Private 1-1 Tutors to Help You Pass Your Real Estate Exam

Students studying in group settingPreparing for the real estate exam is a big endeavor to take on by yourself. To study effectively requires dedication, focus, and a strategy for intaking all the information bit by bit. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to advance your career or a newcomer to the industry, having the right study strategies in place can make all the difference in your success. 

We’ll explore the benefits of supplementing your course and studies with private one-on-one coaching and offer some suggestions for reputable tutoring companies that offer personalized guidance on subjects and concepts that aren’t quite clear to you yet. 

The Benefits of Having Private 1-1 Coaching

Whether you are taking real estate courses online or in person, private one-on-one coaching offers invaluable benefits to help you remember real estate laws, math, vocabulary, and more so you are more likely to pass the exam. 

It’s no secret that the exam is difficult. There is an overwhelming amount of information to learn and its best practice to use as many tools as possible to help you along the way. 

Here’s a few perks of adding consultations with a private tutor to your study schedule:

  • 1:1 Focused Time: Private tutors can tailor their instruction to address your specific learning needs, ensuring that you receive focused guidance where you need it most.
    • I suggest meeting with a tutor knowing what parts of the exam and having a list of questions prepared so you make the most of your allotted time. It may be wise to take a practice exam first to know where your struggle points are.
  • Customized Study Plans: Tutors can create personalized study plans designed to help you maximize your strengths and improve upon areas of weakness, resulting in more efficient and effective study sessions.
    • You can also discuss creating a study schedule that you can adhere to throughout the week and in between sessions to make steady improvements as you prepare for your exam. Here’s an article that has many more tips and suggestions for how to plan your study schedule. 
  • Accountability and Motivation: Working closely with a private tutor can help keep you accountable to your study goals and provide the motivation and support you need to stay on track.
    • Accountability also instills a sense of confidence that is imperative to retain throughout the whole process. 
  • Clarification of Concepts: Private tutors can offer in-depth explanations and clarify complex concepts, helping you gain a deeper understanding of the material, which also boosts your confidence in your knowledge and abilities.
    • For me, I found this very helpful especially with the math portion of the exam. The exam consists of about 15% of math related questions. There are specific terms and equations that you will have to learn and private tutoring can help you focus on using the equations in different scenarios. For a little more about the math section, check out this article.  
  • Practice and Feedback: Tutors can provide opportunities for practice exams and quizzes, as well as valuable feedback on your performance, helping you identify areas for improvement and refine your test-taking skills.
    • There are several companies that offer free practice exams, and when you sign up for courses you also have access to practice exams. One of the best ways to learn is to take practice exams. So having a private tutor to review your exam answers can prove to be very helpful. 

Companies that Offer  Private 1-1 Tutoring

Several reputable tutoring companies offer private one-on-one coaching to help you in your studies. There are quite a few out there, but I’ve put together a short list of options to give you a head start in finding the right tutor for you. 

Here are some options to consider:

  1. Wyzant – Wyzant offers a wide range of subjects and tutors, providing flexibility in scheduling and pricing options if you are looking for more affordable pricing.
    1. It’s important to note that they have over 65,000 tutors to choose from and they cover a wide range of topics. While I do like that each tutor has a review process ranked by a star system, I suggest making sure you are selecting a tutor well versed in your state’s real estate law.   
  2. Varsity Tutors – Varsity Tutors boasts a rigorous tutor vetting process, ensuring that you receive high-quality instruction. Their pricing may be higher compared to other tutoring companies, starting at $50 per hour. Despite the cost, many students find the investment worthwhile due to the quality of instruction provided, and they guarantee your satisfaction. 
    1. “Considering everything you tell us, your student’s assessment results, and over 100 additional attributes, we use a series of uber-smart algorithms to pinpoint the perfect tutor for your student’s needs. Connecting your student with the right tutor starts with having nothing but top-notch tutors to choose from. We ensure this by vetting every applicant through tutoring simulations, background checks, and interviews. In fact, fewer than 15% of applicants are approved.”
  3. Prep Agent – Prep Agent specializes in real estate exam preparation, offering targeted support and resources to help you succeed.This is my top choice, because they are focused only in real estate, but it is important to do a little digging and find the best choice for you. Their packages range from $99 to $499, providing affordable options for individuals at various stages of their exam preparation journey.
    1. Additionally, I like the way each tutor presents their teaching style so you can choose who will align with you best. For example: Maria Center says, “My teaching style is conversational – I believe in breaking down the question components, so you understand not just which answer is right, but why. The key to passing the exam is understanding the materials in a way that you can relate to and remember, and our tutoring session will focus on this learning goal.”
  4. Superprof – Superprof offers a global network of tutors, so you can study anywhere, however there is a drawback…
      1. This company is not specific to real estate law, and provides tutors on several subjects. The quality of tutors may vary based on location, so it’s essential to carefully review tutor profiles and credentials before making a decision.

Comparison at a glance, so you can weigh the benefits:

Company Pros Cons Pricing
Wyzant – Wide range of subjects and tutors – Variable quality of tutors Varies by tutor
Varsity Tutors – Rigorous tutor vetting process – Higher pricing compared to others Starts at $50/hour
Prep Agent – Specialized in real estate exam prep – Limited subject coverage $99-$499/package
Super Prof – Global network of tutors – Quality may vary based on location Varies by tutor


Studying for the real estate exam can be daunting, but with the right study habits and support in place, you can feel confident in your preparation. Private one-on-one coaching offers numerous benefits as we’ve discussed. 

By supplementing your study efforts with private tutoring from reputable companies you can enhance your understanding of the material, improve your test-taking skills, and increase your chances of success on exam day. 

Choose a tutoring company that aligns with your needs, budget, and learning preferences, and embark on your exam preparation journey with determination and keeping the bigger goal in mind… setting yourself up for a successful career in real estate. 

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Last Updated: 4/3/2024