Agent Image Review: Prices, Features, Reviews, and Alternatives

Screen Shot 2023-12-07 at 1.56.54 PMYour brand and website design can make or break your business. That’s why we wanted to take a look into one company in particular that some of the biggest agencies currently trust with their business.

We want to explore what their scope of work is for all agencies, and whether or not they would be right for you and your brand at any level, not just the top. 

We’re talking about Agent Image. Their client lists include: The Altman Brothers, The Oppenheim Group, The Agency, and several more. 

We’re going to cover their top features, pros, cons, who they would be good for and who… not so much. 

I will let the cat out of the bag, and just say I really like their designs. I like that they seem accessible to not just the top agencies, but for agencies big and small.   

Quick summary of Agent Image

The competition is remarkable in the real estate industry. Sure you can have anyone design a great website for you, BUT will they have an insight into what your competition is doing and how to make you stand out? Likely no. 

Agent Image is leading the charge in website design specifically for agents. They know what you will need as your company grows and how to create an image for you that aligns with your overall business.  

Overall, they want to make sure your site is searchable, has unique content and copy, and the ultimate goal – generate leads. They have the tools to make it happen!

  • SEO Optimization Packages
  • Digital Marketing Packages
  • IDX options
  • And more…

After doing my research, the biggest perk is how highly customizable all options are for your brand and budget. If you’re ready to level up your web presence and grow your business, stick around and see if Agent Image is right for you. 

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agent image3

Agent Image features

Marketing is your bread and butter in Real Estate, and image is everything. Your website has to tell your unique story as an agent, what you can do for your client, and display your properties in an engaging way. 

As I was researching website design companies, in my opinion, Agent Image stood out from the rest for several reasons. 

Let’s take a look at some of their features that impressed me to see if you feel the same!

Highly Customizable for Your Brand 

This is the biggest feature that can set you apart in a crowded market. If I’ve learned anything in marketing… you’re not selling the product, you’re selling you. Your image has to jump off the page in every aspect.

Are you a brokerage with a large sales team working together to close on luxury homes? Are you an agent specializing in lakefront destination properties? Perhaps, you’re an agent specializing in suburban homes for families? 

Your website needs to convey your specialty at a glance – they can do it. They have clients on all ends of the spectrum and know how to elevate their websites into a more specific design that suits your brand.

Why it’s useful: I feel like this goes without saying, but just in case, your brand is what establishes you as an agent that stands out. Your clients will come looking for you, and will know that you are the one for them if you market yourself accurately to what you bring to the table. That means, the clients coming to you are more than likely clients you can help right out of the gate. All of this means – more deals, faster.

You Own Your Own Website 

agent image4This is a big deal in that you don’t have to have all of the answers upfront as you get started building your website. 

Don’t get me wrong, you should have most of your branding and website needs delineated clearly, but the market is always changing. So will your website to keep up with market trends. 

The fact that you will own your website is not common from what I have found. Unless you hire a freelance web designer, which I don’t recommend, mainly because there is huge benefit in having a team specialized in real estate to establish your brand. 

Why it’s useful: You might need to rebrand in a couple of years, need to add landing pages, open a new office, need more integrations, etc. Having the ability to control your website at your convenience is key. 

They Offer SEO Packages

I actually like that they offer different packages at different price points to help you grow your business. This is where Agent Image truly sets themselves apart for me… 

It’s one thing to have a beautifully designed website, and another that actually works for you. 

You have the option to focus in your local community to become the top agent locally, or go big and get a more aggressive SEO package to boost your searchability. 

Why it’s useful: Having SEO built-in to your website means that your business is growing and is doing the marketing for you. You will be more likely to be at the top of the search engine, which leads to more clicks and leads naturally. 

They also design IDX websites

agent image5As much as you’re selling yourself and what you offer, you have to show what kind of properties are available. 

There has been a big shift in the market of buyers going to sites like Zillow first. Why? Because they want to see what’s available, and then contact the agent. 

The glitch is not all properties are up to date on Zillow, and with an IDX website your MLS listing will be imported and updated directly to your website. 

With an IDX website you can also generate leads when visitors fill out the form of interest. Your website once again, will be working for you. 

Why it’s useful: Short and simple, this is a time saver. Clients are in the business of buying property, and you have to show them what’s available. At least get them intrigued enough to pick up the phone! 

