30+ Catchy Real Estate Slogans for 2024

Broker,Giving,Keys,Of,New,House,And,Handshaking,With,CustomerA strong marketing campaign is a real estate essential. A successful campaign is made up of many elements including a captivating website, an engaging social media presence, valuable content, and more. But one of the most important elements of your campaign will be your slogan.

Real estate agents need a strong slogan that they know will stick in people’s heads. It should be the first thing clients think of when hear your company name. It should be short and catchy, while sending the right branding message.

If you are stuck on coming up with the right slogan for your real estate company, never fear. This article will review the elements of a good slogan and provide examples that will serve as strong inspiration.

Tips for Writing a Good Real Estate Slogan

Business,Property,real,Estate,And,Investment,Concepts,With,Investor,And,WhiteHere are some tips to keep in mind when you write your real estate slogan

  • Keep it short and simple: If the slogan is too long, no one will remember it. It’s best to keep it under 10 words.
  • Be consistent: Your slogan should reflect your brand image.
  • Focus on what makes you stand out: Your unique characteristics are your biggest selling point so be sure to include that in your slogan.
  • It should stand alone: Your slogan may work well in the context of a website or an ad. But it should also work on its own, with no explanation needed.
  • Consider your target audience: Your slogan should cater to your target audience. Come up with a phrase they can relate to.
  • Keep it classic: You may think it’s fun to include trendy words in your slogan. But if you go that route, the language you use may go out of style within months. It’s best to stick to something with a timeless appeal.

How to Write a Real Estate Slogan

Here are the steps to take in your slogan writing process.

  • Research slogans in your niche: Look at the slogans of other agents in your niche. You won’t want to copy their slogans, but they can make for great inspiration. We’ll have plenty of examples in this article.
  • Write Your mission, vision, and values statement: This will give you some direction for your slogan writing. You may even be able to condense them into your slogan.
  • Use a real estate slogan generator: An online real estate slogan generator may provide you with more terrific ideas.
  • Start writing: Don’t get self-conscious. Write as many slogans down as you can. The more you write, the more ideas you will get. Once you have a few ideas written down, consult with someone you can trust to determine the best of the bunch.

Real Estate Slogan Examples

Here are some real estate slogan examples that may inspire you.

brian moore headshot1. ‘Local Expertise. Global Connections.’

Brian Moore, Sotheby’s International Real Estate

This Sotheby realtor’s slogan boasts his British roots which bring a different flavor to the table while pointing out that he is also knowledgeable in local fields. it is short and concise. The fact that he uses two 2-word phrases with somewhat opposite connotations make it catchy and memorable.


sharon ross headshot2. ‘Rock Your Life’

Sharon Ross, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Sharon Ross stands out because she is a rock star turned agent. Once the bassist for the all-female heavy metal band Vixen, she decided to take time off from the band to pursue a real estate career. She chooses a slogan that reflects her rock n’ roll past but also brings a real estate connotation.


ryan serphant headshot3. ‘Sell it like Serhant’

Ryan Serhant, Licensed Real Estate Broker

Ryan Serhant’s slogan is fun and catchy, kind of a takeoff on Bend It Like Beckham, but not a direct copy. It works on various levels. In addition to showing the agent’s experience in selling, it also advertises his teaching services.


wendy cornell headshot4. ‘Ready to Sell? Call Wendi Cornell!’

Wendi Cornell, Licensed Real Estate Agent

These works well because it rhymes. We love the way it just rolls off the tongue. It’s short, it’s simple and it pretty much says it all.


compass5. ‘Let Us Guide You Home’

Compass Realty

Compass Realty’s slogan is a good one because it evokes emotion. It offers a sense of comfort and assurance. And it manages to do all that in just five simple words. It makes clients realize that they are looking for more than just a house, they are searching for their dream home. It’s also a reminder that you can put your trust in your Compass agent.


