Real Estate Marketing Tips & Trends for 2022

Chris Heller HeadshotChris Heller,May 17, 2022

Marketing,Analysis,Accounting,Team,Business,Meeting,ConceptCompetition in the real estate industry is always fierce, but it’s only heating up more in 2022. That’s why it’s more important than ever to find a way to stand out from the pack. This can be done in a variety ways, including social media, cold calls, and even postcards through snail mail. It turns out that there are dozens of ways to increase your digital footprint without spending thousands of dollars. That’s why we’ve asked some of the top digital marketing experts what tips and tricks they recommend. They say no matter what method you choose to go with, it’s important to keep it up if you want to bring in more leads. Don’t assume things will change over night, so keep at it to see the numbers start to trickle in. Here’s what they had to say:

casey preston headshot

Casey Preston
President of Stratosphere
Digital Marketing Specialist for 10+ years

Casey has years of experience working with insurance and real estate clients and have helped them grow their agencies with his innovative digital marketing strategies.

Though majorly dealing with insurance clients now, they had started with all types of clients, including the real estate ones. Preston even earned a California real estate license to better understand his client’s needs. They still have multiple real estate clients working with them, and Preston wanted to share his marketing strategies that have worked for those agents.

“Traditional strategies, like texts and emails have always worked in my favor when it comes to targeting and converting real estate leads. It provides a way to directly reach into their inboxes that in turn improves your chances of getting a higher number of query calls from them. Believe it, your prospects calling you seeking answers to their questions is a great opportunity for sales!”


Laura Radnieckilaura radniecki headshot
Digital Marketer for 6+ years
Crow Wing County, Minnesota

Laura started her own website to provide others with easy to follow, step-by-step craft tutorials that remove the guesswork. She has done her fair share of marketing to make her brand known, and here are some of her tips for real estate agents:

“How do you market well on social media, without wasting time and energy?

The first step is to choose the right platform. Right now, the social media platform with arguably the most potential for return is Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest!

Pinterest is a social media platform in a realm of its own; it’s actually more of a visual search engine than anything else. People go to Pinterest to be inspired and to find answers to their questions. Most importantly, they come to Pinterest with the intent to buy!

Pinterest gives entrepreneurs and business owners a unique opportunity to get in front of people who are looking for answers to specific questions, and who are in the frame of mind to buy, all while offering a platform that rewards pins more, the longer they are on the platform. A pin can continue to drive traffic a year after it was posted.

This is a stark contrast to the other fast-paced social media platforms where content lives a short life and then dies. Content doesn’t recirculate on Instagram, but once it’s on Pinterest, it stays in the search algorithm forever.”


jason parks headshot

Jason Parks
Owner of The Media Captain
Digital Marketing Expert in Columbus, Ohio

Jason is the owner of a digital marketing and website development company based in Ohio that was voted as a Top 1% Agency in the United States. He has a few tips to help real estate agents become more successful:

“Optimize your Google My Business page. For real estate agents, it’s tough to outrank national competitors. By dominating your local market, you can generate more leads, which will lead to more business. To optimize your GMB page, add new photos and set a reminder to update the pictures every 6-months to keep things current. Get reviews from your customers. This will help establish credibility. Those are just a few tips but optimizing your Google My Business is low hanging fruit for real estate agents.”


colby hager headshotColby Hager
Owner of Capstone Homebuyers
12+ years of experience in Texas

Colby and his team buy, renovate, and sell houses across Texas.  On average, they purchase 50 homes per year.  Hager also owns and operates a Real Estate Brokerage based in San Antonio, Texas, Sell Your House Fast San Antonio.

