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About Key Realty School

Are you in Nevada and looking for a real estate school for all your education needs? Key Realty School is one of the better-known names. They have trained more than 50,000 students. You can attend classes in person with physical locations in Las Vegas, or online. In the early days, the school operated only in Nevada but has since expanded to other states through collaborations with other educational providers.


Quick Facts

  • Roughly half of all licensed real estate agents in Nevada have received training from the Key Realty.
  • Key Realty was founded in 1991 by Ted Federwitz, associated with the Key Realty Brokerage. Ted’s specialty has been commercial real estate.
  • They have been providing education in Nevada for nearly three decades, with growth fueled by the boom in real estate in the Las Vegas Valley.
  • They have two locations in Las Vegas. Their new Flamingo location comes with more amenities, testing centers, courses, etc.
  • They don’t just train real estate agents but also have courses in TimeShare, property management, mortgage lending, appraisal, inspection, and more.


Real Estate Courses at Key Realty School

Salesperson pre-licensing

The pre-licensing course for Nevada consists of 90 hours of instruction and can be delivered through different modes of learning, including online, classroom, correspondence, etc. Students have to take four major subjects, and it doesn’t matter the order in which they complete them.

 These subjects include: Agency, Finance, Nevada Law, and Realty

    • How long will it take to complete the subjects? 

Key Realty School has different completion timelines that you can follow to complete the four main topics. For instance, the four-week schedule entails completing one subject per week. Classes run for two sessions, mornings from 9 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. and evening sessions from 6 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

They also have a 2-week full-time class schedule. Attend evening and morning sessions and cover two subjects per week.

For anyone in a rush to become a real estate agent, they can choose the one-week cram course. It’s a blend of in-person classes (for Nevada law and realty subjects) and home study for the remaining two topics.

Exam preparation programs   

Real estate exams are challenging. And students must prepare for success adequately. Many schools offer a variety of study prep tools. Key Realty School is no different. Some of their options include:

    1.  One day prep class:  The prep class is scheduled for Saturday. There are two 3-hour sessions. During the morning session that runs from 9 a.m., the instructor prepares students to sit for the state portion of the exam. The afternoon session covers the national section and runs for 5 hours.
    2. Video-based exam prep: If you’re not available for the in-person Saturday review classes, you can instead choose the 4-hour video exam prep. It covers the state and national portions of the exam.
    3. Review kit: You get hundreds of practice questions for the state and national portions of the exam. There are content review files and mock exams for preparedness testing.
    4. Review software:  The unique feature in this tool is a readiness indicator that tracks how prepared you are and reflects your progress on flash-cards, review files, practice questions, etc.

Nevada Broker Licensing Course: 

You can also upgrade your salesperson license by taking their broker pre-licensing course. Anyone looking to become a broker will need to complete 64 hours of college credits with stockvault-online-diploma-illustration253715topics such as real estate law, broker management, appraisal, etc. The school offers up to 9 broker courses that salespersons will need to upgrade their licenses. Some credits can be waived by the experience gained as a salesperson for at least two years.

Continuing Education

It’s standard to renew your real estate license every two years. Note that on your first renewal, you will need post-licensing education consisting of 30 clock hours of instruction. The school has organized its post-licensing course into a seminar that students can complete in 3 or 4 days. And it’s offered in-person. Post-licensing education refreshes the new licensee’s knowledge.

CE courses are currently available via live streaming and other modes of delivery. They offer classes for agents reinstating expired licenses. There is a commercial real estate continuing education course as well. Agents licensed for more than 30 years will also find refreshing CE options.


Learning Experience and Modes of Delivery at Key Realty

You’ll have several choices for delivery modes, including in-person classroom, home study/correspondence, and online.

Key Realty School also provides accompanying textbooks. For the online courses, books and other study materials are in digital form. And for the in-class and home study options, you receive physical textbooks, workbooks, etc.  The classrooms are neat and spacious.


Why students choose Key Realty School

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1) Key Guaranteed Pass Program: Under this program, you may essentially retake the course until you pass the real estate exam.

2) Highly reviewed instructors: Many students have said many positive things about their instructors. They are friendly, fun, and knowledgeable. Students also appreciate that instructors use real-life scenarios to illustrate real estate concepts.

3) Multiple modes of delivery: You don’t have to rely on one learning style to complete the required education. You will enjoy flexible scheduling.

4) Established name: It’s one of the most known real estate schools in Nevada. Several local brokerages have recommended Key Realty School in the past.

5) Established job placement program: Choosing the brokerage to hang your license is one of the significant decisions of your new career. The school makes this process more intuitive thanks to its partnership with Realty Connection. You will quickly know which broker has new openings.

6) Plenty of resources: In addition to the course materials, you can access additional resources like laptops loaded with practice questions that you can check out and use within the school grounds. Their website blog is another free resource to use.

Key Realty School FAQs

Besides Nevada, the school also provides pre-licensing courses in other states either directly or indirectly through partners, for instance: California, Arizona (Through the Hondros Group), Kentucky (Via Hondros), Michigan (Via Hondros), and Iowa (Via On Course Learning).

You can finish the in-person classroom course within one to four weeks. The online and home study courses are self-paced. On average, students spend four weeks on the pre-licensing course.

There are some recurring complaints regarding the school. Several reviewers were not entirely happy with some instructors and support staff. Compared to other prep courses, the school may be charging more at about $100 for the full prep program, and it doesn’t come with a pass or money-back guarantee.

Key Realty School Locations

Main Location

3320 East Flamingo LV NV 89121.
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Key Realty

Las Vegas (In Boca Park), NV 89145
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