How to Write an Engaging Real Estate Bio (+ Templates)

Asian,Women,Viewing,Real,Estate,Websites,On,A,ComputerWhen it comes to real estate, it’s important to present yourself as a ‘people person’. People will want to get to know you and relate to you. The impression they get of you will come through strongly in your bio.

A real estate bio is not very long, so you need to choose your words wisely to get your point across. This can be a challenging endeavor. But the tips in this article will help you determine what information to include to make your bio shine.

Elements of a Good Real Estate Bio

There are many things to be aware of when writing a bio. Here are some to keep in mind.

1. The First Sentence Has to Pop

When it comes to bio writing, the first sentence must stand out. If not, people may not want to read the rest. Put the most important captivating sentence front and center. Back it up with secondary information as you see fit.

2. Keep it Short

Some agents feel a longer bio will make them seem more impressive. But this is not the case. Most people won’t read a bio that is very long.

Most bios should be 1-3 paragraphs and paragraphs that are no more than 3-5 sentences long. But keep in mind, required lengths will vary depending on what the bio is being used for. For example, social media bios are typically short while website bios can be longer.

You may want to work out bios of various lengths and use them for different purposes.

3. Include Social Media Links

Social,Media,Communication,Networking,Online,ConceptIt’s advisable to include social media links in your bio. However, this will also depend on the platform your bio is being published on. If it’s being published on your website, it’s likely you have buttons that take people to your social media pages. In this case, adding a link will be redundant.

You also may not want to include social media links if the bio is going on a social media profile. However, in some cases, it’s a good idea to make people aware of other platforms you are available on.

If you link to your social media on your bio, follow up by staying active on your platform.

4. Include Your Brokerage

It’s a good idea to include the brokerage you work for in your bio. If it’s a reputable brokerage, it will impress potential clients. The mention will also make the brokerage happy.

If you don’t feel like the brokerage is reputable enough to mention, you may be working for the wrong company.

5. Use the Right Adjectives

The right adjectives will tell people something about your personality. The ones you use will depend on the type of agent you are. Examples include:

  • Friendly
  • Persuasive
  • Productive
  • Qualified
  • Experienced
  • Capable
  • Responsive

… and so on.

6. Include the Right Info

Your bio should be creative so you can get as out of the box with it as you’d like. But there is some key information you must include. This includes:

  • Your name
  • Your professional role
  • Your company or brand
  • Your goals and aspirations
  • 2-3 impressive achievements
  • One quirky fact about you

How to Give Your Bio Personality

Now you know the elements of how to write a bio. But when you put it down on ‘paper’, it may fall a bit flat. Here are some tips that will help you spice it up.

7. Connect on a Personal Level

To connect on a personal level, you need to tell a story. You can do this by explaining why you love real estate and what made you want to get your start in the industry. You can also talk about your professional journey that brought you to real estate.

A final section about your hobbies with further solidify a connection.

When writing this type of bio, you don’t want to meander too much. You are telling a story, but don’t make it your life story.

Start out with key achievements. Add a second paragraph about your journey. Be sure to include something about why real estate appealed to you as you transition from one paragraph to the next.

Close out by mentioning your hobbies and passion for your community.

8. Present Yourself as a Leader

Real,Estate,Agent,With,Client,Or,Architect,Team,Discussing,ProjectHere, you will want to present yourself as a veteran of the real estate industry who has taken steps to establish yourself as a leader in your field.

Start out by introducing yourself as a veteran agent. Then get right to the achievements and awards that establish you in the industry.

In the next paragraph, briefly describe your professional journey. Close out with your hobbies.

9. Connect with the Community

You can capitalize on your connection with the community if you are a native of the community or if you have lived there for quite some time.

In this case, you will want to establish your relationship with the community in the first sentence by mentioning how long you lived there and/or how long your family has been there. Add how your passion for the community made you want to pursue real estate within the area.

Other elements to include are your values and hobbies, especially if they are community related.

10. Show Your Expertise

Showing expertise is similar to showing leadership, but it focuses more on your achievements within the industry, i.e., how many properties you’ve sold or how much money you’ve generated for clients. You should mention your awards as well.

For balance, mention any community activities you have been involved in as well as your hobbies.

11. Focus on Past Experiences

This is another approach with a storytelling spin. It involves starting with your childhood and covering your journey including education and working your way up in the real estate field. However, it’s important to touch on key points only to keep it short and sweet.

This is a good strategy for new agents because it diverts attention away from a lack of experience. It shows how you worked your way up to the present and relevant experience you may have gained along the way. It wraps viewers up in a story that forges a personal connection, so they are less likely to focus on how long you’ve been in the industry.

