The Do’s and Don’ts of Real Estate Business Cards

Never underestimate the value of a good business card. Even if you work at a digital brokerage, having great business cards handy will only help to solidify your personal brand.

Feeling lost? Don’t worry, we’ve got a bunch of strategies proven to work in this list of our 21 favorite real estate business cards and eight mistakes to avoid when designing your own cards.

Let’s start with what not to do before you start sketching.

Mistakes to Avoid: 8 Real Estate Business Card Fails

1. Using real estate stock pictures on your card

stock image

First of all, it’s just unnecessary to have a generic stock photo of a house on your business card. You likely handed me your card in a meeting, or at an open house – so I already know you’re a real estate agent anyway. It also takes away from your professionalism if it’s an over-used photo everyone has seen before.

Trust us, you are much better off spending more time on your layout and messaging. Ditch the full color, cheesy stock photo and go for something that’s punchy and easy to read.


2. Too much photoshop

photoshop business cards

You want your business cards done right, so don’t try to save a couple bucks by having a family friend photoshop something together. Make sure a professional is doing your cards. Cut out headshots or weird text effects are super outdated. They scream 1995 and have no place on your cards if you’re a serious real estate agent. Yes, these get old-school business cards get handed around a lot. Don’t be one of the rookie’s who makes this mistake.


3. Listing hobbies on your cards


This is your chance to make an impression, don’t waste that opportunity by listing hobbies or niche preferences on your business card.

We get it – your hobbies can lead to engaging conversations. However, if I’m looking to hire a professional, I want to see what services they can provide – not what comic books they are into.

Personally, I’m a big Harry Potter fan. I could go on and on for hours talking about which house I’d be put in (most likely Hufflepuff!), but my card isn’t the time or place to bring that up.


4. Too much clutter

clutter card

Too many agents try to jam everything onto one side of a business card. They don’t want to risk the chance of someone not turning it over and missing something. That being said, too much clutter just makes your info harder to read. Use the front and back side of the business card accordingly. Don’t worry about getting every picture, logo, and number on there. You don’t need your office fax number on your business card, you also don’t need too much info on your brokerage. Focus on what matters: You!


5. Odd shapes and sizes


A lot of agents want to stand out, so they try to think outside the box when it comes to their business card. That’s fine, but stick to the general shape and size. The long, skinny cards were a fad for about 5 minutes, but then quickly became annoying because they get stuck in your wallet card pocket. Whatever you do, don’t go too big on size. If it doesn’t fit in a general wallet or pocket, it’s likely going to end up in the trash. Just think about how annoying it is to try and keep up with your awkwardly sized vaccine card.


6. Not following business card etiquette


There aren’t a ton of rules that apply here, but there is something you should note if you work in a diverse community with several cultures. Chinese business culture is very strict when it comes to business cards. You should never hand anyone a wrinkled or creased business card as it looks unprofessional, but this is actually considered an insult in Chinese business culture. It is also recommended that you stand up when handing someone a business card (never sitting down), and hand it over using BOTH hands. It is likely that your potential clients have adapted to the US standard practices, but remembering these key distinctions will help you stand out.


7. Typos

typo business card

Always double-check that there are no misspellings or errors on your business cards. Leads and potential clients will see you as unprofessional if something is wrong or stands out. Attention to detail is very important here. It’s also best to reprint your cards if any information changes. If you change brokerages, or get a new number make sure your business card reflect that. You want to have the most up to date card possible to close more deals.


8. Including only 1 contact method

business card

The contact information is the most important thing on your card. This is what counts, so make sure you have as many contact methods as possible (without getting too cluttered). Include your email address, cell phone number, office number, and social media channels too. Many people make the mistake of only putting their office number on a business card. The problem is that can cause you to lose leads if potential clients are texting a number that doesn’t receive texts.

Now that we’ve gotten through the worst business card mistakes, let’s take a look at some of our favorite real estate business cards.

21 Real Estate Business Cards That Turn Leads Into Clients

1. Klemich Real Estate

klemich business card

These business cards add a nice pop of color which is great if everyone else is handing out black and white cards. But what really makes these cards interesting is that the logo is cut out to create texture and dimension. They could easily could have just printed the logo directly onto the card, but the cutout will make potential clients remember this card the next time they have a real estate need.


2. A unique texture


This business card also found a way to introduce texture. Instead of the traditional hard stock, they used black suede to make it super thick. The mix of gold and silver foil also plays together very nicely. It’s simple enough to not be overly flashy, and we love the specific callout on the bottom of the back of the card. If leads are looking for a real estate professional, why wouldn’t they go with the “No 1 Realtor”?


3. Quality cards

metal card

This top agent metal design from RockDesign feels so legit. There’s no way this one ends up in the trash. It has a little bit of weight to it, and shows that you’re not cheap. If you want to pull out all of the stops, this is a great card to invest in. The silver detailing feels really upscale, and catches the light in a beautiful way.


4. Colorful headshot with logo


If you have a great headshot that you’re proud of, this is definitely a good way to go. The card pictured has a clean finish that is certain to complement your branding. It’s eye catching, super thick and sturdy, and really makes the agent’s name pop. You can also sneak in both your personal branding, as well as your brokerage’s logo without making it seem too crowded.


5. Soft to the touch


These luxury business cards are printed on uncoated cardstock. They are smooth, while also being perfectly sturdy. If you go with a dark color, they won’t get dirty or smudged and can be used for years. This look is timeless, a classic yet edgy look. This texture is also unique, so it will make potential clients look at your card the minute you hand it to them.