Social Media is a Powerful Tool

Is there a business out there that doesn’t utilize social media to some degree? Small markets, big markets, and everything in between uses social media to establish a connection with their community. 

It can be tricky, the algorithms change and content creation can be a pain. But, I personally love that Agent Image offers packages that can take that off of your already full plate as an agent. 

The sky’s the limit with social media, and can be overwhelming. Agent Image will help you clarify your goals, target your audience, and help you create a manageable calendar.  

Why it’s useful: So many reasons! Most importantly, social media is a great way to stay present in the minds of potential clients. You can create immense growth for your business in generating leads and developing relationships, trust with your clients through a well crafted social media marketing plan from a company who thoroughly understands your business.

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Agent Image pricing

As you can imagine it’s tricky to quote a price on the site without fully understanding what your needs, wants, and budget goals are first. 

At first, I couldn’t find any pricing on their site, so I tried to kind of guess at what I would be in need of now… 

I was prompted in a very simple straightforward manner to get a quote, which was reassuring that I was going to get a quote that fit my needs.   

I wanted to get a range of numbers though for agents just getting started to the largest teams, and decided to call directly. The customer service response was incredible! Seriously, above and beyond. So rare these days!

Once I got the numbers I was actually quite surprised at the affordability of some of their pricing, especially after seeing the quality of their web design, features, and caliber of previous clients. 

Without further ado…

  • Agent Image X – Their entry level website for solo agents who need a solid site that “gets the job done” – Starts at $1499  
    • Key features are that it is IDX compatible and SEO ready. 
  • Agent Pro – For an agent who needs a website quickly and expects to grow, but doesn’t need extra customization – Starts at $2999
    • SEO ready, IDX compatible, Social Media ready, unlimited pages, and more
  • Semi-Custom – For teams who want to lead their branding with more unique design custom to their brand – Starts at $5999
    • Custom integrations for branding, pre-written content, contact forms with custom auto-responders, and more. 
  • Imagine Studio – For brokerages, agents, and teams who are leading the market in their area – Starts at $10,999
    • A dedicated strategist to oversee every aspect of your design, branding, and build
  • True Custom – Built to spec to suit all of your specific needs – Quote given on request

agent image 6

Biggest pros

I genuinely believe your website is your calling card as an agent. This is where you can truly set yourself apart, and I found several reasons why choosing Agent Image would be the right way to go. 

Let’s see if these pros would work for you too.  

Digital Marketing

This is a big one for me. It’s a whole other beast of marketing that is so specialized in order to achieve real growth, engagement, and lead generation. When utilized effectively it can make your business soar. 

So for them to have packages that will align with your brand and direct potential clients back to your website is a major bonus. I think if you’re in a larger market, it’s a no brainer, have to have it. 

Even more so if you’re working in a smaller market… smaller markets tend to have a stronger sense of community and you want to be an established agent in your market staying active in the lives of your community.  

Polished and Professional Site Design with Market Trends

After looking at their “before and after” site makeovers, I was deeply impressed. A picture says a million words, right? It’s true. Immediately when I saw the upgrade in design, I understood the impact in conversion for potential clients visiting the site. 

With a more professional and thoughtful image, you by nature seem more professional. You have more instant trust with your client that you are a serious agent, who knows your market better than anyone else.   

Otherwise, it looks like you slapped some photos on a site and don’t really care – Especially if you have a dated site. That’s just not someone I would trust with hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions for that matter. 

Screen Shot 2023-12-07 at 2.07.53 PM

Customer Service

This really was a big pro in my eyes. Website design, especially in real estate, is very complicated and ever evolving with market trends. As agents, we’re experts in our markets, sales, and client relations. Those should be our top three priorities. It’s a huge relief to have a support team to help you get your biggest marketing tool optimized for maximum client growth potential. 

Speaking with them did not feel like a sales call, they wanted to genuinely help give answers and provide support. You could see the benefit in having that kind of care in your back pocket if you run into a glitch, or need an update, or want a team who truly understands your unique brand. 

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Biggest cons

This may be the most glowing product review I have written… so as you can imagine, I didn’t come across too many cons. But definitely always some things to consider when selecting your website design company.  

Potentially not ready for a fully operational website yet.   

