Top Producer Review 2024: Prices, Features, Reviews, and Alternatives

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Today we’re going to talk about one of the more powerful tools on the market and why exactly it gets the hype it does. And then, we’ll try to figure out whether or not it actually lives up to the hype.

We’re going to talk about Top Producer.

Top Producer is a strong all-in-one software solution for both solo real estate agents and teams. They offer agent websites, lead generation, a native CRM, along with smart farming and pipeline management. 

I’m also going to cover pricing, features, opinions and more. We’re also going to talk about who exactly Top Producer is best for (and who it isn’t). 

To save you the suspense, overall, this is a good product, but there are also a few potential landmines I don’t want you to step on, so stay with me while we talk about a few of the details (they’re more important than you think for this particular product).

Quick Summary of Top Producer

Nearly all of Top Producer’s features support one thing we all know is mission-critical to running a real estate operation: making it easy to build and maintain relationships

They want to make it easier to find leads, nurture leads, and simplify all the day-to-day workload it takes to make that happen. To do that, Top Producer includes functionalities like: 

  • Agent websites
  • Done-for-you lead generation
  • CRM & lead management tools
  • Email marketing tools
  • …and more

 For example, on the lead generation side, they have a tool called Top Producer Social Connect that is essentially an all-in-one solution for lead generation that uses paid advertising (like advertising on Facebook). They handle everything from creating the ad to getting the lead in the CRM.

On the nurture side, they have a product called FiveStreet, which is essentially a single pipeline that aggregates all your leads and keep on top of them with a bunch of cool automations. 

They also make it easy to establish an online presence in the first place with their agent website builders. Their agent websites are quick to set up, and have multiple designs to choose from for customization. Plus, they add another prong to their lead capture. They also integrate with all of their other tools.

Honestly, this thing has tons of features. It’s powerful, but it might be better for some agents than others, so let’s dig into some of the features so you can make that call for yourself.

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Top Producer Features

When I look at a product or marketing solution, I like to know the features that set it apart from the pack. So, in this review of Top Producer I am going to do just that for you. 

Here’s my challenge to you (my decision-making framework for tools): as you’re reading through the features, make a mental note of just how much – in an actual dollar amount – each feature would add to your business (or, if you don’t need it, how much time you’d lose my worrying about it).

1. Transaction Management Tools 

TP Task Plan manager

Top Producer’s transaction management tools can significantly simplify one of the more painful parts of “agenting”: managing all our transitions.. 

You can keep everything in one database, import active MLS listings, and create workflows. The cool thing about the workflows is that they update themselves and update you as things change, like tasks, dates etc. 

Another cool aspect with their transaction management tools is that you can track projected and earned commissions. You can filter for date range, and while this doesn’t mean something will go through, it’s nice to have a pulse on when money could be coming in. 

Why it’s useful: We all know transaction management can be painful. Most of us would rather be selling. That part of being a real estate agent is never going to go away, but if we can make it way simpler and less time-consuming, we can spend more time making money.

2. Social and MLS Property Insights  

TP property insights

Their Social Insights feature scrapes the internet for contact details (think photos, jobs, locations of leads etc.) for you. 

You don’t have to do any setup either. Once they are in the CRM the social insights are added to a contact. The other cool thing about this is it pairs with their property insights so you see their picture and the properties they are interested in. 

The Property Insights feature also helps you assign and save MLS properties to your clients in the CRM. That’s when the MLS integration kicks in and makes sure all the info is up to date. It makes follow-up a breeze because you can see what they’re interested in, or didn’t like, along with the most recent info. This keeps your follow-ups fresh and relevant. 

Why it’s useful: Social media has become a necessity to market yourself, whether we like it or not. For those of us that may not thrive in this particular area of marketing, TP’s tool can be pretty helpful.

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3. Market Snapshot Reports

TP Market Snapshot

This feature falls in the same category with social and MLS Property Insights. The MLS integration is yet again coming to the rescue. You can make MLS powered reports, called Market Snapshots, on new listings, for sale properties, sold, price updates, and neighborhood trends. 

These Market Snapshots can be sent as real time reports and long term follow-up. You’ll also get to know who is reading or opening your emails so you can adjust your message if needed. The MLS data you’ll be passing along is not as easy for home owners and sellers to find, so it’s information that would likely pique their interest. 

Why it’s useful: Being able to stay in front of your clients is important, especially when they are in the beginning phase and maybe haven’t realized how awesome you are yet. This tool helps do that for you, and with relevant info, so you’re not just bugging them with a “hey how’s it goin’”.

