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Written by: Jim Gray

Jim Gray has been a top producer, eXp sponsor, and real estate coach for more than two decades of experience in the industry.


Let’s talk about training! In a traditional brokerage, typically they have a training center where you would open up a paper calendar to try to find a class that worked for you. You would then have to hope that you were available at the time the class was offered. If you were free, then you’d get in your car to drive to the office to attend the class in person. 

That format is outdated! In a digital brokerage, there is no physical space to go to. The question becomes: How is the training delivered and how much training is there? How can you consume it?

I have discovered as a real estate agent, coach, and somebody who’s very experienced with the way brokers operate that a broker really should feel proud and excited of it’s training.

When you look at a training calendar, it really ought to tell you what this company actually thinks about training and what it really thinks about its agents. I would say reading it is how you can read the tea leaves of a brokerage or a broker. For example,  if a brokerage has no training calendar, that’s not bad or wrong by the way, but it tells you something about the brokerage, right? It just helps you make your decision.” – Jim Gray, top producer and industry influencer for more than two decades. 

At eXp, you can go to the Cloud, and it will take you right to the eXp calendar. The thing I want to explain to you, is that you can see just how robust the list of training sessions is. They offer training classes on anything from scripting, to how to sell a hundred properties a year using YouTube SkySlope. There are classes listed for basic training, attracting agents through your mission statement, goal setting for agents, farming on a budget, real estate fundamentals, advanced training real estate business planning, and so many others topics. There are dozens each and every day, so it’s easy to hop on and see what makes the most sense for you. 

Here is a list of events for just one morning:

list of calendar events for one day

You can go live into eXp World, which is a true digital environment that you go in as an avatar. Another really convenient thing is that many of these classes are recorded, so if you can’t make the actual live class, you can get the replay. If you miss the class and you don’t want to watch the replay, most of the classes are in a very regular rotation as well. So, it’s not like you’ll never get another chance to take it. If you miss it this week, it’s likely going to come back next week or the week after. You can read the description and details of the class to make sure it will include the same content you are interested in. 

Here’s a description of one of the classes:


Here’s something else that’s interesting to note about eXp, these are essentially national level training sessions. You will have access to dozens, even hundreds of these classes from all over the country, and you can rest assured that the person in the front of the room teaching the class is a nationally recognized content expert or someone from a leading group or sponsor at eXp. on that exact subject matter. What this really does is it gives the agent access to more training, gives them more ways to consume the training and the training level is top notch. If you are a new agent, this is kind of important.

Here’s an example of a class offered by an expert on how to go from agent to CEO in just 6 weeks: 

expert led training session


Mentor Program Explained

At eXp there is a mentor program, so you’ll be assigned a mentor. This is an expert real estate agent that lives and practices right in your geographic area. Their job is to hold your hand through your first three transactions. So they’re going to be doing things like allowing you to shadow them on appointments, helping you understand the contracts to use, showing you how to negotiate, how to understand your market, how to use your MLS, and they will give you a lot of one-on-one coaching.

real estate instructor teaching studentsThey’re that go-to person for you. That’s really going to help you get your real estate career kicked off just on the fundamentals. In addition to that, you’re going to gain access to the eXp Mentor University. This is really important, because this is a 10 track learning course that hits the fundamentals of how to be a real estate agent. It will cover things like how to work with buyers and sellers, how to use kvCORE. It also touches on how you use SkySlope, how to navigate eXp World, setting up a real estate business, how to run marketing campaigns and so on. So, the idea is if you’re a new agent, not only do you have your mentor assigned on day one, but your websites and your CRM are all active and you have access to the general training, which includes almost 80 hours every single week.

With a digital brokerage, if it’s designed right and well executed, it ought to furnish a lot of training. I would say generally, eXp does tick the box there. 


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