Real Estate Company Names and How to Come Up with Them

Double,Exposure,Property,Management,Concept,Or,Homepage,Website,ConceptThere are various parts of your brand identity that make your company stand out, but your name may be the most important. It is the first thing a person will hear or see when they encounter your company. It plays a huge role in the first impression a potential client will get of your brand.

The right name will be memorable and tell them something about your company. The wrong name will make you fade into the background.

The question is, how do you come up with a great name for your real estate brand? How do you keep it to the point while conveying a sense of power? This article will provide suggestions that will set you in the right direction.


What are Good Real Estate Company Names?

The first thing to do when coming up with a name is to think of the type of real estate company you want to be and the image you would like to convey. Do you want to come across as being everyone’s favorite neighborhood realtor? Or would you rather project an image of power?

Once you determine your image, you can start brainstorming the names that are right for you.

For instance, the Fortune Team, or Rise Real Estate is perfect for a luxury brand. Picket Fence or Blue Sky Realty gives more a neighborhood-y vibe. Closers Group Real Estate shows you have what it takes to get the job done.

Use a Name Generator

Real,Estate,Agent,Holding,House,Key,On,House,Shaped,KeyringIf you are having trouble coming up with ideas for your brand name, you can try using a real estate company name generator. There are several of these available online.

Sure, there is something to be said for being completely unique, and you may not love the names the generator comes up with, but they can help inspire you. And the more ideas you have the better.

Use a Professional Naming Firm

If you’re really stuck, you may want to hire a professional naming firm. Hiring the firm will be an added expense, but it may be worth it if they can come up with a name that brings you closer to success.

Avoid Founder Names

If you look at top real estate firms, you will find that many are named for their founder.

Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, and Berkshire Hathaway are all perfect examples.

But today we are seeing disruptor names that stand out such as Zillow, B6, and Redfin. These convey a sense of boldness and transparency giving them a modern edge. They are great inspiration for your naming endeavors.

Try Nature Terms, Word Pairs and Alliteration

Alliteration is a method of using two words with the same beginning letter in your brand name. Examples include Rockin’ Realty or Cozy Corners. This strategy can give your moniker an edge, but it has been done a lot in the past.

Nature is currently trending. Using nature terms in your name is a good way to give your company a rustic feel. It will be especially effective if you pair it with a non-nature term. Realty Tree is a good example.

Word pairs are another effective strategy. Hearth and Home, Brick and Mortar, and Pride and Joy are all good word pair examples.

Consider SEO and SearchabilityReal,Estate,Agent,With,Client,Or,Architect,Team,Discussing,Project

Incorporating SEO into your company name can be challenging. After all, search terms tend to be generic, and company names shouldn’t be. But you may be able to find the right mix of the two.

For example, if you sell real estate in Chicago, you can call your company Chicago Real Estate. The name won’t stand out, but your website may come up if someone searches the term online.

Think of Your Brand Story

A brand story is what makes your company stand out from its competitors. For example, a lot of people sell real estate because it’s an easy industry to get into, it offers flexible hours, and it’s a lucrative career move.

But maybe you got into real estate for a different reason. Maybe you come from a family of realtors. Or maybe you have been involved in the community in other ways for a while and decided to branch out into real estate. This is the type of unique story that will set you apart.

But no one will know your story if you don’t tell it. It’s great if you can include it in your blogs and websites. It’s even better if you can integrate it into your brand name. So make every effort to do so.

Do Some Beta Testing

Once you have come up with a few names you like, do some beta testing on a wide group of diverse people. Tell them a few of the name you are thinking of and see how they react. You may be surprised by their feedback. You may even end up going with a name that wasn’t your original favorite.

Avoid Puns and Trends

Buy,House,In,Real,Estate,Agency,,Search,Property,Online,ByIt’s important not to name your real estate company for anything that is currently trending. For instance, today all the kids are using the term ‘YAAASSS’.

