7 Real Estate Landing Pages That Convert Like Crazy

Digital,Generated,Devices,Over,A,Wooden,Table,With,Real,EstateWhen it comes to real estate digital marketing, your website isn’t enough. You need a strong landing page.

A landing page is a standalone page that people arrive at when they click on one of your ads. If you’ve heard of a “real estate lead generation website”, it’s essentially the same thing. It will also come up in search engines and may rank along with the website itself. It provides key information about your business so users can find out what you have to offer in a minimal amount of time.

Read on to find out seven landing pages ideas that are effective in yielding conversions.

Why Are Landing Pages Necessary?

You may be wondering, why are landing pages necessary? Isn’t my website enough?

Websites typically contain a few pages…sometimes more than a few! People don’t want to spend a lot of time exploring each page to find out what your company offers. A landing page gives them all the information in a nutshell so they can easily decide whether they would like to find out more about your products and services.

Landing Page Benefits

Businesswoman,Or,Real,Estate,Agent,Looking,Through,Online,Property,Portfolio,Landing pages provide the following benefits:

  • Brings in Targeted Traffic: You can create different landing pages for different search terms. So, if someone searches up, ‘Florida beach homes and lands on your website, they may not immediately find the content they are looking for and they may bounce. But if they come across a page specifically designed for people interested in Florida beach homes, they will see you as an expert in the field and they will be more likely to use your services.
  • Grows Your Email List: Many landing pages exchange information in return for an email address. Once you have a user’s email, you can stay in touch and send communication designed to move them down the funnel.
  • Builds Urgency: When it comes to real estate, you must act fast. If you design a landing page advertising the homes you are listing, it can make visitors want to jump on the deals. This will be even more effective if you use language like, ‘this deal won’t last for long’ or if you advertise properties that haven’t yet hit the market.
  • Measurable Results: With a general website, it’s difficult to determine which elements are attracting visitors. Landing pages let you know where your website is getting clicks from so you can determine what’s working and what’s not.


What are the Components of a Good Real Estate Landing Page?

Woman,Choosing,New,House,Online,Using,Laptop,Or,Real,EstateThere are six main components of a good real estate landing page. Here’s what you should be thinking about when you create one:

What You Have to Offer: Your landing page should not only explain what your company is about, it should let users know how you can add value to their lives. It should tell them why your business stands out and how it works to solve common problems.

Concise Information: Since people don’t have a lot of time to spend on your page, you need to provide information in as few words as possible. Generally, this should consist of a three-sentence statement that includes a sentence that introduces the product or service, a supporting sentence and a closing sentence that works as a CTA.

Good Images: The image you use should tell a story. It should show your product or service, but it should also make it relatable to the customer. So, if you can show the typical customer using or benefiting from your real estate services, that’s ideal. A good example may be a family enjoying their new home.

Your Social Proof: Social proof includes customer reviews and testimonies. They may be included further down on the landing page.

A CTA: We already discussed how the last sentence of your main business statement should work as a CTA. It should explain the action you want the customer to take. It can send a message like ‘Click on this link’, ‘Download this form’ and so on. It should have a button the user can click on, ideally in red.

Transparent Language: It’s essential to use clear concise language and stay away from real estate jargon. If you use overly complicated language, you will alienate visitors. Simple words will generate trust and loyalty and are especially important when you are talking about basics like cost, location, and square footage.


Best Real Estate Landing Pages on the Internet

Buy,House,In,Real,Estate,Agency,,Search,Property,Online,ByIt’s essential to create a landing page that draws viewers in. The content you use can vary depending on the overall purpose of the page. Here are a few examples that may inspire you.

1. Home Valuation Page

One of a real estate agent’s main goal is to get people to sell their homes. One way to entice them is to let them know how much their home is worth.

Redfin has a landing page that allows people to type in their addresses and get valuations instantly. It’s a great tool because… who doesn’t want to know how much their home is worth?