“2022 has been a crazy year in real estate for buyers and sellers and it has been a challenge to navigate for real estate professionals as well.  Marketing within the real estate space has been no different.  What has really been working well for our company has been utilizing Facebook ads to generate seller leads, buyer leads, and listing leads.  We have still been able to purchase houses in need of repairs, list houses that are in great shape, and help buyers find their next home by using Facebook ads this year.  At a low cost per lead, Facebook ads have been a great source of business for our company in 2021.”

valentino headshot

Valentine Okoronkwo
Digital Marketer for Passive Secrets
11+ years of experience in Chicago, Illinois

Valentine is a Digital marketer and sale funnel expert for Passive Secrets. His goal is to give you access to the best tools and resources out there so you can create passive income systems online.…And have more time to focus on serving your customers and growing your business:

“Start a blog: This ensures your posts show up in prospect search engines every time your prospect makes a related search.

Tools like Ahrefs can help you find the search phrases and keywords your target clients are looking for and will inspire you with fresh topic ideas.

Be sure to make it easy for your blog visitors to navigate to your main website. You can use tools like Thriveleads or ConvertBox to capture leads on your blog.

You can also link your blog to your profile pages on other real estate sites so your blog visitors can learn more about you and your business.”


chantay bridges headshot

Chantay Bridges
9+ years of experience
Digital Marketing expert in Los Angeles, California

Chantay has worked with a vast amount of celebrities, political and business philanthropists throughout the years. In addition to her flourishing real estate career, she has been involved as a talent coordinator in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. During that time she’s also developed some top-notch digital marketing strategies.

“Marketing is no longer just right in your local neighborhood, it’s all around the world..  You will never know where that buyer will come from.  Many interested parties shop everywhere.  While they may already have a home in their own area, it does not stop them from shopping for a vacation home or rental income in yours. A potential buyer may be interested in your property because of the area, the weather, the price.  Regardless of their reason, when you market, tell the world!

This works and works fast.  You never know who is out there searching for what you have.  If your home just shows up in a tiny zip code, you are missing out on all the potential clients in the world.  There are more than meets the eye.  Let’s say you were selling a book.  Would it do better if you marketed it to your city or every city?  It’s the same with real estate.  It’s also how you have marketing success in 2021!

Social media is just that, social: Whether it’s Linked In, Twitter, Clubhouse, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter, is where your audience is at.  Wherever they are and you are, that’s what will work in marketing.  If they find you there and are interested in your topic of choice, they will also find what you are marketing.  House buyers frequently visit and view places where they can find the latest, newest, properties that are hitting the scene.  For some, it’s popular sites like Trulia, Zillow, why?  They have what they are looking for all in one place.  Market those properties, keep them coming online because that’s where the interested parties are at.

Old school still works: Yes, I know some are saying snail mail is a thing of the past but they are wrong.  Direct mail cards, real estate postcards, flyers can still be a major player in marketing for 2022.  There is a segment of the population that prefers to get something in the mail.  They are not online like everyone else, many seniors, parents, grandparents own homes but when they are looking to sell or buy, basically, if there is a business card, or something else right in front of them, they will consider it.  Especially something that tells them exactly where there dream home can be found, no need to spend endless hours searching online.”

Brandon Thomas Headshot

Brandon Thomas
Real Estate Advisor
SWC Realty of Maryland

Brandon is a Strategic Real Estate Advisor at Real Estate Bees. He specializes in all facets of the real estate business, whether it be navigating the way for first-time home buyers, trying to score the perfect investment property, providing help in the luxury market, or helping a couple that is ready to downsize. Here are his marketing tips for other agents:

The geographic farming technique still works very well in 2022. It is great for new or veteran agents.

To get started, the agent needs to simply pick out a neighborhood (or a few neighborhoods) that have a total of at least 300-400 homes in the chosen area(s). 

Then, they want to start targeting the list of homes in the neighborhood with postcards and flyers. Even hand-written letters at times will get the most attention of the homeowner. 

If they can do this at least once quarterly throughout the year, they will start getting recognized in the neighborhood as the local market expert.”


cody may headshot

Cody May
CEO of Studio PTBO
9+ years of experience in Wilmington, North Carolina

Cody is the CEO of Studio PTBO whose main focus is real estate, as they work with realtors across North America. Cody is an expert at paid advertising, sales and communications, and coaches realtors/entrepreneurs on those topics. Cody has appeared on many podcasts and was most recently featured in an article on how to leverage the power of gratitude to improve overall mental health in the workplace and beyond:

“The most inexpensive way to market your real estate business organically is with the Social Friend Method.

