Full ownership of your website (WordPress, not SaaS)
  • Lots of high profile clients
  • 24/7 customer support + after sales training
  • Lots of bundles to choose from (no matter your budget)
Agent Image Cons
  • Custom website prices are high
  • No ala carte digital marketing services
  • No built-in CRM system
Starting at $$$



Top Features

: Hyperlocal focus, solid integrations

Why I chose it as the best value real estate website builder: If you’re looking to build a local brand image, AgentFire is a great solution for you.

They offer a WordPress-based real estate website builder that has tons of features geared toward targeting a hyperlocal community. Best part is, it’s very affordable. You’ll get quite a bit of bang for your buck. 

With AgentFire, you have three real estate website builder options: custom, semi-custom, and “Express Setup.”

With custom, you can build and customize your website using their easy site editor.

Semi-custom offers three starting points for you and dedicated designers to customize for your brand.

And the Express Setup plan will get you a website that’s ready to go in 48 hours, all designed based on your answers to a few questions. 

Their websites fully integrate with your preferred CRM, too.

The biggest advantage of AgentFire is its hyperlocal focus. Home Junction provides site visitors with data about local communities, such as average sale price, local schools, and even restaurant reviews provided by Yelp.

Then you have the ClickMaps add-on which allows you to design a map that takes users to specific community pages. Plus, their property listings are powered by Showcase IDX. You can get a 3-month free trail of the Home Valuation tool too.

AgentFire has other features we didn’t know about prior to our testing too, like integrated landing pages and lead magnets. They even have a CTA system that has a chat tool and opt-in pop-ups.

What differentiates AgentFire from other website builders: If you have some extra room in the budget, there are plenty of other paid add-ons, called Power Ups. These include a home valuation tool, a logo generator, ADA Compliance tools, and copywriting services for web pages and blog content.  To sum it up, AgentFire offers a hyperlocal website with plenty of features for a reasonable price point.  

Other Features: Advanced SEO settings for better keyword rankings, easily create unique content for the areas you serve

Best for: Solo agents on a budget

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AgentFire Pros
  • Dedicated designer
  • IDX Integrations
  • Hyperlocal area pages and market reports
  • Integrates with most CRMs, PPC and SEO solutions
AgentFire Cons
  • Not geared for large teams
  • Some features require paid upgrades


Top Features

: Fantastic lead capture, unlimited page creation

Why I chose it: Placester offers a great real estate website builder with tons of intuitive features and support along the way. They have a website, lead captures, and an intuitive CRM.

Bonus points – they even offer a discount to NAR members, making their already fair price even more affordable!

Placester makes designing your website simple. You choose the template you want, fill out a quick form with your information, and they’ll populate your site.

Once that is taken care of, you can customize your site with an easy, code-free editor. From there, you are free to add whatever content you choose. 

I like that there are a ton of modules to choose from, whether it’s basics like property search, calls to action, and contact information popups or extras like testimonials, a mortgage calculator, and featured listings.

These added features make it possible to have a professional-looking, mobile-friendly real estate website up in a few hours (trust me, I timed it during our testing).

Placester offers a ton of premade tools for real estate agents like advanced IDX integrations and agent profile pages. You’ll have access to several website and landing page templates so you don’t need to start from scratch!

One of their biggest benefits is unlimited page creation. Translation –  you can add as many pages to your site as you like. Websites also come with built-in SEO tools (get those free leads).

One of my favorite things about Placester’s service is its lead capture tools. Their custom landing pages and capture forms integrate well with the Placester CRM, and they offer site-wide pop-up options and a contact form in the footer of every page.

What differentiates Placester from other website builders: They are dedicated to maximizing your online presence, so Placester takes care of the design process when you hit a road block with features like the Placester Marketplace. This makes it easy to outsource technical tasks.

This is especially helpful if you want to boost your SEO. Having professionals take care of your website architecture can be a significant advantage for individual agents who don’t have the bandwidth to do so themselves. 

Other Features: Hundreds of designs to choose from, add CTA’s on every page

Best for: Solo agents who want an easy template to follow

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Placester Pros
  • Pre-made templates
  • Extensive support options
  • Customized data migration
Placester Cons
  • Templates aren’t very customizable
  • Domain not included
  • Limited back-end features

Sierra Interactive


Top Features

: All-in-one solution, high performing IDX websites
Starting at $$

Why I chose it: Sierra Interactive makes it easy for you to rank for top-level keywords, individual listings and neighborhoods with their beautifully designed real estate websites that are built with organic SEO in mind.