4. Lead Management and Routing

TP Fivestreet

Top Producer calls this feature FiveStreet, their real estate automation software. It is their pipeline management tool that works with existing lead sources and brings them all together. You’ll be able to auto respond to leads in less than a minute with email or text, let your team know about leads, and see who has been designated to a lead. 

The neat part is they work with over 150 online vendors and their leads. So, basically they can take care of any lead you send their way. You’ll have access to all of the insights we talked about earlier, so you can brush up before calling a lead to make the conversation more productive. 

I also love that it helps keep teams organized. You can share your information with them from communications to key tasks. On top of that you can see how many leads came in and who they came from so you can stay on top of what is working and what isn’t. 

Why it’s useful: Most of us probably have some preferred vendors for leads, or at the very least we want multiple lead sources to maximize our lead funnel. But, organizing those leads can be tricky since they don’t come from the same place, that’s where this feature kicks in and can be very helpful.

5. Automated Lead Response 

TP Lead resource

Fun fact I learned from Top Producer – regardless of how many lead forms people have filled out, they are typically not ready to buy for an average of another 8 weeks. The thing is, you still want to respond quickly and persistently to get them to go with you when they are ready. That’s why they created the automated lead response plan. 

It automatically starts your custom nurture plan and intuitively sends the right message at the right time. It ensures you don’t send messages at times that may upset a lead, like say 3 in the morning. Plus, you only have to get involved when the coach says it’s game time. 

You have control over when the message is sent and have an unlimited cap of texts that you can send out. Just like on your phone you can also see when the last message was received by a lead, and when they replied, only it’s easier to search for in here. I have referenced text a lot here, but you can also call, and email. 

Why it’s useful: You’re busy, but let’s face it, your clients want you available to them instantly. Since that is likely not a feasible option long-term, automated lead responses can be a solid solution to take some of the stress off of you.

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Top Producer Pricing

I found it refreshing that Top Producer is very transparent about their pricing. They offer 3 packages but technically 6 ways to get it, and two additional add-ons for a fee. They’re reasonably priced, and lower than quite a few competitors. Let’s take a look at what the packages cost and offer. 

  • Pro. is $129 a month per user. This is the basic package offering gets you everything except the “get real estate leads” portion, which is social, advertising active and sold listings, and the automatic nurture. You also won’t get the pipeline management feature or AI farming. You will get the contact management tools, automated follow-up, and communications features. 
  • Pro Teams 5. You’ll get Pro, except for up to 5 users a month for $299. It will also offer some additional team functionality, and you can add farming and leads options. 
  • Pro Teams 10. You’ll get Pro, except for up to 10 users a month for $499. It will also offer some additional team functionality, and you can add farming and leads options.
  • Pro Teams 25. You’ll get Pro, except for up to 25 users a month for $999. It will also offer some additional team functionality, and you can add farming and leads options.
  • Pro+Leads. This is their most purchased package. For $379 per month You’ll get everything in Pro + Social Connect (their social media lead gen). 
  • Pro + Farming. You will get everything in Pro plus AI powered farming and marketing for $399 per month. 
  • Add-ons. These two add ons are priced per user per month. 
  • Top Producer Website. $35
  • FiveStreet. $25

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Biggest Pros

Top Producer is definitely a top contender for your lead gen and CRM needs, but some of their qualities stand out more than others. Let’s see if any of these pros are what pushes you over the edge in your decision. 

There’s a high level of customization. 

You can customize quite a bit with Top Producer, which is typically pretty intriguing to users. They also provide you with a lot of insights, so when you’re customizing you are doing it with intention. 

The social lead gen is super hands off. 

Top Producer’s Social Connect is a stand out feature. It brings in affordable leads from social media and offers automated lead nurture. The lead info is typically more accurate and interested leads are targeted.  

AI Powered Farming can improve your hit rates. 

This feature helps take away the blanket mass marketing where only a few are interested. It saves you money by targeting interested sellers and gets you in front of them within the geographic location you designate. 

The reports give you great visibility. 

Top Producer’s reporting features are detailed and helpful to you and the leads. Their branded MLS Market Reports give relevant and updated information, and put your name out there associated with it. It touches on every stage of the client lifecycle. 

Biggest Cons

All that is not to say that there aren’t a few things that could be improved. Top Producer is like every other product or solution, they have a few downsides. These may or may not be deal breakers for you. 

There’s definitely a learning curve with automation. 

The automation aspect of Top Producer is definitely a pro, but with it being intuitive and complex that can come with a learning curve. For some this isn’t a big deal, but for others the time it may take could be frustrating. 

