The Biggest Real Estate Companies Nationwide

Stock,Market,Analysis,,Business,Intelligence,,Profits,Presentation,,Double,Exposure,BusinessmanOnce you get your real estate license, you will need to find a brokerage to work for. The company you choose can make all the difference in determining your success. The best companies for new agents will provide training and support that can help in your career, and if you work for a reputable brokerage, it will speak volumes for your own reputation in the industry.

When choosing the brokerage that’s right for you, there are many things to consider. These include:

  • Desk Fees: The brokerage may charge desk fees. Some are minimal while others can take a considerable chunk out of your salary.
  • Training: Most agencies provide training for their agents. It’s advisable to find one that offers a comprehensive program that helps you grow your skills.
  • Marketing: The brokerage will provide marketing materials like business cards and online tools. The materials they offer should have a sleek design and they should work to get your name out there.

There are many real estate companies that offer these tools to agents, but the best real estate companies are likely to have high quality resources that are effective in getting your career off the ground.

So, who are these giants of the real estate world? This article will review them so you can feel confident when you are looking for a company suited to your personal and professional needs.

1. Keller Williamskeller-williams-logo

Keller Williams was founded in 1983 and has since grown to become one of the top real estate businesses in the industry. In 2018, they became leaders in the field with the most agents working for them, the most closed deals, and the highest sales volume. This was due to them closing more than a million units in the U.S. and Canada, bringing in over $332 billion in sales.

The company also treats its agents well. It offers a generous 70/30 commission split. Once agents reach the cap, they take home 100% of commissions.

Other attractive qualities include superior agent training, profit-sharing, cutting-edge technology, a transparent approach, and a terrific company culture.

Licensed Real Estate Agent
Keller Williams

“I originally started with a brokerage who gave me no support, but when I checked out Keller Wiliams, I immediately wanted a change. They really do give the support and training you need to become successful in the business. You get so much knowledge for the cost of a slight commission, and you’ll be making money in no time.”


Chris Creswell
Licensed Real Estate Agent
Keller Williams

“I really like the training aspect they offer that will help new agents succeed. The technology they have surpasses anything that anyone else does. You will meet a lot of people that will become good friends with and help you on your journey. The culture that Keller Williams have at each market center is really good and I would say learn everything you can from everyone.

I believe some things to improve would be following up with newer agents that may have a harder time to grasp things. Also having more people to be there to answer your questions rather than ignore your text when you need help. Also have to really help the people that are Dual Career that can’t focus 100% full time on real estate and not be left out in the cold to fend for themselves.”


2. RE/MAXReMax Logo

RE/MAX is another real estate industry giant. They have over 125,000 agents working for them across the country. They were named the top real estate brokerage franchisor by the Franchise 500 in 2020 making for the 8th year in a row they earned this title. They are known for their unit growth, their stability and strong brand identity.

The company was founded in 1973 and they established themselves as top sellers in the industry by 1987.

Desk fees at the company are known to be high but they make up for it by giving agents the opportunity to work out a 95/5 commission split with desk fees or 80/20, 70/30 or 60/40 split with no desk fees. They have earned an overall rating of 4/5 by agents who have worked for their company. 78% of agents would recommend working at RE/MAX to a friend and 76% have a positive outlook of the company overall.

Licensed Real Estate Agent

“Great company to work for! Always evolving to make sure the agents have the best technology and tools! The support that RE/MAX gives their agents is unmatched. Amazing company, amazing broker support, and the best work environment you can imagine! Would love to see the company develop more aggressive strategies to recruit seasoned agents from other firms.”


Kathy Tankersley
Licensed Real Estate Agent

“I really love the endless amount of support from my RE/MAX family. I may not have all the answers but rest assured, I know a few people who do. Don’t be afraid to come on over. You will be glad that you did and only regret that you didn’t do it earlier.

Coming from a much smaller and less sophisticated brokerage, I have found the resources to be far superior than I originally thought. There is so much that at times it’s a little overwhelming but even then, there’s one on one training as well as class training not to mention the video tutorials.”


3. Coldwell Bankercoldwell banker logo

Coldwell Banker launched in 1906 in response to the decimated homes of the San Francisco earthquake. This was two years prior to the establishment of the National Association of Realtors. The company has been going strong ever since and has over 3000 offices in 49 countries around the world.

The agency stands out due to its dedication to helping workers boost their skills. It also offers a technology suite that helps agents increase efficiency. With over 100 years under its belt, it has built a reputation that brings in a strong client base.

