15 Unforgettable Real Estate Videos to Boost Your Business (2024 Updated!)

sam-mcghee-4siwRamtFAk-unsplashWhen it comes to making the right first impression on your clients, you’ll want to stand out. Videos are the perfect way to get more eyes on you, generating higher conversions and allowing you to promote your brand. Videos are also a great opportunity to build trust with prospects by providing client testimonials. 

Looking to expand your online presence? Here are some ideas for video content you can use to get started.

Expand your online presence with real estate marketing videos  

Agent introduction 

First on our list is the quintessential agent introduction. This is the video you share on your website and pin to your social media profile to show customers who you are. You’ve likely seen a few of your colleagues’ and maybe even thought of making your own.

Now, this is no place for you to skimp out on creativity and effort, even if it seems like a video everyone has. This very well could be someone’s first impression of you! 

Do not just read off your agent bio! If someone was going to read it, they would have just gone there instead of watching your intro. Use this as a place to expand and add color to your online personality. Your agent introduction video may cover some similar main points, but you have the opportunity to offer more personal details that may not have otherwise been included.

It’s the perfect chance to sell yourself to a client. With that being said, your introduction video should capture your personality and all of the things that make you unique in a market full of agents. Real estate is a personal business, and this is the perfect time for you to showcase qualities that make you trustworthy and credible. Plus, your unique touch sets you apart from other agents.

While we love a good documentary, this is definitely not the time for austerity. Add a little flair with music and location shots! Any way you can engage and influence viewers through the visual medium is a chance you should take.

Here are five stand-out agent introductions you can emulate as you create your own. 

1. Stephanie McCarthy

YouTube video

What this does well: This video captures the right mix between its realty focus and personal values that drive the agent. She presents finding a home with her as a personal experience and demonstrates a commitment to success. She also reflects her expertise in different facets of real estate, including her marketing background.

2. Jennifer Skoff

YouTube video

What this does well: This video demonstrates a commitment to a wide range of buyers and sellers from the onset. She establishes herself as a community member in northwest Arkansas, the perfect way to come across as a credible community member. She also showcases her accomplishments and expertise throughout. 

3. Nadia Kasyouhannon

YouTube video

What this does well: From the start, she establishes herself as a long-time resident of San Diego and goes on to explain how she stands out from the competition. Her skyline shots make the area seem exciting, the perfect way to add some pizzazz to an intro video and make your market look exciting. It’s a short video that gets right to the point without being dull. 

4. Jillian Allen

YouTube video

What this does well: Jillian appears comfortable and candid throughout the video. She captures her network, building her credibility by surrounding herself with experts. She also demonstrates an understanding and love for Venice, California emphasizing its potential for buyers and sellers and tying herself to the community. 

5. Kate Terrigno at Corcoran HM Properties 

YouTube video

What this does well: Kate shows a commitment to success and demonstrates strong interpersonal skills, which are further highlighted by the client testimonials she interspersed through the video. She shows her process from start to finish without making the video feel too laborious. 

Client testimonials 

Social proof makes businesses more trustworthy by their very nature. They’re the perfect way to beef up traditional marketing efforts with the best resources you have: past clients.  It’s one thing to tell your clients that you have their back; client testimonials show that you do. 

While some agents choose to include testimonials in their introduction videos, a separate space for sharing your clients’ insight gives them room to go in-depth about the services they’ve received.  Client testimonials allow you to tell a success story, painting a picture of what you can do for prospective clients. It’s more than just bragging—though you deserve to brag a little.

This is the time to pick and choose which stories present your different value props. For example, if you want to showcase your commitment to transparency, you can find a client willing to speak of a time when you were open and available throughout their home-selling process. 

You can also capture your ability to work with a range of buyers and sellers, including those going through the process for the first time, those with special projects, or those who faced and overcame challenges while working with you. 

Here are five great examples of client testimonials:

6. Chris Heller

YouTube video

What this does well: Chris’ client tells a story that captures Chris’s willingness to work with them through a complicated listing process. The client Chris selected was a repeat client, which is an especially strong way to establish trustworthiness and the quality of service you have to offer. If you have longtime clients, they should definitely be featured. 

7. Post & Company

YouTube video

What this does well: This video presents various clients with their own stories, but there’s a common theme throughout each of them: honesty, respect, and knowledge. Each testimonial appears familiar and comfortable. It’s also clear that Post & Co has established themselves deeply in the Nashville community. 

8. Zach McDonald

YouTube video

What this does well: This video presents a client story that many viewers will be able to relate to when facing mixed messages about the real estate market. It demonstrates the agent’s commitment to the process and step-by-step support. Plus, it helps that the couple is very genuine and casual—it doesn’t seem forced. 

9. Greg Guinto

YouTube video

What this does well: This video captures Greg’s expertise and network of support. He’s portrayed as being invested in a process-oriented approach and his surrounding community. What especially stands out is the video’s ability to show the value of having an agent by your side when you’re buying a home for the first time. It also demonstrates how he goes above and beyond expectations when working with clients.

10. Christine Mason

YouTube video

What this does well: This video demonstrates the agent’s detail-oriented approach to a larger process to which Christine adds structure. It also shows her commitment to clients long after closing, like picking paint and furniture for the home. Not only that, but check out those killer shots of the Bay Area!


