How The eXp Logo Can Help You Stand Out As An Agent

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Branding is so important. It is part of a business’s professional identity. It makes a company recognizable to their customer base. It helps a firm stand out from the others.

eXp is passionate about helping agents build a strong brand identity and a big part of that is the eXp logo. This article will discuss the eXp logo and other branding elements that help agents take their real estate careers to the next level.

What is the eXp Brand About?

exp-realtyTo better understand what’s behind the eXp logo and brand identity, it’s important to get a good idea of what the company is all about.

eXp’s principles are based on three concepts, reimagined, innovative and empowering.

Their cloud-based system has allowed them to reimagine and reconceptualize what is means to be a real estate brokerage in modern times.

Their innovative spirit comes through in the way they embrace technology as well as their approach in treating agents like partners and giving them the tools they need to grow.

These factors come together to provide an overarching theme of empowerment for their customers, their agents and their company.


exp logo guidelinesElements of the eXp Logo

eXp sends their message with a very clear brand identity that integrates everything from the grammar they use to their typography. Of all these carefully honed elements, their logo may be what represents them best. Here are some integrated factors to consider.

Brand Pattern: The logo features a well thought out brand pattern with the X extending to the end of the logo. This is meant to represent “growth, positivity and a forward-looking mindset”.

Legible: The eXp logo is designed in a way that makes the letters strong and readable. As such, it should never be added to a template that causes it to be too small to read.

Colors: eXp’s logo may not always appear in color, but when it does, it features the predominantly blue and orange scheme. Blue is a color of trust and loyalty while orange represents enthusiasm and creativity.


Comparisons to the Old Logoexp color palete

The current eXp logo has been updated from an older version. The original did not have the strong stenciled lines the current logo has, nor did it have the X reaching out of the frame.

The new logo has a bolder, more powerful appearance. However, is does not vary that much from the original to the point where it is unrecognizable. This is a smart move as too much of a variation may have disoriented customers.

Do Agents Need to Use the eXp Logo?

eXp understands that not every agent will want to use the company logo prominently.  Some may be intent on building their own brand and may want to stick with a logo they have used in the past.

If this is the case, it’s totally fine. As a matter of fact, eXp provides agents with marketing materials and resources that make creating their own brand as easy as possible. With a few clicks of the mouse, they can personalize their choice of hundreds of marketing templates, no design skills necessary.

eXp has a strong branding voice. Agents can put their best foot forward by using the current eXp logo or one they create for their personal brand. This is part of why the company, and the agents that work for them, stand out from the crowd.