You may think that naming your company YAAASSS Real Estate will give it an edgy vibe. But the truth is, you will be dating yourself. After a few years, the expression will no longer be trendy, and you’ll be stuck with a name that is ‘so last year’.

Puns and clichés should also be avoided. Sure, you may find them hilarious, but not everyone will. And after a while, the humor may just get played out.

Say the Name Aloud

In this technologically based world, we are used to see things spelled out on a computer screen. But keep in mind, the name of your company will be spoken aloud. So, it better have a nice ring to it.

In addition to saying the name aloud a few times at home, you should also write it down on a card for your friends and colleagues to read aloud. This will be the real test of how easy it is to pronounce and how it sounds flowing off the tongue.

Consider Using an Acronym

It’s best to keep business names short and catchy. But if you are unable to do so, an acronym may be a good alternative.

For example, you may have a few business partners who all want their name included in the company name. Instead of calling the company Smith, Jones, and Davidson Real Estate, go with SJD Real Estate. It’s much catchier!

Think of Your Target Audience

When choosing a name, keep your target audience in mind. One surefire way to please your target audience is to use your geographic farm area. So if you sell homes in Chicago, you may consider calling your company Windy City Real Estate.

You must also consider the sensibilities of your target audience. Do you usually sell to first time homebuying millennials? Or an older luxury crowd? The name you choose should cater to the tastes of the people you sell to.

Choose a Name That Will Scale with Your Business

While it’s good to find a business name that suits your target audience, you won’t want to pigeon-hole yourself either. In time, you may choose to grow your business, so it reaches more areas and a wider customer base. Your company name should be generic enough that it allows you to grow.

Keep ThinkingProfessional,Real,Estate,Agent,Shows,Bright,New,Apartment,To,A

Brainstorming for the right name may be an ongoing process. You may not come up with the perfect name in one afternoon. You may need days or even weeks to find the right name.

During your journey, try brainstorming in different environments. Brainstorm during the day and during the night. Brainstorm indoors and outdoors.

The various atmospheres will change your state of mind causing you to be creative in different ways. Who knows what you might come up with?

Write all your ideas down so you can contemplate them at a later date.

Shorter is Better

A one-word name is memorable. Two words are easy on the memory as well. But once you start getting into three words or more, it can be hard to retain all that information.

It can be challenging to come up with a short name that sends a strong brand message, but it’s advisable to keep the name as brief as possible. Use an acronym if necessary.

Stand Out from Your Competitors

Business,Property,real,Estate,And,Investment,Concepts,With,Investor,And,WhiteWhen looking for a name, look at your competitors for inspiration. But avoid copying them. Use their ideas to come up with something unique.

Make Sure No One Else Has Your Company Name

You may have found a name you are happy with… but don’t get too attached. First you must make sure no one else has it. If you are using a name another real estate business has, you could get sued.

Keep in mind that you only run the risk of infringing on copyrights of other real estate companies. So if you call your company Unicorn Real Estate, and there’s a clothing company called Unicorn, it shouldn’t be a problem. It would only be an issue if the trademark you are requesting is particularly unique.

There are various ways to check if the name you are thinking of using is taken. These include:

  • Quick Screening Search: Type the name you are thinking of using into your favorite search engines to find out if any businesses come up.
  • Fictitious Name Databases: Check with your county clerk’s office to see if the name is on the list of fictitious, doing business as (DBA), or assumed business names in the county. The list will include unregistered trademarks and other names you won’t find in other databases.
  • Corporation, LLC and Limited Partnership Name Databases: If you are creating your business as a corporation, you must make sure the name isn’t used by any other corporations, LLCs, or limited partnerships. You can contact your state filing office to find out how to search their name database and determine if another company has your desired name.

Claim Your Domain and Social Media Accounts and Start Building Your Website

Female,Real,Estate,Agent,Offer,Home,Ownership,And,Life,InsuranceThink you’ve overcome the biggest hurdle by finding a unique name? Now you will have to find a domain name and a name for your social media accounts.

