The Best Real Estate Coaching Services in 2024

Sometimes you can only get so far on your own. It’s okay to look for a little help. In real estate that’s where coaching services can come in handy. The thing is, like everything else in life, not all coaching services will be up to your standard. 

Real estate coaching is designed to help you effectively market yourself in an industry where you are pretty much flying solo from the get go in terms of growing your business. In addition to marketing yourself, coaching services can help you get a better grasp on creating and nurturing leads. Real estate takes a lot of drive to be successful, so sometimes it’s nice to look to your coach for some guidance on how to power through. 

Maybe you’re a new agent, or you’re  looking to take your real estate business to the next level. Or maybe you’re just curious how real estate coaching works. Either way, here are the  top real estate coaching services for 2024 you should take a look into. I’ve done all the leg work for you.

The Best Real Estate Coaching Services

Best All-In-One Real Estate Coaching Solution: Tom Ferry


Top Features

: Coaches for different niches, and customizable lead gen guidance
Starting at $$

Why I chose it as the best all-in-one real estate coaching solution: Tom Ferry offers international coaching for real estate agents at every level. You’ll learn lead gen and conversion techniques to help your productivity. The coaching is one-on-one and experience based. There are products to help with your productivity, exclusive events you can attend, and speakers. 

You’re in a competitive industry where a mentor can really help set you apart from the crowd. That’s where Tom Ferry came up with the 8 Levels of Performance, which are the different levels they will help coach you through to help you grow your business. They’ll cover you at every phase from beginning to end. Their global presence allows them to meticulously tailor your coach to your unique needs. So, whether you’re a budding agent just starting your journey, or a top-tier 1% performer seeking that extra edge, you’ll be paired with a coach that is right for you.

Fun fact– they do test you to see where you are at in their pyramid of steps, so you don’t have to start at the bottom if your business is past that. 

What differentiates Tom Ferry from other coaching services: You’re going to get more than just coaching with Tom Ferry. For example they offer groups where you can pick the brains of other agents that are doing well, or you can attend members only events. They also have a pretty extensive resource library you can use. 

Their coaching comes in 3 plans – Core, Elite, and Team. They start at lower prices and work their way up. The biggest difference from the smallest package to the largest is that the largest is geared to teams and offers more private coaching sessions and training sessions, overall support, and free access to events. 


  • Price: 4/5
  • Pairing ability: 5/5
  • Support: 4/5
  • Customization: 5/5

Most agents could benefit from some coaching unless you are a seasoned agent that has been killing it for years. There are obviously multiple options out there, but Tom Ferry is for sure a top contender. You can start your coaching at the right level, so it’s customizable from that aspect, and their packages offer a variety of options for different prices. 

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Tom Ferry Pros
  • Additional support outside of coaching
  • Member support and events available
  • Wide selection of coaches to choose from
  • Low-Risk Backed by ROI guarantees for most programs
Tom Ferry Cons
  • May be too pricey for some
  • Events and shows tend to sell out quickly
  • Few options for those that can't afford a 1:1 coaching program
Starting at $$

Best Coaching Service for Referrals: Buffini and Company


Top Features

: Coaching with action plans to grow your business, offer tailored marketing kit to increase referrals, have a private referral network for you and your team
Starting at $$

Why I chose it as the best coaching service for referrals: There are a lot of coaching sites out there, and what makes Buffini and Company stand out is that you walk away from your coaching with a “how to” action plan for your business to promote growth. 

One of the stand out offers to compliment their coaching is their Referral System. Referrals are key to growing your business, and building trusted relationships with your clients. 

They provide you the tools and printed materials to build your referrals with a strong marketing strategy with a timeline using direct mail, email, phone calls, video messaging and Pop-Bys along with targeted dialogues and hand-written notes.

Accountability is a major asset to their programs. Even the starter package allows for setting business goals and offers daily action plans to accomplish your goals. The focus being to grow your referrals. 

Impeccable marketing is an essential aspect to growing your business. Their Referral Maker PRO package, the second most affordable, could make a huge impact on your client growth by adding a printed marketing kit and email campaign. 

