Door Knocking for Real Estate in 2024: Can it Still Work?

Bailiff,Debt,Collector,Man,Knocking,Front,DoorWhen it comes to marketing and using the best real estate lead generation companies, it seems as if more businesses are becoming obsessed with going digital. And for good reason. Everyone is on the internet, and many online strategies offer a high ROI without a lot of effort.

But there’s no doubt that a personal touch is necessary. Nothing can replace face to face contact. It proves a person is taking that extra step in trying to figure out how to generate real estate leads, build their business, and make you happy.

To be successful in real estate, a mix of personal and digital marketing is necessary. But what about door knocking? This old-fashioned strategy of going to someone’s door to try and sell your services may be a nice touch for some, and an annoyance to others. But the bottom line is, does it work?

This article will look at door knocking for real estate in 2022 so you can determine whether you want to include it in your real estate marketing campaigns.


What is Door Knocking in Real Estate?

Office,Life:,Young,Secretary,Knocking,On,Her,Boss?,DoorJust like it sounds, door knocking involves knocking on homeowners’ doors to introduce yourself and tell them a bit about what you have to offer. It often involves using a script of just a few sentences that allows you to get to the point and tell the person what you are all about.

There are various scripts to use depending on who opens the door. Here are some examples.

  • The Decision Maker: The decision maker is the person who is in charge of whether the family buys or sells. If you are speaking to the decision maker, you will want to use a slightly aggressive script. Start by complementing their home and find out if they would consider selling. You can further entice them with numbers and stats but it’s important to keep it brief.
  • Non-Decision Maker: If a non-decision maker answers the door, you’ll want to ask them if the decision maker is home. If so, get ready to deliver your speech when they come to the door. If not, leave politely making sure to give the person you spoke to a business card and a small gift.
  • If No One Answers the Door: If no one answers the door, you should still leave behind your gift and a business card as well as a written version of your speech.

The script you use can vary and it should not sound too forced or improvised. Look out for social cues in terms of how much time the person seems willing to share and don’t overstay your welcome. Avoid pressuring them and thank them for their time.


What are the Benefits of Door Knocking?

Man,Standing,In,Front,Of,The,House,Knocking,The,DoorDoor knocking is not easy, but it comes with its share of benefits. Here are some to consider:

  • Low Cost: Door knocking is a low-cost option that helps you generate leads.
  • You Control the Situation: Barring having a door slammed in your face, door knocking leaves you very much in control of the situation. You are prepared with a script that provides you with exactly what to say. You have back-ups for most responses. And you are ready to put your best foot forward.
  • Helps You Stand Out from the Competition: Door knocking isn’t a commonly used marketing strategy, but the few agents that include it in their campaigns it will stand out from the competition.
  • Boosts Branding Identity: When you knock on doors, you make your brand identity clear. You show your face, deliver your message, and leave behind your marketing materials. Even if you don’t produce a conversion, you will get your name out there which can end up benefiting you in the future.
  • Increases Leads: Your script provides you with the words to say in a variety of situations. You will get your message across increasing your chances of boosting leads and conversions.


Tips for Developing a Door Knocking Strategy

Applicant,With,ResumeHere are some tips that ensure your door knocking will provide optimal results.

  • Think of Home Values: You will be best off knocking on doors of homes that are currently rising in value. That way you can entice homeowners by telling them how much their property is worth.
  • Think of the Neighborhood Qualities: You can always upgrade your home, but you can’t change its location. Certain neighborhood qualities such as walkability and proximity to parks and emergency services ensure high home values. You are best off door knocking in these areas.
  • Scoping Home of Value: The most valuable homes tend to be located in good school districts. You may also find good values in legacy homes that have been passed down through generations. Targeting retirees is another smart strategy as seniors may be desperate to sell to the right families.
  • Research Selling History: It’s best to target homes that have sold for a premium in the past. It’s likely that they will sell at a premium again. It’s best to act like you are presenting these strangers with a comparative market analysis (CMA).
  • Do Some Research: When you approach people, you want them to provide them with information on how much their home is worth and how quickly it may sell. It’s important to give them accurate information that has been carefully researched. Not doing so can hurt your credibility.
  • Know When to Knock: You may feel that door knocking will be most effective at night as that’s when most people are home. But many individuals will be looking to relax with their families in the evening and may see your visit as an unpleasant interruption. That’s why it’s best to limit door knocking to daytimes.
  • Leave Something Behind: It’s important to leave something behind whether you have spoken to someone or not. This can come in the form of a branded item such as a keychain or bottle opener. A business card or flier should be included as well.
  • Be Human: It’s essential to come across as a person first and a real estate agent second. Be kind and understanding and use emotional intelligence to guide your words and actions. Thank the people you speak to for their time even if they don’t want to hear your pitch.
  • Dress Well: Make a good impression by wearing an outfit that makes you look professional. But keep in mind that you will also want to stay comfortable when walking from door to door. The right shoes are a must.


