The 7 Best IDX WordPress Plug-ins for Realtors

The right IDX plug-ins can make your website stand out. And with technology growing every day, there certainly are a lot to choose from. But which of these will give your site the unique look and advanced features you require? We evaluated dozens of real estate IDX plug-ins before finding the best of the best. A solid WordPress plug-in can function as your company’s personal MLS solution, helping you pull in new real estate leads – plus a slew of data to make more informed business decisions.

Our top picks are based on features they offer, pricing, and reviews from real estate agents themselves. Here are the best real estate IDX plug-ins proven to help you grow your business.

The 7 Best IDX WordPress Plug-ins for Realtors

Best Overall: MLS Import

Starting at $42/month

MLS Import is the way to go if design is one of your biggest concerns. It has a clear, modern look that makes it stand out from other plug-ins.

It also has a map search that’s reminiscent of Zillow. However, users can not search a specific area on the map. It is also lacking in the widget department.

Note, you must be MLS Ready to use MLS Import. You can check the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) website to determine if your MLS is ready.

Cost: $42-$49 per month: MLS Import will cost $49 monthly, but if you pay for a year in advance, it goes down to $42 a month. That makes it one of the more affordable plug-ins on the market.

Look: Every agent will have different opinions concerning what looks best on their website. However, MLS Import has a nice clean look that you really can’t go wrong with. It has various themes you can use to get a customized aesthetic. It also uses a photo grid to display property pictures which is a nice added touch.

Widgets & Shortcuts: MLS Import’s widgets and shortcuts allow agents to customize their import settings. Agents can import listings based on zip code, type of property, and other characteristics. They can also import specific property fields.

Search Features: The plug-in offers basic search features that allow users to search by price, location, features, etc. However, it does not come with advanced features such as polygon search which allows users to draw their search area on a map and review homes within that area.

Listing Page Extras: MLS Import does not offer any listing page extras.

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MLS Import Pros
  • Nice looking design with various theme options
  • Affordable
  • Widgets & shortcuts allow for customization
MLS Import Cons
  • Can only use if you are MLS ready
  • No advanced searches
  • No listing page extras

Best for Solo Agents: iHomeFinder

Top Features: Good selection of widgets & shortcodes,
Starting at $54.95/month

iHomeFinder may not be as attractive as MLS Import, but it has tons of features. These may be beneficial in getting buyers to use your site as a search tool instead of Zillow. It also has a ton of features that are useful to agents.

Cost: iHomeFinder offers three packages to agents as follows:

  • Standard: $54.95 per month: Includes standard search, property organizer, lead conversion forms, listing alerts, markets (saved search galleries), Optima leads mobile app
  • Premium: $89.95 per month: Includes all standard features as well as embedded virtual tours, similar listings, automated website reports, and automated email reports
  • Premium + CRM: $134.95: Includes all premium features as well as drag and drop email builder, the option to send from your email address, automated special occasion greetings

Look: While iHomeFinder may not be as attractive as MLS Import, it still looks great. Its maps really stand out. It also offers a terrific user experience.

Widgets & Shortcodes: iHomeFinder comes with a variety of widgets and shortcodes including quick search, universal search bar, search forms, featured listings, saved search, sold/pending, and lead capture.

Search Features: The plug-in includes advanced search features such as polygon search.

Listing Page Extras: iHomeFinder offers a variety of listing page extras including walk score, school recommendations, a mortgage calculator, lead captures, sold listings, pending listings, and market reports. This will help you emulate a Zillow experience for users.

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iHomeFinder Pros
  • Attractive design
  • Advanced search features available
  • Various packages to choose from
iHomeFinder Cons
  • The various packages mean you will need to pay more to access certain features.

Best Value: Realtyna

Top Features: Reasonably priced and offers services that go outside the usual monthly fees
Starting at $49.95/month

Realtyna is referred to as an organic IDX solution. As such, it’s part of a larger WPL platform that that comes with website solutions including RETS (Real Estate Transaction System), and VOW (Virtual Office Websites). You can use the plug in to gradually grow your website.

Cost: $49.95: The Realtyna agent plan costs $49.95 a month. The platform also offers organic IDX solutions that will use RETS and VOW to put listings on your site for a one-time fee of around $1500.

Look: Realtyna has a terrific look that can be enhanced through customization using tools like WordPress backend and CSS code.

Widgets & Shortcodes: The plug-in offers basic widgets and shortcodes and will also let you create your own shortcodes with their WPL Shortcode Wizard.

Search Features: Realtyna offers a polygon tool and will allow you to customize maps.

Listing Page Extras: Listing page extras include mapping, walkability scores, social media sharing, owner info, an option to add to favorites, and downloadable flyers (which add a vintage touch)

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Realtyna Pros
  • Offers website solutions that allow you to gradually grow your website
  • Nice looking layout with customizable features
  • Offers widgets & shortcodes with customizable features
  • Advanced search features
Realtyna Cons
  • May not be the best choice for those who are looking for a plug-in alone.

Best for Top Producing Agents: Showcase IDX

Top Features: Drag and drop widget and shortcode features for ease of use
Starting at $59.95/month

Showcase is more expensive than other plug-in options, but it has the features to back it up. One stand-out is polygon search available on mobile devices.

Cost: The plug in has two packages available as follows:

  • Essentials: $59.95: Beautiful MLS search and consumer tools for your website
  • Premium: $99.95: Advanced tools and integrations to do more with your website

Look: Showcase stands out for its great looking map search, user experience and individual property listings. It allows you to tweak maps, so they match the color scheme of your site, a feature most plug-ins don’t offer.

