Finding Buyers in Real Estate 101 (Tips and Tricks that Will Save You Time & Money)

Couple,With,Real-estate,Agent,Visiting,House,For,SaleMost agents prefer to work with sellers. They are less time-consuming clients. They will help you turn profits in a shorter amount of time. 

But you will only profit off your seller relationships if you can find a buyer. Most real estate contracts are 60 days. This means you; the agent, has less than two months to find a buyer and sell the home. That’s not a lot of time. 

This article will tell you how to find buyers in real estate to ensure you profit from your deal. 

Create Social Media Campaigns

Social media is an effective selling tool. Agents have several social media strategies to choose from. They can post listings on various platforms. They can use numerous tools on those platforms such as groups, posts, paid ads, and more. 

Once you take on a new client, you should create a listing ad that includes pictures, a brief description, a short video tour of the home, and a link to the website listing. Share it on your social media business pages. 

You may also create a paid ad. Most social media platforms allow you to create ads that target your demographic for an affordable price. This is an effective conversion strategy. 

Some social media platforms also allow you to join groups. Find groups that are relevant to the industry and your community. You may not want to target them with a hard sale, but you can monitor comments to determine if any members seem like promising buyers. If they do, you can contact them privately to discuss listings. 

YouTube- is it a social media site or not? Let’s just lump it in here as an effective marketing tool. You can use it to post a video walkthrough of the home that can be shared on other social media channels. 

Promote it On the Web

Paid advertising is not exclusive to social media. You can pay a fee to have your ad displayed all over the web with Google ads. 

Google ads allow advertisers to bid to have their ads displayed on search pages, non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos. The services are offered on a pay-per-click pricing model. They use cookies and keywords to determine who to target. 

Send Out Emails

Estate,Agent,Using,Laptop,At,Desk,Shot,In,StudioMost agents develop contact lists and send out emails and newsletters regularly. Send out an email to let your contacts know about your new listing. 

You may have buyer and seller contacts, but don’t be too particular. You never know when one of your contacts will have a friend in the market for a home.

Make your email as detailed as possible. Include pictures and video of the home and a link to get in touch. Create an attention-getting subject to increase open rates. 

Place Listings on Your IDX Lead-Generating Website

All agents should include their listings on their website. But they will have even more luck attracting buyers if they have an IDX lead-generating website. 

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange. The system allows agents to show MLS listings on their websites. Clients can use the website as an MLS search engine. 

This feature attracts more traffic to your website. It also increases the chances that clients will contact you directly if they find a listing they like. 

Talk to Other Real Estate Agents

Networking with other realtors can be your most powerful tool in attracting buyers. When you get a new listing, alert agents in your network. They may have a buyer looking for a home that matches your listing specifications. 

For best results, create a virtual network of realtors. You can connect with them through social media groups, emails, and other digital communications. Let them know about your new listings to see if anyone bites. 

Send Out Mailers

Real,Estate,Agent,With,Couple,Closing,A,Deal,And,SigningMailers are an effective way to let people know about the listings you have on the market. 

Create a mailer with pictures and basic information about the property, such as price and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Send it out to people in the area. 

You may even be able to fit all the information on a postcard. This is an effective strategy as postcards are cheaper to mail than letters. They also reduce the risk that people will decide your letter is junk and throw it out before they open it.

You may be able to determine which areas to send mailings to based on local demographics, but neighborhoods that are high in renters are good targets. Renters are often in the market to buy a home. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a less direct method of attracting buyers. it involves writing blogs, creating podcasts, publishing white papers, and so on. 

It won’t be easy to mention your listings in some of these mediums. For example, you can’t write a blog that is only about your listing. But you can write an informative blog with a CTA that directs people to your listings increasing the chance of a conversion. 

Certain types of content allow you to plug your listing more organically. For example, you can casually mention a listing in a podcast, or post a video tour of the home on YouTube. 

Determine the topics people are most interested in to attract traffic. 

Use a Lead Generating Platform

Happy,African,American,Real,Estate,Agent,Working,On,Paperwork,WhileThere are several lead-generating platforms available that are designed to help you find buyers and sellers. Most agents think of these platforms as tools to find buyer clients, but there is no reason why you can’t direct them to your listings. You may even be able to work both sides of the field as the listing and buyer agent to increase your commission. 

There are several lead-generating platforms available, and they are not all created equal. Some will charge you a flat fee for a certain number of leads weekly or monthly. Others will charge you a commission after you make a sale. However, this service is typically only available for agents with proven track records. 

Redfin and Zillow are two lead generation platforms to investigate. Their leads are not always high quality, but they are frequently used by buyers. Agents should use them as well. 

Look for lead generation platforms that charge reasonable prices and offer exclusive leads. You can feel confident that these services won’t offer leads that were previously contacted by other agents. 