At this level, you also get access to their private referral network groups, which is a great way to build your networks across the states and Canada. 

The next two packages are on the pricier side, but incorporate live coaching sessions so you get direct feedback for improving your business workflow. 

What differentiates Buffini & Company from other coaching services: You will also get a full business analysis and a business plan. In my opinion, these elements pay for themselves once you start implementing their steps. 

They also give you a free consultation up front, so you can make the decision if their coaching will benefit your business first. 


  • Price: 4/5
  • Pairing ability: 3/5
  • Support: 3/5
  • Customization: 4/5

Overall, Buffini and Company offers more than just coaching, strategy, and training… they are offering actionable steps, systems, and plans to help you accomplish your goals. 

You know what they say… actions are what matter most. 

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Buffini and Company Pros
  • Strong way to build your referral clientele
  • Offer multiple plans to stay in budget while you grow
  • Free consultation & business analysis upfront
  • Live team coaching
  • Tailored marketing plan
Buffini and Company Cons
  • Plans/pricing are designed for one agent
  • There is one plan that is alls for team coaching, but it is bit pricey
Starting at $$

Best A La Carte Coaching Options: Glover U


Top Features

: Seemingly endless supply of coaching and training resources, provide intel on current market trends to adjust for your annual business plan, 1-1 individual coaching matched for your business
Starting at $$$

Why I chose it as the best a la carte coaching option: I was curious why the Glover U title sounded like it’s a University… Now I get it. Going through their educational resources feels like you could graduate with a master’s degree in real estate pretty quickly.

What I loved most about their services is that depending on your budget you can choose a course that focuses on a skill you need to sharpen to increase your business with the most impact without breaking the bank. 

For example, if you feel your marketing skills are lacking, they offer a 4 month class that meets 16 times at only $399. 

What you get from this is clearly spelled out in the curriculum – starting from creating a brand logo to how to create a full lead generation marketing plan. 

Not only do I think that $100/month is more than fair pricing, they also give you hefty discounts on their summits. To me, that feels like they truly want you to succeed as an agent by making education affordable. 

Glover U offers numerous actionable resources like A Quarterly Database Plan, Recruiting Scripts, 5-Star Review Email Template, Podcasts, and more for free. So if you are a self starter, which agents typically are, you have plenty of resources to help you get started. 

What differentiates Glover U from other coaching services: The biggest impact I can tell from Glover U makes for exponential business growth is in their 1-1 agent coaching and team coaching. The pricing is high, but it appears to be an intensely supportive year long program between $1000-$1500 a month with high deliverables to increase business. Some programs offer weekly calls, weekly number reviews and accountability, a business plan, and more. 


  • Price: 3/5
  • Pairing ability: 3/5
  • Support: 4/5
  • Customization: 3/5

In summary, this is an education platform that I think most agents could find helpful in leveling up regardless of where you are starting. If you are just getting your toes wet in real estate and need networking or sharpening specific skills, they got you. 

If you’ve been in the business a while, but can’t break through to the next level you desire… They have actionable plans to help you get there.  

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Glover U Pros
  • A la carte education platform to fit your budget and experience level
  • You are matched with the right coach after a free consultation for individual coaching
  • Given business plans tailored for your company and calls to guide along the way
  • Annual business reviews to make informed decisions in your plans
Glover U Cons
  • While the Summits are giving top of the line education on how to run a successful business, you aren’t getting a plan tailored to your needs
  • If you want more specific guided plans for your business you will need to sign up for the 1-1 coaching, which could be pretty pricey monthly
Starting at $$$

Best Coaching Service to Build Your Communication Skills: Mike Ferry


Top Features

: Sales specific training, in-person or over the phone sales pretested sales scripts, well established and known business with 48 years in business
Starting at $$

Why I chose it as the best coaching service to build your communication skills: What draws me to Mike Ferry’s approach to coaching agents is that they focus on your skills in sales. Pretty simple and straightforward, they want to give you confidence by being prepared in your sales calls and interacting in person.