Bonus, they have seller lead landing pages that are great for creating listing leads, and why they get our best website builder for seller leads award.

Sierra Interactive’s IDX websites and lead integration are also chalk full of features for you to benefit from. What really stands out is how they create your IDX website with a proprietary infrastructure that helps you hone in on your target market and rank your website.

Sierra’s SEO optimized sites give you an incredible advantage, helping you attract high quality leads organically (i.e., leads you don’t pay for).

Our testing revealed you can also easily highlight neighborhoods and communities in your market. Create unlimited pages for listings, stats, testimonials, videos and more.

I love it because you have complete control over the URL, meta tags and source code which makes everything super customizable. I find that to be a big help as you try to scale your business and build your brand (sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right!)

With Sierra Interactive’s granular IDX capabilities, you can insert search criteria on content pages and blog posts so leads can find what they need—fast. If your MLS has the field, chances are you can filter for it.

If you’re an agent looking for seller leads and a website builder that comes with an all-in-one solution and a lot of features to help your team streamline the workflow, Sierra Interactive is a good option for you.

What differentiates Sierra Interactive from other website builders: They have a multitude of ways to get you leads, as well as re-engage your current leads and track and manage them with their CRM. The amount of customization and automation they offer helps your team work together more efficiently.

Other Features: Granular IDX capabilities, ability to create multiple niche sites from one branded flagship site

Best for: Small teams & indy brokers

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Sierra Interactive Pros
  • 90+ popular integrations
  • High conversion rates
  • All-in-one solution with IDX websites, full-featured CRM and PPC ad management services
Sierra Interactive Cons
  • Not always cost-effective or simple enough for solo agents
  • Limited user site customization - requires 3rd party
  • Limited library of action plans/drips
  • No transaction management
Starting at $$

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Website Builder

There are a few core things that are absolute must-haves you need to be thinking about for your real estate website. There are thousands of features out there, and it can get overwhelming when comparing – but relax – you don’t need ALL the features.

These are the ones that are table stakes to growing your real estate business. In other words – it’s impossible to have the best real estate website WITHOUT crushing these next few factors.

1. Access to IDX Listings & MLS

Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is a term used to describe how property listings are displayed on websites. With IDX, you can integrate listings from the MLS database on your website. Basically, IDX creates a connection between your own branded real estate website and the MLS. 

Why is that important? IDX allows property listings to be updated every few hours, meaning visitors always get up-to-date information about what listings are available at any given time.

Sites like Zillow don’t use IDX, instead opting for things like brokerage syndication, which means their listings aren’t as accurate. Because the data is constantly flowing in, IDX keeps your site current all the time – so you can spend less time website building, and more time selling real estate.

This is the reason real estate agents need specific real estate website builders vs. general tools meant for other industries. If you don’t have IDX capabilities, you won’t have the competitive edge that accurate data can bring. Most website builders have this in real estate, but not all – make sure you’re choosing one that does so you can take advantage of all IDX offers.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You want to make sure that prospects who are unfamiliar with your business can easily discover you through a Google search for “real estate agent [your local area].” Recognizing that more than 1/3 of online visits start with a search engine, your goal is to secure a prominent position on Google’s results pages. Achieving this requires a website builder equipped with robust SEO capabilities and/or applications designed to increase your online visibility.

3. Lead Capture & Nurture

The biggest advantage of having your own branded real estate website is your ability to convert visitors into potential leads by capturing contact information in a lead form.

Lead capture tools like landing pages and capture forms encourage prospects to leave behind their names, phone numbers, and emails. It looks a lot like pop-ups that you may have seen on retail websites that prompt you for similar information. The website builder you choose should allow you to customize these lead captures so you can gather the information you’re most likely to use. 

Strategies for capturing these leads will vary from agent to agent. You may prefer persistent lead captures that regularly prompt visitors to share contact info, or you may err on the side of a more relaxed approach. 

Whatever strategy you opt for, you should be able to adjust accordingly. Even if you have a mix of leads coming in, and pay for the best lead gen for realtors on the market, it means nothing if you aren’t finding ways to create follow-up opportunities. 

4. Help & Support

Having an excellent website builder is useless if you don’t know how to jump over technical glitches. There’s no doubt you will at some point encounter an obstacle, and you’ll want to have accessible assistance to help you out.