John-Castle Headshot6. ‘Strategy in Realty’

John Castle, Licensed Keller Williams Agent

Agent John Castle says it all in this near-rhyming slogan. He lets you know that he will be smart about helping you make real estate decisions. He uses just three short words to make you feel assured that when you work with him, you’ll be making a smart investment.


corcoran logo7. ‘Make Yourself at Home’

Corcoran Group, Real Estate Company

The Corcoran Group is the company headed by Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank fame. The slogan they use is assuring as it shows the group will find you a home. It’s also a well-known phrase which makes it easy to remember. Taking it outside of the usual context gives it an extra flare.


ernie carswell headshot8. ‘The Fine Art of Representing You’

Ernie Carswell, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Ernie Carswell is one of the most respected real estate agents in the business. His slogan reflects that. Real estate is a very personal experience and that comes across in these six words. It also adds an air of luxury which is perfectly in line with Ernie’s brand.


tomer headshot (1)9. ‘Exclusive. Sophisticated. Committed’

Tomer Fridman, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Tomer Fridman’s slogan may not be as catchy as some, but it sends his brand message. It tells potential clients about his exclusive representation, his luxury properties, and the hard work he’s willing to put in. The fact that he punctuates each word with a period makes for an even stronger brand message.


madison hildebrand headshot10. ‘The Malibu Life’

Madison Hildebrand, Licensed Luxury Real Estate Agent

Malibu is known as one of the most upscale communities in the country, and possibly throughout the world. Madison capitalizes on his representation of the area’s luxury properties by advertising it as a lifestyle. He pairs it with a clean and modern website that ensures everyone will want a piece.


sally forster jones headshot (1)11. ‘Elevating Luxury’

Sally Forster Jones, Licensed Luxury Real Estate Agent

This slogan gives you something to think about. Is elevating luxury used as an adjective to describe a type of luxury? Or is it a verb showing that Sally Forster can take luxury one step further? Either way, it’s working for her.


aaron kirman headshot12. ‘#1 Luxury Home Listing Agent on the West Coast’

Aaron Kirman, Licensed Real Estate Agent

So clearly Aaron Kirman’s slogan wasn’t mulled over for hours by marketing experts. But when you’ve achieved this level of real estate fame, you might as well make it your number one selling point. It truly does say it all.


jade mills headshot (1)13. ‘The 8 Billion Dollar Woman’

Jade Mills, Licensed Real Estate Agent

The Six Billion Dollar Man was a TV series in the 70’s that was made into a movie in 2020, so it resonates throughout generations. This is just part of what makes Jade Mills’ pun-like slogan so effective. It also shows that she made over $8 billion in sales. And if that’s not impressive, I’m not sure what is.


myra nourmand headshot14. ‘The First Lady of Beverly Hills Real Estate’

Myra Nourmand, Licensed Luxury Real Estate Agent

Myra Nourmand has chosen a slogan which gives her clout among the Beverly Hills elite. It shows she knows her stuff when it comes to Beverly Hills real estate. It’s cute, it’s sassy, and it advertises her as a leader in her field.


williams and williams (1)15. ‘We Don’t Follow Trends, We Set Them’

Williams & Williams, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Power real estate couple Branden and Rayni Romito Williams chose a slogan that allows them to stand out as thought leaders in the industry. They clearly set the tone for luxury. The slogan may not be real estate specific enough for an agent that’s starting out, but it works well for this husband-and-wife team who have already established a name for themselves.


boutique real estate group16. ‘Our Passion is People. What’s Yours?’

The Boutique Real Estate Group

This slogan is terrific because it shows a focus on the customer which is so important in real estate. It also starts a conversation. It helps this luxury group stand out as it adds a personal approach.


exit_logo17. ‘A Smart Move’

Exit Realty, Real Estate Company

Exit Realty chose a slogan that’s simple, to the point, and clever. it uses a double entendre as the word ‘move’ can be looked at as both as a strategic investment move and a move from property to property. The fact that it’s just three words means it will be easy to remember.


bond new york logo18. ‘Love Where You Live’

Bond New York, Real Estate Company

Bond New York’s slogan stands out because it’s highly relatable. Anyone who looks for a home knows what it’s like settling. Bond makes it clear that you won’t have to settle. They promise a terrific experience in what they have to offer.


