Follow Up Boss Review: Prices, Features, Reviews, and Alternatives

followup boss screenshotOkay agents and brokers, buckle up for another product review that could swiftly enhance your efficiency and effectiveness in client retention as a real estate agent. If you are just getting started or looking to scale up quickly to get your office organized you might consider using Follow Up Boss, and we’ll go through all of the time saving benefits this site offers right here.  

Follow Up Boss is designed to create a streamlined operating system that you can customize to suit your individual or team’s needs. Your business is hosted in one space so you don’t have to check multiple sites, apps, stats, records, to stay organized or worry that you’re missing out on leads.

Legitimately, where was this when I was getting started in real estate? 

We all know that success in this business is in the follow up, and you have to be quick. Deals get made in an instant, especially now. I know the pang of missing a lead, or constantly feeling like you’re behind and need to get more organized – Follow Up Boss could be your best solve. 

The other cool feature is there is a free 2 week trial with 7 days a week customer support and training tools… so… you’ve got guard rails as you’re getting started too. We’ll talk more about that at the end!

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Quick summary of Follow Up Boss

FollowUpBoss email campaign example | AgentAdvice.comThe overall purpose of Follow Up Boss is to help you stay on top of your leads by hosting all of your tools of communication in one place. Not only does this save you time by keeping your communication organized, FUB helps keep you accountable in following up with your clients. 

Ultimately following up is how you build long lasting and profitable relationships for repeat business in this industry. Forgetting to respond or take initiative in communication can really hurt your reputation and be costly. 

FUB has customizable action plans for each of your incoming clients with automated follow up calls, texts, emails created so no lead falls through the cracks

You’ll also be able to prioritize your client communication by setting the appropriate time frames based on their needs.

And this is important. Believe me: I had this exact problem. I remember constantly checking my phone to see if any new leads came in, if a client had messaged (often on several different platforms), and scrolling through emails to jar my memory before responding. 

It was stressful and time consuming. FUB aims to eliminate that stress with automated lead assignments and keeping a track record of all communication for each client in one place. Using several features like their:

  • 250+ integrations to keep all of your tools and tech in one place
  • Lead routing to sync and distribute leads in real-time 
  • Action plans to automate your follow ups, and trigger 3rd party integrations
  • Complete phone systems with texting to track and route inbound calls
  • And more…

In short, Follow Up Boss seems to be the Swiss Army Knife of CRM sites for solo agents and agencies ready to scale up. They’re designed with the intent of keeping you on track for success with optimized tools to strategically grow your real estate business. 

Let’s dive into the specifics of how so you can best decide if this is the right system for you and your colleagues. 

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Follow up Boss features

followup bossWhen looking at an operating system for my business I look at how I can simplify. The goal is always to take tasks off of my plate so I can make more of an impact in the growth of my business. 

Right now we’ll go through the biggest features of Follow Up Boss so you can make the call as to whether or not FUB will help you free up some time so you can focus on closing deals. 

250+ Integrations 

This is the most impactful time-saving feature in my opinion. New companies are constantly popping up and this is where Follow Up Boss can significantly simplify your lead gen process so you don’t get that fear of missing out on a new client. 

You can sign up for as many lead gen sites as possible, and have them all integrated to your control station. Leads from Pad Mapper, Redfin, Estatly, Zillow, Zumper, etc.… will all be in one central place for you, which you can customize and easily keep track of your client database.

It’s as simple as choosing your favorite sites, and letting the leads roll in. If you don’t see a site you want to use… you can make the request to have it added too. 

Why it’s useful: We all know we are only as good as our clients. If we spend our time chasing new leads, that’s time we’re taking away from finding properties for our developed clients. This saves us time in growing our database and allows us to focus on selling.

Lead Routing 

This one brings up some memories of sitting in an office with agents and whoever answered the phone first… got the lead. We all got pretty quick at the draw! But man, it was stressful. Follow Up Boss has an automated lead routing system that you can set up with your preferences, so there’s no question as to where the leads go.

You can set up a simple round robin style setting – each agent gets a client sent directly to their inbox in rotation. Or you can get as complex as funneling your leads by price, location, or even by MLS number. That ensures a new lead going to the agent that best suits their needs. 

follow up boss

Why it’s useful: Ever missed a call from a new lead and known you could have just lost thousands of dollars? Having an automated system means that lead is being taken care of quickly. Once again saving you time, and time is money in this fast-paced industry.  

Action Plans 

Real Estate is an industry built off of relationships, and Follow Up Boss is designed to make sure you’re following up with your clients to solidify your relationships. It’s the name of the company after all. 

This feature allows you to set up an automated action plan tailored for each client. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to text, call, email or generally check in again! By setting up automated prompts you have a built-in memory you can design to stay on top of your clients, build your trust with them, and be in communication about their needs.

