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Chris Heller HeadshotChris Heller, Licensed AgentNovember 18, 2022

Market-Leader-LogoMarket Leader, one of the original, pioneering solutions for real estate CRM and lead generation, offers seamless integrations and next-generation technology to help real estate agents manage and scale their business. Market Leader offers a one-stop solution to help you succeed, from their marketing tools to their lead generation website.

Let’s take a look at Market Leader’s tools:

What is Market Leader?

Market Leader is a platform and a service, with website development, marketing automation, lead generation, and customer relationship management tools all in one place. It has everything that experienced agents and teams need to manage their customer relationships, nurture new leads, and streamline marketing functions so you can scale your business.

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Market Leader Features

market-leader-screenshotWith everything in one place, there is no need to invest in a bunch of different tools, nor do you have to hire outside help. Market Leader’s tools and support will get you up and running quickly with a professional web presence and unique leads that are not shared with other agents.

Market Leader gives you the tools you need to create a compelling website that captivates users and helps you get from inquiry to closing. With integrated lead generation features and a data-rich IDX search function, it’s easy to collect buyer and seller leads and get them into your funnels and marketing campaigns.

No need to go looking for stock photos for your website either. The Market Leader website development tool includes a content library with copyright-cleared images to create the aesthetic you want.

And, because real estate agents are always on the go, Market Leader’s tools function wherever you are, designed for use on your computer, tablet, and mobile phone app.

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Market Leader’s Pricing Plans

market leader screenshotMarket Leader offers several pricing plans suitable for an individual to mid-size teams. The most basic pricing option for Market Leader is the Market Leader Pro package, which starts at $139/mo. After this, there are additional fees and packages for adding team members or extra services. All of the subscription plans include the CRM, customizable websites, marketing tools, and text, email, and mobile tools.

Market Leader offers a 10% discount if you sign up for an annual plan over a month-to-month option.

Let’s take a look at the three pricing plans offered by Market Leader, their unique features, and the functionality and support they provide:

Market Leader Pro

For the individual agent, Market Leader offers the Market Leader Pro plan. For just $139 a month, agents get access to a comprehensive tool for generating leads and managing customer relationships.

Their website building tool features a simple, WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to build an attractive website presence that delivers results. No coding experience is needed since the tool includes several modern templates for layouts.

The core product for Market Leader is the customer relationship management (CRM) tool. The CRM is where everything else comes together, from your automated marketing campaigns to your IDX and search data. And, because real estate agents are so often on the road, Market Leader offers a mobile app that lets you do everything you need to do, no matter where you are.

Monthly Price= $139/monthWhat's not included
WebsiteSupport for Teams
CRMAccount Manager
Content LibraryTeam Performance Data
Marketing Automation
Email and Text Alert Blasts
Mobile App

Market Leader Professional for Teams

If you have teams of two or more, the Market Leader Professional for Teams plan is the right choice. With this plan, which includes all of the tools and functions provided by the Pro plan, you get the ability to scale to support team collaboration. In addition, your team’s websites and domains will feature your team’s unique branding and include a seamlessly integrated CRM to manage leads.

Market Leaders’ dashboard lets you manage accountability and performance for the team as a whole and for individual agents and team members. You can see performance data such as marketing activity and lead management.

The Market Leader Professional for Teams plan also includes a dedicated account manager. This account manager will be your direct point of contact to answer questions and provide assistance as you onboard, train, and support your team members.

Monthly PriceWhat's included
$139 base subscriptionSupport for Teams
*plus* $79 per user for up to 4 team membersWebsite
*plus* $69 per user for between 5-10 team membersCustomer Relationship Management
*plus* $59 per user for more than 11 team membersContent Library
Marketing Automation
Email and Text Alert Blasts
Mobile App
Team Performance Details

Business Suite for Brokerages

The Business Suite for Brokerages has all the same features as the team account, but it is designed to support larger teams. Because onboarding multiple agents can be complex and time-consuming, the Business Suite for Brokerages plan offers a dedicated account manager who will guide you through the process of getting all agents and stakeholders online and set up for success.

Market Leader Add-ons

  • Exclusive Seller Leads – For an additional fee, agents can gain access to exclusive seller leads sourced from the Market Leader HomeValues website. These leads, tied to your market area, are priced based on the average cost per lead in your ZIP code.
  • Leads Direct – Leads Direct is another optional add-on that structures its leads based on a pay-per-click structure. Ads and keywords are managed through Bing and Google ad platforms to drive traffic directly to your website.

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Advantages of Market Leader

Market Leader is a great tool that offers all the basics. Customers find that the desktop and mobile experience is simple and seamless, and the website development tool’s drag-and-drop functionality makes the process of setting up IDX-linked websites quick and easy.

Lead Generation

Market Leader offers tools that help you generate both buyer and seller leads.

Seller Leads

Through their website, Market Leaders offers homeowners the opportunity to claim a free, comparative market analysis. This website lets homeowners enter information about their property to compare it to others in the neighborhood or area. And, because the tool asks these potential sellers to enter their contact information, it is also a powerful lead generation tool. All leads generated are migrated directly into your CRM so that you can easily add the seller to your next marketing campaign.