You could have all the data, analytics, plans, CRM platforms in the world to help you build a successful business, but if you flop on the phone you’re not going to close the deal. Likely, you’ll end up losing a client too. 

Mike Ferry’s platform is to focus on a step by step system of communication based on decades in business to help you have the right approach in your dialogue. 

What differentiates Mike Ferry from other coaching services: You can pace yourself, which is great if you need more time or get overwhelmed at any point. You decide when to take the next course, which is convenient to accommodate this fast paced industry. 

The only downside to this program is that there isn’t any personalization tailored to your style, but you can get 1-1 coaching if that’s what you prefer and attend live events.

If you are truly committed to getting started with a solid foundation, they have 1 year programs with coaching to help guide you every step of the way with in person retreats, full sales training resources, email access to Mike, and team specific sales tactics. 


  • Price: 4/5
  • Pairing ability: 4/5
  • Support: 4/5
  • Customization: 3/5

Primarily, I would say, this is an excellent source of training for agents new to the business who want to build a strong foundation in sales, and streamline their productivity to be able to launch a successful business right from the start. 

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Mike Ferry Pros
  • 48 years in business means, it works
  • Focus on how well you articulate and your dialogue to help you close the deal in the way you communicate
  • Programs designed so you can go at your own pace
Mike Ferry Cons
  • Programs have a long term commitment at a premium
  • More recorded and printed resources given, not as personal
  • A lot of the free resources you can access only after you have created a login
Starting at $$

Coaching Services 101: what all do they entail? 

When done right real estate coaching can help you grow your business, whether that’s from the ground up, or expanding an existing real estate business. You’ll have a go-to real estate expert that has mastered being successful in the industry  at your fingertips helping you with any questions or concerns that arise for you. A couple of standout things coaches can help address for you are: 

  • Structuring your business 
  • Relationship building and nurture (along with lead gen to build those relationships)
  • Leadership skills specific to real estate 
  • How to keep up with the trends in the market 
  • How to capitalize on the skills and knowledge you already have
  • How to set, keep and track goals 

Your real estate coach will have regular check-ins with you to assess how everything is going, where there are hiccups and how to overcome them, and anything else you have on your plate that you need assistance with. Many coaching services will also include additional educational resources, events, recorded coaching sessions, community groups that let you work with others using their coaching services, and a platform to input your goals etc. to help you stay organized with your coach. 

Why should you use a coaching service?

There are plenty of reasons you should try out a coaching service, but the top ones are typically that you are a new agent, hit a plateau in your career, or have struggled and need guidance on how to make your business successful. 

You’re a new agent 

Being new in the real estate industry is tricky. The driven lone wolf type does great, however, to get started, well to put it simply… it’s new! Anything new takes a minute to master. Real estate coaching is great for newbies because it helps put the new knowledge you have to practice. 

You wouldn’t walk onto a tennis court or football field and just hop in there for the first time, would you? No. To be successful you would get guidance and practice most ideally with a trained coach. That’s exactly what real estate coaching gives you – the tools and understanding to master the sales, marketing, lead generation, and everything in between that comes with being an agent.

With the right coach you can get great insight into how to do things that may seem simple, but they will take you a long way in this industry. Things like,

  • having a system in place that works for you
  • creating and defining actionable goals
  • and lots more.

The biggest pro that should grab your attention is the ROI with real estate coaching. When polled, many agents have expressed they well exceeded the cost of the coaching with the money they made after receiving the guidance. 

Your career has hit a plateau 

Happens to the best of us. One minute you are climbing that mountain and high fiving on your way up, the next minute you are just sitting at the top of it wondering where to go next. It’s an especially  easy thing to do in real estate. You get in a groove and forget that while you’re doing well, you could be doing better

Coaching is a great option to help get your career on an accelerated path again. You get personal attention, so the coach can help determine your specific needs and strengths/weaknesses to get your business growing again. 

If you are plateauing you probably have let a few things slide like, staying totally on top of industry changes (I know there are a lot), and that’s one of the areas coaches can help you pick up the slack. They’re seasoned agents that know the importance of not only knowing what’s going on, but also knowing what that means for your clients. 

