Best Real Estate Email Templates & Scripts That Work in 2024

Since so many leads prefer to be contacted via email, writing effective real estate email templates will help you close more deals in 2023. Let’s face it, many prospects won’t even answer the phone if they don’t have the number saved in their contacts. The only problem is that for many agents, writing effective emails can be stressful and challenging.

That’s why we’ve put together this great resource of 21 effective real estate email templates you can use for inspiration to help create your own templates. Give these a try, or tweak as needed. If they work, save the templates in your drafts and blast out any time the situation calls!

1. Seller Follow-Up Email

marina headshotThis email is purposely so short because in today’s day and age, we’re flooded with emails every day. The last thing you want to do to someone whom you haven’t talked to in a long time is write an essay in your email. The question posed in the email is short and sweet and easy to understand. Besides, who doesn’t struggle with something in their professional lives?

It shows that you’re not contacting them to sell them or get something from them, but that I want to provide value. (from Marina Vaamonde, Licensed Agent in Houston, Texas)

Subject line: “What are you struggling with right now?”

Text: Hi [first name], I know we haven’t talked in a while and I’m sure that you’re very busy, so I’ll just get straight to the point with one simple question: what are you struggling with right now in your real estate and investment activities?

Let me know what I can do to help. And if I can’t help or find the answer to your problem, I’ll find someone who can.




2. Open House Feedback Report to Seller

Mark Stewart HeadshotWhile open house events are often thought of as an opportunity to pick up buyer clients, an open house is also an important opportunity to show off the amount of work you’re putting in for your seller.

After all, if they aren’t in attendance, they can’t see the expertise you’re bringing to the table. While your immediate goal is to provide excellent client service, your long-term goal should be gaining a referral from them, too. Try using this template after your next open house. (from Mark Stewart, Licensed Agent for 8+ years)

Subject Line: Open House Results & Feedback

Hi [Client’s First Name],

I just wanted to follow up with you to report the results and feedback we got from the open house we held at your beautiful home this past Saturday. As promised, we promoted the open house on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter and it was very well attended. Here’s a quick rundown:

Number of guests who stopped by: ______

Guest Feedback: [number of guests] mentioned the large, maintained backyard as their favorite part of your home. The most common criticism that I heard from guests was about the lack of windows near the back of the house to which we assured them that some fairly inexpensive work can be made to better suite their preferences.

Next Steps: I am working with our graphic designer to mock up what that part of the house would look like with a skylight installed so I can show it to prospective buyers to help them visualize a simple renovation that could add light to the back. I have no doubt your home will be a perfect fit for a growing family. 

I look forward to our next meeting.

Best regards,



3. Buyer Lead Email

Martin headshotOne of the hardest parts of successful email marketing in this space is making connections with new clients who may not know you well. This is one template that has had some success. It’s simple, direct, and straightforward. (from Martin Orefice, Licensed Agent for 9+ years)

Hello [name],

Picking a Realtor can be tough, and finding the right fit is one of the most important decisions you can make. We’ll often throw around a lot of stats about buying and selling homes, but it comes down to people looking for a place that’s the right fit for them.

To help illustrate how very human and personal this process is, I wanted to share a story from a recent client, [name].

[Insert client testimonial]

If you’re interested in learning how I can help you find a perfect fit like I did for [name], click this link to set up a meeting: [Insert link to Meetings tool]




4. Post Closing Email

tammi knapp (1)Dear [first name]

Thank you for choosing TLC Realty and allowing me to help you in the purchase of your new home.  It is my sincere hope that this experience has exceeded your expectations.

I am sure that you are very busy getting settled in, but I was hoping that you might do me a favor.  Would you leave feedback for me?  Having feedback is very important to me getting new business.   I would greatly appreciate all 5 stars, if you feel like I did not give 5-star service, I would also hope that you would let me know how I can improve.

Here is the *link* to give feedback if you so chose to do so.  Feel free to copy and paste if you leave a review on more than one site.

Please note: If you don’t already have a Zillow account, you will be asked to provide your email to help prevent fraudulent reviews.