A dedicated support team distinguishes website builders from CMS platforms such as WordPress. This is frequently overlooked or underestimated until you need to confront a significant roadblock.

If you’re looking for extra support, opt for a real estate website builder that offers a range of real estate templates for you to choose from. This can be a lot easier to use than uploading a template from a third-party site. The right tool should make customizing these templates painless so that you can add custom branding.

Most website builders offer additional support in the form of video tutorials or extensive customer support. If this is your first time creating and maintaining a website, opting for services with these features may be a smart move. 

5. Images & Videos

As a real estate professional, you understand the critical role images play – recognizing that they can be the deciding factor between your phone ringing off the hook, and a property remaining unoccupied for an extended period of time.

Our goal is to spotlight website builders that truly empower your images to stand out, along with any video tours you may provide.

6. CRM integrations

Having the best real estate website in your area isn’t enough. As a real estate professional, you probably know all the advantages using one of the best real estate CRMs can bring to the table. It’s a central hub to store prospect data, track customer interactions, and share that information with business partners. 

When you integrate your real estate CRM with a Content Management System (CMS), functionality becomes seamless. A CRM integration can help you improve the buyer and seller experience and target follow-ups to leads. Combining your customer data from a CRM with your real estate website’s analytics tools is a gold mine for creating selling opportunities.

Plus, by keeping all of your data in one place, you reduce the time you would otherwise need to maintain both services.

You probably already have a CRM that you like. To make full use of it, make sure that your website builder integrates with the CRM that you use to store customer data, otherwise, you may have to use two different services. 

Make your website stand out

Be sure that you keep some of these tips in mind as you start creating:

Don’t forget to show off! 

Provide client testimonials and reviews. This is also a great time to establish yourself as an expert in the community. Share details about events and local news on your site to draw clients to your community and establish your credibility.

Let the numbers talk.

Sharing statistics can help you demonstrate your success in an easily consumable way. Some agents share information about dollars they’ve saved clients or average listing times. This is a great way to market yourself and provide proof of your services. 

Look for a service that makes it easy to integrate things like graphs, charts, and images on your website. 

Keep your website accessible. 

The National Association of Realtors has recently reported that almost 70% of new home shoppers use their phones in their search for a home, so it would be more than wise to keep your content mobile-friendly

With a generation that is on the go, ensuring that your real estate website offers landing page creation is absolutely critical. Seriously. Before picking a website builder, make sure the sites they build look good on phones, tablets, and computers. 

Your website is an additional opportunity to ensure that you serve all clients fairly and adequately. Accessibility tools like speech-to-text, alternate text captions, or translation services can make a huge difference for some clients.

Choose the real estate website builder that’s right for you

Take full advantage of demos and trials to try before you buy. Remember that website design comes with maintenance, so your decision should be carefully considered. 

As with almost everything else in your real estate career: ask other real estate professionals to weigh in, too! They may be interested in features you haven’t considered or require a platform with thorough support options.

Ultimately, it’s your real estate business, though – so be sure to prioritize all the features you want.

Not all real estate websites are the same, and of course, neither are the tools you use to build them.  Choosing the right real estate website builder is the first step in creating a polished site that will move your clients to close. We hope that our guide has made the decision-making process easier.

Make sure whichever website builder you choose, is documented correctly in your real estate accounting software. You’ll want to stay on top of your bookkeeping while working to grow your business.

Understanding Free & Cheap Real Estate Website Builders

Understanding the landscape of free and cheap real estate website builders is essential for agents and brokers looking to establish an online presence without breaking the bank. These website builders offer varying features and pricing structures, and here’s what you need to know:

  1. Free Website Builders: Some platforms offer free website builders that allow you to create a basic real estate website at no cost. These builders typically have limitations on customization, storage space, and advanced features. While they can be a good starting point for agents on a tight budget, they may lack the flexibility and professional polish needed for a comprehensive online presence.
  2. Freemium Models: Many real estate website builders follow a freemium model, where basic website building features are available for free, but additional functionalities and advanced customization options come with a paid subscription. These plans often provide more design templates, better customization options, and increased storage capacity. Freemium models can be a cost-effective option if you require more flexibility and want to scale your website gradually.
  3. Affordable Paid Plans: Several real estate website builders offer affordable paid plans designed specifically for agents and brokers. These plans often include more advanced features, such as lead capture forms, CRM integration, IDX/MLS integration, and responsive design templates. They may also provide options for custom domains, advanced analytics, and SEO optimization. These paid plans strike a balance between affordability and functionality, making them suitable for agents who require more professional and robust website solutions.
  4. Considerations and Limitations: While free and cheap real estate website builders can be appealing, it’s important to carefully evaluate their limitations. They may have branding or advertising placed on your website, restricted customer support, limited bandwidth, or reduced storage capacity. These factors can affect the overall user experience and may not align with your professional image.