It’s probably not best for larger teams.   

Their Team package options max out at 25 users. While that isn’t a number to scoff at for a team, it may not cover enough people for you. If you have a very large team this likely won’t work for you. 

If you are a large team… here’s a list of other possible solutions.

There’s no SEO or Google Ads lead generation. 

While they thrive with their social media lead generation, some agents may want more lead gen options. You won’t get SEO or PPC with Top Producer, so if having a multifaceted lead gen approach is important to you, you’ll want to take this into consideration. 

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Who’s Top Producer best for?

Top Producer has a lot to offer, but it’s going to offer some more than others. Let’s take a peak at who it is best for, and you can see if you fall into one of the categories. If you don’t, that doesn’t mean it’s not the right fit for you, you just might want to dive deeper. 

It’s great for agents or teams that have SEO and PPC taken care of.

Since Top Producer only offers social lead generation, agents or teams that have the other bases covered would probably benefit the most from them. It’s always good to have multiple avenues to bring in the most leads as possible. 

It’s great for agents or medium sized teams looking to elevate their lead nurturing and save time.

In their CRM you’ll get excellent lead nurturing capabilities with up-to-date and relevant listing information. Their automation handles everything so you don’t need to be looped in until it’s time for you to actually engage with the lead. 

It’s great for realtors that just need a robust CRM.

If you have lead generation taken care of, you can go with the pro package and get everything you could need and probably a little more with their CRM. The insights, MLS integration, and built-in tools really do make it top of the line. 

Who’s it not good for?

For every product out there, there’s always a handful of people it doesn’t help as much as they’d like. So,now that we know who would benefit most, let’s see who Top Producer may not meet the needs of. 

It’s not that great for really large teams.

Top Producers largest team package can support 25 agents. While that’s not a small team, yours could be bigger, and if so they just don’t have a package that can help everyone on your team. 

It’s not that great for teams that need a quick ramp up.

The CRM is robust, which leads to some initial ramp up time while you and your team learn how to use all of Top Producer’s automation tools and other features. If you don’t have the time you may want a simpler solution. 

What other users say

According to some other large review sites, Top Producer maintains positive feedback at least 75% of the time (which is pretty strong). 

Users really seem to like the newer Social Connect Top Producer offers, as well as their full-featured CRM. Transaction management was also praised by reviewers for how well it organized them and made everything more efficient. 

Most user concerns were related to software and customer service issues. They liked aspects of the product, but some experienced slow response times and occasional glitches in the software that made it hard to integrate with outside solutions. 

Overall, our review more or less tracks with other users. The customer service issues and occasional software glitches are likely going to happen with any software solution. That’s not to say that it shouldn’t be addressed, but it’s also not the type of thing that makes your jaw drop.

Top Producer Alternatives

For those of you that read through this review and either didn’t find a solution to your marketing needs, or are just still curious what else is out there, here are a few alternatives you can take a look into. 

  • CINC. They are truly full service offering lead generation, websites, and CRM. They also have lots of automation options. They are pricier than Top Producer, which is something to take into consideration.
  • Sierra Interactive. This is another option to consider when looking for small teams. They are another all-in-one solution if you need more than a CRM and social lead gen. They are more limited in customization. 
  • Wise Agent. If you are looking for simplicity and a low cost, they might be worth looking into. They are really just a CRM solution, so could be good if you have other tools in place for your website and lead generation. 
  • Chime. For another platform with great automation tools, Chime is worth a look. They are easy to use and an all-in-one solution. They are a better bet for your team, as they are not on the cheap side. 

The Final Verdict

If you are in the market for a CRM with tons of options and automations, Top Producer is probably right up your alley. If you are looking for a true all-in-one solution, they may not meet your needs. You have the ability to add lead gen through social and websites, but you won’t get full lead generation services. I will say, where they lack in the overall lead gen options, they do make up for with their nurturing capabilities. 

Looking at other companies to compare is always a good idea to reassure yourself you went with the right option. It would probably also be good to reach out to Top Producer to get any of your questions answered. They were very transparent about pricing, which I loved, but there are likely other things you thought of through this review that weren’t answered. 


About the Author

Jim Gray got licensed in 2013 and sold 57 houses in his first year. Over the next 6 1/2 years he went on to sell 437 homes with a small team. He went on to manage the lead generation department of the 13th largest expansion team at Keller Williams and designed lead generation and conversion systems for 60 agents in 7 locations in 4 states that drove 600 home sales in a 2 year period. Jim currently does real estate team development and coaching for some of the largest real estate teams in the country.

Last Updated: 1/31/2024