5. Reconnecting With Past Client Email

tammi knapp (1)Use a past client email drip with scripted emails that are sent for 3 years after closing a transaction.  Year 1, 2 and 3 year happy anniversary emails along with staying connected on social media can help you stay in touch with past clients. (from Tammi Knapp, Licensed Agent for 10+ years)

Dear [first name],

Well, it’s been 3 years since you purchased your home.  It just seems like yesterday.  I hope you are well and your home is continuing to provide you warmth and comfort!

I am sure you have been able to decorate your home and made it beautiful.  If you ever need a recommendation for a contractor to help with fixing something broken, or a remodeling project, just give me a call.  I work with many contractors and would be pleased to recommend someone for you.




6. Second Contact with Seller Lead Email

zillow logoHere’s another great email template from Zillow that you can use for your second contact with a potential seller. Offering a free, custom home valuation report or a market analysis is a great way to show your value to your future client.

Subject Line: [Contact name], let’s chat about selling your home

Hi, [first name]:

Thanks again for taking a minute to chat with me on [date] about possibly selling your home. I strive to make the selling experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Is the [previously discussed date range] still your timeline for selling your home?

I will create a custom home valuation report for your property and get in touch with you shortly with the finished report. In the meantime, please visit my website [website link] or, if you have any questions, feel free to email or call me at [your number].

Thanks again for your time!

[Agent signature]


7. Listing Presentation Follow Up Email

jasen edwars headshotIt’s super important to follow up your listing presentation with an email that will seal the deal— especially if you didn’t get a signature when you met with them initially. This email opens the door for further conversation and expresses the urgency of listing their home sooner rather than later. It will show initiative and help to get the seller over the finish line. (from Jasen Edwards, Licensed Agent and Real Estate Coach)

Subject Line: Thank you 

Hi [First name], 

I just wanted to thank you again for allowing me to visit your lovely home to talk about how to sell it for the best price. As we discussed in our meeting, my valuation is based on [number] reliable data points and my [years] of experience in [farm area] and is as close as the industry can get to a scientific prediction for what your home will sell for. 

With interest rates rising quickly and so much uncertainty in the markets, sticking to the timeline I laid out in our meeting and getting your home on the MLS by [date] will be key in getting that price for your home. 

I know I left you with a ton of information to digest, so please feel free to call me on my cell [your cell number] if you have any questions or concerns. I am an open book. 

Thanks again,

[Agent Signature]


8. Always Available Email

shaun martin headshot (1)Our mission is to help clients find, build, buy, and create their dream homes and financial freedom. It’s super important to let clients know up front that you are dedicated to helping them find accomplish their overall goal. Let them know that you are focused on getting the job done, and available for any update or inquiry along the way. The buying and selling process can be super stressful, so if you can comfort them along the way, clients will be more likely to use you again in the future. (from Shaun Martin, Licensed Agent for 9+ years)

Hey There, [first name]

We have a broad team that will always be available for your inquiries and listing needs. We assure no missed calls, texts, or messages as we work out your listing. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us, and check the agreement which I left you. Also attached here is a more comprehensive marketing plan. Does tomorrow sound okay? Please let me know. We look forward to working with you. 
Working with us, you’ll be granted full and complete access to all our software, marketing materials, and resources. We believe that this will help you get your listing more exposure and even better offers, hence we promote a fair trade price point.
Please send an email with the date and link to the article so I can share it and email it to my friends, family, and subscribers who would be excited to share this experience with me. 
Thanks in advance.
Shaun Martin 

9. Testimonial Request Email

David Zeff HeadshotI have an email I send out after the transaction to request a testimonial that has worked very well for me.  I like to remind clients that my success is largely based on them and the testimonials and recommendations they can provide. (from David Zeff, Licensed Agent for 11+ years)
Hi [first name],
Congratulations on the purchase/sale of your home! It was such an honor to help you and your family and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be of service to you.

I have a favor to ask of you. 

My business is built largely on the kind support I receive from my current and past clients. As I’m sure you can imagine, in this day in age, online reviews and testimonials are a big part of that. In fact, popular websites like Google and Facebook, for instance, will give my business greater exposure to new potential customers based on the number and quality of reviews I receive. 

Would you kindly write a short paragraph or two about your experience working with me on one or more of these sites?  

Google: [insert link]

Facebook: [insert link]

Thank you so much in advance! 


