How to get your Fresno real estate license

Fresno,,California,-,July,29:,Fresno,Best,Little,City,InFresno has quickly become one of the nation’s top real estate markets to look out for. In fact, the Central Valley is one of the nation’s hottest housing markets this year. The median home price has gone up 14%, and homes in the area are only on the market for around 7 days.

  • The median listing price per square foot for single-family homes is around $219.
  • Homes in Fresno County, CA are selling for asking price or higher due to a shortage of inventory.

Fresno County is also known for being very large. There are 53 cities in the county varying in price point, but the average home is selling for $365K.

Fresno and the Central Valley are collectively known as the cheapest areas to buy a home in the state of California, which is why they tend to attract buyers from all over the country. During the pandemic, Fresno County has grown tremendously with people moving from the ridiculously high housing markets like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Newcomers are looking to improve their quality of life with more affordable housing, and better school districts outside of the hustle and bustle.

For this reason, and many more people are looking to break into the real estate industry, but many find it challenging and give up after a while. This article points out the steps and important information needed to begin your real estate journey.

Steps to getting your real estate license

Step 1: Know the requirements

  • To apply for the California real estate examination you must be of legal age (18 years)
  • You must be a legal citizen of the United States and reside within the state of California
  • Applicants must be honest and trustworthy. Any record of conviction must be indicated in the application form. Failure to indicate this can result in license denial.
  • Pay a $245 licensing fee to the California Department of Real Estate.

The,San,Joaquin,Valley,Covers,A,Huge,Part,Of,CentralStep 2: Complete the required education

135 hours of pre-licensing education is required before you can take the California licensing exam. These courses give students an idea of the real estate business, providing them with knowledge of real estate transactions, state laws, and real estate math. Students can enroll in physical or online classes in an accredited school in the state to complete this requirement.

Step 3: Application for the salesperson license exam

After completing the required pre-licensing course, you may apply for the California salesperson license exam. You’ll be required to fill out and sign a few forms, pay a $60 exam fee, and submit your fingerprint for a background check.

Step 4: Take the pre-licensing exam

Aspiring real estate agents must score at least a 70% to pass the licensing exam. After taking your course and registering for the exam you have 2 years to take and pass the exam before your fee expires.

Stay 5: Choosing a broker

A licensed real estate agent needs the sponsorship of a real estate broker to practice in California. Brokers help new agents launch their real estate career.

Top real estate schools in Fresno

Real estate schools help aspirants complete the required hours of learning and prepare them for the licensing exam. Some schools go as far as helping their students begin their real estate careers and setting them on the right path. Schools’ reputation, packages offered and student pass rate should be considered before deciding on an institution. Here are some well-rated schools in Fresno.

Colibri Real EstateColibri-Real-Estate-1

Colibri Real Estate, founded in 1996, is one of the oldest real estate schools in the state. They are a well-known and trusted school that has helped thousands of real estate aspirants acquire their licenses. They are both ARELLO and IDECC accredited and are one of the first companies to get ARELLO’s seal and certification.

Colibri offers various packages to students, all of which would help in getting your California real estate license. The basic package includes the necessary 135 hours of pre-licensing course, three online real estate books, and a state-approved instructor. The exam preparation package entails the basic package and exam prep to help students prepare better for their exams. This packages also offer students a pass or don’t pay guarantee. The exam preparation plus offers the exam prep package, video and audio learning exercise, a real estate dictionary, and a question and answer instructor to help out with difficulties. The ultimate learning package includes the exam preparation plus, a hard copy textbook, and a 90-day learning boot camp before the licensing examination. Colibri with a pass rate of 78% boasts one of the highest pass rates among the real estate schools.


Mbition Real Estate Schoolmbition

Mbition, once known as Career Web school, is a long-standing real estate school in the states with over 50 years of service. They offer a number of online and self-paced courses approved by ARELLO and IDECC and meet the state’s requirements.

Mbition has 3 pre-licensing packages for California real estate license aspirants. The silver solution is the basic package best for students with little knowledge of the real estate industry. It entails the mandatory pre-licensing courses and math master (a program that teaches the state’s real estate math). The gold solution offers the silver solution package, an exam prep that creates study materials for each student using adaptive learning technology, and an exam prep tool kit to students help prepare better for the exam. The platinum solution offers the gold solution packages and a real estate textbook to give students an idea of the real estate world. Mbition has an improved student pass rate of over 70%.


Kaplan Real Estate Educationkaplan logo

Kaplan is a popular and highly ranked real estate institution in the United States. They have Provided real estate aid to thousands of real estate agents across the States for over 80 years. They offer classroom-based real estate training and are one of the first online real estate institutions. Kaplan real estate courses are California department of real estate, ARELLO and IDECC approved.

