Maximizing Real Estate Success: 6 Best Email Marketing Platforms for Brokers

Digital,Marketing,Media,In,Virtual,Screen.businesswoman,Hand,Working,With,MobileEmail marketing is now an essential and common practice incorporated into almost every business’ marketing and growth strategies. In real estate, email marketing is one of the fastest and effective forms of communication to keep your clients informed. 

In today’s article we will delve into the impact of choosing the right email marketing platform for your business. We will explore the reasons why brokers should invest in such platforms, and help you get started with how to create your email campaigns.

We also have put together a list of six email marketing platforms that you could consider using. It’s always good to do your own research, but we wanted to help point you in the right direction with a few recommendations. 

We also included a comprehensive list of features to be on the lookout for when you are considering which platform to incorporate. 

Ready to get started?  

The Right Email Marketing Platform Can Affect Your Business

Different agencies may have different needs, which can help determine which platform will be best for you.

Maybe you have a large agency in a large market, which will likely require a robust platform to streamline communication and enhance client engagement. 

Factors such as user-friendly interfaces, advanced features, and analytics capabilities play a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

All of these play into your ability to increase your business’ growth rates. 

Why It’s Worth Investing in a Solid Email Marketing Platform

Business,Team,Investment,Entrepreneur,Trading,Discussing,And,Analysis,Finance,MarketInvesting in a solid email marketing platform is a strategic move for real estate brokers, because it works. Email marketing stands out as one of the most effective digital marketing channels, consistently delivering high conversion rates. is a platform we’ll discuss later, but a perk of using their platform is they do research across all industries, and in real estate they provided the following statistics:

“In fact, our 2021 industry benchmark report found that since 2018, real estate email open rates have increased by 32%, and click-through rates by 54%!”

Those are huge numbers that lead to conversion for several reasons.  One key factor is that the personalized nature of emails allows brokers to tailor messages to specific audiences, fostering a stronger connection with clients. 

Throughout this article we’ll continue to delve into the reasons why email marketing converts best, touching on aspects like targeted messaging for a specific audience, analytics insights, and lead nurturing that with the right platform you can do with ease!   

How to Get Started Creating Your Email Campaigns

Marketing,Analysis,Accounting,Team,Business,Meeting,ConceptEmail campaigns involve a systematic approach in order to make the biggest impact with your clients/audience. There are few essential elements that you must include in the emails themselves, but creating your audience is your first step. 

Your campaign checklist:

  1. Segmentation, this is somewhat advanced, but worth learning. You want to create client lists (by budget, style of property, location, clients good for referrals, priority clients, etc.). This allows you to set up your emails to go to a targeted audience that will help you keep your clients engaged.
  2. Develop a schedule that makes sense for when you want to email each list and how often. 
  3. Create Your Brand: Decide what colors, fonts, design elements, formats, that you want to use when you are creating newsletters vs. more specific emails to your clients. 
  4. Choose your audience: that means which one of your lists you’ll be reaching out to. 
  5. Create Engaging Subject Line: You want these to be short and engaging. Personalize them with “you” language. Something like: A Gift for You, Your New Dream Home, New Listing You Should Know About, Your Neighborhood Update, etc.)
  6. Personalized Email: You know who your audience is, so make these emails as personal as possible. You can engage your clients right at the top with a question, and be sure to include “why” you are emailing them specifically. 
    1. If you wrote to a list looking for investment properties, let them know that this great opportunity just came on the market and you wanted them to be the first to know because it likely will not last long. That will also create a sense of honest urgency. 
  7. Call to action: Make your ask based on your intent. Ask to schedule a call, an appointment, connections to referrals, etc. 
  8. Close: Another great time to add a personal detail with your signature and contact information. 

Features to Look for in Email Marketing Software

Branding,Ideas,Design,Identity,Marketing,ConceptChoosing the right email marketing platform is crucial for our industry, because we work closely with so many people and client lists are continuously growing and evolving.

There are key components that make your business if you have them, or break it if you don’t. 

