The 8 Best Real Estate Auto Dialers (2024 Updated!)

Jim Gray, Lead Generation Expert12/29/2023

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It’s no secret that phone calls are a big part of a real estate agent’s lead generation strategy. An agent’s job will be a lot easier if they have a phone dialer. Dialers have various features depending on the provider, but most will offer quality leads. They can help an agent make 30-80 calls an hour. So which dialer is best? We evaluated dozens of real estate dialer companies before deciding on the best of the best.

Our top picks are based on their efficiency, number of calls produced, script practice, and your generated lead pipeline. Here are the best real estate dialers proven to help you take your business to the next level.

The 8 Best Real Estate Dialers

Best Real Estate Dialer: Happy Grasshopper


Top Features

: Ringless voicemail drops
Starting at $$

Why We Chose ItHappy Grasshopper helps you keep track of follow-up with past clients while maintaining your relationships for future deals. It provides a range of communication tools for you to stay in touch with contacts, including an automated email marketing system, text services, ringless voicemail drops, and even handwritten letter services for those looking for a personal touch.

Happy Grasshopper ensures that your messaging and marketing strategies emulate your own voice. While you can still enjoy email automation, you’ll have the customization options to tailor your messages to your liking. There’s a P.S. line for you to include a personal message, a CTA, or links to blog posts and company updates.

Their strategy is all about drip marketing. Rather than continuously sending listings and check-ins, you’re sending clients content that’s relevant to their life. That doesn’t mean you’ll lack opportunities to promote yourself, but it does mean you’ll build and maintain relationships with clients even when they aren’t interested in buying or selling. It helps you stay up to date with your clients’ changing lives so that you’re at the forefront when their plans for building or selling their home change.

One of my favorite parts is the team will help you if you get stuck – you can either upload yourself, or send them to the Happy Grasshopper team to do it for you. The dashboard functionality is also helpful for viewing reports, tracking your performance, and getting an idea of what to change for the next campaign.

Happy Grasshopper is a solid platform for sending content and monitoring results. It’s worth investigating, but it’s likely it will work well with whatever systems you’re using for lead generation, capture, and nurturing.

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Happy Grasshopper Pros
  • Works well with other tools
  • Affordable fast results
  • Dedicated account manager
Happy Grasshopper Cons
  • Limited to direct marketing
  • Not an alternative to lead generation
  • Often have a 7-day backlog to start new projects
Starting at $$

Best for FSBO/Investor Leads: Espresso Agent


Top Features

: Neighborhood Search Data feature brings in up to 750 new contacts a month
Starting at $

Why we chose it: Espresso Agent provides lead generation software that allows you to connect with motivated sellers. It offers data accuracy, a real CRM that lets you run advanced searches to target leads, a video email program that allows you to store and send emails to forge a deeper connection, and a dialer built natively into the CRM. It claims to offer the most cell phone numbers on the market. 

The system connects you with quality leads including FSBO, FRBO, expired listings, real estate farming, and pre-foreclosure leads. It is easy to use and provides a variety of features that will keep you moving your prospects down the funnel. You can import and export your database and use management tools to keep your leads organized. Price: $179+/month

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Espresso Agent Pros
  • Good software
  • Easy to use
  • Offers coaching that keeps you motivated to keep dialing
Espresso Agent Cons
  • Exporting contacts is difficult
  • Hard to figure out how the neighborhood search feature works
Starting at $

Best for Call Recording: Kixie


Top Features

: Comes with live-call coaching and a multi-line PowerDialer
Starting at $$

Why we chose it: Kixie offers a PowerCall Dialer so you can spend more time selling and less time on administrative tasks. It has a contact center that includes call tracking tools and advanced inbound routing to voicemail. Its Business SMS feature allows you to automate testing, so you save hours of time every day. 

The platform claims to help you have more meaningful conversations. You can place a call to your leads with a single click. The multi-device simultaneous ring ensures you never miss a call. 

A free trial is available without a credit card. 

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Kixie Pros
  • Good customer service
  • Easy interface
  • Voicemail drop and templated texts provide a good local presence
Kixie Cons
  • Call quality varies
  • App can crash
Starting at $$

Best Dialer on a Budget: Mojo


Top Features

: Live answer detection means no lead goes untouched
Starting at $$

Why we chose it: Mojo advertises itself as the ultimate prospecting tool. Its copper-based technology provides high call quality. It offers easy access to the most popular sales-calling logic via its easy calling modes and advanced calling filters. It offers a semi-manual list and nurture dialing. 

The system gives you complete control over your calling behavior. You can choose who you are calling and when. It also has a new Neighborhood Search feature that allows you to dial in your circle prospecting with new enhanced data. Price: $99+/month

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Mojo Pros
  • Good value
  • CRM is effective in helping you keep track of leads
  • Ease of use
Mojo Cons
  • Dialer sometimes goes down on the weekend when there is no customer service to offer assistance
  • A lot of contacts are wrong numbers
Starting at $$

Best for Solo Agents: Prospect Boss


Top Features

: Leave ringless messages without having to interrupt prospects
Starting at $

Why we chose it: Prospect Boss is a web-based lead generation solution for small businesses. It offers Call Strike Technology that filters out busy signals, disconnected numbers, and no answer numbers. It queues up interested buyers and sellers so you can talk to them in succession. 