10. Ratified Contract Email

David Zeff HeadshotI have several email templates that I use that are very effective in my business.  One of my top priorities is helping my clients stay organized so whenever I have a buyer client have an offer accepted, I have a “Ratified Contract” template that goes out. (from David Zeff, Licensed Agent for 11+ years)

Hey [first name],

All parties have signed the necessary documents for your offer at *insert address here*. CONGRATULATIONS! I am excited that you are well on your way to buying your first home!  While this should be an exciting time for you, I can also understand where this may be a stressful time as well.  Do not worry!  I am here to help you with anything you need during and after this whole process.  There are a few things you need to be aware of and do.  These things are: 

1) You need to schedule your home inspection for the property. The home inspection contingency will expire at 6:00 PM on (Insert Date Here).  This gives you plenty of time to get the inspection done but we do want to schedule it as soon as possible. There are a couple of companies that my clients have used and been very happy with. Their information is (in no particular order): 

*insert company name and contact information here*

The cost of your inspections should be made available to you at the time of booking and payment for that will be due at the time the inspections take place. You are not required to use either of these companies and can use any company of your choosing. If I can assist you with this in any way, do not hesitate to let me know. With your authorization (and an idea of your availability) I am happy to make the necessary arrangements for the inspection. In the event you schedule the inspection (and I don’t assist you with that), please be sure to let me know when the inspection will take place so that I can put it on my calendar to be there.

2) You will want to contact*insert lender name here* and their team regarding your formal mortgage application and order your appraisal.  The appraisal contingency expires at 6:00 PM on*insert date here*. This gives us plenty of time and *insert lender name here* will be all over this for you. Please make sure you are in touch with*insert lender name here*, and he/she will put everything in motion.He/she is copied on this email as well.

3) I will forward the contract over to the title company and they will be in touch with you in the next couple of days to open your file.

4) You need to contact your insurance company to obtain a quote on your new house.  Contractually, this needs to be done by 6:00 PM on *insert date here*.

5) I need to obtain the *insert EMD amount here* to deposit with *insert escrow holder here* so that they can put it into escrow. I can meet you to get a check or I can set you up with my company’s earnest money platform (Earnnest) to have it transferred electronically. Just let me know what you prefer. The deposit will need to be delivered to*insert escrow holder here* by or before 6:00 PM on *insert date here*.

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.  As I have mentioned, I am here to assist you during this entire home buying experience!  Thank you for the opportunity to work with you!  I am extremely grateful for the relationship we have built and am committed to making sure you have as smooth a process as possible.


David Zeff


11. Ask Potential Buyers Their Views Regarding a Listing Email

nick p headshotThis listing feedback email template helps you gather more information about your buyer’s needs and wants for their next property. It also shows initiative and allows you to learn more about the potential buyers personality. (from Nick Polyushkin, Licensed Real Estate Broker)

Hello, [first name]!

It was a wonderful pleasure meeting you at my open house at [listing address]. As you are aware, open houses can be jam-packed, so I apologize if we did not get the chance to speak with you for a longer time.

I’m sending you a quick email today to seek your honest comments on the listing: What do you like about the property? What do you dislike? Please be as honest as possible!

You can reply to this email directly, but if you have a few minutes, I’d love to chat more in-depth about your opinions about [property address]. You can book a call with me later this week using the link below.

[Link to a scheduling app such as Calendly]


Nick Polyushkin


12. Feedback to Hold More Effective Open Houses Email 

nick p headshotDo you have a script for following up with your open house visitors? Check out this next email template that will give you some feedback on how you can better improve the experience, and maybe even open the door for a next meeting from those that stopped by. (from Nick Polyushkin, Licensed Real Estate Broker)

Hello [first name],

I’m happy you came by [home address] for my open house.

I’m emailing you right now to see what you think of it.

I work very hard to make my open houses educational and entertaining for everyone, and I would love to hear your comments. Was there anything that we could have done differently? Was the whole experience enjoyable for you? Any insight at all that will help me hold better open houses in the future would be tremendously helpful.

Best regards,

Nick Polyushkin


13. Listing Request Email

logo boomtownAs a follow-up to providing listing information to a prospective buyer, this real estate email template lets you dig a little deeper to find out your client’s likes and dislikes. It also reminds them that you are in their corner and are happy to go above and beyond to find them the home of their dreams.