Buyer Leads

To get you high-quality home buyer leads, Market Leader lets you set up and manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns directly from your Market Leader dashboard. These ads, which feature prominently on search engines such as Bing and Google, are targeted to speak directly to the audience you choose, based on geographic location and keyword searches. As an added benefit, you only pay for leads, not just visitors.

Custom Real Estate Websites – No Coding or Experience Required

Market Leader makes it easy to develop a modern, high-impact website that generates leads and keeps customers and leads coming back. Your customized website will seamlessly integrate with IDX, offering visitors a simple way to search for real estate via the MLS.

For website design, Market Leader’s website tool offers customizable widgets and dozens of page templates to get the look and feel you desire. And, with a content library with copyright-cleared photos, you can create a website that speaks to buyers in your market area.

Customer Relationship Management

Market Leader’s CRM is the heart of their service. From lead generation to marketing, everything flows to and from the CRM. Within the CRM, you can create custom marketing campaigns, set up text alerts, track visitor behavior on your website, nurture leads through email funnels, and much more.

The CRM also offers seamless integrations with tools such as the MLS, Zillow, and more, so you can pull in leads wherever you may find them.

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing can take up a lot of time for agents. Market Leader offers a Marketing Automation tool to help you save time and maximize results. With this tool, you can promote individual listings to your customers as you create them. In fact, as you populate the information for a new listing, social media posts, flyers, postcards, and email notifications are created instantly, allowing you to easily generate interest and excitement with your existing leads.

Here are some other ways that Market Leader can make advertising and marketing quick and easy:

  • Dozens of templates for greeting cards (for birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays)
  • Cross-platform campaigns that let you market through phone, email, text, or print media with a unified message
  • Organize leads into campaigns based on their search preferences and geographic area
  • Newsletters
  • Templates for other media such as social media posts, flyers, and other print assets
Market Leader ProsMarket Leader Cons
Good for long term business projectionsLittle customization ability 
Refund for fake leadsLeads are not always premium
Guaranteed contact leads every monthFewer features than competitors 

Disadvantages of Market Leader

For some, the simplicity of Market Leaders’ user interface is an advantage, but for more sophisticated or experienced agents, the basic functionality of Market Leaders’ CRM leaves room for improvement.

While agents can easily create websites for their business, some customers expressed a desire for better search engine optimization tools.


Market Leader Alternatives

top producer logoliondesk logoReal-Geeks
Best For: Smaller teams needing a CRM with lead insightsBest For: Small to midsize brokerages wanting prospecting toolsBest For: Agents looking for customizable landing pages and ad management
Starting Price: $37.50 per user, per monthStarting Price: $25 per user, per monthStarting Price: $249 per month
Key Features:
Client insights from social media, locations, jobs, and more, Automated niche marketing, Follow-up tools
Key Features:
Power dialer, Streamlined transaction management, Targeted ad creation
Key Features:
Facebook and Google ad management, Property valuation tool, Market reports and analytics

Who Market Leaders is For

Individual agents who want to create and manage their own website: There is no need for development experience with Market Leader’s integrated website tools. As a bonus, Market Leader also offers widgets and a content library to get you started developing a compelling website and engaging content.

Established brokerages seeking unique listings: With Market Leader’s website as a lead generator, agents get leads that are actively seeking information about buying or selling a home in their ZIP code.

Agents and teams who want to streamline their marketing efforts to yield greater results with less time spent managing campaigns: Market Leaders’ marketing automation tools are purpose-built to support email blasts, text messages, and newsletters, as well as print campaigns such as those for direct mail.

Some customer reviews:

I’ve been using Market Leader leads for almost a year now, and I’ve had lots of success with them. I’ve had two closed listings from these leads and have gotten at least two buyers from sign calls for those listings. The leads are very reasonably priced, and I typically get more leads than I pay for each month. Love it!”

“We implemented the email blast of listings to our lead database after attending a Market Leader training session, and it has accounted for us representing both sides of no less than six homes since, which accounts for around $50,000 in GCI!”

Is Market Leader Worth the Investment?

Lead Generation is just one way that Market Leader generates leads. Through this website, sellers with property to sell can be funneled to individual agents.

Market Leader can also help you create and manage Google pay-per-click advertising that targets your local market with offers for free downloadable references or other assets. When Google forces registration, the agent collects email addresses and other contact info that can lead to a sale.

Simple but Effective Tools

While some may complain that Market Leader’s CRM is not as robust as their competitor’s offerings, others like the simplicity and usability of Market Leader’s integrated CRM.

This CRM is designed to be easy and intuitive to work with. The integrations between the website tool and the other features mean that all of your customer relationship data is in one place. From their dashboard, you can track user movement on your website, contact prospects via email or text, or automate marketing campaigns.

Good Value

Ultimately, Market Leader is a great entry-level tool that covers the fundamentals of customer relationship management. Their plans will let you grow from an individual agent to a team leader to a manager of a busy brokerage.

Chris Heller Headshot

About the Author

Chris Heller brings 27 years of experience in real estate. Chris serves on the AgentAdvice Editorial Board and is the Chief Real Estate Officer at OJO Labs. Chris brings deep expertise having held influential industry positions including CEO of mellohome and former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International.

Last Updated: 11/18/2022

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