Best WordPress tools for Real Estate Agents

Chris Heller HeadshotChris Heller,August 4, 2020

Best WordPress Tools for Real Estate Agents

We all know that WordPress represents the basis of many websites we see on the internet. What makes it so great and popular is that even people with no background in programming or design can make their website in just a couple of minutes. 

The website building possibilities WordPress offers its users are endless. As a real estate agent, your knowledge of how exactly this is done is probably limited, so the whole process might seem daunting. But don’t feel discouraged. There are so many WordPress tools for real estate agents that building a website is a lot easier than it was a few years back. And today, we will go over some of the best ones you can use to facilitate your website building and your day-to-day tasks. 




Showcaseidx is a real estate search and consumer engagement platform that works towards customizing real estate websites to make it more engaging and generate more leads. Their goal is to give real estate agents and visitors a better real estate experience through MLS listings with unique local information, portal quality property search, automated messages, and targeted campaigns. Some of the features they offer are a search tool through which visitors can search for houses matching their criteria, customization tools so you can build a website that matches your brand, real-time CRM integration to keep track of your lead data and activity, and much more. Having IDX and the variety of features that showcaseidx offers is extremely important and crucial for any real estate agent. 



Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 1.59.37 PMEstatik is a real estate plugin that you can use to create a professional and high functioning real estate website. You can create different layouts, add videos and social media sharing capabilities, gallery images, have a map widget, and much more. Through these different features, Estatik wants to help real estate professionals gain traction for their properties and increase leads.

Another beneficial feature is Agent support. This means agents can sign up to your platform and submit their own property listings to gain traction. Based on certain subscription features you can choose to charge the agent for using your platform. This allows for a marketplace platform where agents go through your website to generate their leads.


Toolset Real Estate

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 2.00.23 PMAnother WordPress plugin that makes creating websites easy. It lets you design a high functioning, classified website in hours instead of weeks. Through the widgets they offer like real estate website templates, courses, advanced map options, and much more, toolset makes creating a website easy and coding-free. This helps real estate agents focus on getting leads rather than spending time creating an intricate website. Easily get started on building the best real estate website for your business through this tool. 



Birchpress is a premium WordPress Appointment Booking plugin. As its name suggests, the plugin is meant to help agents and brokers with booking appointments with their clients through several features. Some of it’s most popular features are booking forms that can be added in any page or post through shortcode, the ability to synchronize the calendars you currently have, and import or export your appointments from them, email notifications, and reminders whenever an appointment is booked and much more. These features help organize your business and clientele base to make it more efficient.



Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 2.03.45 PMAnother developer-friendly WordPress plugin that gives real estate professionals the ability to create customized websites through multiple features. They highlight their powerful framework for creating websites, unique themes built to use the framework to its full potential, and custom add-ons to maximize the impact of the website.


SharpLaunch Commercial Real Estate WordPress APISharpLaunch logo

The SharpLaunch Commercial Property Search Engine is a commercial real estate WordPress API that pulls property data from existing online listings in the SharpLaunch platform and displays it on the custom built WordPress website. The search engine has many available functions such as sorting and filtering. It is built to automatically update the information on the website when changes are made to the listings.

It can be integrated with a custom designed commercial real estate wordpress theme that meets the needs of individual CRE firms.



Though not a tool necessarily, this one is worth an honorable mention if you’re a real estate agent interested in WordPress.  Jason Fox builds Websites through WordPress with IDX integration in order to help build brand awareness and help with referrals. Their main focus is marketing to help real estate agents advertise their business through these three areas: customized pro real estate site or a starter real estate website, membership area with DIY internet marketing guides, and templates, real estate marketing targeted on lead generation, social media, SEO, and more.

They work towards five goals: generating leads, building websites that define clients as legitimate real estate professionals, representing real estate professionals as an authority on their local market, multiply the web presence, and make the WordPress website a permanent residence for all marketing efforts. 

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