How to Master Real Estate Follow Up Emails

Hand,Of,Businessman,Using,Smartphone,For,Email,With,Notification,Alert,Ever heard the expression, “the deal gets done in the follow up”? I haven’t either, but it’s true. Follow up emails are non-negotiable if you aim to be a high volume closer, which let’s be honest, don’t we all?

In the world of spam, email marketing, and work responsibilities it is easy for emails to get lost in the mayhem. That’s why the follow up is paramount in getting a response, and effective when you do. 

Careful of course, you don’t want to fall into the category of spam. My general rule is no more than three follow up emails when it comes to engagement with clients, or potential clients that I’ve already interacted with in a short period of time. 

BUT, I will absolutely break that rule to check in every few months with either a hot new property, or a more general check-in to see where they are in the buying/selling process. 

It pays off big time for multiple reasons…

Why are follow-up emails important?

There are a few reasons why they are at the top of the list for me, but first let’s get to some hard numbers from

  • “On average, only 2% of sales are made during the first point of contact. That means if you don’t follow up, even with a simple follow-up email, you’re missing out on potentially 98% of your sales.”
  • “At any given time, only 3% of your market is actively buying. Another 56% are not ready, while 40% are poised to begin.”
  • “44% of salespeople give up after just 1 attempt, and only 8% of salespeople follow-up more than 5 times.”

Just a few more hard numbers that are pretty staggering to give you some context as to why following up multiple times is imperative for your business from

  • “High-growth organizations report an average of 16 touchpoints per prospect, within a 2-4 week span (source).” 
  • “The optimal number of email messages is five (source)”, “Optimal number of call attempts is six; 95% of all converted leads are reached by the sixth call attempt (source).”
  • “50% of sales happen after the 5th (source).”

Email,Marketing,Concept,,Person,Reading,E-mail,On,Smartphone,,Receive,NewNumbers don’t lie. So, like I said before… the deal is done in the follow up.

The reason why the follow up matters most, in my opinion, is that they help you build a relationship with your clients and potential clients.

Follow up emails show that you care, you’re not forgetting people who need your help, and show that you are diligent in your profession – a good trait for real estate agents in particular. 

All of this builds into trust that you have your clients’ best interest at heart from the beginning. Note: That’s also why it’s crucial to kick off the conversation in the best way possible. Read our guides about how to craft the best email subject lines, and mastering the best real estate introduction emails

Follow up emails also help increase the odds of decision. 

Procrastination, avoidance, fear, and sometimes just plain timing are all reasons some people delay decision making. 

Sometimes, a little push, engagement, or just again building trust with your clients can help them feel confident in moving forward with either buying, selling, and continuing their search with you! 

Also, as I’ve mentioned in a previous article, referrals are key in growing your business. 

When you implement a system of follow up emails you are inevitably staying visible with your clients and top of mind, which will naturally bring you more referrals. 

When to use follow-up emails

Side,View,Shot,Of,A,Man's,Hands,Using,Smart,PhoneYour follow up timeline is determined by a few factors and can develop into a more clear cut system as you build out your automations. 

Here are a few cases that its best to go ahead and start planning your follow up marketing system:

  1. Warm lead nurturing – this is when you really want to make sure you are staying in touch, maybe one to three times a week, depending on responses. 
  2. After closing with a client – set up a system of follow up check-in emails: holidays, anniversary congratulations, events in the neighborhood, etc. This is where your referrals come in.
  3. Interest rate changes – always a big deal to continue building trust that you are looking out for your clients, factors into decision making, and educates your client so they are confident in their choices.
  4. New properties – hopefully you have lists already made for what people are looking for. This is a quick send out alerting clients to what is new on the market based on their buyer profile. Plus, if you’ve been doing all of the other follow up emails… you’ve primed your buyer to make the leap when the right house comes across the table. 
  5. Cold lead nurturing – if you stay consistent with your follow up emails through introductions, asking for availability for a chat, letting them know about new properties… This is where you stand out from your competition. More than likely, as we know now from the stats, other real estate agents have given up after the second attempt, while you’re still building a relationship. Keep going, you’ll get the client! 