Communication is key in being proactive to drive your revenue and get results. You can organize and build lists to prioritize your clients and build your rapport naturally. You can send a bulk email of a new listing, for example, to one of your customized lists and trust that you’re not forgetting about a lead. 

Why it’s useful: Ultimately, this is how you will likely grow your business exponentially with quality clients. Because you have stayed top of mind through communication with your clients, you will get your referrals and repeat business coming your way. It just comes down to making sure your clients feel taken care of!

Complete Calling System 

As you know, we can message people on a million different platforms now. It’s easy to lose track of who you’ve talked to and where… FUB has a complete calling system so your client communication stays in one place. 

You don’t want to risk repeating yourself to the same client, so you can easily go back through client history, see all texts, refer to calls, and then message or call them directly from the platform. 

Having the call system integrated should allow you to work faster, texting or calling, instantly from your CRM system as you review your communication trail. 

Why it’s useful: This is big one… you’re likely to avoid mistakes. Errors in communication are not only costly, they’re embarrassing. This allows you to stay organized and maintain your professionalism.  

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Follow Up Boss pricing

Personally, I like that their pricing is right at the top of their page, and easy to follow. Transparency with pricing is a good indication of trustworthiness for me. True to form with their features they have options in pricing to customize the platform to the needs of your office with 3 packages offered monthly or annually. 

  • Grow is $69/month per user. This is the basic package offering that gets you everything except the dialer feature to call directly from the site, but you can add that feature for an additional $39 per user. This option also doesn’t include team inbox, call reporting, or private/regular team training. This is the package best suited for smaller teams.
    • Grow Annual Price works out to be $57/month, essentially two months free. 
  • Pro is $499/month with 10 users included. You can add users for $49/month each. I would say this package is right for mid-size agencies looking to collaborate more as a team. You get everything in Grow, the dial feature built-in to the price, help getting set up, and team training. 
    • Pro Annual Price is $416/month
  • Platform is $1000/month for 30 users included. You can add users for $20/month. This is for large companies and you will get a dedicated manager to assist with your onboarding and priority support.  
    • Platform Annual Price is $833/month

The good thing here too is that they offer a two week free trial period, and I like that they offer cancellation at any time. So you have the freedom to test it out and make sure it’s right for your business without a huge commitment. 

Biggest pros

followup-boss-pricingFollow Up Boss is a top organizational tool for your CRM needs to help you work efficiently and effectively. Let’s see which of these pros are what could benefit you the most and get you wanting to start your trial. 

There’s a high level of customization.

Practically all elements are customizable to best fit your workflow. This feature I find particularly attractive, because it saves time having to learn another system or platforms for your leads. You get to choose which you would like to have integrated. 

Communication with your clients is simplified and tracked.

The ability to get your clients valuable information first is a key factor in closing sales on a hot property. The automation for checking in with clients and sending them listing updates appropriate for their needs based on your priority based customized lists is crucial.   

Promotes easier collaboration with your team.

We all want to close deals for our clients and being able to have a call system integrated with the whole team right from the platform is super convenient. As agents we’re all over the place, running to the next appointment, viewing a new listing, etc. and being able to work with your team quickly from anywhere is a nice perk. 

Biggest cons

follow-up-boss-featuresThere are a couple of downsides to Follow Up Boss. They may not be something to completely turn your nose up at, but good to be aware of some aspects that may not work for you before making the leap.

There will likely be a learning curve, a lot of features.   

The customization capabilities are a huge benefit, but there are so many options. While ultimately, this acts as a solution to maximize your lead gens, I could see how at the top getting set up could be a bit overwhelming. 

For mid-size to larger teams there seems to be prioritized support and training to help with the migration process. For smaller teams you’ll largely rely on the training videos, which could be all that you need and could always utilize their customer support to get up to speed quickly. 

The calling system is not included in the Gro Package.  

The built-in calling system is a main feature for streamlining and organizing communication for your clients, and while you can add that to the basic plan it could be considered costly for a small team. 

Pricing geared towards mid-size agencies.

For mid-size to larger teams there seems to be prioritized support and training to help with the migration process and includes all of the features. 

For smaller teams you’ll largely rely on the training videos, and the add-ons for the individual make sense for 1-3 agents. But, If your team is looking to scale, the pricing at the mid-level could be right in line for your team.

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Who is Follow Up Boss best for?

Follow Up Boss demoBy now, you probably have a good feel as to whether or not Follow Up Boss could help your team, but if you have any doubts let’s clear that up here. We have a few ideas about who this system would work best for,  let’s see if you can relate to these categories. 

Great for mid-sized teams looking to consolidate their lead gens.