12. Show EnthusiasmReal,Estate,Agent,Showing,A,Family,A,House,,Closer,In

Enthusiasm is a great way to engage readers from the get-go. It will also make you seem like an agent people will want to work with.

Your introduction should express your passion for the area and for real estate in general. Follow up by showing how your expertise can help them find the perfect home.

13. Think Outside the Box

So far, we have been focusing on a structured bio approach. While the formats vary slightly, they put the main selling points front and center and build from there.

But an out of the box approach can also work. Rather than place the selling points up front, a bio such as this may start by talking about how real estate, or the community you sell in, can positively affect quality of life.

Once you have captivated readers, you can go on to outline your qualities, experience, and hobbies.

Where to Use a Bio

There are several places where a bio can be published. These include:

  • Social media: The bios you use on social media sites should be no more than a few sentences long. Many platforms have regulations on how long a bio can be. In these cases, you will need to be aware of character count.
  • Website: A bio on a website can be just as short, especially if it is on the main page. However, you may want to make a longer bio (about 3-5 paragraphs) to be featured in an ‘About’ section.
  • To Give Out: There may be times when a client or brokerage wants to check out your bio to get an idea of what you’re about. In these instances, a longer format will be best.

Different Types of Bio Templates You Can Use in 2022

The bio you write can take a different direction depending on the type of realtor you are and/or where you are at in your career. In this section, we will provide some sample bios so you can determine which is right for you.

New Real Estate Agent Bio Template

Handhake,After,Signing,Contract,With,African,American,Real,Estate,AgentThis template is ideal for those starting out in the business.

(Name) has been actively serving his/her community for __ years now. After being active in numerous events and fundraisers, he/she is excited to be turning his/her focus to real estate.

Over the years, (agent name) has gained extensive knowledge of the community. They are now ready to use that knowledge to assist neighbors with the buying and selling process. They have recently joined up with (brokerage name), a company very much in line with (agent’s) values of hard work, honesty, and integrity.

When (agent’s name) isn’t out buying and selling houses, you can find him/her enjoying hobbies such as (name leisurely activities you enjoy). (Agent’s name) has been a proud member of the (neighborhood you live in) community since (year).

Successful Real Estate Agent Bio Template

This template is good inspiration for agents that are further along in their career.

(Locality) offers the best combination of home life and work life. That’s why (agent’s name) has made it his/home for X years. He/she can help you enjoy that same happiness by finding you the (locality) home of your dreams.

Real estate has long been a passion for (agent name). He/she joined up with (name of brokerage) in (year). Ever since then, they have helped (X number) of clients buy and sell their properties. They have also been active in several fundraisers and community events.

When (agent’s name) isn’t out buying and selling houses, or attending community events, you can find him/her enjoying hobbies such as (name leisurely activities you enjoy).

Long Form Bio Template

Real-estate,Agent,Showing,House,Plans,On,Electronic,TabletIf a long form bio is called for, you may be at a loss for what to include. Here is an example of a long form bio for experienced agents that may inspire you.

(Agent’s name) has been with the (brokerage name) for over X years. They are proud to be a veteran of the real estate industry focused largely in (locality). They have built a solid reputation in the field due to their deep sense of integrity, passion, and dedication to their community.

The knowledge (Agent’s name) has of their industry and community comes from a combination of academic studies and hands on involvement. He/she earned a degree in (academic focus) at (name of university). He/she went on to earn his/her license and remains active in local events throughout the years.

(Agent’s name) is a proud member of (local organizations and nonprofits). He/she has worked closely with (go on to name a few achievements concerning local and fundraising efforts). 

When (agent’s name) isn’t out buying and selling houses, or attending community events, you can find him/her enjoying hobbies such as (name leisurely activities you enjoy). (Close with a quote about how much you enjoy working with the community).

Other Tips

Here are some other tips to consider in your bio writing efforts.

  • Keep Revising: As time goes on, you may have different achievements to add to your bio, or you may change focus. Be sure your bio reflects this. Revisit it regularly and edit it accordingly to ensure it reflects who you are now.
  • Consider Hiring a Writer: If you don’t feel confident about your bio-writing skills, consider hiring someone to write it for you. You can also write it yourself and get someone to edit it.
  • Decide Between a First Person and Third Person Approach: Most bios are written in the third person. But a first-person approach may make it seem more personal.
  • Achieve the Right Balance: It’s important to show your expertise and achievements, but make sure to balance them with other information that makes you seem approachable.

A bio is an important piece of marketing material. It can be used in a variety of formats to help your business stand out. The tips in this article will help you create a bio that sets you apart. Which approach will you be using when you put pen to paper?