Have yet to find that sweet spot to be successful 

This is a hard industry, but don’t throw in the towel just because you have yet to figure out the key to success in real estate. Like I mentioned before, starting out in a new business on your own is tricky, and it’s okay to say I have the knowledge and the drive, but I need someone to help me combine everything to make it work

A real estate coach can help you analyze what isn’t working, and help you create a plan to make things work to be successful. The great thing about working with a coach is there’s that mentor factor where they get to know your strengths/weaknesses and overall personality to help tailor an approach that’s going to be best for you. 

You have to remember they’ve been, and likely still are successful, that’s how they became a coach, but without some setbacks and  failures they probably couldn’t have become successful. So, through their industry experience and coaching others that have struggled they can be your Yoda and pass on the knowledge and application to help you overcome the pitfalls in real estate


What makes a good real estate coach? 

Obviously there are a ton of coaching options out there, but what makes the difference in a coach and a good coach? That’s the ultimate question, right? This can be a little finicky to decide since we all have different needs, but there are a few things that will make a coach stand out above the rest.

Proven track record for themselves and other agents they’ve coached

This is probably the first given – they have helped other agents excel through their coaching. You want to know others have found they had a good ROI with the coaching. Just like their experience, and yours, in real estate helps make you wiser and more successful, it’s the same with coaching. The more agents they’ve worked with, and the longer they’ve done this, is going to correlate to the amount of knowledge, problem solving, and best practices they can offer you. 

In addition to their “students” success, you want to know they’re also successful in their own right in real estate. Basically that they have practiced what they preach, and it worked. That may seem like a given, but remember there are coaches, and there are exceptional coaches

Good ROI

I just touched on this, but let’s reiterate. A great coach offers you more value than the dollar amount you pay them. You should be able to pay yourself back in the commissions you make from their coaching. It shouldn’t be a cost eating into the money you need to grow your business, this money should translate into business. 

There’s some psychology involved 

Real estate is about relationships, so at the end of the day you need a coach that gets that. Not just in the need to build those relationships with clients, but to build them with you. 

If a real estate coach can’t get into a mindset of understanding you in multiple facets, they may not be as effective. For example, if they can’t understand what motivates you, what your strengths and weaknesses are, or how to tailor a game plan to you, you’re probably missing out on some crucial help. 

A great coach can effectively do these things to not only help you grow your business, but to build that rapport with you early on and gain your trust. 

Can coach in multiple ways 

A coach that can adjust to your learning style is obviously going to help you the most. Being able to approach coaching in a tailored way to each agent sets apart a great coach from an average one. 

That being said, you want them to be able to offer different learning styles beyond your go-to method as well. This way they may be able to bring a unique perspective that you haven’t tried before. Who knows, it could be the style you end up being most successful with. 

Checklist to help decide which is the right coach for you. 

Now you know what makes a coach stand out amongst the crowd, but what makes them stand out for you specifically? Here are some items you should consider when picking a coach. 

  • Make sure they fit your budget. More expensive doesn’t always translate into better quality. Find a coach that fits your budget and offers good value, rather than paying the most right away, assuming this will lead to the best coach. You also want to make sure you understand if there are any additional fees outside of just your monthly coaching bill (i.e. software, educational material etc.)
  • Check for lead generation creds. You want a coach that knows not only the importance of lead gen in real estate, but how to help you either by working with the right team, or offering their own experience in it. 
  • Make sure they are going to be accessable. Not only are you paying for this as a service, so you expect a certain standard of responsiveness, but you also are admitting you need help when you pick a coach. Having someone that understands the vulnerability in that is important. 
  • Go over the reviews. If you’re willing to weed through those hundreds of reviews to pick your kitchen pans, you should also take the time to talk to others who have worked with the coaches you are looking into. Or, at the very least look up their reviews and read more than one. 
  • Go over their experience and coaching style. Given these two things set a great coach apart from the pack, it’s important to look at the coach’s experience level in coaching and their own career, as well as their coaching style. Again, I would recommend looking for coaches that can adapt to your learning, not the other way around. 
  • There should be clear guidelines and expectations. Look for a coach that is not only going to set clear guidelines and expectations for you in what you need to do to be successful, but also in their part. This should be laid in the beginning. The coach will do X in this relationship and you will do Y. 

