RedX Review 2024: Agent Reviews, Pricing & Discounts

redx platformRedX is a prospecting and lead management tool that provides pre-verified leads from numerous sources. With everything from FSBOs, FRBOs, pre-foreclosures, and expired leads, real estate agents can quickly and easily generate lists of prospects and even contact them directly using the platform’s integrated phone dialer. Designed to support experienced agents, RedX offers a suite of subscription and add-on options to streamline lead generation.

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RedX Features

redxHow much time could you save if you didn’t have to prospect for leads? Prospecting is an essential yet time-consuming part of the work of being a real estate agent. With RedX, much of this work is done for you. With the full suite of tools, you can access pre-verified leads from several categories, from FSBOs to expired listings.

RedX provides a set of templates designed for each lead type to make first contact quick and easy to help you start the conversation. And, their phone dialer add-ons let you make that call right from the platform.

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Here are some of RedX’s most powerful features:


On RedX’s website, you will find a blog that offers a library of high-quality articles to help you grow as an agent. For example, you can learn more about generating listings in a low-inventory market or how to market with email effectively. These resources are available at no additional cost.

Live Supportredx site

RedX offers live support to ensure that you succeed. In addition, you can contact their customer support by telephone or through their contact form. Their website also includes some Frequently Asked Questions addressing the most common inquiries they receive.

Phone Script Templates

It can be hard to know what to say when reaching out to a prospect for the first time. RedX offers phone script templates tailored to each lead type, so you can always say the right thing.


RedX offers podcasts on its website that can really help agents grow professionally. Their podcasts, hosted by experts in business and real estate, teach strategies to help you become more effective and profitable as a real estate agent. With each podcast, you have the opportunity to learn and develop better skills.

Power Dialer

redx dialerRedX offers a power dialer with three levels of service for phone campaigns. From single calls to multiple calls, RedX will streamline the process so you can get more calls made more quickly. Their most basic phone dialer lets you dial one number at a time with a limited talk time. Their multiple phone dialer lets you dial as many as three numbers at once to save even more time, with unlimited talk time. You can even upload a callback message to leave on answering machines or voicemail. This will help you save money by skipping out on having to sign up for and pay for an answering service.

Pre-Verified Leads

You can’t feel confident making that first call when you aren’t sure that the information you have is up to date or valid. However, RedX offers pre-verified leads, so you don’t have to worry.

RedX Bootcamp

RedX offers an instructor-led boot camp that is designed to make you more effective at prospecting. You will learn how to work through anxiety, handle difficult situations or objections, and use the power of mindset and motivation to get from lead to closing. This three-day boot camp is available online for $197.

Vortex Lead Management

RedX features the Vortex lead management tool, which gives you a single place to aggregate and organize leads from your prospecting tools. As you pull down lists of expired listings, FSBOs, FRBOs, GeoLeads, or pre-foreclosures, you will use Vortex to make contact and manage your lead development.

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RedX’s Subscription and Pricing Plans

RedX offers several options for users, with three subscription plans and a la carte options so you can get the tools you need without anything extra. Let’s look at their subscription plans first.

PlanMonthly Subscription CostAnnual Subscription Cost
Basic Plan$89.99 per user/month$76.49 per user/month
Essential Plan$129.99 per user/month$110.50 per user/month
Ultimate Plan$229.99 per user/month$195.50 per user/month

RedX’s Basic Plan

RedX’s Basic Plan is $89.99 per user/month, but that cost goes down to $76.49 per user/month with an annual plan. In addition, you get RedX’s lead management tool, Vortex, with a FSBO lead subscription and access to expired leads, even with just the basic plan. Together, these two resources can quickly and easily generate leads targeting homeowners who are motivated to sell but have had no luck yet.

redx benefitsFor Sale by Owner leads help you identify homes that are currently on the market that are not being sold by an agent. These leads, complete with the address and homeowner contact information, are a great way to find homeowners who may need your help. Sometimes these listings have been on the market for too long and are now stale. It’s possible that the homeowner thought they could sell on their own, but they could now use your help.