6. AussieLA Real Estate

aussieLA business card

This gold foil logo really pops against the black card. This just screams luxury. They also managed to put the logo on the back of the card, yet it still doesn’t seem like overkill because it’s so classy. The other thing we love about this business card is the QR scanning code on the back. That will bring people directly to your website without them having to search the card for your website or contact info. This will definitely help draw in more leads, and help you close more deals.


7. Vertical headshot

vertical headshot

This design is clean and simple. It lets your qualifications speak for themselves. Placing a headshot on the front with your name and the words “realtor” or “real estate agent” leaves little to the imagination, which makes it memorable. This design also leaves you plenty of room on the back to space out your contact information so that it doesn’t get muddled.


8. Real Broker, LLC

real broker business cards

The newest up and coming digital brokerage kept it simple. New York City based Real Broker, LLC stuck with slick and modern looking vertical cards that show off their logo and not much else. It’s a great way to create branding, and definitely doesn’t look cluttered. The vertical cards stand out, but still stick to the traditional dimensions. The virtual brokerage’s business cards are proving to work, as they’ve grown significantly and have expanded into 41 states.


9. Brown Harris Stevens Select

select business cards

Brown Harris Stevens has been a trusted leader in the real estate industry since 1873, so it’s no surprise that they’ve picked up a few branding tricks along the way. Their newly designed business cards for its ultra-exclusive Select New Development Marketing division are simply unmatched.

They make a statement that they’re staying on the cutting edge of property marketing, but are also subtle enough not to make waves at a Hampton mixer. These cards tiptoe on the line, which makes them huge conversation starters. Pretty slick, don’t you think?

10. New Century 21 Business Cards

century 21 business cards

The most recent Century 21 rebrand was overall very successful in helping agents appeal to a higher end clientele. The color theme, new logo, and new brand mark look especially great on their new business cards. They struck the right combo between subtle and elegant without being pretentious.

They look expensive, but not flashy which is exactly what the new brand was hoping to accomplish.

11. One Eleven Murray Street

11 murray street

They used a very thick, hardy time of cardstock that is sure to stand out. These business cards are also super sleek with the watermark and subtle detailing.

These business cards were designed for a specific high-end property in Tribeca. The vertical layout is ideal for the super tall skyscraper coming in at 64 floors, and the marble and embossed logo on the front gives a subtle nod to that. This card is the epitome of Tribeca luxury, and you get that sense as soon as you look at the business card. Ideal.


12. The W Collection from Windermere

w collection

These business cards really stand out. They were designed for the ultra-exclusive waterfront mansions and estates in Washington state. They are too flashy for every day Windermere agents, but sometimes you need to pull out all of the stops to get the attention of some of Washington’s most elite buyers and sellers.

The black and gold color scheme was an obvious choice, but the debossing and foil stamp helps to bring this card to the next level.


13. Kelly Group Real Estate

kelly group business cards

These are very minimalistic business cards, but they work. The logo catches your eye and works in black and white, or color. The mountain in the logo also gives you a nod to where they are located, and what they specialize in. It’s always good to have a logo that looks great when it’s blown up, or on a tiny business card. You want it to be readable, all while standing out.

This is a business card that will definitely have the phones ringing after an open house.


14. Compass

compass card

These business cards are also super simple. They are black and white, but really show off the logo on the front. Compass is all about brand awareness, so these cards speak to their desired high-end clientele. These are great because it lets the agent’s contact information remain the focal point of the card. It’s also just subtle enough to not be over the top.


15. Fox Real Estate


These business cards certainly set Fox Real Estate agent’s apart from the competition. The bright colors make the card really memorable, and the gold foil also adds a bit of elegance to freshen things up. They also added the catchy tagline “The hunt is over” to give leads a sense of what the agent’s do. When you flip the card over, you find the logo in the bottom right with all of the contact information listed neatly. This is a great business card design! Creative and unique.


16. Contact icons

EXP icons

What we love about this simple design is the contact icons that are on the back. You see the phone, email, and map icons that are clearly marked next to the updated information. This means leads don’t have to waste time looking for a way to get in touch with you. It’s clearly labeled, and saves everyone time.


17. Pop of color

colorful business card

If you want a business card with a wow factor, consider these ones. The colorful edge makes these cards fun, without clouding up the important details and contact information. This design also allows you to focus on your logo and headshot, which are also eye catching. It’s a unique card that not everyone will have.


18. Adding a quote


This design is cool and bold. It grabs your attention immediately. The large, block typography is interesting and isn’t seen every business card. We also love the use of a quote or tagline. This particular one says “Onward, Upward, & Homeward.” The two color tones in the contact information is also unique. If you notice there’s he’s also included the words “direct/text” next to his phone number, which many leads will definitely take advantage of.


19. Raised logo

patrick business card

Tis raised logo isn’t flashy or loud, but it is something your hands and (hopefully) a lead’s mind will linger over. We love this bold and minimized color approach as well. It doesn’t go over the top, and it’s just clean enough for your eyes to go straight to his name on the back.


20. A bold edge

barrow business card

This card features elegant and timeless typography, showcasing a grounding charcoal background with a subtle cube design, and a bright orange edge to add some drama. This is a card buyers keep around years after closing because i’s just too pretty to throw away.


21. NextHome


NextHome’s cards are one of the few we have on our list that manage to work in headshots without looking tacky. This is no small feat! The logo on the front with the pops of orange also just brighten it up.

The rounded edges also help to soften the feel and make it more approachable and friendly, which is perfect for real estate.


Want to design your own business cards?

If you know your way around InDesign, you can create your own business cards. Once you have a design in mind, you can upload it and pick your finishes for less than $30. Some of our favorite cards from this list come from 99designs and RockDesign. If you don’t have an eye for design, you can buy already designed cards with your real estate brokerage’s logo on Realty Cards.

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