bruno headshot19. ‘I’ll Sell Your Home Faster and For More Money’

Bruno Arapovic, Licensed Real Estate Agent

You gotta love Bruno Arapovic’s nerve with this one. He doesn’t play around. He tells you exactly what to hear and does it in less than ten words. He also shows a straightforward approach that many clients will appreciate.


cathy taub headshot20. ‘New York City by Cathy Taub’

Cathy Taub, Licensed Real Estate Agent

It’s a good idea to showcase the area you represent in your slogan, and if you represent New York City, it kind of speaks for itself. Cathy really let the city do the talking in this one. But she went a step further by owning it. It’s a very powerful message for those interested in NYC real estate.


heather mcmaster headshot21. ‘Live Your Life, I’ve Got This’

Heather McMaster, Licensed Real Estate Agent

The Corcoran Group’s Heather McMaster stands out for her own slogan. We all know how stressful finding a property can be. Heather explains that she will make it easy with the slogan she uses. Beyond sending a message, it’s cute and sassy.


the bonhert group logo22. ‘A Family Tradition Since 1983’

The Bonhert Group, Family Owned Real Estate Company

Mike Bonhert and his father Ed are co-owners of the Bonhert Group. Their slogan let’s people know it’s a family business. And when they use the word ‘tradition’ they make it clear that they stick to the morals of integrity, commitment, and experience.


coco tan logo23. ‘Your Neighbor, Your Realtor’

Coco Tan, Real Estate Company

It’s important for real estate agents to maintain a strong sense of community. That’s exactly what Coco does with her ‘Your neighbor, your realtor” slogan. She manages to maintain a personal connection despite her luxury image and impressive accomplishments.


Keller Williams24. ‘Start Your Next Story Here’

Keller Williams, Real Estate Brokerage

There are many reasons why Keller Williams is one of the most successful real estate agencies in the world. And part of it has to be their slogan. Start Your Story Here brings it down to a personal level. It also gives the home selling and buying process an air of excitement. It’s a great way to draw people in.


Coldwell-Banker-logo25. ‘Your Next Home is Here’

Coldwell Banker, Real Estate Brokerage

Coldwell Banker gives potential clients the assurance that they WILL find them a home. Their slogan also offers a sense of comfort. It’s short, to the point, and memorable.


elisabeth halstead headshot (1)26. ‘Move to What Moves You’

Halstead, Real Estate Brokerage

Elisabeth Halstead’s slogan makes real estate fun. It adds a sense of freedom to the process encouraging people to find homes they are happy with. The current slogan is part of a rebranding effort that included an update on the old slogan “Our agent of change will move you”. The last one was a good one, but this one is more to the point.


the brad korb group logo27. ‘Focused on What Matters to You’

The Brad Korb Real Estate Group

Brad Korb’s slogan puts the customer first. It establishes the company as caring about customer needs. With real estate being such a personal process, these six words really go a long way.


ikem headshot28. ‘My Efforts Will Not Be in Vain’

Ikem Chukumerije, Licensed Real Estate Agent

If there’s one thing Ikem’s slogan speaks, it’s determination. On top of promising to find you a home, he uses a very serious tone that represents his luxury niche and high level of professionalism. You know you will be getting white glove service all the way.


eklund gomes team logo29. ‘Over $20B in Transactions. And We’re Just Getting Started.’

Ekland Gomes, Licensed Real Estate Agent

The Ekland Gomes team slogan sends a message of motivation, excitement, and forward movement. It’s sassy, its humorous, and it wreaks of luxury. It says it all in less than 10 words.

Now that you have an idea of what it takes to make a terrific real estate slogan, you can create one that best represents your brand. What direction will you be taking it in?


homesmart logo30. ‘It’s A Smart Move With Homesmart!’

Homesmart, Real Estate Brokerage

This play on words is simple and re-works the name of the company to build brand trust and awareness. It also subtly let’s homeowners know that they are making the right decision while working with Homesmart.

It uses just 6 words to get the message across and makes for a slogan that can be transformed and altered over the years to include something similar.

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