Subject Line:Follow-up

Hey there [first name], 

Just a note to make sure you were able to view the listing information you requested a few days ago. If you have any problems, I would be happy to resend it another way or deliver it to you personally.

I’d love to get your thoughts on the home. Did it appeal to you? Did it give you a good idea of what is currently available?

If you would like to see any home in person, let me know, and we can set up a tour. I can get us access to new listings as soon as they come on the market, and I’d be happy to send them to you directly.

Please feel free to call, email, or text me for any further help or with questions about the buying process. Helping you find the home of your dreams is what I do!

Looking forward to working with you, 



14. Coming Soon Preview Email for Cold Leads

Chris Heller HeadshotIt’s hard for buyer leads, yes, even the cold ones to resist a “coming soon” listing, especially in an exclusive neighborhood, with a very limited number of homes. Remind them that this property is rare, and will go quickly. Gems like this one don’t stay on the market long, so if they are interested they will need to move quickly. This template might be just the push cold buyer leads need to finally “commit” to the process.

Subject Line: Still looking in Wackashawn?

Hi Mark,

Are you still interested in the Wackashawn area? I’ve got a new listing coming up (not yet on the market), and I wanted you to be one of the first to know about it! I think it checks off all of your boxes, and I immediately thought of you when I heard it was becoming available. 

Please let me know if you’re interested in more details. I’d be happy to send more pictures, or setup a tour if you’d like to see it. 


[Your Rock Star Agent]


15. Renter Converting to Buyer Follow-up Email

jasen edwars headshotCapitalizing on renters is something that isn’t talked about enough. Often times long-time renters are interested in owning a home, but they are unsure of the home buying process. It can be scary and seem like a lot to take on, but remind them that you’ll be there every step of the way. (from Jasen Edwards, Licensed Agent and Real Estate Coach)

Subject Line: Next Steps

Hi [first name]

Thanks again for taking the time to meet me for coffee yesterday. I just wanted to follow up with some new market data that highlights some of the buying opportunities in the desired neighborhood we talked about.

I know it’s cliche, but the best time to buy a house was 20 years ago. The second best time is now! The sooner the better! The economy is always changing, but owning land is the key to building generational wealth and I would be honored to help your family start this exciting journey. I know it sounds intimidating, but this will be one of the single best decisions you’ll make. 

How does [day and time] sound to meet up or do a Zoom call to talk more?




16. Annual Home Sales Report Email

Logo_PlacesterYour emails offering a home sales report are important to get right. Placester’s real estate email template gets straight to the point, and doesn’t beat around the bush. Consider trying it out next time you need to send off a report.

Subject Line:[Agency Name] Annual Home Sales Report

Hi [Name],

Do you want to see how the [market name] housing market performed in [last year] and what lies ahead for [upcoming year]?

Discover statistics that show home sales, prices, values, and other key data during the 12-month period here in my in-depth report.


[Agency Name]


17. Buyer/Seller Lead Email

boyd rudyThere’s no doubt that real estate is a people business.. Whether you’re working with buyers, sellers, or clients, building and maintaining relationships is key to success. And one of the best ways to stay in touch with your clients is through email. But what should you say? Here is a script for buyers or sellers that is sure to get results. (from Boyd Rudy, Licensed agent for 22+ years)

Hello [first name],

My name is [Your Name] and I’m a real estate agent in [Your City]. I recently came across your listing/profile on [Real Estate Website] and wanted to reach out to see if you might be interested in working with me.

I specialize in [Area of Real Estate] and have helped many buyers/sellers like yourself find/sell their perfect home. If you’re interested, I would be more than happy to show you some of my recent listings/transactions. And if not, no worries at all – I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I’m here if you need anything.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!


18. Listing Feedback Email

Market-Leader-LogoMarket Leader’s listing feedback email template helps you gather more information about your buyer’s needs and wants for their next property. Use this after you send a prospect a new listing to get more intel on wat they are looking for, or how you can better suit their needs.

Subject Line: Checking In

Just a note to make sure you received the listing information I sent and were able to view it. If you did have any problems, I can resend the information, send it via mail, or deliver it to you personally.