When choosing a website builder, it’s crucial to assess your specific needs, budget, and long-term goals.

Consider factors such as design flexibility, lead generation capabilities, SEO optimization, mobile responsiveness, and integration options with third-party tools. Additionally, read user reviews, compare features and pricing, and take advantage of any free trials to ensure the platform aligns with your requirements.

Ultimately, the goal is to find a real estate website builder that strikes the right balance between cost-effectiveness, functionality, and the ability to showcase your listings, engage visitors, and drive business growth in the competitive real estate market.

My Advice to You

jim gray headshot“Finding the right real estate website builder is a crucial step in establishing a robust and captivating online presence for your real estate business. It’s like discovering the key that unlocks the door to a digital realm where your properties come to life, your clients connect effortlessly, and your business flourishes.

A reliable real estate website builder offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored specifically for the unique needs of the industry. It should provide intuitive and customizable templates that allow you to showcase your listings in an appealing and user-friendly manner. With a range of design options, you can personalize your website to reflect your brand identity, creating a memorable experience for potential clients.

Furthermore, a powerful website builder should include robust search and filtering capabilities, enabling visitors to easily search for properties based on specific criteria such as location, price range, or property type. Integration with mapping and geolocation tools can enhance the user experience, enabling clients to visualize property locations and nearby amenities conveniently.

Mobile responsiveness is a vital aspect of any real estate website builder. With the majority of users accessing websites through mobile devices, it is crucial that your website displays flawlessly and provides seamless navigation on smartphones and tablets. This ensures that you can reach and engage potential clients wherever they are.

Another important consideration is lead generation and management. The ideal website builder should offer built-in lead capture forms and contact management features that allow you to capture and organize leads efficiently. Integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems can streamline your lead nurturing process, ensuring that no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities are also crucial to help your website rank higher in search engine results, increasing its visibility to potential clients. The website builder should provide features and tools to optimize your website’s meta tags, keywords, and overall structure to enhance its search engine friendliness.

Lastly, excellent customer support and ongoing updates are essential. A reliable website builder should offer responsive customer support to assist you in case of any issues or questions. Regular updates and enhancements ensure that your website remains modern, secure, and in line with the latest industry trends.

In summary, finding the right real estate website builder is not just about creating a website—it’s about building a digital platform that amplifies your brand, attracts clients, and drives your real estate business forward. By investing in a reputable website builder that encompasses the features mentioned, you can establish a strong online presence, differentiate yourself from competitors, and position your real estate business for success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.” – Jim Gray


What is the Builder with the Best Real Estate Website Design?

Several website builders are known for their excellent real estate website design capabilities. While individual preferences may vary, one of the popular choices among real estate professionals is Real Geeks.

Real Geeks offers a wide range of modern and visually appealing templates that are well-suited for real estate websites. Their templates are designed with aesthetics in mind and provide a professional and polished look to showcase property listings effectively. The designs are responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience across different devices.

In addition to Real Geeks, CINC and Ylopo also have reputable website builders with strong design capabilities for real estate websites. These platforms offer a vast selection of customizable templates, allowing you to create a visually stunning website that reflects your brand and captures the attention of potential clients.

It’s important to consider factors beyond design as well, such as lead generation features, IDX/MLS integration, ease of use, SEO optimization, and overall functionality. Different website builders excel in different areas, so it’s advisable to thoroughly research and compare the options to find the best fit for your specific needs.

Ultimately, the “best” real estate website design builder will depend on your preferences, business requirements, and the specific features and functionalities you value most.

It’s recommended to explore the options, take advantage of free trials or demos, and consider seeking recommendations or reading user reviews to make an informed decision.

Is There a Real Estate Website Builder with both IDX & CRM?

Yes, there are real estate website builders that offer both IDX (Internet Data Exchange) integration and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities. These platforms provide a comprehensive solution, allowing you to showcase property listings through IDX integration while managing leads and client relationships through built-in CRM features.