There are always going to be more questions as you look for the right fit for you, but these will help you get started on the right track. 



How long should I use a coaching service? 

It’s important to remember you aren’t going to see results overnight. Working with a real estate coach often involves making some fundamental changes to your business approach, which takes time. That being said, you are probably looking at a minimum of 12-18 months to really benefit from the coaching. If you are seeing a good ROI you may find it worth it to stay a little longer. 

What’s the difference between a real estate mentor, and a coach? 

While these two things get used interchangeably, they are in fact different. A mentor will talk you through some ups and downs of real estate, and be a good listening ear that offers good advice. A coach on the other hand gives you actionable advice, and works with you to see it through. Your coach will track your success and adjust your plan as you go if it isn’t working.  

Can I switch coaches within the service I am using? 

In short, yes. But, you probably want to refer to all the different points I mentioned above to try and find the right fit the first go around to ensure you don’t waste your time and money. 

How can I become a coach later in my career? 

There are actually no official requirements in becoming a coach (hence why I say find the good ones to work with). But, if you want to truly help others I recommend being successful in some capacity in the real estate field for starters. This way you have the industry knowledge with the ability to apply it, which will go a long way with your clients. You can also take coaching courses to further enhance your skills. 

What do coaching services cost? 

When purchasing real estate coaching you are looking at about an average of $400-$500 a month. This can obviously range and be more or less, but I wouldn’t budget for too much less, unless you are looking at group coaching which could slash these prices. Don’t forget you may also have additional fees to look for depending on your coach, and their offerings. 

Our Methodology: 

Our in-house real estate experts spent hundreds of hours researching, scoring, and ranking the top real estate coaching services. I personally have used a lot of these services myself, so I looked at everything from pricing and ease of use to the specific real estate industry features that are available. I’ve ranked and rated each service on 5 different factors to come up with the very best companies to use for your real estate coaching needs. The short version of factors considered are: 

  1. Cost: Not all real estate coaching services are created equal, so it’s important to look at what’s included with your purchase. Some companies charge upwards of $300/month for average coaching services which is why I’ve taken into account the price of the service and compared it to the features and extra resources provided to help each agent succeed.
  2. Features & benefits: Different coaching services where you can grow your business come with different feature sets, some more important for teams than solo agents. Additionally, agents don’t have a lot of time to sort through all the choices out there, so I have done it for them. That’s why I’ve rated the coaching services that give agents the most bang for their back and the best ROI higher than others.
  3. Service quality: Coaching needs to not only provide agents with the right knowledge to succeed, but also the right application. If the service the coaches are providing is touching on all aspects – lead gen, relationship building, adjusting to learning style of the agent, realistic and trackable goals, ROI, and ability to pivot the plan as needed, they will receive a higher rating than others. 
  4. Customer support: While coaching in itself is a form of customer support, I recognize you may need help outside of the coach. Let’s say regarding things like, pausing/canceling your coaching, responsiveness to any questions/concerns you have about the service overall, or looking to change your coach and/or package option. 
  5. Overall performance: At the end of the day, if you are buying real estate coaching services, your investments need to have a good ROI. Our experts looked for how the coaches meet your specific needs and requirements. Real estate agents need clearly laid out goals with their coaches, and actionable ways to meet them. 


Reviewed by Chris Heller | Fact checked by Kayla Conboy

About the Author

Jim Gray got licensed in 2013 and sold 57 houses in his first year. Over the next 6 1/2 years he went on to sell 437 homes with a small team. He went on to manage the lead generation department of the 13th largest expansion team at Keller Williams and designed lead generation and conversion systems for 60 agents in 7 locations in 4 states that drove 600 home sales in a 2 year period. Jim currently does real estate team development and coaching for some of the largest real estate teams in the country.

Last Updated: 3/27/2024