Door Knocking Script Suggestions

Script,Proofread,And,Sentence,Grammar,Spell,Check.,Correct,MistakesThere are a variety of templates you should use in your door knocking strategy. These will differ depending on who you are speaking to and their status as a lead. Here are some examples.

Cold Opening Template

This is to be used on people that you have no prior connection to. It may go something like this.

“Hello, my name is ___________. I’m a real estate agent with __________. I noticed that (you are looking to sell your home without an agent/your home has recently increased in value…. Or whatever the reason for you visit may be). Have you considered (selling your home…. Or whatever service you are offering)?


Warm Opening Template

This is to be used for people you have some connection with or may have met before.

“Hello, my name is ___________. I’m a real estate agent with __________. I was referred to you by _________ who I believe you know through (how they know the person). I noticed that (reason for the visit). Would you be interested in (the service you are offering).


No Answer Template

This is to be left on the door of the home if no one answers.

“My name is ___________ and I’m a real estate agent with _____________. I’m sorry I missed you. You have a beautiful home, and I was hoping to discuss (reason for your visit).

If you would like to find out more, please contact me via phone or email at __________ or __________. Thank you! I look forward to speaking with you. “

Sincerely ___________


Back,View,Of,Girl,College,Student,Carrying,Backpack,Back,ToWarm Opening for a Neighbor of Someone You are Working With

“Hello, my name is _________. I’m a real estate agent with ______________. I recently listed your neighbor’s home and I’m wondering if you’d be interested in selling.”


Warm Opening for a Neighbor Of Someone Who’s House You Sold

“Hello, my name is _________. I’m a real estate agent with ______________. I just sold a home for one of your neighbors. Would you be interested in finding out home much your home is worth?

Or, if you really want to entice them, you can cut to the chase with the following script.

“Hello, my name is _________. I’m a real estate agent with ______________. I recently sold your neighbor’s home for $800,000 and I believe we can sell your home for a similar amount. Are you interested in selling?”


Cold Opening for a Neighbor of Someone Who’s Selling

“Hello, my name is _________. I’m a real estate agent with ______________. I noticed your neighbor just put their home on the market for $800,000. This is a very up and coming area and I believe I can get a similar amount for your property. Would you be interested in selling?”


Cold Opening for a Promising Lead

“Hello, my name is _________. I’m a real estate agent with ______________. I’ve been researching up and coming neighborhoods like this one and I’m noticing that the homes are selling for way above the buying price. Would you be interested in finding out how much yours is worth?’


Cold Opening for Someone Whose Neighbor Just Sold a Home

“Hello, my name is _________. I’m a real estate agent with ______________. I’ve been researching homes in your area, and I found out that one of your neighbors recently sold their home for $1 million. I believe you could get a similar value if you put your home on the market. Are you interested in selling?”


Note to Leave on the Door of Home of a Neighbor of Someone Whose Home Has Recently Sold

“Hello, my name is _________. I’m a real estate agent with ______________. I’m sorry I missed the opportunity to speak to you today. I’ve been researching homes in your area, and I see that one of your neighbors recently sold a home for $750,000. I believe you could get a similar value for your home. Have you considered selling?

I would love to talk to you more about this matter. If you are interested, feel free to call or email me at __________ or ____________.

Sincerely, _____________


Dealing with Rejection

Just,Put,Your,Signature,Here!,Confident,Young,Man,In,ShirtThe hardest part of door knocking is rejection. Admittedly, most people who open their door will not be interested in selling. But those few that are will make it all worthwhile.

Some agents have claimed to bring in 5 leads for every hour of door knocking. And being that you are going door to door in high value neighborhoods, if even one of those leads turns into a sale, it will be well worth the time you invested.

The doors closing in your face can be disheartening, but it will be easier to deal with if you brace yourself for it.

You must also keep in mind that most people will simply politely close the door. They won’t act aggressively or yell. It won’t damage your reputation. You can simply accept their answer and move on.

One agent describes the process as going to the gym. You get out there and do it and the rest is easy.

Door knocking is an old-fashioned strategy that is still proving effective today. It’s doesn’t take a major investment, and if just one hour of your time turns into a sale, it will be worth the effort. Will you be adding this technique to your marketing campaign?

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