Here are a few popular website builders that offer both IDX and CRM functionality:

  • Placester: Placester is a real estate-specific website builder that offers IDX integration with MLS data and a built-in CRM system. It provides customizable templates, lead capture forms, and lead management tools to help agents track and nurture leads effectively.
  • Real Geeks: Real Geeks is a popular platform that combines IDX integration and CRM capabilities. It offers lead generation tools, customizable websites, IDX search functionality, and a robust CRM system for lead management, follow-ups, and client communication.
  • AgentFire: AgentFire is a website builder known for its visually appealing designs and IDX integration. It also includes a CRM system with features like lead capture, lead nurturing, and automated follow-ups to enhance lead management and client communication.

These platforms not only allow you to display MLS listings on your website but also offer tools to capture, organize, and engage leads effectively. They provide a seamless experience for both website visitors searching for properties and agents managing their leads and clients in one centralized system.

When selecting a real estate website builder with IDX and CRM capabilities, consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, lead management features, CRM functionality, and pricing.

It’s also helpful to explore demos or free trials to get a hands-on experience and determine which platform best aligns with your specific needs and business goals.

Best IDX Website for Realtors?

When choosing the best IDX website provider, consider factors such as ease of use, design flexibility, search functionality, lead capture and management features, mobile responsiveness, MLS coverage, and integration options with your existing website or CRM system.

It’s also advisable to explore demos, read user reviews, and compare the offerings of different providers to find the one that aligns best with your specific needs and preferences.

You can also check out our guide about the best IDX WordPress plug-ins to learn more and read our reviews of the best options.

Are Wix Real Estate Websites Worth It?

Wix can be a viable option for real estate websites, especially if you prioritize ease of use, design flexibility, and customization.

It’s essential to assess whether Wix’s features and functionality align with your specific requirements, including IDX integration, lead capture capabilities, and CRM integration. Additionally, comparing Wix with other real estate website builders and considering your long-term business goals will help determine if it’s the right choice for your real estate website.

However, generally I encourage agents to consider a website builder that was crated by people who know the ins and outs of the real estate industry. It will help to push your website design over the edge, and you’ll get more leads in response.


I spent hundreds of hours researching, scoring, and ranking the top real estate website builders on the market. I personally looked at everything from pricing and ease of use to the specific real estate industry features that are available. I’ve ranked and rated each website builder on 5 different factors to come up with the very best real estate website builders to boost your business. The short version of factors considered are: 

  1. Cost: Not all real estate website builders are created equal, so it’s important to look at what’s included with your purchase. Some companies charge upwards of $300/month for outdated templates, which is why I also take into account the price of the service and compare it to the features and extra resources provided to help each agent succeed.
  2. Features & user friendliness: Different real estate website builders come with different feature sets, some more important for teams than solo agents. Additionallyagents don’t have a lot of extra time to learn a complicated website builder, so the more it just works with their natural workflow, the better. That’s why I’ve rated the tools that are easier for agents to navigate without a tech team higher than the ones that are more complicated to use.
  3. Lead quality: Leads are the lifeblood of any business as they help provide a steady flow of predictable revenue. However, some website builders are more effective than others. The type of leads you need may vary depending on the type of business you are operating. Real estate agents want to be able to bring in an even mix of buyer and seller leads that will convert quickly – which is why this is a big factor I’ve considered.
  4. Customer support: Many real estate agents don’t have the time to fix technical glitches and/or don’t have access to a tech team, so customer support is very important. Whether you might need help setting up integrations or just to get the software up and running, customer support plays a big role in finding your ideal software—especially when it comes to a real estate website builder that you’ll be using on a daily basis.
  5. Overall performance: At the end of the day, all real estate website builders need to have a good ROI. That’s why I looked for how the features meet the specific needs of real estate agents and teams. Real estate agents need to build their brand in order to capture a market, and really scale their business.

About the Author

Jim Gray got licensed in 2013 and sold 57 houses in his first year. Over the next 6 1/2 years he went on to sell 437 homes with a small team. He went on to manage the lead generation department of the 13th largest expansion team at Keller Williams and designed lead generation and conversion systems for 60 agents in 7 locations in 4 states that drove 600 home sales in a 2 year period. Jim currently does real estate team development and coaching for some of the largest real estate teams in the country.

Last Updated: 5/20/2024