I am interested in getting your thoughts on the homes. Did any of them appeal to you? Did you enjoy viewing the listings? Did it give you a good idea of what is available?

If you would like to see any of these homes in person, I would be happy to set a time to get together and tour them along with any others that come on the market. Please feel free to call or email me for any further help or questions.

In the meantime, I will continue to send you valuable information about searching for a home, the buying process, and packing and moving. I welcome the opportunity to represent you and help you find the home of your dreams!


19. Intro to Lender Email

1660152002003 (1)Often times if a buyer tells me that they are interested in starting the home-buying process they need a little push to get started. Many don’t know that in order to be competitive they need to be pre-approved from a lender. If they don’t know of someone to use right off the top of their head, I will often send them a recommendation and personally introduce them to one of my favorite lenders to work with. Here is the template I use to make the introduction. (from Alex Lee, Licensed agent for 8+ years)

Hi [first name],

Per our conversation earlier, I would like to introduce you to [Lender], one of our best lenders and a great resource/partner for strategizing and planning. 

I encourage you to at least jump on a call with [Lender] to see for yourself why we enjoy partnering with him. He’s a quality guy and there’s no pressure to work with him, but we want to make sure we’re serving you however we can, connecting you with great resources included!


[Lender] has been CC’ed on this email, and his contact info is below:

[Lender Contact Info]

My Best, 

Alex Lee

20. Information Request from Sellers Pre-Closing

1660152002003 (1)In order for a successful transaction to occur, the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent need to make sure things go as smoothly as possible for both parties. If you can get as many of these questions answered as possible, your buyer will be happy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten calls asking about what mailbox number they should be checking, or what company to call on move-in day to make sure the electricity and water are working properly. There’s a lot of stress that goes into the closing day, so getting these small details out of the way is a no brainer. (from Alex Lee, Licensed agent for 8+ years)

Hello [Seller’s Agent Name], 

Glad we’ve gotten here! Thank you for your and your sellers help in getting both of us across the finish line. Already looking forward to our next deal together! 

My Buyer asked me to reach out to you to ask the Seller the following questions. Some of the questions are regarding issues of security, so if your seller feels more comfortable replying after closing, we would completely understand. 

A Few Questions:

  1. Which day is the garbage / trash collected? 

  2. Which utility companies did the Seller use, for the following? 

    1. Electricity 

    2. Water 

    3. Internet 

    4. Gas 

  3. Can your Seller leave any manuals for major appliances on the kitchen counter? 

  4. What is the mailbox number associated with this unit? If applicable, would your Seller please leave behind the key to the mailbox in the kitchen? 

  5. What is the garage code? Is there anything special about resetting the code that my Buyer should be aware of? 

  6. Are there any Master Alarms my Buyer should be aware of? If applicable, would you mind providing the code to the alarm and the the name of the company? 

  7. Is there anything else that comes to your Seller’s mind that would be beneficial information for my Buyer? 

Appreciate your effort throughout this process.

Many thanks, 


21. Thank You Email

Jon Profile Pic 3An efficient and well-written email goes a long way in establishing business relations when it comes to real estate. And that is why it must be proper and official. These are the templates that we have been using at our place of work. They have generated an 85% response and communication. (Jon Sanborn, Licensed agent for 8+ years)
Hi [first name],
I hope you’re settling into your new house and that it’s starting to feel like home for you and your [Family members/pets]. 
I wanted to thank you for choosing and trusting me to be your real estate agent. It was a pleasure working with you, and I’m honored that you allowed me to be part of this intimate process. I highly enjoyed your company and [some personal anecdotes]. 
If I can answer any questions for you in the following weeks, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m aware that you may be receiving a lot of junk email and letters about your mortgage and home offers – and I’m happy to help sort that out.
Kind regards
Other resources: We have guides on the ins and outs of the topics you need to know to be a successful estate agent (like real estate website buildersreal estate lead generation companies, or a well designed real estate CRM). If you’re looking for more advanced topics like real estate adsbuilding your own real estate lead generation website, which real estate marketing tools you’ll need,  how to build a successful social media strategy, or even just real estate marketing ideas in general, you can try looking for a real estate mentor that can help show you the way.
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