The company was sold to Sears Roebuck in 1981 and passed hands several times since. It is currently a subsidiary of Realogy.

Karen E.
Licensed Real Estate Agent
Coldwell Banker

“I love the simple ease of CB desk where you can manage your marketing, listings and sales. Also love the supportive team from the office. Love the opportunity with networking with lenders, sponsors for meetings regularly. Would sometimes like more notice for events to attend. It’s sometimes hard to fit it all in! Great office overall though! Love love the marketing and Listing Concierge!”


Licensed Realtor
Coldwell Banker Agent

“I really appreciate the tools that are offered and the branding. I believe it has boosted my business tremendously. Communication and more new agent training would be an improvement they could make though. When you are brand new I feel like you should be able to reach out to managers and get responses without hesitation. They seem stretched thin and not enough availability. There should be more hiring of assistant managers for multiple offices. Not just one or two. Overall, I love working being brokered by Coldwell Banker. I have learned a lot and have been really successful within my first year.”


4. Century 21Century 21 logo

Century 21 launched in 1971 in Orange County, CA. It has gone on to become an international brand with over 11,600 franchise brokers and 127,000 employees in 83 countries.

The company is known for providing a high level of customer service. It won the J.D. Powers award for customer satisfaction among buyers and sellers in 2016. Its motto is, “to defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary experiences”.

Century 21 offers agents a superior marketing suite with top notch technology and aggressive listing tactics. They provide courses that help agents advance their careers and learn new skills. Top producers are treated to retreats in luxury locations like Hawaii, San Diego, the Bahamas, and Las Vegas.

Ashley Mullins
Licensed Realtor
Century 21 Agent

“There were lots of opportunities for continuing education hours and training. The company works as one big family and makes sure everyone feels included! I loved the Mansfield office and how the other agents were so willing to help others.

I can’t think of anything I didn’t like, they are very accommodating for agents that are full and part time. I started out part time and there were meetings in the evenings for those of us that worked a day job. Even as a part time agent, I still felt included in everything in the office. It’s a great company to work with. I moved out of the area, but plan going back go Century 21 when I move back to the area!”


Katrina Bissett
Licensed Realtor
Century 21 Agent

“Training and support are great. Excellent training program with Judge Fite C21. Continuous education and legal updates. More one-on-one training, accountability and encouragement would be nice. I’ve worked for several brokerages over the years. Smaller companies may provide higher percent of the commission, but didn’t provide the education and support that allows you to successfully compete and provide the most up-to-date services to your clients. Century 21 always had my back and provided professional leadership which gave me more confidence as a realtor.”


5. Berkshire Hathawayberkshire hathaway homeservices

Berkshire Hathaway was founded in the 19th century as two cotton mills, but it was since taken over by Warren Buffet, one of the most successful businessmen of our time. It owns over 90 companies and includes a real estate division that is one of the most profitable in the world. It closed 346,629 residential real estate deals in 2018 putting it head and shoulders above its competitors.

Agents who join the company benefit by having the strength and stability of a global network behind them. BH is dedicated to helping their workers reach their goals faster. The provide a strong foundation that allows agents to move in an upward trajectory.

Susan Butler
Licensed Realtor
Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Agent

“I like the experience and wisdom from my broker, I also am enjoying the wonderful training programs. I was going to say I’d like to see better training but our training has been really great as of late!”


LaWanda McAuley
Licensed Realtor
Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Agent

“It really is the complete package. The Brand is awesome(Professional, Diverse, International, Top dollar commercial division. The extensive education and training programs are great. The opportunity to work with some of the brightest Realtors in the City, and the management is incredible. Outstanding leadership! The on boarding program for new agents and mentorship provided is simply unmatched.

They should continue to focus on onboarding new agents successfully, develop a clear “uniform” program that is standard for the company. I assisted writing the onboarding and training programs for my prior company (Greystar) it was a National program in which it allowed the company to remain a branded force”


6. Compasscompass logo

Compass may not be the most well-known real estate company around, but it is growing quickly. Founded in 2012, the luxury firm is still relatively small with about 17,000 agents spread throughout key regions in the United States. However, it shows promise due to its modern technology and customer centric business model.

The company’s efforts are being recognized and it was ranked as number 3 on a list of the 10 top brokerages in 2018 for sales volume, closing over $97.5 billion in sales. It also ranked number five for sales transactions raking in a whopping 84,732 closed transactions.

As an agency to work for, Compass empowers agents with cutting edge marketing tools and strategies. They offer support for their workers should they need advice, and they allow agents to work from any office so there is always a location nearby.