  1. Use the search function on Facebook or search local Facebook groups in your area to find your ideal client.
  2. Dedicate time to connect / add 25 people a day on the platform until you reach your maximum capacity of 5,000 friends on Facebook or any other social platform.
  3. Dedicate to posting on social media 2 – 4 times every day. If you get stuck with content writers block, use a tool like Answer The Public to come up with knowledge based posts, but also ensure you are telling your story too! It could be as simple as sprinkling in what we call a connection post. This is where you are sharing a personal story. Creating content doesn’t have to be difficult, it could be as simple as sharing a photo of a project you are working on, a photo of your family or a longer form post where you share your views on a topic. These types of post allow all your new friend requests to get to know you, like you and trust you over time.  The goal of these posts is to take your new friends into your world to get to better understand who you are, what you do and why you do it.
  4. Then every once in a while, add in a direct call to action as your new friends online won’t see every single post you make. Have the post follow this format, “I am looking for 5 [TARGET AUDIENCE] that want [X RESULT] in the next 90 days. If that’s you comment [CHOOSE WORD’ below and I will get you details!”

ed carey headshot

Ed Carey
CEO of Audience Town
15+ years experience in Newark, New Jersey

Ed created an advertising platform built for real estate, moving, and home has these marketing tips for those wanting to become top producers and gain more clients.

  1. “Every company, large and small, is an online company now, and therefore, an online marketing company. Online advertising is about to be a $1T industry because this is the primary way businesses and clients meet each other. Everything you do must have a digital version.
  2. Video, but keep it short: Video is how online audiences are preferring to engage with your brand or content. Whether shooting property ads or advice videos for potential clients, the key is keeping it very very short, like even as short as 6 to 12 seconds. But shorter is not worse, your audiences will like a “video snack” and check out your website if they do.
  3. Paid ads: On social or on the web, your organic content will not get the audience you think. The social platforms strongly favor their paid ad impressions over just posting to your feed. You need to buy ads for your images to be seen.
  4. Site retargeting: Using any of the major ad platforms, or smaller companies as well, site retargeting is the standard “always on” paid ad strategy that ensures anyone who visits your website will see your follow up ad later as they cruise the web.”


Kent-Lewis HeadshotKent Lewis
Anvil Media & Deksia CMO
25+ years experience in Portland, Oregon

As a career digital marketing professional specializing in SEO and owning his own agency for the past 16 years, Kent has a few thoughts on real estate marketing. With 25+ years of search engine optimization experience, he highly recommends SEO as a foundational marketing strategy for realtors.

  1. Site speed: the faster the website, the better the user experience and the higher the conversion rate. As a result, Google weights speed in rankings. Therefore, the more effort put into speeding up the site, the greater the rankings AND higher conversions for the increased traffic.
  2. Mobile responsive: since Google rewards a good user experience, ensuring your website is mobile responsive is essential to maintaining strong visibility in organic search. Many real estate websites see 25-30% of leads originate from mobile devices, which is a significant percentage.
  3. Schema Markup: Google values rich snippets/structured data, as it helps them understand the type of content contained on your real estate website. This is particularly useful for embedding listings and neighborhood information, which can dramatically impact conversion rates and enhance organic listings.


