8 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Chris Heller HeadshotChris Heller,April 16, 2022

Young,Woman,Using,Smart,Phone,social,Media,Concept.Social media marketing is a success for every business, and real estate is no exception. In fact, some of the most successful agents and brokers rely on social media to grow their client list. It’s a chance to connect with 3 billion different users. By tapping into the world of social media, even agents fresh out of real estate school can grow to become top producers. It’s all thanks to this technology-driven era, otherwise reaching this crowd might not even be possible. However, connecting with that audience takes more than just a single post. You have to know how to communicate with them effectively if you want your number to skyrocket. 

With that said, expert agents are here to share their social media marketing secrets that helped them grow their following. Together, they’ve brought 8 social media marketing tips to help you reach the online crowd. So, let’s dive in.

Share Short Tips with Your Followers:

Educate your fans by posting real estate video tips. It might be easier to keep straight if you mark a potential “tip of the day” in your content calendar. These pointers will help your clients understand more about the market and how it’s trending.

Brian Robben, the CEO and Founder of Robben Media says he knows of a little trick that will help add value to your social media posts. 

“Publish one-minute videos. These short and sweet videos can share your love for real estate, tips for buying or selling a home, market trends, investment advice, industry secrets, news, and updates in your life. By telling your story and adding value to home buyers and sellers, your videos will do extremely well on social media– especially if you have the budget to boost the videos as advertisements.”

Clips tend to get more views than longer videos. Once you’ve recorded it, you can upload the minute-long videos under the hashtags: home-selling tip, a tip of the day, real estate tip, and so on.

Include Relevant StorytellingAtta Headshot

Having testimonials and success stories online helps win over potential new clients. Gigworker Content Marketing Executive, Atta Ur Rehman, says sometimes it doesn’t hurt to dig a little deeper and find a personal story to share.  

“Most real estate agents have perfected the art of storytelling. Including those compelling stories in your social media channels will give your clients a competitive edge. Adopting a different approach i.e. talking more than just price and basic features of the house. For example, including positive details about the neighborhood when posting a new real estate listing helps the buyer to have a better idea about the house they are buying.”

Rehmen goes on to say it’s crucial for clients to know and understand what kind of reputation you have. He says they want to learn more about the agent’s history and to see or hear examples about their relationship with clients. 

“Sharing milestones of your business that could be anything from the past to a new and updated website. Including testimonials in the form of a video makes the stories more compelling, which in turn helps build a stronger relationship of trust with the customers. Thus enhancing your social media presence.”

Keep the Viewer’s Interests in MindSusan-Moguel Headshot

One of the benefits of social media marketing is that you’ll also know more about your clients and what they want—their needs and expectations. You can find that from their comments, chats, and feedback. As an outcome, it will be easier for you to provide the content they’re looking for.

The Marketing Director at Arden, Susan Moguel, gives this advice and says:

“Make sure your content is visually appealing, informative, and helpful to your audience’s perspective and current clients. Focus less on self-promotion and more on highlighting the unique features of your new property that will make the homebuyer’s life easier and more comfortable. In other words, show them what they want to see – not what you want to tell them.”

Videos are Better than Photos

kimberly-smith headshotA picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine then a video’s worth. In video marketing statistics 2020, over 79 percent of marketers said they’ve succeeded by using videos. 

Our next expert, Kimberly Smith shares her knowledge in this regard. She’s a marketing manager at Clarify Capital.

“The use of video should be a priority for real estate agents looking to increase Return on Investment (ROI) with their social media content. Video tends to be more effective because it offers a level of transparency that stand-alone photographs simply can’t compete with.”

He further explains why it’s sometimes best just to hit the record button. 

“One of the main objectives of social media is to capture the attention of an audience. And video accomplishes exactly this as the leading format for engagement,” Smith quotes. With that, bear in mind that photos are also good visual content. So opt for that as well.

Top 3 Platforms for Social Media MarketingMark-Condon Headshot

Mark Condon is the CEO and Founder of Shotkit. He suggests these three platforms for social media marketing: 

“YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. You would have to pay for people to see your content. Everyone asks how you get seen, and the solution is to pay to get your content seen on those platforms. You need to be a content king or queen and know how to run ads on Facebook, YouTube, Google AdWords, and Instagram. So I leave you with this quote, ‘You’re a marketer first and a realtor second!’” Mark says.