Expired leads can be promising as well. These properties that were recently listed for sale have since been taken off-market. These listings have expired most of the time because the homeowner did not want to sign another contract with the agent that could not sell their home the first time.

What’s more, once you’re ready to reach out to these pre-verified leads, RedX offers a collection of script templates to help you pitch your services to each specific lead type.

redx reviewRedX’s Essential Plan

With the Essential Plan, which is $129.99 per user/month, or $110.50 per user/month annually,  you get all the features and benefits of the Basic Plan plus the addition of GeoLeads, which allows you to geographically target areas to generate prospects and leads.

RedX’s Ultimate Plan

With the Ultimate Plan, which is $229.99 per user/month, or $195.50 per user/month annually, you get all the features and benefits of the Basic AND Essential plans, with some even more valuable tools such as access to Pre-Foreclosures and FRBOs.

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RedX’s Single Tool Options

Only need one or two tools to get started? RedX also allows you to select individual tools to create your own subscription package. You can select one or more of the following to access the data you need.

Expired listings$59.99/mo
FRBO listings$79.99/mo
FSBO listings$39.99/mo
Pre-foreclosure leads$39.99/mo
Power Dialer$99.99/mo (Multiline dialer is $149.99)
ONYX - lead upgrade$100/mo


RedX’s Add-ons

In addition to their subscription plans, RedX offers a selection of optional add-ons to help you get the most from their tools. Note that RedX’s subscription plans do not include dialers, so if you want to add an integrated dialer, you will also need to purchase the add-on. Here are just a few of their add-ons:


Home and building insights$25/monthMore detailed information on properties
Market insights$25/monthMore detailed information on the market
Financial insights$25/monthMore detailed home equity data
Lifestyle insights$25/monthMore detailed homeowner info

Outreach Tools

Onyx$100/monthPremium access to expired leads
GeoLeads PLUS$119.98/monthGeoLeads and all insight packages described above
Preview line dialer$59/monthSingle phone dialer with limited talk time
Power dialer$99.99/monthSingle phone dialer with unlimited talk time
Multiline dialer$149.99/monthUp to three phone lines with unlimited talk

Advantages of RedX

redx screengrabRedX offers a powerful suite of tools with a simple, user-friendly interface. Vortex, your RedX lead manager, is fully integrated with your RedX lead sources, so you can skip the copy and paste. Leads transfer into the platform seamlessly so you can review information and dial numbers without leaving the platform.

And, because leads are categorized by type, you can easily have the right conversation to get to yes. Do you often find yourself at a loss for words? Does cold calling make you nervous? You can even use some of their script templates to ensure your success.

Disadvantages of RedX

redx2While the add-ons offered by RedX are a definite plus, it is unfortunate that many of them are not included in any of the subscription plans. The way it is structured now, you can purchase an Ultimate Plan and still not gain access to even the most basic of their phone dialer tools.

Also, Vortex is designed to work with RedX’s lead generation tools but will not integrate with others available in the market. That means that any leads that you generate via other methods will need to be managed in their own CRM.

You may have noticed that there were no team or enterprise subscription plans available. That’s because Vortex is designed to work as a standalone tool for individual real estate agents. It offers no collaboration tools and can’t be used to support team marketing activities.

Who is RedX For?

RedX offers a tidy suite of tools for lead management for individual real estate agents to collect and organize leads, with add-on phone dialers to support experienced agents who prefer to prospect via phone.

Real estate agents who don’t plan to expand their team can use RedX to quickly aggregate data on expired listings, FSBOs, FRBOs, pre-foreclosures, and GeoLeads and begin to make first contact using their phone scripts. In fact, by using RedX to streamline their prospecting and lead development processes, this tool can help individual agents scale their business without the need for hiring more staff.

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