Real Estate Bio Examples We Love

1. Kathy Helbig, Realtor, Experience Realty PartnersKathy-Headshot

Kathy has been a full time top producing REALTOR® for 20+ years serving both St. Louis County and St. Charles County. She is a member of the National, St. Louis and the St. Charles Association of  REALTORS® . She is a member of the Mid America Regional Information Systems (MLS) and has been honored with the NRC’s Business Woman of the year award 2003-2007.

Kathy holds the extremely rare accreditation of Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE ®) and is a member of the Divorce Real Estate Institute (DREI.) Less than 5% of REALTORS ® applying to this rigorous training program are ultimately accepted. Kathy is also a founding member of the Luxury Home Institute and is one of only a select few REALTORS®  in the St. Louis/St. Charles area that has earned the designation of Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, CLHMS.

Kathy is the author of several published articles and publisher of a popular home blog. Kathy led the #1 Team in the Missouri Region for 2007, was inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, has been a Chairman’s Club recipient from 2002-present, received the Lifetime Achievement Award and has served RE/MAX International as a guest speaker at the 2007 International Convention.

Kathy has also been recognized for her success by the Post Dispatch and Suburban Journals as one of St. Louis and St. Charles Highest Selling  REALTORS® . St. Louis Magazine named her as Top in Customer Satisfaction 2005-2013. Realtor of the Year 2011 from St. Charles Association of Realtors. Joined the Keller Williams family as an investor/owner of the debut St. Charles/West office. As a native of St. Louis County for over 25 years, Kathy is familiar with all that St. Louis, St. Charles, and all surrounding counties have to offer.

2. Chris Heller, Realtor, Heller the Home Seller

Chris Heller HeadshotChris Heller has built one of the most successful real estate teams in the United States. From his selection as Rookie of the Year in 1989, to being the top-producing agent in San Diego County and the #1 Keller Williams associate in all of North America, Chris has earned the respect of colleagues and clients for the exceptional results he delivers.

Under Chris’ leadership, the Heller Team has sold over 4000 homes. In fact, he has sold more than 100 homes a year, every year for the past two decades. For more than 32 years, Chris has succeeded in a highly competitive marketplace through his leadership, drive and ability to assemble and empower high-performing teams. The specialized members of the Heller Team provide unrivaled market knowledge and client service.

Known nationally as an industry leader, Chris utilizes his extensive referral network for the benefit of his clients. His reach extends beyond our borders. Chris’ deep connections to real estate leaders throughout the world provide his clients with a unique global perspective and exposure to international buyers and sellers. This is one of the reasons Chris is recommended by Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank. Our white-glove, hands on approach insures our clients have the best experience and representation.

3. Talia McKinney, Realtor, SERPHANT Talia-McKinney Headshot

Talia McKinney, as seen on Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing New York, approaches real estate with the belief that success is built upon the strength of the relationship. Talia McKinney has been working side by side with Ryan Serhant for 6+ years. She now serves as the founder of the, “Talia McKinney Team,” at SERHANT. She is patient and attentive when listening to client needs and goals, and her sincerity, honesty, and innate ability to connect are how she makes this time-consuming and often emotional process as easy and pleasant as possible. It is also why, after working with her, many of her clients refer her to friends and relatives.

Talia works with buyers, sellers, developers, and renters all over the city—and particularly in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. In her nine years in the industry, she has compiled a substantial record of listings and sales that includes co-ops, condos, townhouses, and new developments at multiple price points. Her thoroughness and commitment distinguish her from typical agents, and her steady guidance has led to success and satisfaction for her clients.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Talia was recruited to run track at a state college and helped her team become state champions. After graduating, she moved to New York City and explored careers in fashion public relations, event planning, and hospitality.

Talia McKinney has been featured in numerous publications and tv programs including Million Dollar Listing NY, Pix News, Martha Stewart Living, The Mann Report, Bravo TV, Daily Mail and The Real Deal. She is also a Capstone Agent and mentor for, “Sell It Like Serhant.” She has appeared as a public speaker locally and across the country as well as being a featured guest on many top podcasts. Now an established presence in the real estate community, she was sought out to be a TEDx speaker and is the host of the exclusive LISTED show on Youtube called, “Tiny Spaces”.

When she isn’t running around Manhattan selling condos and co-ops or dashing to an afternoon townhouse showing in Brooklyn, Talia can be found volunteering at Achilles International, NY Cares, or the Boys and Girls Club. She competes in triathlons and marathons—what better way to train for the next sprint to an open house?—and is also an avid world traveler, having been to over 47 countries.

Chris Heller Headshot

About the Author

Chris Heller brings 27 years of experience in real estate. Chris serves on the AgentAdvice Editorial Board and is the Chief Real Estate Officer at OJO Labs. Chris brings deep expertise having held influential industry positions including CEO of mellohome and former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International.

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