Here are some of the essential features to consider when evaluating email marketing platforms to help you decide what will be most useful for you. 

User-Friendly Interface:

Ensure the platform has an intuitive and user-friendly interface; a platform that is easy to navigate saves time and enhances efficiency.

Customizable Templates:

You will benefit from templates that align with your property listings, newsletters, market updates, and more and that you can change to fit your brand.

Contact and Client Organization:

These features are crucial for your ability to successfully create targeted email campaigns through segmentation as we mentioned above with relevant information based on criteria relevant to your clients. 

Automation and Drip Campaigns:

Automation streamlines repetitive tasks that you know you will send regardless, such as sending welcome emails, property updates, or follow-ups. Although, be careful with this feature, I do not recommend overusing it as it can take away from your personalization. 

Drip campaigns, however, are valuable for nurturing leads over time with a series of scheduled emails.

Analytics and Reporting:

This is as important as your client organization. Comprehensive analytics provide insights into the performance of your email campaigns so you can adjust your strategies as needed. 

You want to be able to see your open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to evaluate the success of their campaigns.

Social,Media,And,Marketing,Virtual,Icons,Screen,Concept.close,Up,OfIntegration with CRM Systems:

Seamless connectivity with your CRM ensures that contact information is synchronized, allowing agents to manage leads and contacts efficiently. Without it, you’ll lose valuable time.

Compliance and Deliverability:

The platform should comply with email marketing regulations and laws. Additionally, high deliverability rates are essential to ensure that emails reach recipients’ inboxes and avoid being marked as spam.

Lead Capture Forms:

For agents looking to grow their subscriber list, lead capture forms prove significant in growing your audience lists. Your platform should offer easy-to-create forms that can be embedded on websites or landing pages.

Security Measures:

Security is paramount when handling client information that they have trusted you with.. Ensure the platform has robust security features to protect sensitive data, including encryption and secure data storage.

Customer Support:

Reliable customer support is essential for addressing any issues or queries promptly. Look for platforms that offer various support channels, including chat, email, or phone support.

Affordability and Scalability:

Consider the pricing structure and scalability of the platform. You should consider choosing a platform that aligns with your budget and can grow as your business grows.

By carefully evaluating these features, you will best be able to create successful email marketing campaigns. 

List of 6 Recommended Platforms for Email Marketing

  1. Email,Marketing,Concept,,Person,Reading,E-mail,On,Smartphone,,Receive,NewMailchimp:
    1. Why we recommend it: User-friendly interface, robust analytics, and customizable templates. It’s also a popular choice with several companies, and will likely be able to integrate with your CRM. 
    2. Who it’s good for: Small to medium-sized brokerages looking for a versatile platform with excellent customer support.
  2. Constant Contact:
    1. Why we recommend it: Excellent customer support, easy-to-use features, and social media integration.
    2. Who it’s good for: Brokers seeking simplicity to be able to navigate and train teams quickly.
  3. MailerLite: 
    1. Why we recommend it: All-in-one marketing solution with services you can add along the way, and excellent training with resources for how to effectively use email marketing.
    2. Who it’s good for: Brokers looking for a comprehensive marketing suite that they can use to scale.
  4. Brevo:
    1. Why we recommend it: Affordable pricing, robust automation, and transactional email capabilities.
    2. Who it’s good for: Budget-conscious brokers with a focus on automation.
  5. HubSpot:
    1. Why we recommend it: They have advanced automation, and CRM integration.
    2. Who it’s good for: Brokers looking to utilize several different digital marketing strategies. 
  6. AWeber:
    1. Why we recommend it: Easy to use, and strong customer support.
    2. Who it’s good for: Brokers new to email marketing seeking simplicity and reliability.

In Summary

As you now know, creating your email marketing campaigns is a non-negotiable when it comes to growing your business. You have to incorporate it in order keep your clients and potential clients in the loop, because it works. 

I hope after reading this guide, that you will feel more confident in your ability to start email marketing campaigns and trust that you are making an informed decision on which platform to use for your business.  

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Last Updated: 2/14/2024