Tarun headshot

Tarun Gurang
Digital Marketer for iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd.
8+ years experience

Tarun, a Digital Marketer for iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., has 8+ years of experience in optimizing and working for various business websites. These are his tips for agents:

“In my opinion, FB Marketplace is the best option to do marketing of the real estate industry. Because the reason is the majority of the real estate projects are local and the FB marketplace hugely supports local marketing i.e. nearby areas so it’s a great chance to get local leads and get them to convert into sales. Also, few chances to get or drop a lead because the FB marketplace is not supported for all FB accounts, it is supported to genuine & real accounts only (I am not talking about the verified account). So, the lead will be genuine and from a real person who is actively looking for real estate property.”


gluch headshotJohn Gluch
Founder of the Gluch Group
12+ years experience in Phoenix, Arizona

John leads his team of agents who are just machines when it comes to generating leads and closing sales. So much so that they expanded into CA in 2020 and now have offices in both states. John’s best advice is below:

“Realtors need to be a consistent and widespread voice of hyper-local real estate information. We are flooded with information about rising home prices, what COVID has done to the markets, and more, but nearly all the news outlets and their coverage on real estate are not applicable at a hyper-local level due to their macro trend coverage. Do the hard work of finding real-time data on how your market is being affected right now and today in your neighborhood and share it constantly across social media, videos, and regular emails to your database. You can also send leads to a landing page with the latest updates designed to capture their info. It just requires the work, but because you’re sharing what your customers and community are desperate for, you should come out on top as a go-to source of information in your region.”


Matt Bigach headshot (1)

Matt Bigach
Founder of Nexus HomeBuyers
11+ years experience in Nashville, Tennessee

Matt started a real estate investing company, and Reibar Marketing, a digital marketing company for real estate investors. He relies on a these tips to build leads and gain more clients: 

“Put your contact details on all ads: Serious buyers always jump in to call and get all the details. A contact number available to call is a quick way for buyers to verify all the information they see on the ad. Other ways that you can leave out for people to contact you include email, WhatsApp, etc. Making it easy for your audience to reach you is an effective marketing technique to generate real estate leads.”


Eric-HeadshotEric Nerhood
Owner of Premier Property Buyers
7+ years experience in Orange County, California

Eric, the Owner/President of Premier Property Buyers, began his career in real estate in 2003 as a real estate appraiser. Besides being a certified licensed real estate appraiser, Eric is also a licensed real estate agent. Eric is fully licensed to do real estate business in California, so you can be confident that you are working with a professional that is held to the highest standards. You can also rely on him for these marketing tips: 

“Get very good at Social Media, like Instagram to showcase your home to followers and browser alike. Create a video of your home to create a lifestyle that people will want to attain if they purchased the home. Remember not to disregard the old methods of Direct Mail Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media. The more you get your name out, the more likely that people will remember you when it comes time that they need your services.”


mike-branson headshot

Mike Branson
CEO of All Reverse Mortgage Inc.
17+ years experience

Mike started a HUD approved direct lending company. Here are some of his tips to run a successful market campaign for real estate agents:

Build a social media presence. Thanks to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can post properties, news in the real estate industry, and client testimonials.

Write a blog. Blogs are another great way to give updates and promote your real estate agency. 

Print business cards. Create a business card that really pops using colors, fonts, and images that really speak to your business. Keep some with you in case you come across any potential clients or you can leave a small stack at local businesses.

Sponsor local events. If your community has any sporting events or festivals, get your name out there by signing up as a sponsor. Your agency can be printed on fliers, t-shirts, or even shown on TV! 

Create a profile on Zillow. Millions of users search for homes every day on Zillow, it’s a good idea to throw your name in the running. Set up a profile on Zillow so you can be listed with other local real estate agents. Zillow also allows users to rate real estate agents (basically like Yelp for businesses) which could be helpful to you and your agency.”


Christian (2)Christian Velitchkov
Founder of Twiz
9+ years experience

Over the last decade, has been making money on the internet. Whether that is through Amazon Affiliates or B2B SaaS, he knows how to grow companies online. He’s also the co-founder of Twiz, a company on a mission to change the world of marketing forever. 

“Research is important when it comes to marketing because everybody is doing marketing. So first of all, research with the help of tools/websites like Ahrefs. It helps you find out what kind of search people are doing on Google, Social Media, etc. Once you have your set of keywords, implement it in your content marketing to boost up the traffic. For example, in your area, a lot of people are searching for a 1 BHK Furnished apartment. But what are they typing on Google to search for those apartments? Once you know that, use those keywords to generate leads/inquiries.”

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