Real Geeks Review 2024: Agent Reviews, Pricing & Discounts

real geeksReal Geeks is a comprehensive tool to help real estate agents generate, nurture, and convert leads. It includes a customer relationship management tool, integrated website builder, and a full-featured lead generation platform. The purpose of Real Geeks is to empower real estate agents to develop high-impact marketing that generates leads that lead to sales.

This is a review of Real Geeks’ tools and how they can help you become more effective in lead generation, customer relationship management, and closing the sale.

What is Real Geeks?

With Real Geeks, you no longer have to invest in a variety of tools and hope that they will integrate with each other. This all-in-one solution includes a customer relationship management tool to organize and track your leads, seamless integrations with internet data exchange websites, robust marketing strategies and tools, and even the capability to support lead generation. With all these tools at your disposal, you can quickly and easily fill your sales funnel, leaving you with more time to devote to your clients and customers.

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Real Geek Features

real_geeks_docThis integrated solution lets you handle all aspects of your marketing efforts from beginning to end. You can use their features to create and execute your social media ad campaigns and collect, organize, nurture, and track leads – helping you get from first contact to closing.

1. IDX Websites

Real Geeks allows you create custom website with a modern look and feel. The website will have cutting edge features such as calls to action (CTAs) that feed directly into the integrated customer relationship management (CRM) tool. You can even take advantage of their blogging tool to demonstrate your expertise and increase your web presence.

Visitors to your website can easily search through available listings and locate them using the dynamic map functions. Users appreciate that the website and mobile app have the same functions and a consistent user experience as they move from their computer to their mobile device.

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Real Geeks’ websites also track user activity on your website, collecting valuable data about search activity. This collected data is funneled straight into the CRM so that you can use the data to inform marketing efforts. This data is searchable, sortable, and highly useful to real estate agents who can use user preferences to guide their evaluation of property value and to inform them as to buyer preferences in their market area.

Here are some other features offered as part of Real Geek’s website tool:

  • A/B testing to evaluate landing pages
  • Automatic updates from the MLS every 15 minutes
  • SEO functions to help you capture clicks

2. CRMReal-Geeks-is-excellent-for-contact-and-lead-management

Real Geeks’ CRM has all the tools you need in a simple interface. Their dashboard includes email drip funnels, mass marketing tools, and even built in texting to push notifications and listings to interested buyers. Have a new listing that your client may want to see? The CRM will allow you to easily send videos and photos directly to your contacts.

3. Property Valuation Lead Magnet

When homeowners reach out to real estate sales agents for price opinions for their homes, Real Geeks helps agents convert that lead into an opportunity with their home valuation tool. This tool, embedded in the agent’s website, allows potential leads to estimate the value of their home after entering in their contact information. Real Geeks captures the customer data and provides an initial estimate of value. From there, the agent can reach out to offer additional help.

4. Real Leads

Real Geeks’ Real Leads platform is an optional add-on that can yield great results. This platform integrates with Google’s pay-per-click tools to automate your advertising and help you target the right customers at the right time. While the Real Leads tool is just one part of your marketing strategy, the ease and effectiveness of these PPC campaigns make it a worthwhile investment.

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5. Facebook Marketing Solutions

real geeks crmIn addition to their Real Leads tool, Real Geeks’ also offers Facebook marketing tools that help you generate and promote advertising to your chosen market. The tools are designed to save you as much as 75% of the average time it takes you to generate advertising. To help you make the most of the Facebook marketing tools, there are instructional videos available to help.

As your new leads come in, the Real Geeks platform pushes that data directly into your CRM, where you can begin the work of nurturing and converting the lead into actual sales. As part of your overall marketing strategy, Facebook marketing ads are a great complement to the Google PPC ad tools.

Don’t have time to deal with Facebook marketing, Real Geeks also offers concierge services that handle all the details for you for an additional cost.

6. Geek AI Texting Assistant

To help you make the most of every lead, Real Geeks’ Chatbots are standing by to engage potential leads and ensure that their initial questions are answered. The chatbot, named “Robin”, can even pre-qualify your leads and arrange appointments for showings.

7. Support & Coachingemail_signature

Customers rave about the customer service offered by Real Geeks. If you have a problem with any of their tools, you can submit a ticket for direct support. They also offer a number of videos to walk you through the most common questions and to guide you through using this powerful tool.

Real Geeks has invested in a large collection of coaching videos to help you make the most of their tools. These videos can be found on their website and on

Seamless Integrations & Powerful Functionality

The Real Geeks platform has deep integrations with useful features, including:

  • Advanced Search Filtering
  • Email & SMS notifications
  • Follow-Ups & Reminders
  • Lead SMS Autoresponders
  • Live Feed
  • Social Profiles
  • Statuses
  • Lead Activity Tracker

Real Geek’s Pricing Plans

Screenshot_Real_Geeks_Real_Geeks_CRMReal Geeks offers their tools for one to two users for $299 per month. Each additional user is $25 per month. There is a startup fee of $250 and a one-year contract. Cancellation prior to the end of the contract results in a $500 fee.

For around $50/month per tool, you can also add their Real Leads and Facebook ad marketing tools. The property valuation lead generation tool is $50 per month. The concierge services, which offer hands-free marketing management, costs approximately $550 per month, plus the cost of the actual ads.