The platform allows you to create automated follow ups so you can contact prospects via phone, SMS, video messaging, ringless voicemail, and email. Its Hot List feature helps you keep track of leads you recently communicated with. It offers features like CRM dialer, neighborhood search, sales data list, mobile number data, and ringless messaging. 

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Prospect Boss Pros
  • CRM is effective in helping you keep track of leads
  • Good value
Prospect Boss Cons
  • Dialer sometimes goes down on the weekend when there is no customer service to offer assistance
  • Some contact have wrong numbers
Starting at $

Best All-In-One Solution: Ricochet 360


Top Features

: Makes sure your calls aren't flagged as spam
Starting at $$

Why we chose it: Ricochet 360 offers an all-in-one dialer, a CRM and a marketing automation system. The company claims its auto dialer is the fastest and most predictive commercially available. The CRM captures leads and helps you keep track of them. The marketing automation allows you to automate campaigns and increase conversion rates. 

The platform also has a spam guru feature that identifies the likeness of your numbers being flagged as spam and prevents it from occurring. It seamlessly integrates with your favorite tools so you can get more done. Free demos are available.

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Ricochet 360 Pros
  • Helps close sales
  • Free demo available
Ricochet 360 Cons
  • Pricey compared to other dialers
  • Algorithm can get thrown off easily
Starting at $$

Best for Quality Seller Leads: Vulcan 7


Top Features

: Neighborhood search tool allows you to target leads from any neighborhood you want
Starting at $$

Why we chose it: Vulcan 7 promises to offer the best expired, FSBO, FRBO, investor leads, and neighborhood search data in the industry. It has a CRM with dialer features and various integrations. It includes StoryTellr, an email marketing service that focuses on video content. 

The platform focuses on expired listings and FSBO leads. You can access an unlimited number of areas to dial for these leads which you can look up based on city, zip code, or MLS area. You can also contact expired listings from a year or two ago or more. 

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Vulcan 7 Pros
  • Comes with StoryTellr feature
  • Quality integrations
Vulcan 7 Cons
  • Single line dialer only
  • Expensive
Starting at $$

Best for Expired Listings: RedX


Top Features

: Allows you to connect with twice as many sellers to make the hours you spend prospecting count
Starting at $

Why we chose it: RedX is so named after the RedX that often signifies expired listings on the MLS. In addition to expired leads, it also offers FSBOs, FRBOs, pre-foreclosures, and farming. The dialer will help you get through your list quickly. 

Leads are stored in the platform’s Vortext Lead management system so you can make notes on the leads you are calling. It has a premium feature called Onyx that provides email addresses for your leads so you can do email follow-ups. It’s intuitive and user friendly. 

RedX reviews are also really solid. Many agents say they were pleasantly surprised by the speed and professionalism they were able to capture by using the dialing service.

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RedX Pros
  • Easy to use interface
  • Access to emails with the Onyx service
  • Vortex lead manager is an effective tool
RedX Cons
  • Lack of direct integrations
  • Must sift through bad leads to find the quality leads
Starting at $

Happy,Millennial,Caucasian,Female,Student,In,Headphones,Look,At,LaptopOther Quality Multi Dialers

The dialers listed above come highly recommended. But there are other high quality platforms you can use which are not specific to the real estate industry. They include: 

  • ArchAgent
  • Virtudial
  • CalBub
  • Phoneburner
  • Five9
  • Leadsrain

What are the Different Types of Auto Dialers?

Beautiful,Smiling,Woman,With,Headphones,Using,Computer,While,Counseling,AtThere are various types of auto dialers. The most common are power dialers and predictive dialers. Here is a summary of what each has to offer. 

Predictive Dialers 

Predictive dialers are ones that call people automatically and then put them on hold if an agent isn’t available. It is predictive in that it predicts the volume the sales agents will be able to handle based on the number of agents available and the conversion rate. It is often used in lower budget campaigns like political canvassing. It is rarely used in real estate as it does not provide a good customer experience. 

None of the dialers listed above are predictive dialers. 

Power Dialers

Business,Person,Reading,Emails,On,Smartphone,And,Laptop,Computer,ScreenAlso called progressive dialers, power dialers will only call agents when someone is ready to take the call. It dials off a specific list and agents wait for the prospect to pick up. If the client does not pick up, the system can send a pre-recorded message to its answering machine. 

Single Line vs. Multi-Line Dialers

Dialers can further be broken down into single line or multi-line. Multi-line dialers will call several prospects at once and connect you to the first that answers. The other lines will be disconnected while you engage with your live prospect. 

Multi-line dialers allow you to make more calls and spend more time engaging and less time waiting for someone to pick up the phone. 

Lists or Dialers

Businessman,In,Office,Talking,On,PhoneMany dialers partner with list companies who will resell their lists to dialers. They usually consist of expired listings, FSBOs, tenants, landlords, and so on. However, these lists are hard to make, and they are often inaccurate. 

