Why You Need A Real Estate Photographer For Your Listings


Real estate changed dramatically in the last year. Like many industries, COVID-19 forced fast changes in the way realtors market and sell homes. Real estate photography became a necessity for realtors to sell and help homebuyers. It’s not something that was taught to agents when they were getting their real estate license, but it’s something they’ve had to adapt to quickly. 

With the creativity and expertise of real estate photographers, Realtors can move listings faster than ever. Listings with beautiful photos, or even virtual tours can be creative and fun ways to showcase a listing. 

Here are 3 reasons you need a real estate photographer for your listings. 


Sell Listings For More

Real estate photography isn’t free, but not using a photographer could be costing you thousands! Real estate photography not only makes your listings have higher value, but can help sell your home for more. Real estate photography can help sell your listings for more money. 

When you hire a real estate photographer, those photos actually make your home value to be higher than those without. According to the Wall Street Journal, these listings gain anywhere from $934 to $116,076 at the closing table!  Increasing the value of your listings, compared to properties without DSLR photos. 

Additionally, according to Redfin, homes with professional DSLR photos are more likely to sell than those with point and shoot images. The study showed an increase across all price ranges, varying from 5% to 17%.

One of the top reasons Realtors use a real estate photographer is to sell their listings for more money. Another top reason realtors use real estate photographers is to sell a home faster! 


Sell Listings Fastercountry neighborhood

Not only does real estate photography improve your listing, but also can sell a home faster. 

Redfin’s study also showed that listings with professional DSLR photos sell faster.  Time varied by price range, but in the $400,000 range, homes sold on average 3 weeks faster, than those without professional images. 

Another study by PR Newswire shows that homes with professional photos on the listing sold 36% faster than other homes. The average time for those homes were 89 days on the market, compared to the 123 days of other listings.

For those looking to sell a home faster, having real estate photography is a must. But there is one more valuable reason a real estate professional should use a professional photographer. 


Make A Great Impression

As a real estate professional, images and appearances matter. Therefore having the best possible images for your listings is a must!

First impressions matter, so agents need high quality images for attracting clients. More than 90% of buyers start their real estate search online, so having great photos is a must for attracting buyers, or potential clients. 

A picture can say a thousand words, so high quality images can speak volumes to your skill as a real estate agent. You can use your images on your website, listings, and marketing materials for yourself or your listings. Be sure to really show unique details of a property. Get multiple angles of the large yard, showcase how beautiful the new windows are, take pictures of the costly home security system, etc. Be sure to really sell the property with your photographs. 

Investing in a real estate photographer is a great way to show your care and expertise as a realtor for your clients. It adds appeal to your listings, and gives a better look of listings, which is a necessity for real estate professionals. 


If you want to be a successful real estate agent, you need to invest in a real estate photographer. Aside from beautiful photos they can elevate your business in the following ways: 

  • Sell Listings For More
  • Sell Listings  Faster
  • Make A Great Impression

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About the Author

Catherine Way graduated from Michigan State University with her Bachelor of Advertising, with a specialization in Graphic Design. She is a content marketer for business, mortgage, photography, and real estate industries.  She currently writes and reports for Prime Plus Mortgages – Hard Money Lenders Phoenix

Last Updated: 12/12/2022