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Advantages of Real Geeks


Real Geeks offers robust Search Engine Optimization capabilities. For this reason, many of their sites are prominently ranked in their respective markets. With proper optimization of search terms, your website can even compete with the heavy hitters in your market, including Trulia and Zillow. High ranking websites can pay off huge and Real Geeks SEO tools can help you get there.

Lead Magnets

While Real Geeks is a great tool for outbound marketing such as Google PPC and Facebook Ads, that’s only part of their toolkit. Real Geeks offers several impactful lead magnets that lets the leads come to you. Here are some of the ways you can capture leads through organic contact with your website:

  • Property valuation landing pages – When a potential seller seeks out a free home valuation report on your website, you have the opportunity to capture lead information such as email addresses, phone numbers, name, and demographic information.
  • Forced registration for IDX searches – As a potential buyer searches the internet data exchange (IDX) for properties, they are offered the chance to set up custom alerts in exchange for contact information.
  • Neighborhood market reports – Buyers who are interested in moving to your city or region may want to access additional information about the neighborhood and local amenities. With registration, these leads can access information about schools, proximity to hospitals, amusements, and shopping options.


When it comes to the customer experience, Real Geeks seems to have thought of everything. In addition to their exceptional customer support and video tutorials, they also have an engaged mastermind community of Facebook that is active in sharing tips and strategies for working with this tool.

Disadvantages of Real Geeks

crm_app_landing_page_illustrationWebsite Customization

Real Geeks offers customizable websites based on a collection of pre-set templates. Keeping the landing pages simple makes it easy for agents to get started when they don’t have any web development experience. However, for agents who are seeking more customization options, these templates can feel pretty limiting.

Real Geeks does have developers on staff who can help with customization for a fee. They also continuously update their template options so you can create multiple designs for A/B testing and decide what is most effective for your marketing efforts and most engaging to your market demographics.

Content Marketing Opportunities

Real Geeks does offer you the opportunity to create and promote blogs for your website, but the blogging functions are limited. For experienced content creators, using a solution such as Squarespace or WordPress might offer more functionality.

Who Real Geeks is For

Real-Geeks-dotloop-1Real Geeks is a comprehensive tool that offers seamless website to CRM to marketing integrations. Both new and experienced real estate sales agents offer enthusiastic feedback about the functionalities offered by Real Geeks.  Here is some feedback from new agents and more experienced realtors:

New Agent Feedback “I am a brand new agent and was struggling to get started. I purchased the Real Geeks platform and instantly had a valuable resource to offer clients and keep track of all the critical information. I watched a Real Geeks podcast “Keeping it Real” and learned about the Real Geeks Leads that uses Google SEO and Facebook to get leads.

Within the first month I received 1-3 leads a day and now have several appointments lined up. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to get in front of several motivated leads looking to be active in the market. They also manage my follow up workflows so I can nurture my leads until they are ready. The Real Geeks Leads team is very professional and constantly helps me to grow my business. They offer monthly meetings to go over the progress and several helpful educational materials as well.

I work a part-time job on the side and am using the AI assistant Robin which is a HUGE help, especially when I can’t respond right away. The AI Robin helps advance the conversation and asks all the right questions. If you are looking for a great opportunity to get more leads and grow your business I highly recommend the Real Geeks Platform and the Real Geeks Leads!”

Experienced Agent Feedback: Real Geeks is tScreenshot_Real_Geeks_Agent_Dashboardhe best CRM & website combination out there. I was on a mission to find the best CRM and website to support my business. I needed a CRM that I could customize according to how I ran my business and follow up with leads. The CRM allows you to create custom labels for timeline, sources, status, and urgency. This is super important. You can literally build the CRM according to how you think. The website is completely customizable, allowing you to create search pages the way your leads will actually search for homes. You can create landing pages, coming soon pages, call to action banners, content pages, blogs, incorporate your YouTube videos, and so much more.

The best thing is you can actually rank on Google with this website, and I get leads through everyday SEO. The drip campaign system is pretty solid, and you have the ability to incorporate BombBomb like video for emails and texting from the system. In addition, you can post and run your Facebook ads from the system. They just launched an AI texting feature that follows up with your leads and a mobile app to work on the go. It is awesome! It truly is one stop shopping with this system.”

Is Real Geeks Worth the Investment?

As with similar tools in the real estate space, you will get out of Real Geeks what you put in. While the CRM and lead generation tools offer degrees of automation to streamline the process of generating, tracking, and nurturing leads, you will need to continue to invest time and effort into building those relationships.

Their existing customers are enthusiastic about their seamless integrations and their highly functional agent and client-facing apps for both iOS and Android. Real Geeks has an engaged and active community of users who use social media to share strategies, ask questions, and get help from other users.

About the Author

Jim Gray got licensed in 2013 and sold 57 houses in his first year. Over the next 6 1/2 years he went on to sell 437 homes with a small team. He went on to manage the lead generation department of the 13th largest expansion team at Keller Williams and designed lead generation and conversion systems for 60 agents in 7 locations in 4 states that drove 600 home sales in a 2 year period. Jim currently does real estate team development and coaching for some of the largest real estate teams in the country.

Last Updated: 3/4/2024