Create Geo-Targeted Landing Pages

Landing pages are web pages that come up when a person types a specific keyword. They are standalone pages that allow you to update your online presence without updating your website. They are ideal tools for alerting buyers about current listings that will eventually go off the market. 

A geo-targeted landing page will target your state, city, or neighborhood rather than the entire country. It will help you attract interest from relevant buyers. It increases the chances that someone will find you at some point in the home-buying process. 

The more tailored your landing page is, the more leads you will attract. 

Host Parties and Community Events

Agent,And,Customer,Meeting,And,Handshaking,After,Good,Deal,ForParties and community events are great for agent networking. They will establish you as an expert in your industry. They will connect you to agents, buyers, and sellers. 

Don’t drive a hard sell for your listing at your networking event. Work it into the conversation organically instead. You can also collect business cards, contact details, and email connections during the event. Contact people after it is over. 

Find Unofficial Listing Services

Most realtors will publish their listings on the MLS. But several other platforms will accept listings such as CraigsList, Facebook Marketplace, and Next Door. Branching out on these platforms will help you reach more viewers. It will also reduce the competition as not as many realtors will think of listing on these unconventional sites. 

Create Attractive Signage

The most old-fashioned way to attract buyers is to create attractive signage at the home to let people know it’s for sale. There are several things to keep in mind when choosing your signage, such as: 

  • The Style of Your Sign: There are various real estate sign designs available including colonial post, H-Frame stake, frame, A-frame, vinyl window cling, and more. Choose the one you think best fits your brand image and the style of the home. 
  • Branding: Your sign will not only raise awareness about your listing, but it will also increase brand awareness. Include your logo and brand colors on your signage to make yourself instantly recognizable. Doing so will help you build a customer base over time. 
  • Readability: You may want to choose the most attractive font available, but readability is a more important consideration. Choose a font that’s easy to read. Minimize clutter to get your point across clearly. 

In addition to your signage, you may also include a compartment that holds fliers with pictures, a brief description of the home, your contact information, and your open house schedule. Passers-by can take the flier home to learn more about the property and decide if they are interested. They can call you with any questions they have. 

Advertise Your Open Houses

Mid,Adult,Real,Estate,Agent,Showing,To,His,Clients,WhereYour marketing strategies may raise awareness of your listing, but they won’t do much if people don’t know when they can come by and visit the home. Include your open house schedule on all your marketing materials. 

Most realtors will choose a time and day of the week and continue hosting open houses on that schedule until the home is sold. The regularity lets visitors know when they can come by and view the home. If they can’t make it one week, maybe they can come by the next. 

Find a time that’s convenient for most people to attend. Sunday afternoons are a common time for open houses. If people contact you wanting to see the home outside of your open house scheduling, be accommodating. 

Use Your Open Houses to Advertise Your Other Listings

Your open houses can help you attract buyers. 

Create a sign-in sheet at your open houses. Have people include their phone numbers and email addresses. Take note of individuals that passed on the home and those that put in an offer that did not get accepted. 

You can contact those people after the showing to let them know about similar listings you have on the market. 

Create an Engaging Listing

A great listing will draw buyers in, so your home sells sooner. Here are some guidelines that will help you attract buyers. 

  • Mention the Home’s Best Features: Mention features that set your home apart. Examples include unique flooring, kitchen islands, outdoor spaces, and more. You should also discuss external features like walkability, good schools, and proximity to shops and restaurants. 
  • Reel Them In: You will attract buyers if you use an engaging subject heading on your listings. For example, you might write ‘Rare Opportunity: Affordably Priced Three Bedroom in Desirable Highland Neighborhood’. Maintain their interest with a highly descriptive opening paragraph. 
  • Use Quality Pictures: Pictures tell a thousand words. You will attract more buyers if you use attractive, professional-quality pictures in your listing. If you are unsure of your photography skills, hire a professional. It will be a worthwhile investment. 
  • Stage the Home: Staging involves arranging the furniture to make it look more inviting and attractive. This strategy will help you capture more attractive photos that promote buyer interest. 

Create a Single Property Website

A single property website is a type of landing page that showcases one property. You can add detailed information about the property and unlimited images. The page will also allow you to:

  • Capture buyer leads through contact forms
  • Share your listings through social media
  • Use Google Maps integration to help visitors determine where the property is located and schedule a viewing
  • Get your page to rank on Google listings

It can be challenging to find buyers interested in your listing. The right combination of digital and in-person marketing will increase interest ensuring you sell your property before your contract is up. What tactics do you integrate to get your listings off the market? 

Other resources: We have guides on the ins and outs of the topics you need to know to be a successful estate agent (like circle prospectingreal estate website buildersreal estate lead generation companies, or a well designed real estate CRM). If you’re looking for more advanced topics like real estate adsbuilding your own real estate lead generation website, which real estate marketing tools you’ll need,  how to build a successful social media strategy, or even just real estate marketing ideas in general, you can try looking for a real estate mentor that can help show you the way.

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