The NAR study, cited above, says that realtors use Facebook 97%, Instagram 39%, and LinkedIn 59% for their businesses. There’s a crowd looking for agents, so why would you miss out on that? 

Why is An Online Presence Important for Real Estate Agents?

Before noting more tips, we will walk you through the gains of having a strong online presence. 

A NAR survey found that 90 percent of clients refer their agent to friends and neighbors. The easiest way to cite an agent is by using social media accounts, or posting video and tagging an agent. Right off the bat, customers search for real estate brokers online. If you boost your social media pages, client’s can reach you even more effortlessly. This is especially true during the pandemic.  

Social media is a success for every company. It makes or breaks your brand. The key to standing apart from your competitors is a strong virtual status. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased social media usage by 32 percent in the United States alone. It also gives you a major reason to build your digital status.

Live Virtual Open House TourDavid-Parnes Headshot

Another social media marketing tip for finding more followers is a live virtual tour. David Parnes, the top producer for The Agency, says his team has been boosting their following by conducting a progressive Instagram virtual open house tour every Friday. 

“This initiative has not only garnered great feedback from clients and interest from potential buyers, but it has also been a great team experience and morale-booster,” Parnes says.

The tips he gives are: 

“On the day of the shoot, arrive at the listing well before you’re about to go live, and prepare the home as if you were conducting a showing with a potential buyer. Turn on the lights, and activate features like the fireplace and water fountain. Have a clear plan on how you’re going to walk through the home and what points you are going to touch upon as you move through. Be aware of both dimly lit and brightly lit areas, and adjust your route accordingly,” he explains.

“If you’re having to repeat listings every week, you can provide a teaser to the audience, something along the lines of, “Tune in next week when we take a look at the vintage cars in the jaw-dropping, six-car garage. I might even take one for a spin and show you the gorgeous street this home is located on.”

Even when you think you’re running out of content for one listing, come together as a team, and put your thinking caps on — there is always more!

“And finally, in the preparation and planning stage, make sure to promote your progressive virtual tour on your social media accounts as well. Be sure to include the time and date the tour will begin and even a slideshow of properties you will tour,” says Parnes 

Upload Quality Real Estate Content DailyRafael Headshot

Create a content calendar for your social media accounts. It will help you navigate what to post and when to post it. Upload images, videos, live tours, and endorsements using a proper schedule. Experts suggest it’s best to have a long list of ideas ahead of time so that it’s easier to plan out. Your clients will know what comes next beforehand, which will help build your audience. 

Rafael Angarita, the Director of Digital Marketing for Serhant, shares his experience with this:

“Realtors need to focus on authenticity, quality, and consistency as they beef up their social media presence. Social media is the best way to amplify your industry expertise and also showcase personality and interests outside of real estate.”

Rafael says it’s important to start every post with an idea in mind. He believes it’s best to have a specific purpose or goal before you begin. 

“Being thoughtful about the content creation process needs to be a priority, the content needs to be a value-add by either educating, entertaining, or inspiring your audience. All of this is then reinforced with consistency, beefing up your social presence is dependent on being consistent with content creation, and the way you engage with your audience.” 

Contact Your Clients via Social MediaKearns-Headshot

Around 1.6 billion people are in touch with businesses using Facebook. Social media offers a floor to contact your clients. It even helps you to reach new buyers.

Ashley Kearns, Social Media Manager of BoardroomPR, gives this tip about social media marketing. 

“Your target audience’s experience with you begins before they step inside your office or pick up the phone. By interacting with your audience, you’re able to build relationships, credibility, and trust, which in turn, organically generates a quality following on your account, and you’ll increase your chances of getting their business as a result,” says Kearns.

When your clients reach out to you via social media, give them an instant reply. Be available to answer their questions. Respond to your customers’ comments — good or bad. Talking with them online builds their trust in you.

Social media marketing is key to every business in this global village. Make it your priority to reach more potential clients. These experts’ tips for social media marketing will help you take your real estate business to the next stage. 

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