Walkthrough videos are meant to showcase your listings, providing an opportunity for homebuyers or renters to see the property themselves without being in the room next to you.

As you may imagine, these virtual tours were especially important during the pandemic when many bought or rented without physical showings. These videos, however, existed long before the pandemic and are sticking around long after, too.

A walkthrough gives viewers an overview of the home that’s being listed with the added benefit of lending agents an opportunity to show off hidden or unique features. It’s the perfect time to highlight moldings, hidden storage, or vintage built-ins that may be skimmed over at first glance. 

While you should certainly show these videos off on your MLS and website, you should also seize the opportunity to circulate them across social media. We’ve seen them pop up on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok! 

Your walk-throughs are the perfect opportunity to capture your personality. You should be casual and genuine, eliminating awkward silences with helpful details and relevant information about the house. 

Here are five great examples of walkthroughs:

11. Robbie Breaux

YouTube video

What this does well: The video starts with some great external shots of the entire property with a drone camera. The house has minimal furniture, which showcases its space and potential. Plus, the music adds to the elegance of the interior. 

12. Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International

YouTube video

What this does well: The first shots of the video highlight the size of the acreage and surrounding area, making the property feel massive. The interior style is showcased, capturing the personality of the space. The video is feature-focused, highlighting details like appliances and fixtures. 

13. Ryan Serhant

YouTube video

What this does well: This video is longer than normal, but it has a ton of nice touches. From the start, the property emphasizes the location and makes it exciting. It includes a feature from the developer, too, who goes through every detail of the development so far and provides more unique features to be added in upcoming development. Plus, it has real people walking through rather than a POV camera, which is a nice personal touch.

14. Glennda Baker & Associates

What this does well: This is our example from Instagram, which is a really great way for agents to reach their clients on social media in a cost-effective way. The walkthrough captures the unique features of the home, and it’s short and sweet so viewers don’t get bored—really important for this medium. 

15. Christine Mason

YouTube video

What this does well: This video starts by showing off the neighborhood before Christine introduces herself. It highlights the home’s unique features, styled for a homey feel with soft lighting. It’s simple and unassuming, which is what many viewers are expecting from a walkthrough. 

What do I need to make my own marketing videos? 

Making your own marketing videos gives you control over how your brand is presented and allows you to add a personal touch to each video. Whether you’re creating your agent introduction, showcasing a client testimonial, or filming a walkthrough, the ones that shine most are the genuine ones. 

So, what do you need to start creating your own marketing videos?

Platforms to share your videos on 

If you haven’t already, start to create dedicated accounts on different platforms to share your real estate content on. Just make sure that you’re creating accounts on platforms you’ll actually use—you don’t want leads lured to a dead account!

When it comes to the platform you share your videos on, it’s good to use a mix for the best results. There’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, your website, etc. All of these platforms help you connect with different groups of people; for example, you may find more generation X folks on Facebook, while millennials make the switch to Instagram or TikTok. Location tagging from these platforms makes it easy to circulate the video with users in the area, whether they follow you or not. 

You can bolster these efforts with social media marketing tools like Ylopo or Tailwind, too.

Recording tools 

For large teams or established agents, high-quality productions and editing teams may be in the budget. If that’s you, great! Production quality does a lot to reduce friction and increase credibility. 

If anything, you should devote more resources toward at least your agent introduction and a few testimonials.

If you’re an agent starting out, you can make the best of what your smartphone is capable of. Buy a standing tripod for $30 so your videos are steady as you walk through homes, conduct Q&A sessions, or create other videos. You should also consider getting a discreet microphone to be hidden in a lapel or sweater, especially if you’re recording on your phone for high-quality audio.

Tools you might consider investing in could include:

  • Drone camera: You can get clean aerial shots that capture the full exterior of your homes or large acreages. It’s a pricey investment that requires some getting used to but can be worthwhile if you sell homes on large properties.
    • DJI Mini 2: A smaller drone that’s easy for beginners.
    • Flightelf: More advanced drone for better quality shots
  • Cameras: Looking for a standard camera instead? A camera is worth it if you know you’ll be filming on your own and have the time to learn to use a professional camera, though most are fairly intuitive.
  • Microphones: If you plan on recording testimonials, your phone microphone isn’t going to cut it. You’ll want a designated microphone to capture clean audio.
  • Editing software: Once the video is filmed, you’ll need to edit out any mistakes or highlight the best shots. Most editing software has tutorials, but you’ll still want an intuitive one.
    • iMovie: Intuitive tool for beginners, only available on Mac
    • Movavi: Highly recommended with advanced features and can be used on any computer
  • Extras: Added to everything else, you’ll probably want external storage because video files take up a lot of storage. You’ll also want a tripod if you’re filming with your phone. 

Somewhere to record

Once you have what you need to record the video, you’ll need a location to film it. Be mindful of the background and lighting wherever you film. If you’re shooting client testimonials, somewhere familiar and homey is best. Whenever possible, shoot on location. 

Make the most of your new marketing efforts

Put together by agents for agents, AgentAdvice has all of the resources you need to create a marketing strategy that gets your foot in the door and clients in their new homes. Whether you’re elevating existing strategies or looking to get started, you can trust that our team of agents has done the leg work when it comes to research so you don’t have to. 

Looking for other ways to revamp your marketing strategy? Check out some of our recommended real estate marketing companies!! 

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