PrepAgent Review – Is it worth it? (2024 Updated!)

PrepAgent LogoPrepAgent is designed to help future agents pass the real estate exam. They offer online group webinars, online training tools, e-books, and thousands of state-specific practice questions. 

We’ve looked at dozens of different test prep vendors, including the ones that “come with” the courses – and frankly, all fall short of Prep Agent

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PrepAgent offers their real estate exam prep in all 50 states, and their content covers both state and national content. They are constantly updating their content as the exams change. While the questions cannot be the exact same as the real estate exam, PrepAgent strives to keep their content as close to what the exam will provide as possible. The material in the practice exams is written to reflect what an agent would need to know to pass the actual exam. 

They stand by their test prep so much that they offer a full refund if you decide PrepAgent isn’t for you for any reason. 

PrepAgent Features

From the plethora of study materials to the engaging instructors on the webinars, PrepAgent has received consistently high marks. Students have praised PrepAgent for its fun approach to studying for the real estate exam.

A feature often appreciated by busy students is the ability to listen to audio recordings on the go. In addition, many applauded the professors for their interactive teaching manner and how easy it is to retain the information they learned. Overall, students seem very happy with PrepAgent and its teaching methods, with many stating that the instructors helped them pass the real estate exam on the first try.

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From the plethora of study materials to the engaging instructors on the webinars, PrepAgent has received consistently high marks. Students have praised PrepAgent for its fun approach to studying for the real estate exam.

A feature often appreciated by busy students is the ability to listen to audio recordings on the go. In addition, many applauded the professors for their interactive teaching manner and how easy it is to retain the information they learned. Overall, students seem very happy with PrepAgent and its teaching methods, with many stating that the instructors helped them pass the exam on the first try.

Here’s what you need to know about PrepAgent’s features, some of which are only available with a Premium membership:

1. Free Real Estate Practice Test- You don’t have to be a subscriber to get value from the PrepAgent website. On their website you will find real estate practice test questions that are similar to the ones you will study with as a subscriber. (They will not be, however, actual test questions, since that would be copyright infringement and thus, illegal.)

When you get the answer incorrect, PrepAgent provides a detailed explanation, so you understand why the answer you chose was not the right one.

When you get the answer correct, PrepAgent explains the answer in more detail so you get the full picture. By adding additional context and explanation for test responses, PrepAgent’s practice test exams are a powerful test prep tool.

2. Frequently Updated Test Questions- Real estate laws change all the time, so it’s important that your pre-licensing education and test prep are up-to-date.  PrepAgent offers thousands of questions to test your knowledge of national and state real estate practices, with clear explanations so you can review the information you need.

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3. Real Estate Dictionary- PrepAgent’s website also features a fully searchable of real estate terms you are likely to encounter in the real estate field.

4. Real Estate Exam Prep Videos- PrepAgent offers dozens of engaging, animated exam prep videos. These videos are great for reviewing key concepts before your exam.

5. eBook for Exam Prep- PrepAgent’s exam prep book is a comprehensive resource that makes it easy to study anywhere you are.

6. Interactive Flashcards- With PrepAgent’s online, interactive flashcards, you can test your knowledge of key terms that you will need to know to pass your exam.

7. Interactive Vocabulary Worksheet- PrepAgent also offers another way to test your knowledge of important real estate vocabulary – their exclusive interactive worksheets.

8. YouTube Video Collection- PrepAgent’s YouTube videos have been viewed over 18 million times. That’s because the content they offer is current, helpful, insightful, and informative. Their videos cover many topics, ranging from real estate exam questions to an explainer on the Sherman Antitrust Act.

9. Live Online Webinars- For Premium subscribers, you get access to PrepAgent’s Live Online Webinars, which feature their experienced instructors and subject matter experts, discussing topics relevant to the real estate exam and profession.

PrepAgent also gives you ways to review past lessons at your convenience. You can download some of their audio lessons to listen in your car or on the bus or watch their collection of recorded webinars – chats included.

PrepAgent offers three packages with different features and price points – Basic, Premium, and Deluxe. Real estate pre-licensure education can be expensive. PrepAgent provides a budget-friendly option for real estate exam prep. In addition, unlike similar test prep companies, PrepAgent has a predictable pricing structure, with the same price for each plan, no matter what state you reside in. Students only pay once, and there are no additional charges beyond the package price.

Here are the real estate exam prep packages currently offered by PrepAgent:

Basic plan – $59

This plan is best for people who performed well in their accredited real estate pre-licensure and only need a quick refresh. This plan features:

  • One week of access to PrepAgent
  • 1000s of questions for national and state exam prep
  • 100% money back guarantee

Premium Plan – $99

This plan is a good option for people who are comfortable with self-study and want more time to study. This package has all Basic Plan features, plus:

  • One month of access to PrepAgent
  • Audio lessons
  • Interactive flashcards
  • Real estate exam prep videos
  • eBook for exam prep

Deluxe Plan – $119

For those who would like to have access to instructors and the full suite of PrepAgent webinars, the Deluxe real estate exam prep plan includes all Basic, and Premium Plan features, plus:

  • One year of access to PrepAgent
  • Live webinars discussing real estate exam topics
  • Access to archived webinars
  • Interactive vocabulary worksheets

payment plan

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PrepAgent’s Crash Courses

Want a refresh of state or national real estate principles but only have a few hours? PrepAgent’s Crash Courses are live sessions with real estate experts, offering targeted discussions of key real estate topics such as contracts and real estate math. These 3–4-hour courses are $69.