Natasha Antonioni
Licensed Realtor
Compass Agent

“The tech is my favorite thing about Compass! The branding is also good. I like how clean it is. Very much my esthetic as well. My manager is great. I feel like I have the support I need.

I love the tech but it glitches with not uploading all mls data so clients are not receiving all the properties that pop up. There’s nothing worse than a client sending me a property that didn’t show up in their collection. I’ve had clients complain that they don’t like that they have to log in every time. Not sure if that’s been fixed. A cap after a certain amount of sales volume to receive 100% commission would be amazing.”


Licensed Realtor
Compass Agent

“I really like all the tools given to me for marketing. I like the slick and sophisticated look of all the Compass marketing materials. Whether you are trying to promote a listing, or trying to beef up your presence on social media with postings – Compass makes it easier to do with preproduced content that is local and relevant and very user friendly. Great function and form.

I feel like Compass has really thought of everything in terms of the tools that I need to grow my business. Everything is very user friendly. My only issue is I feel like it is a bit ridiculous to charge me for computer programs. I feel like I am nickel and dimed when I have to pay for things like Adobe and DocuSign. Super minor but leaves a bad taste in my mouth- I feel this should be included.”


7. eXp Realtyexp-realty

eXp Realty was founded in 2009 and claims to be the largest residential real estate brokerage by geography. It boasts over 40,000 agents in the United States. It has international reach with operations in Portugal, South Africa, and India. While it is not as big as some of the top names out there, it is committed to growth.

The company takes an innovative approach in that it is almost completely virtual. This makes it a convenient solution for agents as well as clients. Those who work for the company can benefit from state-of-the-art technology, powerful tools and profit and equity sharing opportunities.

Susan Laux
Licensed Realtor
eXp Realty Agent

“I just like that there are so many opportunities with eXp and I like eXp World. I’ve done some training, and that’s another aspect that I like about it. I have been a realtor for five years, so I don’t attend the training as much as I used to. But what I love about it is that if I have a question, it’s so easy to go into the world and go to the department I need to get help from and get helped. The splits are also good, and I certainly like being able to get stocks. I don’t use kvCORE because I generate my own leads.”


Matt Driscoll
Licensed Realtor
eXp Realty Agent

“The education that they’re willing to give you the help that other agents give you if you need help the community basically of eXp realtors. You know I have not spent that much time in the cloud lately because I’m getting the house ready to list that’s in the state and I’ve been doing the work on it to see my client who is my fraternity brother some money so I don’t really know but they’ve definitely hired some great coaches.

If you need help, just ask. If you’re overwhelmed, ask. I just brought somebody in the fold even though he has a different mentor I told him don’t be shy and I’m still here then I’m going to have him do my open houses and be here to see what he does good in bad since he hasn’t sold anything.”


8. Sotheby’s Sothebys Internation Realty logo

Sotheby’s is a luxury, international real estate company. It has 1000 global offices in 70 different companies. Its 23,000 plus sales associates rake in over $114 billion in sales annually. It also has an iconic art brand and wine company under its wing.

While the company isn’t as big as some others, it specializes in luxury allowing it to bring in considerable profits.

Those who have worked at Sotheby’s say it offers a terrific career experience. Agents claim it offers terrific growth opportunities and top-notch training. The fast-paced atmosphere prepares you for success in the industry.

Lisa Good
Licensed Realtor
Sotheby’s International Realty Agent

“As a 20 year veteran of real estate, my association with Sotheby’s catapulted my business to a whole new level within the luxury market. The global name recognition, branding and marketing tools are the best in the industry. Exposure is key to a property and Sotheby’s is unmatched in the field.

Sotheby’s is not a place for beginners or those who aren’t comfortable in an aggressive and competitive environment. There is no hand-holding here. And, quite honestly, that’s what helps make Sotheby’s the elite brand it is. No improvement needed on the top level. Each brokerage is different so that can also make a difference in comfortability level. Sotheby’s is where you need to be if you’re reputable, experienced and focused on the luxury brand. It is not a place for beginners or the easily intimidated.”


Kim Burke
Licensed Realtor
Sotheby’s International Realty Agent

“I really appreciate Sotheby’s detailed Marketing plan and the staff is amazing, agent services, broker ethics. The sales managers are extremely helpful and encouraging. I do really miss in person meetings, event and networking with other brokerage affiliates.”


9. Home Services of Americahomeservices of america logo

Home Services of America is an affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway. It is based in Minneapolis, MN and employs 1600 agents. In addition to buying and selling real estate, it also offers mortgage financing, title insurance and closing services.