The curiosity factor is enough to draw most people in, and if they are pleasantly surprised by the results, they may just decide to sell. Once you get notified that someone has entered their information, you can draw up a customized comparative market analysis (CMA) just for them.

The only drawback is that these instant valuations aren’t always accurate. So, another option is to have them enter their information and send them their valuations at a later date. This allows you to review the information to ensure accuracy before sending it to them.

It detracts from the instant gratification aspect, but it ensures that you don’t end up hurting your reputation by giving out false information.


2. Property Search Landing PageReal,Estate,Website,In,A,Mobile,Phone,Screen.,Woman,Holding

A property search landing page takes you directly to a property search. Users will be even more enticed if you promise they will have access to exclusive listings that have yet to go on the market. You can also offer tools that allow them to customize their searches.

Of course, you’re not giving users access to your search pages for free. You can provide access in return for contact info. Once you have their contact info, you can use it to continue sending them emails and work them down the funnel.


3. Free Resources

On the buyer side, choosing a property isn’t easy. Buyers need to think about the property’s characteristics as well as financing, closing, inspections and more. They often need guidance to help them make smart decisions and better understand the sale process.

You can provide that guidance in the form of a whitepaper or downloadable guide available on your landing page. Users will be able to download the guide by entering their contact information. You can make several guides available at once or keep releasing them over time to ensure you address various pain points.


4. Community Guide

Modern,Wooden,Workspace,With,Real,Estate,Website,On,The,Computer.A community guide is another resource you can provide on your landing page. It should include various businesses in the area you serve such as restaurants, shops, mechanics, etc. It can also talk about the history of the community and current news as well as real estate trends.

Community guides are effective because they establish you as an expert in your field. They are especially beneficial if you are focusing on real estate farming which involves establishing yourself as a go-to agent in your community. They make you seem like a good resource for those who live there and those who want to live there so they work to attract buyers and sellers.

To really get your community guide landing pages working for you, you can market them through paid advertising and use them to show your expertise in listing appointments.


5. Exclusive Homeowner Content

Another idea is to offer content in return for contact information. There’s plenty of content on the internet that’s accessible for free so you will need to offer articles that have information that’s not so readily available. It helps to personalize the topic by making it exclusively about a certain area or a specific type of home.

For example, there are plenty of articles on the internet about selling a home, but you can make yours more intriguing with a title that target a specific area like, “What You Need to Do to Get Your Portland, OR Home Ready for Sale.” Follow up by including information about the area such as how the weather there can affect the sale, etc.

You can also make your content specific to a certain house type like, “Why Ranch Houses Make a Smart Purchase”. Include information on the home’s attributes, resell values, etc.


6. Video ContentHovering,Drone,Taking,Pictures,Of,Dutch,Town.,Aerial,View.

Video is taking over as one of the most engaging forms of digital marketing. People love it because it provides a mix of audio and video making it effective in telling a whole story.

There are many ways to get creative with the video on your landing pages. Possibly the best idea is to introduce yourself to the audience. This will help them put a face to the name and it will make you more personable and relatable.

You may also include some footage of clients singing your praises, but your main goal should be to keep the video short, two minutes at most.


7. Webinar Registrations

Webinars are a great way to connect with customers. You can use them to offer valuable advice on real estate whether it be navigating the market, the buying and selling process or interior design. They bring that personal element closer to home while giving people something for nothing inspiring a spirit of reciprocity.

You can use your landing page to get people to sign up for your webinars. In doing so, you are giving them a chance to learn how you can add value to their lives while capturing their contact information. It’s a clever tactic that can be effective in boosting conversions.

When it comes to real estate marketing, a landing page is such an important feature. The ideas in this article will help you design ones that speak to your target audience and truly convert. Which do you think is best suited to your needs?

If you don’t have a solid website of your own right now, consider checking out our guide on the best real estate website builders to get started.

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