Advantages of PrepAgent

PrepAgent offers a budget-friendly test prep solution to help students test their knowledge and prepare for their real estate salesperson or broker licensing exams – in all 50 states.

Many Paths to Success

Depending on your package, you could access study guides, audio recordings, and videos to teach and reinforce key concepts. In addition, interactive flashcards and worksheets let students test their own comprehension so they can identify areas of weakness. With the premium package, you will be invited to participate in live online group webinars, held seven days a week, with live chat between participants and instructors.

The audio resources are beneficial for those who learn best by listening. The webinars offer a more visual approach, and the interactive activities provide a hands-on way to engage with the material. No matter your learning style, PrepAgent has a resource that can help you better prepare for the exam.

Money-Back Guarantee

With PrepAgent, you really can’t fail. If you aren’t satisfied with PrepAgent, their packages are covered with a 100% money-back guarantee. This sets them apart from some of their competitors, who have much more restrictive refund policies.

Private Tutoring

Need extra help? PrepAgent offers private tutoring to help you master the material. You can also use their category-specific tests to work on areas where you need more practice.

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Disadvantages of PrepAgent

Property,Auction,,Gavel,Wooden,And,Model,House,On,Natural,GreenPrepAgent has an excellent reputation, but its plans have some disadvantages compared to its competitors. Here are some of the disadvantages of the PrepAgent product:

Not a Standalone

PrepAgent does not offer accredited pre-licensing education for a real estate salesperson or broker license. Therefore, to meet the education requirements for licensure, you will likely need to enroll in a separate program for your pre-licensing coursework. However, they do have relationships with accredited education providers across the country, and you can find a provider near you through the PrepAgent website.

Limited Access

PrepAgent’s real estate exam prep is available for a limited time. Their Basic Plan offers access for seven days, and their Premium Plan lets you access their course materials for up to a month. While you can access the test prep program for as long as a year with their Deluxe Plan, this is not as long as comparable programs, which offer access to the exam prep curriculum for up to 18 months.

Online Only

PrepAgent’s programs are online only so you won’t have access to in-person instruction. However, the Premium Plan offers live webinars with instructors, during which you can ask questions. In addition, their webinars are recorded and available for you to review at your own convenience.

PrepAgent Reviews

Lawyer,Working,Hard,His,Job,Paperwork,At,Office,,Vintage,Picture“Use prep agent!! I am a horrible test taker. I did my course with another company and did horribly, I took a year off from being so discouraged. Then I found prep agent and saw so many good reviews and how many people were passing first try. I thought that wouldn’t happen to me, I am a bad test taker and I didn’t think it was possible. I learned so much in 3 months using prep agent practice exams and seminars. I passed on my first try today and I was the first one finished! Prep agent will help you pass!!!”

“Thank you so much for such wonderful prep materials! I just passed my Massachusetts Real Estate today! First Try!!! I started studying 5 days ago. Joe is a top notch teacher… his methods and suggestions are why I passed so quickly and confidently! Best real estate exam prep you’ll ever find! Thanks Joe!!!”

“I took my real estate class in New Hampshire. And while I understood some of it a lot of it was over thinking in my head. I was on Facebook and saw an ad for Prep Agent, I signed up that night. It all made so much more sense to me the way that Joe explained everything. He made it fun and easy to understand. I tell everyone I know that’s going to Real estate school to sign up for it! They will pass the first time!! Thank you Joe! I’ve been a realtor for two and a half years with eXp Realty and absolutely love it!!”

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Is PrepAgent Worth the Investment?

Becoming a real estate salesperson requires an investment of time and money. While each state’s requirements differ somewhat, they all need individuals to complete an accredited pre-licensure education program and pass a proctored exam. The whole process can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In addition, each time you take the exam, you will need to invest more time and money. That’s why a real estate exam prep product like PrepAgent is worth every penny.

Customers report being very satisfied with PrepAgent and the quality of their test prep programs. Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, their programs have an excellent reputation for helping students across the country pass their real estate pre-licensing and broker exams.

Quick Facts about PrepAgent 

  • They support all 50 states 
  • Private lessons are an option for those that want more extensive help 
  • Users can start by taking a FREE practice exam 
  • PrepAgent stands by a money-back guarantee 
  • They offer prep exams for agents and brokers 

Why use PrepAgent

From the plethora of study materials to the engaging instructors onpexels-kampus-production-5940708 the webinars, PrepAgent has impressed the people that have used them to study for the exam. Students have praised PrepAgent for their fun approach to studying for the real estate exam. 

A feature often appreciated by busy students is the ability to listen to the information in their car. Many applauded the instructors for their relatable way of teaching and how easy they made it to retain the information taught. Overall students seem very pleased with PrepAgent and their teaching methods, with many having stated they were able to pass the real estate exam on the first try using all the tools offered! 

woman studyingIn addition to practice exams and up-to-date information on the real estate exam, PrepAgent also offers one-on-one tutoring for those that feel extra individualized attention may help them to better prepare. The tutors help focus on the struggles students are having with absorbing the material and helping to implement tips and study tricks to prepare for the exam. Students can schedule multiple sessions if necessary. 

PrepAgent offers multiple ways for the students to study. They can focus on their weaknesses with category-specific tests, or go straight for the master exam preparation. Interactive flashcards and study guides are available to quiz yourself with, as well as worksheets to help track and remember all the information that has been provided. PrepAgent also offers explainer videos to help keep the learning process fun. If students opt for the premium package they have access to live online group webinars 7 times a week with a variety of topics that cover the real estate exam. There is a live chat as well as recorded webinars to watch in the future in case you miss one.

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