Kaplan offers courses that suit the schedule and learning ability of various students. They have an on-demand basic package that includes the necessary materials need to pass the licensing examination and cover the learning hours required to sit for the exam, a live online package that provides online lectures to students, and live classes to students in traditional classrooms. Kaplan boasts of a student pass rate of about 76%.


Real Estate Brokerages in Fresno

Brokerage serves as a sponsor and guide for newly licensed real estate agents. Without the aid and support of a broker licensed agents can’t practice in the real estate business. Their experience is needed to help set the agents on the right path.

Fresno is home to a number of real estate brokers and deciding on one can be a bit challenging. Commission split, cap, desk fee, training provided, and reputation of the broker are considered before making a decision. A few top brokerages in Fresno are listed below.

Realty Conceptsrealty concepts logo

Address: 575 E Alluvial Ave, Fresno, CA 93720

Realty Concepts is a real estate brokerage with offices in Fresno, Clovis, and Oakhurst. Over the years, Realty Concepts has expanded to serve the Central Valley successfully, while maintaining our integrity and close-knit family atmosphere. They pride themselves on having aggressive splits, fair commission caps, full-time, on site management, 50+ hours of guided training for new agents, and free access to the kvCORE CRM.

Other features the brokerage boasts about:

  • Full-time, on-site marketing team
  • Free BombBomb
  • Free Mass Texting
  • State of the Art, Design-Inspired Offices
  • Lifetime Referral Fee for Agents who helps us hire
  • Free Unlimited Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages


Keller Williams Realtykeller-williams-logo

Address: 740 W. Alluvial Avenue, suite 102, Fresno, CA 93711.

Keller Williams Realty was established in 1983 and is one of the leading real estate companies in the country. They are committed to creating a chain of success in all levels of the real estate community and developing a career-lasting relationship with their agents. They are well known for their training and professional development.

Keller Williams has a yearly cap (amount paid by each agent to the company) that must be met by each agent and is set by each market center. The pre-cap commission of an agent is split 64%to the agent, 30% to the market center, and 6% to the national brand. After meeting the yearly cap, agents get to keep 100% of their commissions. Agents also receive a secondary commission from the company when an agent he/she recruits makes a sale.


eXp Realtyexp realty logo

Address: 2603 Camino Ramon Suite 200 San Ramon, CA 94583.

eXp Realty is a remote real estate company established in 2006. They make use of a cloud-based network to connect and develop their company and culture. They offer online trading and networking, and a library of materials on their virtual center. Their mode of operation accommodates both full-time and part-time real estate agents.

eXp has a fixed yearly fixed cap of about $16,000 that must be met by every agent. The pre-cap commission ratio is 80% to the agent and 20% to the company. Upon hitting the yearly cap, agents get to receive 100% of their commissions on sales. They charge no desk fee, no franchise fee, and no loyalty fee at eXp Realty. eXp also pays a percentage of the commission of sales made by an agent you recruit.


RE/MAX GoldReMax Logo

Address: 7050 N Fresno Street, Ste 204 Fresno, CA 93720.

Re/Max is a long-standing real estate company in the country established in 1973. Agents at every stage of their career are offered training, tools, and mentorship and help established and high-performing agents take their career to the next level. Re/Max was named the real estate franchise of 2020 by Entrepreneur magazine and holds 55 slots in the top 200 real estate agents of 2021 according to real trends.

At Re/Max desk fees, splits and caps are negotiated on an agent to agent basis at the local level and they offer agents flexibility on their mode of payment of a commission.

Becoming a Realtor

Having a real estate license doesn’t make you a Realtor. A real estate agent becomes a Realtor when he/she joins an Association of Realtors. Becoming a Realtor is a career-building step that gives access to benefits the association provides and most clients are impressed by.

Fresno Association of Realtorsfar logo

Address: 6720 N West Ave, Fresno, CA 93711

FAR is the local body present in Fresno. They are affiliated with the California Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors. Their members adhere to a strict code of conduct and maintain a high level of knowledge of the real estate world. FAR provides educational and networking opportunities for its members, as well as insurance policies.


Central Valley Association of Realtorscvar-logo-color-web

Address: 16980 S. Harlan Road, Lathrop, CA 95330

CVAR has 7 main objectives that they look to achieve through training and mentorship programs. Those objectives include:

  1. To have agents that are fully competent in their real estate skills and have collegial relationships with each other.
  2. To have brokers that are fully educated, engaged, and support the vision of the Association.
  3. That consumers recognize and appreciate the values realtors deliver.
  4. That our government is supportive of home ownership and the real estate industry.
  5. That our members are professional and ethical with consumers and each other.
  6. That our members are excited about and proficient with cutting edge technology.
  7. That the Association is valued, engaged, and supported by its members.
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