This is a highly professional team working with some of the top agencies known in the US and beyond. If you are getting started in the business and have a lot of upfront costs while you are getting your feet wet in the business,  it’s an okay option to use what you can until you can get a full branding package for your site. No shame in that game. 

IDX separate   

Their IDX packages are separate from their website pricing. So while all of their websites are built IDX compatible it is an addition to have the integration. Perhaps you have a CRM system that makes this obsolete, and it does add to the customization component. It’s just a factor of deciding when and if this would be best for you to incorporate now or later. 

Who is Agent Image best for?

Let’s see if you fall in a category of agent that would benefit most from using Agent Image…  

Solo agents who are looking to individualize themselves in the market.

Perhaps you’ve been in the business a couple of years, and now you have a great roster of clients with a few houses listed and ready for the market. Now is the time to start building your unique brand. 

This is how you will get your referrals coming in and former clients can send people to your website for you. Not only that if you add in social media… your individual business could grow exponentially.   

Teams in large markets looking to keep up with trends.

Agent Image has a long list of top agencies as clients including, The Oppenheim Group, The Agency, and several more. 

Their websites have to cover a lot of ground in order to brand their teams leading the trends in a global market. If you’re wanting to grow quickly and appeal to more luxury clientele, there is no question your site has to compare. 

Agent Image has a proven record of success in this niche, so choosing them to help you both stay competitive and remain unique is probably a good choice for you.  

Agencies that need a rebrand/update.

Perhaps you’ve been in business for a while, and are truly successful with a steady trajectory of revenue. But maybe you also haven’t touched your website for 5 years… it’s time for an upgrade. 

A dated website regardless of reputation can deter incoming clients, and this is entirely avoidable with Agent Image.

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Who’s it not good for?

While their customization options make Agent Image a company suited for most agents there are a couple of you who may not be ready for a website overhaul.  

Agents getting started.

I’ve touched on this a bit earlier, but it bears repeating. If you’re an agent just getting started funneling your money into CRM programs, lead gen, etc. a “good enough” website is perfectly fine. In fact, while you’re learning the business, you’re developing your brand. 

Right now, probably wouldn’t be the time to invest in a branded website, not until you have more of an understanding of who your clientele is and what your niche market will look like.  

Smaller teams.

While they certainly have options to accommodate smaller teams, I can see the benefit of having a more cost effective site for the agency as a whole. If you plan to grow your agency then by all means, Agent Image is a great option. However, if you intend to keep your team as is, you may benefit from having individual agent websites. 

Teams needing integration with their CRM.

While Agent Image websites are IDX compatible they do not seem to have a lot of options for integrations with CRM programs. This could be frustrating for some agents who are getting a ton of leads in and can’t keep up with the demand.

What other users say

From what I have found there is an overwhelming amount of support in testimonials for Agent Image from well known agents. I don’t know about you, but people don’t mess around when there is both reputation and big money involved. I refer to their client testimonials and their list of clients pictured below:

agent image

These are some of the top closers, and several have made live video testimonials. I tend to trust that, but also when you look at their websites… The proof is really in the pudding. 

With that being said, they have a 3.8 star review on Yelp, which is pretty typical across the board for website design companies. 

The large majority with 5 star reviews, and some with 1 star reviews. Here’s a few examples so you know what to expect when you’re making your decision:

agent image1


agent image2

Agent Image Alternatives

If you want to do your own comparison here are a few options to size up to make the best decision for your future website design team. 

  • Placester They also create websites specifically for agents. They incorporate IDX compatibility and some CRM integrations.
  • Go Daddy. An affordable option that’s easy to navigate.   

The final verdict

I’m sure at this point it goes without saying, but I think Agent Image is a great option. They seem to be honest, straightforward, and have a proven track record. Ultimately that’s what it’s about. If you look at the websites they have created, and can recognize that those agencies are growing, and they align with what your branding goals are then I suggest at least a consultation. 

Anything is always worth a conversation. 

About the Author

Jim Gray got licensed in 2013 and sold 57 houses in his first year. Over the next 6 1/2 years he went on to sell 437 homes with a small team. He went on to manage the lead generation department of the 13th largest expansion team at Keller Williams and designed lead generation and conversion systems for 60 agents in 7 locations in 4 states that drove 600 home sales in a 2 year period. Jim currently does real estate team development and coaching for some of the largest real estate teams in the country.

Last Updated: 5/23/2024