Since Follow Up Boss has 250+ integrations available, you’re likely going to save a ton of time not having to check a million different platforms for leads. You also reduce the risk of missing out on new leads, because you will have them all in one place with an automated distribution system helping reduce response lag times. 

It’s great for realtors building out their client database .

In this system you have the ability to build strong relationships with your clients, which often converts into larger referral based leads. 

You can build out your contacts lists to prioritize newer clients that need more communication, or another list to keep in touch with your past clients with personalized automated emails and texts. 

A simple “Happy Birthday” text, or a “Congratulations on 1 year in your new home” can make all the difference in building long term clients and growing your business. 

It’s great if you need help marketing to your clients.

If you have great leads and clients, but need help getting new information to them, the ability to send bulk emails is a huge time saver.  

The Mailchimp integration for example is a great tool to be able to easily market new listings directly to your clients quickly. 

The built-in tools to keep track of your client communication is also a way to make sure you are marketing appropriately to your clients to best close deals. 

Who’s it not good for?

followupboss2There’s usually a couple reasons why a product may not be the best fit for your team, or features that can be improved upon. Honestly though, I found very few reasons why this system couldn’t be adaptable to suit the needs of most teams. But, let’s take a look at who it may not be best for right now… 

It’s not that great for a new agent/agency just getting started.

Follow Up Boss has so many tools and features available, as you’re getting started it could be a lot to digest. 

Real Estate has an inherently steep learning curve that requires adding an operating system with so many options could slow your process as your learning which lead gen and marketing systems work best for you. 

However, because it is so customizable you can start small with your integrations and clients lists and have a familiarity with the system as you build up. 

It’s not that great for small agencies.

This really just boils down to pricing. If you have a particularly small office the platform’s team communication benefits and automated lead distribution may not be what your focus is in your business at the moment. However, if you do plan to expand your team it’s a good option to consider so you’re already familiar with the system for new agents coming in.

What other users say

followupboss3Other review sites are largely in the same line with what our feelings are towards, Follow Up Boss. It is a top player in CRM systems especially if you’re looking to have all of your lead generation in one place. I had a hard time trying to find reviews that took strong issue with any of the features. The only consistent review I came across was the pricing was a bit on the higher side, which could be justified as it could replace other systems through its integrations and central dialing center.  

Users seem to be ultra enthusiastic about their experience using FUB. The large majority of consumer reviews were high in praise with no “dislikes” listed. The few reviews that did offer suggestions seemed fair and came with solutions. There were some issues with migration, or automations not being smooth. At the same time offered that their experience with the customer support resolved the issues.  

Overall, Follow Up Boss is proving to be a quickly growing leader for agencies looking for integrations to simplify and nurture their lead generations. As always, take your time to fully explore the benefits and potential pitfalls of switching over, but from what I can tell the disappointments will be few and far between with a swift remedy if they do arise. 

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Follow Up Boss Alternatives

Knowledge is power, and we want you to feel confident in making your decisions for the best CRM system to suit your needs. If there are some features you feel might be missing or just want to do your own comparison there are a few alternatives below you can explore. 

  • CINC. They are truly full service offering lead generation, websites, and CRM. They also have lots of automation options.
  • Sierra Interactive. This is another option to consider when looking for small teams. They are another all-in-one solution if you need more than a CRM and social lead gen. They are more limited in customization. 
  • Chime. For another platform with great automation tools, Chime is worth a look. They are easy to use and an all-in-one solution. They are a better bet for your team, as they are not on the cheap side. 

The final verdict

If you are in the market to simplify your apps, lead generation, systems for marketing, and have a central calling system for your clients and team, Follow Up Boss is probably the right choice for you. It’s a big platform with several avenues for you to consolidate your tools for success in one place. If you are looking just for a simple lead gen source, to add just a calling system, FUB may not be the right choice as it does incorporate all of your needs and would require a full migration.  

Overall, Follow Up Boss has very few components that real estate agents wouldn’t benefit from having. The speed at which you can operate from having all of your resources integrated into one space, and being able to spend more time nurturing your client database positions FUB as one of the top products of late. 

If you have any questions, you can certainly take advantage of the free trial period and call FUB directly. Going directly to the source is always a good way to feel reassured you’re making the right decision.  

About the Author

Jim Gray got licensed in 2013 and sold 57 houses in his first year. Over the next 6 1/2 years he went on to sell 437 homes with a small team. He went on to manage the lead generation department of the 13th largest expansion team at Keller Williams and designed lead generation and conversion systems for 60 agents in 7 locations in 4 states that drove 600 home sales in a 2 year period. Jim currently does real estate team development and coaching for some of the largest real estate teams in the country.

Last Updated: 5/2/2024