Dialing is a numbers game that relies on the theory, “if you knock on enough doors, one will open.” Therefore, you need more than just a list. You need dialing capabilities. If your dialing service is simply offering you a list, note that you can get lists alone from less expensive services. 

One of the best examples of this is Landvoice and RedX. Landvoice was founded by a former RedX partner. It is a lead service and not a dialer. If you would like to use Landvoice, it will be most effective if you combine it with RedX or one of the other platforms listed above. 

Built-in Dialers

Happy,Bearded,African,Businessman,Using,Phone,While,Sitting,On,SofaBuilt-in dialers are essentially CRMs with dialers or phone call abilities built in. LionDesk is a good example. While the platform allows you to call directly from your CRM, it does not have the versatility of many of the third-party dialers listed in this article. 

The dialers will help you keep in touch with your data base and move them down the funnel. But they tend to be inaccurate and will not be very useful if you are dialing and prospecting potential clients. 

What to Look for in a Dialer?

So what features should you be looking for in a dialer? Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Usability: One of the most important dialer features is usability. The system should be easy to use so you can enjoy optimal functionality. 
  • Integrations: The real estate dialer should integrate well with your existing CRM as well as other tools you use. 
  • Compliance: Compliance is essential in the real estate business. It’s advisable to find a dialer that offers a Do Not Call list and other Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules and regulations that will flag numbers on the list for you. 
  • SMS Texting: SMS texting will allow you to text prospects instead of leaving a voicemail. Texts are typically more noticeable and will, therefore, yield a higher conversion rate. 
  • Call Recording: This feature will give you the option of recording calls which can be helpful for employee training and for legal and customer service issues. 
  • CRM and Lead Management: Some real estate dialers will integrate with your CRM system while others will have their own backend. 
  • Lists: Some dialers have their own lists while others require you to purchase a list that you can use with your system. 
  • Landline Calling: Certain dialers have copper lines that offer superior clarity and connectivity as compared to VOIPs. 
  • Pre-Recorded Voicemails: Dialers with pre-recorded voicemails will allow you to leave voicemails for callers that don’t pick up. 
  • Caller ID: Prospects are more likely to answer a call coming in from their area codes. Some dialers will allow you to set your area code, so it matches the area code of your prospect. This is an effective tool for agents that call across multiple area codes. 
  • Email Marketing: Following up calls with emails can make your marketing efforts more effective. Some dialers will provide you with email lists as well as email marketing tools that will help you make more effective connections. 

The Importance of a Good Script

Woman,Using,Her,Mobile,Phone,In,The,Street,,Night,LightYour dialing efforts will not mean much unless you have an effective script. It’s advisable to create different scripts that are customized to the clients needs. For example, you will want to create different scripts for expired prospects, FSBO prospects, FRBO prospects and more. You should also create objection scripts that you can consult when people are finding reason not to use your service. 

When creating scripts, do you’re best to demonstrate the value you offer to the prospects you are addressing. And while it’s important to have a script available, it’s advisable not to follow it too closely for the risk of sounding robotic. 

Dialers can be a beneficial tool in your lead generation process. But it’s essential to find a quality dialer that’s best suited to your business needs. The dialers on this list are recommended for providing optimal service and superior results. Which will you be adding to your technology suite? 

Advice from the Pros

jim gray headshot“During my time working in the real estate industry, I had a firsthand experience that highlighted the significant impact of using real estate dialers. It was a busy period, and I was tasked with reaching out to potential leads and setting up appointments for property viewings. Initially, I relied on traditional manual dialing, which consumed a significant amount of time and energy.

Feeling overwhelmed and realizing the need for a more efficient approach, I decided to give a real estate dialer a try. The difference was remarkable. With just a few clicks, the dialer swiftly connected me with potential clients, eliminating the need for manual dialing and saving me precious hours each day.

The dialer’s advanced features, such as call recording and automatic voicemail drop, proved invaluable in streamlining my workflow. I could easily track conversations, take notes, and refer back to important details for each lead, enabling me to provide personalized and informed follow-ups. This level of organization greatly enhanced my productivity and allowed me to establish stronger connections with potential clients.

Moreover, the real estate dialer’s ability to automate certain tasks, such as call logging and lead management, further improved my efficiency. I could focus my attention on building relationships and nurturing leads rather than getting bogged down by administrative tasks.

Ultimately, the real estate dialer became an indispensable tool in my daily operations. Its convenience, time-saving capabilities, and organization features not only enhanced my productivity but also contributed to an overall improvement in my success rate. This personal anecdote underscored the importance of leveraging real estate dialers in a competitive industry where every minute and every connection counts.”


About the Author

Jim Gray got licensed in 2013 and sold 57 houses in his first year. Over the next 6 1/2 years he went on to sell 437 homes with a small team. He went on to manage the lead generation department of the 13th largest expansion team at Keller Williams and designed lead generation and conversion systems for 60 agents in 7 locations in 4 states that drove 600 home sales in a 2 year period. Jim currently does real estate team development and coaching for some of the largest real estate teams in the country.

Last Updated: 12/29/2023