The company slogan is “local real estate nationwide”. The makes it appealing on a community level. It is also a good choice for buyers who want to work with one company throughout the transition process.

HSA provides employees with everything they need to grow. They offer training and compensation packages as well as a wide range of benefits including healthcare, paid time off, life insurance, disability and a 401(k) plan.


10. EXIT Realtyexit_logo

EXIT Realty was founded by former RE/MAX agent Steve Morris. It offers a 70/30 commission slip which increases to 90/10 after agents bring in $100,000. It has about 600 offices in the United States and Canada and has its sights set on expansion. It is hoping to grow to 3600 franchises and 100,00 agents across North America in the near future.

Agents can work for EXIT Reality on an invite only basis. If they are hired on, the company will train them ‘from the inside out’. They pride themselves in offering top of the line technology, an exceptional training platform and an innovative EXIT formula marketing plan.

Karen Totty
Licensed Realtor
EXIT Realty Agent

“Always working for 100% client satisfaction is my favorite thing about EXIT Realty! I knew we were in great hands!! Would greatly recommend them to all my family and friends! We love the company!! Wouldn’t change a thing! Everything is handled with great care!”


Lona Diva
Licensed Realtor
EXIT Realty Agent

“I like the family-oriented setting throughout the organization. I like the supportive earning that is promoted by all levels. I am thankful for the thought about us long-term. I like we have actually met upper management in person. I like the technology that is provided and the classes that come with it to support us.

When I started there were regional events and even before covid that seems to have stopped. I believe it is good to meet your fellow regional Realtors. Additionally, I feel like there should be a reward if you make it to win one of the awards like Bronze, Platinum, etc. I think the reward should be a credit toward the convention. I believe the convention is costly, especially for newer agents. I like that we work together and refer each other business.”


11. Weichertweichert realtors logo

Weichert was founded in 1969 and has expanded over the years. It currently boasts 10,000 employees. In addition to offering buying and selling services, it provides mortgage securing and closing making providing ‘one stop shopping’ throughout.

The company believes in inspiring agents with an entrepreneurial spirit that makes them feel like they are their own boss. They treat their workers like family and provide a supportive environment that includes quality training.


12. Better Homes and Gardensbetter-homes-and-gardens-real-estate-logo

Better Homes and Gardens is an international real estate company established in 2008. It is one of the top media and marketing companies and it is also the publisher of Homes and Gardens Magazine. It has a total of 600 employees across all its locations and generates around $4.69 billion in sales annually.

The company offers agents a comprehensive suite of tools, technology, and support. Their ‘Be Better University’ offers first class training. Agents also have the advantage of working for one of the most iconic brands in America.

Licensed Realtor
Better Homes & Gardens Agent

“I like them so far. I love the amount of availability and training they provide for their agents. It’s outstanding. This brokerage is more than a real estate company. It’s more of a lifestyle company, so if you want to be involved with the community, this is the brokerage to be a part of.”


Lynn Colins
Licensed Realtor
Better Homes & Gardens Agent

“They are very flexible, so you don’t have to go to work in the office if you don’t want to. You can work from home. When I have questions they are willing to help. My favorite part when I was getting started was the training program.”


13. Home Smarthomesmart logo

Home Smart offers an innovative brokerage model that’s built by brokers for brokers. They offer proprietary software and technology that provides the highest services, the highest values, and the lowest costs of any city. They currently have 25,101 agents and 212 offices nationwide.

The company offers comprehensive agent training that includes webinars, podcasts, guides, a mentorship program, and a blog. There is also an Agent Equity Program that allows agents to earn stock for each referral they make and each productivity milestone they hit. They offer a variety of fee plans that include a 100% commission plan.

Licensed Realtor
HomeSmart Agent

“There is no lead generation. I have been asking about this, but no answer. I wish HomeSmart would provide lead generation and we as agents would be willing to pay to get some leads. Yes, we are being left alone. So I have to find my own lead generation and am still not successful at this. One thing that I like about HomeSmart is they provide free classes with credits or without credits. It is up to you to take advantage of those classes.

I have one thing, that I still have to bring to HomeSmart’s attention on Co-op commission percentage. Lately, sellers have been negotiating with the agent commission at 4%. However, HomeSmart policy, the Co-op broker has to be 2.5%. If sellers offer 4% what would I get if they co-op broker 2.5%? I can’t afford to lose my commission when I am working harder than the buyer agent. I will go for 2%, not 2.5%.”