You can also send follow up emails on a broad scale once you learn how to use email blasts effectively.

The anatomy of a good follow up email

Business,Person,Reading,Emails,On,Smartphone,And,Laptop,Computer,ScreenFollow up emails are pretty formulaic, and they should be so you can get info to clients as fast as possible. Time is money in this industry! You always want your clients to have a chance at finding their dream home before it’s gone! 

So here’s a quick formula you can use to build your own. 

  1. Salutation
    1. A simple: Hey “Name”,
  2. Hyper-personalized first sentence  (If you’re very good at email marketing segmentation you can build email blasts that are very specific to your audience. Otherwise, smaller batches I would recommend.) 
    1. Gear it towards personal interests or relevant events: sports, work, school starting – essentially establishing genuine interest in your lead/client. 
  3. Reminder of why you’re emailing – Pretty straight forward.
    1. “Wanted to continue our discussion about ….”
  4. Add new information 
    1. A great time to insert market trends, if you’ve spoken to the seller recently about something you’ve found out about the property, etc.
    2. Check out our guide to get ideas for email marketing content.
  5. Call to action – Try to establish a time to connect.
    1. “Let me know if you have time later today to chat about this new property, or if it piques your interest. Would love to know your thoughts!” 
  6. Signoff – Super friendly and engaging. 
    1. “Talk soon!” 
  7. PS statement – This is some you can add to promote a continued conversation. 
    1. Make it something fun to help build your relationship.
    2. More info about the property, or you can always send a link to another property that you recently saw. 

Actual examples of follow-up emails I would send

Online,Business,Communication,Symbols,Of,Telephone,,Email,And,Mail,AddressThe template below is a great example of how to keep your emails short, sweet, and to the point particularly about reengaging on a property you’ve recently seen with a client on the fence. 

Example #1: Follow-up On a Property

Hey [Name],

Hope you and the kids are enjoying the soccer season!

Wanted to continue our discussion about the property on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I just talked to the seller and… 

Are you still interested in this one? If so, I’ll give you a ring this afternoon.


P.S. Just found out this one has a brand new roof; I know you were worried about that.

Example #2: Follow-up On a Cold Probate Lead (Divorce)

These are a little tricky, which is why I included this one. The best method is to stay direct, compassionate, and helpful.

Hey [Name],

How are you doing? I wanted to check in to see if I can help you through what could be a really difficult time. 

I’ve helped several of my clients through the separation process of both selling homes and finding a new one. I know it’s not easy and am happy to help through the transition. 

In fact, I have come across several homes recently that would be great for a fresh new start.

If you’re ready to make the next step let me know. I have time this afternoon to get on a call and learn more.  

All the best,

Ps. One of the new properties is beachfront! Perfect sunrise setting to start the mornings off right. 

Example #3: Follow-up On a Recently Closed Client 

Businessman,In,Office,Talking,On,PhoneThese are some of the best! Also, you want to make sure you’re not leaving them off at the curb. 

Hey [Name],

It’s been a few weeks! How are you and the family enjoying that big back yard?

Wanted to check in and make sure you were able to get in touch with the landscapers I recommended? Still thrilled we were able to find your dream home so quickly.  

I wanted to let you know that I recently listed a new property and wanted to see if you have friends who are also in the market looking for a real estate agent? 

Loved working with you all. Please feel free to give my info to anyone you know that I could help as well! 

Hope you’re enjoying your new home!  


Ps. Did you see there’s a block party coming up in your neighborhood next week? Check it out here.


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Chris Heller brings 27 years of experience in real estate. Chris serves on the AgentAdvice Editorial Board and is the Chief Real Estate Officer at OJO Labs. Chris brings deep expertise having held influential industry positions including CEO of mellohome and former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International.

Last Updated: 12/21/2023