A domain name does not need to be the same as your business name. In fact, in some cases, your business name may be taken as a domain by another company or individual making it impossible to use the same name.

The domain name you choose should be short, ideally seven characters or less. It can contain numbers but no hyphens. And while .com is the most popular domain extension, you can also switch things up with a .net or .org.

There are even companies that are changing it up with extensions like .diamonds and .pizza.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind when creating a domain.

  • Make sure your name is memorable.
  • Use a domain name generator for inspiration.
  • Add action words to your brand name.
  • Make your domain sound like a professional brand.
  • Avoid using funky spelling.

Once you choose a domain name, create your website and set up your hosting as soon as possible. You don’t have to add your designs right away. A simple ‘coming soon’ will stake claim to your domain so no one else can take it.

You may also encounter issues on social media. A lot of people start social media accounts and abandon them increasing the chances that someone may have created one with a business name similar to yours, even if they never used the account or are no longer active on it.

You can typically alter the name of your social media accounts easily enough by adding words, using abbreviations, and so on. You are bound to find something unique.

A company name is one of your most important, if not your most important, marketing assets. Think carefully to come up with one that’s right for you. Here’s hoping you make a unique choice that represents what your brand is about.


90 Real Estate Company Names

Now that you know what it takes to successfully name your real estate company, here are 90 real estate company name ideas to help get the creative ball rolling. Please note that these are just ideas we came up with, so some might be real companies! If none of these inspire you, use a real estate company name generator to come up with something unique!

Divine NooksClosers Group Real EstateBarrow Street Realty
Jasper RealtyBlue Slate RealtyNestled Real Estate
Cottonwood Real EstateKeystone Group Real EstateCorsair Real Estate
Five Star Real PropertyBottom Line RealtyStellar Property Advisors
Sovereign RealtyAcuta Real EstateBrick Lane Realty
Platinum Property AdvisorsBroadleaf HomesCitadel Partners Realty
Full Circle Real EstateFlow Group Real EstateShipley Real Estate
Sunstone Property AdvisorsHerringbone RealtyHaven Group Real Estate
Seamless Property AdvisorsBlack Oak Real EstateSilverbell Realty
Partisan Realty AdvisorsThe Viola GroupGreen Lawn Real Estate
Zenith EstatesBeacon HomesBig Bags Realty
Fox Run Real EstateRise Real EstateDream Homes Real Estate
Lighthouse Group Real EstateStrive Partners RealtyGold Experience Realty
Summit PropertiesCarpe Diem RealtyPioneer Real Estate Services
Titan Real EstateMagnolia Group Real EstateDigital Realty
Catbird EstatesLandmark Realty GroupWestfall Real Estate
Olive Tree RealtyCobblestone Realty PartnersLamplighters Realty
Devoe PartnersHome & Hearth RealtyCorsair Real Estate
Champion Real Estate AdvisorsCardinal Real EstateGood Life Luxury Real Estate
Equinox Realty AdvisorsFirebird RealtyBond & Main Real Estate Group
Lark HomesPicket Fence Real EstateKnight Real Estate Company
Nova Group Real EstateGranite RealtyGolden Meadows Property Group
Equinox Partners Real PropertyBold Real EstateOrchard Street Properties
Axis Group Real EstateFinders Group Realty LATwelve Rivers Realty
Apogee Property AdvisorsWeathervane Group RealtyAlly Real Estate Group
Golden Meadows Property GroupAgile Real Estate GroupLarkspur Partners Realty
Red Coral RealtyExcelsior Real EstatePagoda Partners Realty
Anchor Group Real EstateRed Coral RealtyLamplighters Realty
Pilot Property GroupEye-catching Real EstateFinders Group Realty LA
Summerwood GroupSunstone Property AdvisorsFound Property Group
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