7 Ideas for Email Marketing Content

Email,Marketing,Concept,,Person,Reading,E-mail,On,Smartphone,,Receive,NewOkay agents, let’s break down the business to brass tacks today. Having a successful career in real estate relies on 2 key factors:

  • Building Relationships
  • Marketing

It’s really that simple. The how can be the tricky part, but there is a tool you have in your back pocket to keep it simple – email. So simple, right?

Email marketing done right can help you build your client relationships, earn your referrals, and grow your business exponentially. It’s one thing to write an email and start a conversation, it’s an entirely different thing to keep the conversation going. 

So, today we’re going to talk about content that will keep your audience opening your emails and staying engaged. 

The most important factor in your content is keeping your emails personal. You are selling homes, keep in mind, this is a very personal business. 

Your emails should always feel like you are speaking with genuine care to help someone find their next home, and feel more comfortable with their decision making. This often starts with the email subject line in the first introduction email.

You can get as creative as you would like, but if you don’t know where to start I’ve got 10 ideas to help point you in the right direction. 

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

1. Educate Your Clients on the Market

Mail,Communication,Connection,Message,To,Mailing,Contacts,Phone,Global,LettersThis is such a great way to keep interest. I don’t know anyone who isn’t curious about the fluctuations in market trends, but I know plenty of people who can’t keep up with the changes. 

The best way, I have found, to keep these types of emails organic in tone and a natural reason to reach out to your clients is to give them the research! Engage them with something like:

Hey Bob, 

Hope you’re doing well! I just read a great article about 2024 market predictions and thought you’d find it promising

In fact, as I was writing this article for you I pulled up a great Forbes article, which you can read here, and there are so many ways to engage your clients from it. 

You can go to your list of first-time buyers (if you have one, and you should if you don’t), and quote directly from the article to give some positive reinforcement and some stats about mortgage rates. 

However, 2024 may be a better year to purchase a home—at least for some. While home prices will likely remain elevated—and even increase in some markets—industry experts expect prices in certain areas of the country to soften.”

Always be honest and factual. This is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in real estate, establish trust, and build a relationship with your clients so you know you’re always keeping them in mind. 

Something like this is a good way to reach out at least quarterly, but by all means as you are staying up to date any time you find an interesting article… share it. Engage.

2. Interest Rate Changes

Business,Person,Reading,Emails,On,Smartphone,And,Laptop,Computer,ScreenThis is a game changer (and I often send them as a glorified follow up email if I’m in a pinch). In the same vein, reaching out when you notice interest rates are changing drastically or even minimally establishes that you are on the lookout for your clients. 

You can alert them to the right times to refinance. Refer them to people you trust. Give them the inside scoop on how they can be saving money. 

Here we go, just found another article letting us know that mortgage rates are dropping… check it out here at CBS news

Now your clients may come across this themselves, but can you imagine how good they would feel if this info came from you? They will know without a shadow of a doubt that you are working to get them the best deals even after they’ve closed. 

You’ll probably get some great referrals if you establish this kind of relationship with your clients.

3. Neighborhood Community Events

These are some of my favorite ways to engage my clients. Yes, inevitably you will get referrals from being involved in your community. It’s a natural progression, the more you know your neighborhood and the people there… the more you become the “go-to” agent in your area. 

So, when the summer “Strawberry Festival” is coming up, or there’s a new restaurant opening it’s the perfect time to send out an email to your clients.  Let them know you’ll be there, and hope to see them.

Especially if you have clients moving from out of town, this is the perfect way to help them get acclimated to their potential new community and know that they already have a guide to help them get adjusted.   

4. Landscaping ideas for the season

This may sound bogus, BUT it’s not. Landscape increases perceived property value.


See? So, if you have a list of clients who you think would be selling soon it’s worth sending out an email to them with some ideas for landscaping that you’re noticing is really appealing to buyers right now. 

Ideally this will result in a better understanding if your clients are close to selling, and if this is something they’re interested in. 

Mainly, like I mentioned before, you’re keeping the conversation going and letting your clients know that you’re keeping them in mind.

5. Hot new properties

man checking email on phoneThis one is kind of a no brainer. If you have a hot new property you need and want as many people as possible to know about it. It can be tricky though. Definitely want to make sure that you’re alerting the right lists. 

Perhaps you just helped some clients find their dream home, you don’t want to bring up any feelings of fomo or regret. But if you think the timing is right I would absolutely reach out with an engaging email to:

  1. Make sure they are feeling settled in the perfect home for them, and 
  2. Make a direct ask for referrals.

That may seem gauche, but it’s all in the tone and genuine desire to help. I would engage someone like this:

Hi Marie, 

I hope you’re continuing to feel settled in your new home! It is definitely the perfect match for your needs. I’m thrilled we were able to get you your dream home. Please let me know how it’s going!

I also wanted to mention that I have a new house on the market that I haven’t told many people about yet, but it’s pretty stellar. Because I enjoyed working with you so much, I wanted to let you know about this house in case you knew of anyone who is also looking. 

I’m always happy to help, please feel free to send anyone you know who may be interested my way.

Hope you have a great day. 



And that’s all it takes folks.

6. Anniversaries

Absolutely congratulate your clients once they hit the one year mark of living in the new home you helped them find. Find out how it’s going. Make sure they know you haven’t just left them off at the curb. 

Buying a home can be very stressful! The 1 year mark is the perfect time to reach out, check in, see how they made it through the seasons, etc. 

Again, another way to continue the conversation. You’ll get repeat clients and referrals if you continue to build the relationship. Also, it’s just a nice thing to do. 

7. Holidays & New Year

Successful,Entrepreneur,Checking,E-mail,On,Laptop,Computer,,Sitting,In,CoffeeNothing wrong with a quick Season’s Greetings to your clients! Pretty self explanatory, we all get cards for the holidays and you can keep these short, sweet, and simple. 

A quick Happy New Year email is just another way to send well wishes and stay relevant with your clients. OR, you can format these to be more like an end of year wrap up.  

In these instances, I might make this one of the only times that I do a blast to my whole list. A big thank you to my clients and keeping them up to date by announcing all our collective wins this year.

You do want people to know that you are successful and grateful to be their agent. Success means that you are good at what you do, and that people can trust you will be the person to help them get the best deal for their new home. 

You can announce how many homes you were able to list that year with the price points, how many homes you closed, some of your biggest wins for clients, etc. 

Also, get personal… let them know you just got a new dog and he’s grateful to have them as clients too. Whatever you do, just keep it real. 

This does, however, bring up another quick bit of advice… 

In Summary

Before I wrap up fully, I do want to make sure you don’t start spamming people. Nobody likes that. This is especially tricky if you start sending out mass emails. Be sure to read up on how to use email blasts effectively before hitting the send button. 

Set up a schedule that works for your client lists and adjust as you go. It doesn’t have to get complicated, or overly time consuming.

But, be aware that if you are emailing groups quarterly, and for holidays, and for landscaping, and for community events… too much is always just, too much.  

Pick the times and topics that align with you, your business, your brand, and your voice. Your clients will appreciate you thinking of them and that goes a long way in this business. 


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About the Author

Chris Heller brings 27 years of experience in real estate. Chris serves on the AgentAdvice Editorial Board and is the Chief Real Estate Officer at OJO Labs. Chris brings deep expertise having held influential industry positions including CEO of mellohome and former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International.

Last Updated: 12/21/2023