Jerry Timmons
Licensed Realtor
HomeSmart Agent

“I’ve been with HomeSmart since 2016. My volume is over $7 million for the last couple of years. My transaction fees are only $400 with a small monthly fee. I don’t really feel like they challenge me enough. I would like to be busier (more leads would be ideal).”


14. Realreal brokerage logo

Real is a tech powered real estate brokerage. It operates in 42 states as well as the District of Columbia and Canada. It offers high quality customer service to its buyers and sellers.

Like eXp, Real is a virtual company so agents do not need to pay desk fees or commute to an office. You can earn 5% revenue share up to $4000 per capping agent from the company’s portion of the split. You can unlock additional tiers as your network grows.

Deanna Chavez
Licensed Realtor
Real Agent

“Real Broker has an amazing culture. They are extremely supportive and agents are willing to help each other out! Their elite agent program is fantastic and it is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor/development.

Back office access is in process so we can see our splits and how close we are to obtaining elite agents. My broker is super approachable and being able to call him is fantastic. If you are a producing agent, this is the company for you. Your hard work will pay off by quickly meeting cap and by the elite agent program. As a new agent- a team may be the best way to go as this is a newer company and still has a few kinks to workout.”


Ken Kaiser
Licensed Realtor
Real Agent

“Great splits, Real Academy is amazing, local support with a national brand. Revenue share and equity are huge. We moved our entire brokerage over and everyone is happy with the move. A huge upside to the small issues associated with the rapid growth of this company.

They are a fast-growing company with small hiccups associated with rapid growth.

This is a fast-growing company. There will be small issues that happen when a company grows so quickly. The upside is well worth dealing with the temporary issues.”


15. Realty ONE GroupRealty_ONE_Group_Logo

Realty ONE Group was founded in Las Vegas in 2005. It later expanded into Arizona and California. It currently employs over 17,000 employees in over 500 offices in the United States and Canada. It recently introduced a luxury brand to promote high end properties worth over $1 million.

Agents who wish to join will have access to an effective marketing and branding system. They will be provided with top notch education and training as well as the latest tech and tools. Their 100% commission model is designed to help agents earn more income.

Kim D.
Licensed Realtor
Realty ONE Group Agent

“I’ve been licensed for 18 months and I wish I had found Realty ONE Group Edge when I was first searching for brokerages. They make you feel like you are part of a FAMILY… you are definitely not alone. From the different weekly trainings to the back office support to the transaction coordinators and the office managers, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t or won’t be a successful REALTOR®. There is always someone available to answer your questions and assist with your clients. Another thing I like is how all 3 Georgia offices come together as ONE.”


Troy Funk
Licensed Realtor
Realty ONE Group Agent

“As the Managing Broker for the Sarasota, Florida office (Realty One Group Skyline), I am grateful to be part of such a dynamic company. Realty One Group cares about their brokers and agents by offering an abundance of resources. There is ongoing training and support available 24/7. The national brand is valuable in marketing and the OneLux brand of Realty One Group is also beneficial is serving the needs of our luxury buyers and seller. Overall, Realty One Group is a great company to be affiliated with.”

16. Fathom RealtyFathom Realty logo

Fathom Realty has one Los Angeles, CA office with 3406 employees that work all over the country. They pride themselves in offering the ultimate in education and advice to their clients. They also offer insurance and mortgage services making them a comprehensive ‘one stop shop’ for buyers.

Agents who work for the company can look forward to profit sharing with opportunities to earn stock for every 5 sales and agent referrals. If you pay a small, flat transaction fee, you can keep the rest of the commission often saving 20% In splits and fees. They also provide effective training, cutting edge technology and round the clock support.

If you are looking for a brokerage firm to work for, the ones in this article are a good place to start. They are known for generating considerable income and they are trusted names in the industry. Which one will you be contacting first when you get your license?

Kate Kelsey
Licensed Realtor
Fathom Realty Agent

“Fathom supports its agents without being too heavy handed. Questions are answered both large and small. Easy access to not just your own district director, but all the way up the chain if needed. Obviously, there are huge financial rewards to working as an agent with Fathom, as you get to keep most of your money. like, but they also encourage you to do so and help you in any way that you need. In my opinion, they succeed in every way which is why I’m here.”


Rasheeda Saleem
Licensed Realtor
Fathom Realty Agent

“Resources are a big thing for me, and Fathom knows how to educate their agents right at the agents finger tips. There is never a time where I can’t go onto to wiki and get educated. Another thing I like about Fathom is that they allow their agents to work independently giving them an option to join a team. The account services department needs to improve with their customer service though.”

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