Widgets & Shortcodes: The widgets & shortcodes Showcase offers allows you to drag and drop elements such as map search, listings by zip code and more on any page of your website.

Search Features: Showcase offers advanced features such as polygon search but takes it one step further with a polygon search for mobile. It allows you to draw a search area on to the map quickly and easily and it is more responsive than other polygon search tools.

Listing Page Extras: The plug-in stands out for its listing page extras adding out of the box items like walk score, bike score, private commenting and sharing, recent activity, MLS info, market snapshot, and local demographics.

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Showcase IDX Pros
  • Polygon search for mobile devices
  • Great look with customizable maps
  • Extensive listing page extras
Showcase IDX Cons
  • More expensive than other plug-ins
  • Package choices mean you may not be able to access certain features unless you pay more for them

Best for Teams: IDX Broker

Top Features: Offers website building features, Competitive pricing
Starting at $50/month

IDX Broker offers both an IDX platform and a WordPress plug-in called IMPress. It can also provide you a ready-to-go website at an affordable price saving you the hassle of building your website.

Cost: IDX has two package options, the Lite which is $50 per month, and Platinum, which is $80 per month.

Look: The plug-in offers a nice-looking search bar, listing page results, and listing pages. You can further customize them, so they match your theme.

Widgets & Shortcuts: IDX Broker offers a variety of widgets and shortcodes that can be added to any page or post on a WordPress site. They allow you to add features like city links, carousels, omnibar searches and more.

Search Features: The plug-in offers advanced search features like radius search and polygon search.

Listing Page Extras: IDX provides a wide variety of listing page extras including market reports with sold data, open house info, refinement searches and PDF fliers.

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IDX Broker Pros
  • Tons of listing page extras
  • Lots of widget and shortcode options
  • Nice looking, customizable design
IDX Broker Cons
  • Two packages may mean you don’t have access to certain features unless you pay more

Best on a Budget: Flexmls MLS

Top Features: Nice modern look, Annual competitive price is affordable
Starting at $499/year

Flexmls provides all the tools that help agents provide optimal service to customers. The agent can use an administrative module to customize and control the system.

Cost: Rather than the usual monthly models, Flexmls offers yearly pricing of $499 a year for the WordPress plug-in and $349 a year for the IDX Smart Frame.

Look: Flexmls has a sleek, modern look and an easy to navigate design.

Widgets and Shortcodes: The plug-in allows you to add widgets to your sidebar, pages and posts. Widgets available include IDX slideshow, IDX search, 1-click location searches, 1-click custom searches, market statistics, and contact forms.

Search Features: Flexmls offers advanced search options. You can also view nearby listing with a location enabling option.

Listing Page Extras: Flexmls allows you to add change or copy a listing. You can keep track of incomplete listings and add accurate maps to unmapped listings.

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Flexmls MLS Pros
  • Good scope of listing page extras
  • Wide range of search features
  • Variety of widgets
Flexmls MLS Cons
  • No interactive map included
  • User experience can use improvement

Best for New Agents: Estate Vue IDX

Top Features: The free option is good for testing out the plug-in, Lots of customization available

The fully customizable plug in is easy to use, well-designed, SEO friendly, highly responsive, and easy to install.

Cost: Estate Vue offers a free model and a price-based model.

Look: The free model offers a professional looking template and customizable features which is also available on the paid service.

Widgets and Shortcodes: Estate Vue offers a Contemporary Horizontal Property Widget for property searches, and a Full Screen Featured & MLS Listing Widget for sharing real estate listings.

Search Features: The search widget offers advanced searches based on criteria with large icons and a horizontal layout.

Listing Page Extras: The listing widget allows you to sort by farm type and size. It provides advanced customization options.

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Estate Vue IDX Pros
  • There are widgets and shortcodes that assist with searching and listing
  • Offers a clean, modern look that can be customized as desired
  • Quoted prices allow you to pay for the services you need
Estate Vue IDX Cons
  • The paid option requires a quote, so you won’t be aware of what you will be paying without a consultation
  • The free option offers limited features as compared to the paid option

What are WordPress IDX Plug-Ins?

WordPress IDX plug-ins are plug-ins realtors use to automatically update their sites, so it shows the latest MLS listings. They are so called because they use the IDX (Internet Data Exchange) protocol.

Note, while many plug-ins no longer use the IDX protocol, they are still largely referred to as IDX plug-ins.


What to Look for in an IDX Plug-In

There are many features to look for in an IDX plug in. These include:

  • Cost: Most IDX plug-ins come in around $50 a month. However, prices vary among providers and the features they offer can make them more or less of a bargain.
  • Look: The plug-in should look attractive on your website.
  • Widgets and Shortcodes: Widgets and shortcodes are used to help agents display MLS listings in different ways. For example, they can be displayed in such a way to allow the user to search via search boxes, maps, property carousels, and certain characteristics such as price, location, etc.
  • Search Features: Search features allow users to find various properties. Some plug-ins offer basic features while others offer more advanced features.
  • Listing Page Extras: Certain plug-ins may allow agents to include listing page extras such as walkability scores, social media sharing, adding favorites, etc.


What are the Benefits of an IDX Plug-In?

An IDX plug-in offers several benefits including the following:

  • It’s a safe place for visitors to check agent listings
  • Featured listings can be prominently displayed
  • Polygon map searches can be created
  • Listings can be displayed on SEO neighborhood pages to boost rankings and provide useful content to visitors
  • Agents can customize photos, videos, and listing descriptions
  • IDX can be integrated with your Facebook account to drive more traffic to your site.
  • Lead capture forms may be available
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